15 Hottest Hunter x Hunter Female Characters

The Hunter x Hunter series, illustrated and written by Yoshihiro Togashi started in 1998. 

Since then, it’s gained an enormous fan base that is waiting for the health of the writer to see if it can continue. 

Since we’re sure that you’re as enthralled as we do We’ve compiled our list that includes the most popular Hunter female Characters Lists.

With over 140 episodes, it’s safe to state that the cast list is endless. However, it’s also safe to claim that the caliber of the plot is constant throughout.

The show is centered on the character Gon Freecs who is a child living in a fantastically real environment. 

As the boy gets older and chooses to be a Hunter as his absent father, he embarks on a new adventure.

It features a stunningly crafted plot and an array of characters that have different abilities that are spread across intriguing arcs. 

So we hope that you’ll enjoy this post that highlights the fantastic Hunter x Hunter Female characters.

15. Alluka Zoldyck

Alluka Zoldyck

Prior to her formal introduction, Silva refers to her as a dark and unpredictable child. 

Silva asserts that Alluka is without soul due to the circumstances surrounding her birth and that she is unable to be emotionally sensitive.

But, when she is reunited with her best friend Killua, Alluka displays a charming, easy-going, and charming personality. 

Alluka is generally very content with Killua and is a huge believer in him probably since he was the sole person who showed her compassion.

As per Killua, Alluka calls him “big brother”, while Nanika is only calling him by his name.

14. Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit is a sly personality. 

She is prone to utilize her cute look and manner of conduct to gain an advantage, whether to gather information, get the things she needs, or be as if she is apathetic and ineffective to fool her adversaries.

She joked that if anyone insists to use an honorific, she should be called – “chama” (“chan” + Chan plus – the word sama).

Although at first, she wanted to ruin her friend Gon as well as Killua’s relationship for amusement, in the final scene of Greed Island, she admits she is in the process of growing parental affection towards Gon and Killua.

13. Neferpitou


Neferpitou was extremely dedicated to his King, and willingly give themselves for him. 

Out of the three Royal Guards, Pitou was the most curious.

He could be easily distracted and love to play.

According to Shaiapouf, the spokesman would be lost in the excitement of having amusement.

Pitou was Cat Chimera Ant as well as cats, he was fond of playing with their foes just as cats would play with their prey.

Despite their playful and happy way of life, Pitou had a cruel and terrifying personality, too.

Pitou was also adamant about their obligation to defend the King very seriously as well.

Pitou was prepared to give up their opportunity to fight powerful adversaries to fulfill their obligation.

12. Komugi


Komugi was a bit awkward, unruly, and simple-minded, and had the tendency to talk too often. Her style of speech was casual and non-grammatical.

She was not well-versed at times, but she was a star in Gungi and loved the game tremendously.

She was known to be a bit sarcastic, however, she was polite and friendly to other people. 

If she was struck by a hawk she was hesitant to call for help, fearing being a nuisance to other people.

In addition, to avoid having to be a burden on her parents, she decided to take her own life should she ever be unable to win a game.

Blind her entire life, she was ignorant about the environment around her. She was unable to see Shaiapouf’s fierce hatred towards her.

11. Pakunoda

Pakunoda hxh

Pakunoda seemed to radiate a level of confidence that can be intimidating for others. 

She was totally committed towards Chrollo in fact, she even did not agree with her Troupe and Chrollo’s own dictum”the group’s survival is prior to the survival of the person (including leaders) for the purpose of helping save the leader.

Pakunoda was extremely dedicated to Kurapika the Spider as well, even sacrificing herself to ensure that her fellow comrades would be aware of Kurapika’s capabilities. 

Similar to the others in the Troupe she didn’t care much about people who did not belong to the group.

Two notable instances of exceptions are the Gon as well as Killua. 

She was amazed by their inability to flee to ensure that the agreement between Kurapika and the Troupe with Kurapika could be concluded without bloodshed.

10. Neon Nostrade

Neon Nostrade hxh

The blue-haired child is only the daughter of the Nostrade family

With childlike innocence, she is the Lovely Ghostwriter who can help her predict the future with poetry.

Though she is spoiled by her wealthy father, she’s an adorable girl who is very much for her family as well as her friends. 

But, she has an unusual fascination with flesh and is sometimes impatient, which makes her in the top 10.

9. Spinner Clow

Spinner Clow

The Chimera Ant The Arc the magenta-haired beauty was first introduced as a friend of Kite and was also a part of the Kakin Empire Wildlife Exploration Team. 

