18 Pretty Anime School Girl Uniforms

Who doesn’t like sexy Anime School Girl Uniforms and what’s even better is sexy anime school girls that’s why today we are covering them in this list.

Without wasting any time lets just dive into the list of these sexy anime school girls.

18. Erina Nakiri From Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma

Erina Nakiri  Anime School Girl Uniforms

Birthday: March 23
Height: 162 cm
Blood type: AB
Occupation: High School Student
Eyes: purple-pinkish
Hair: Blond

Her side bangs partially cross her cheeks and go down all the way to her neck.

She is considered by most of the students in Tōtsuki to be extremely beautiful And sexy anime school girls. According to her fans and followers, this trait coincides with her status.

During her second year, her hair became longer and wilder. 

17. Himeko Inaba From Kokoro Connect

Himeko Inaba

Occupation: Student Cultural Club Vice-President
Eyes: brown
Hair: Black

Inaba is a very pretty and sexy anime school girls with shoulder-length black hair that has one strand falling in the middle and brown eyes.

Unlike most of the other girls whose uniform sweaters are colored yellow, her uniform sweater is brown. 

16. Inaho Kushiya From Maken Ki

Inaho Kushiya From Maken Ki 1 18 Pretty Anime School Girl Uniforms

Height: 150cm
Occupation: Freshman High School Student
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Light Brown

Inaho is a very cute girl and sexy anime school girls with neck-length or shoulder-length light brown hair that is tied in two small high pigtails with two yellow Crisscross hairclips on the right side, dark brown eyes, a great figure who is one of the shorter girls in Maken-Ki as she is 150cm.

15. Mari Kurihara From Prison School

Mari Kurihara

Occupation: Third-year student USC President
Eyes: Green 
Hair: Black

Mari is a tall and lithe young woman with long black hair that reaches her back has bangs hanging on the right with two front shoulder-length hair strands, blue eyes (green eyes in the anime) and she is frequently described as one of the most beautiful and sexy anime school girls students in the school.

14. Kirukiru Amou From Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism

Kirukiru Amou

Birthday: August 19th
Height: 168 cm
Occupation: Student
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

Amou is a very beautiful and very attractive sexy anime school girls with long, black hair and a lithe figure with very pale skin. She has black eyes with a sharp gaze and she is tall for her age.

Her school uniform is a dark blue blazer with a cream colored button up shirt and a red tie. She wears a dark blue skirt and has black pantyhose and shoes.

13. Haruka Narumi From Battle Girl High School

Haruka Narumi

Birthday: September 23
Occupation: Battle Warrior, Highschool Student
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Grey

Narumi has long, grey hair tied into a braid worn over her shoulder.

The braid is held by an aqua bow to match the clip she wears tucked behind her short bangs.

On the left of her head she is a single, curling strand of hair let loose. She has soft blue eyes.

12. Suzune Horikita From Classroom of the Elite


Birthday: February 15
Height: 156 cm
Occupation: Student Class Representative
Eyes: Gradient
Hair: Black

Suzune has long black hair with one braid tied with a pink bow as well as gradient red eyes.

She is always seen with a stern look on her face. She has a slim but well-endowed body which makes her stand out as being beautiful.

11. Chitoge Kirisaki From Nisekoi

Chitoge nisekoi 1 18 Pretty Anime School Girl Uniforms

Birthday: June 7
Height: 160 cm
Occupation: Fashion designer
Blood type: B
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond

Chitoge is an attractive and slim fair-skinned young woman with beautiful waist-length blond hair that has pink tips at the end of her hair, strikingly aqua-blue eyes, stunning features and coupled with her height – tall by most standards – and her natural figure, many people associate her with a supermodel and sexy anime school girls.

10. Rei Miyamoto From High School of the Dead

Rei Miyamoto From High School of the Dead 1 18 Pretty Anime School Girl Uniforms

Height: 164 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Occupation: Student
Eyes: Red
Hair: Light Brown

Rei has long, orangy-brown hair with bangs hanging over her face with two strands sticking out above the rest of her hair along with a small, single ponytail on the back of her head which leaves the rest of her hair long and reddish-brown eyes.

9. Yukana Yame From Hajimete no Gal

Yukana Yame

Birthday: March 5
Height: 160cm
Occupation: Student
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Green

Yukana first appeared as a stereotypical (relating to a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing) girl as she is seen by Junichi Hashiba to act like the stereotypical gal and even calls her a bitch early on.

8. Mikoto Misaka From Toaru Majutsu no Index

Mikoto Misaka

Height: 161 cm
Birthday: May 2
Occupation: Student
Hair color: light brown Hairs
Eye color: light brown

Mikoto has chestnut hair and is often seen wearing a small hair clip. Her eyes are the same color as her hair. She is also shown to have a complex regarding her chest, feeling inferior when compared to girls with bigger bust sizes. 

She is also known to always wear shorts under every skirt and dress she wears, which surprises an amnesiac Kamijou Touma as she is the only girl who wears shorts over her panties.

7. Haruhi Suzumiya From Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu

Haruhi Suzumiya

Birthday: October 8
Height: 158 cm (5’2″)
Blood type: AB
Occupation: Student (grade 10-11), Ultra Director, Ultra Detective, Brigade Chief and Founder

At the beginning of the series, her hair is long and reaches to about her waist she is a sexy anime school girls

She always had different hairstyles every day. However, after a talk with Kyon about her hair, she cuts it to just about her shoulders.

6. Ayaka Kagari From Witch Craft Works

Ayaka Kagari

Occupation: Student
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green

Ayaka is a very gorgeous teenager and sexy anime school girls with long black hair, green eyes and she paints a very serene figure, her expression rarely changes except for the occasional glare when she’s angered.

5. Akane Hiyama From Renai Boukun

Akane Hiyama

Birthday: Febuary 15th
Occupation: Yandere Student
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Red

At first glance Akane is a model student and a sexy anime school girls, but when it comes to Seiji Aino, she can change her sweet personality to totally psychopathic, as she is madly in love with him.

She would be willing to attack anyone who tries to date Seiji, as well as eliminating them if they hurt him; since she is the only one who can harm him, thus classifying her as a yandere.

4. Yukino Yukinoshita From Oregairu

Yukino Yukinoshita

Birthday: January 3
Blood type: B
Occupation: High school student
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue

Yukino is mostly seen wearing her school uniform, which consists of a black blazer with a white shirt underneath it, a red ribbon tie, a plaid skirt and black stockings up to her knees.

3. Eru Chitanda From Hyouka

Eru Chitanda

Height: 160 cm (5’3″)
Occupation: High school student
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown

Eru is a very ladylike, polite and cheerful girl who is described as being sensible, emotive, friendly, and innocent, coming across as “childlike” in many aspects.

Eru has a very positive demeanor and rarely seems to harbor negative emotions.

2. Rias Gremory From High School DxD

Rias Gremory

Race: Pure-Blooded Devil
Occupation: High school student
Hair color: Crimson Red
Eye color: Blue

Rias is a very kind and compassionate optimist, especially to her servants and people close to her. She gets angry and violent whenever people insult her or her peerage, showing a fiery side to her.

1