The majority of times, she is chewing gum or carrying a camera her image is considered serious by her friends.

But she is exceptionally smart and caring, and, as an unprofessional hunter, she is dependent on herself. 

One of her strengths is the fact that she makes difficult decisions for the greater well with confidence.

8. Menchi

Menchi 1 15 Hottest Hunter x Hunter Female Characters

Menchi was one of the single-star gourmet hunters and was also the examiner for the second Hunter Exam. 

Menchi is distinguished by her turquoise hair, which is tied with five top knots with eyes that are green. 

This is one of the best physically fit in addition to being a self-sufficient Gourmet Hunters.

Although we only knew her for a short period, she showed an uncontrollable attitude, and later apologized. 

In addition, she taught us how to find and gather ingredients from hazardous areas as part of the examination.

7. Gel


Gel is an astrological member of the Hunters Association’s Zodiacs

She is identified by dark hair, blue eyes, and black hair and is considered to be a well-known poison hunter

Because of her eyes that are large and her codename of the Snake.

Gel is not just confident in her abilities, but she is also adamant and rational. 

In times of conflict, she not only displays her medical expertise but also alerts others of the dangers. 

It is her exceptional ability and charm that makes her worthy to be recognized among the top Hunter x Hunter women.

6. Machi Komacine

Machi Komacine

Machi is an ally of the Phantom Troupe and is distinguished by her pink hair and blue eyes. 

Machi specializes in transformation and uses the Nen threads that are similar to Hisoka’s Bungee Gum.

Through her needles, she is able to learn a variety of stitching techniques and even stitch back damaged body parts. 

In addition, she’s the sixth-strongest female in Troupe.

She is renowned for her trust, confidence, and keen sense of smell.

5. Zazan

Zazan anime

Zazan is a beautiful creation that is part of The Chimera Ant Arc

Zazan was a Squadron leader who was a Nen capability to become an expert manipulator

Based on her pale, purple appearance, it is likely that she was the fusion of a scorpion and a Nen user.

Though egocentric, vain, and power-hungry, she’s clever and is able to convince those around her to adhere to her. 

However, she is overconfident which eventually causes her to fall.

4. Baise


In the beginning, we first were introduced to Baise via Kurapika when she was introduced into her Nostrade clan. 

She is distinguished by dark hair with eyes that are green and have the power to be instant love

As a Nen manipulator, she has the ability to influence who she kisses.

However, the application of her skills tends to show her charming dominatrix personality that is mixed with a touch of sadness. 

She isn’t one of the strongest people because she is able to be in control of people when she kisses them.

Without that, she’s completely useless.

3. Cluck


Cluck is a Botanical Hunter of the Hunter Association’s Zodiacs. 

This pretty girl belongs to the team of flora and fauna and is known as Cluck

She’s wearing feather-themed clothes that highlight her slim figure and complement the blue hue of her hair.

However, she’s quick-tempered, blunt, and bold which makes her difficult to control when she is not happy with her fellows. 

Her power is also regarded as strong since she can manage the pigeons, and perhaps other birds.

2. Palm Siberia

Palm Siberia

Palm was originally a girl of a certain age with brown hair and fuchsia eyelashes. 

Palm was first presented by us in the form of an apprentice to Know from the Hunters Association Chimera Ant Extermination Team.

Highly dedicated and hardworking, she’s reliable, persistent, and will go to extreme measures to achieve her goals.

This was evident when she slipped inside a Chimera Ant base and offered her life to aid her fellow friends. 

After her transformation into Chimera Ant, her strength was enough to keep her intellect and emotions, which amplified her psychic abilities.

1. Shizuku Murasaki

Shizuku Murasaki

Shizuka was the 8th member of the Phantom Troupe and was first introduced to us in the Greed Island Arc

Shizuka can be described as a conjurer and is the strongest of the Troupe. 

The petite curvy lady is wearing glasses and is distinguished by a tattoo of a spider representing the Troupe in the left side of her midsection.

While she is generally portrayed as calm and collected, she is sometimes silly and inconsiderate. 

But she’s flexible, loyal, and can get the job done using the blink of a vacuum.

We’ve concluded our list of the top hottest Hunter and Hunter Female Characters Lists. 

If you’re thinking this list includes the most gorgeous HunterxHunter women and we’re glad to hear that our mission has been achieved.

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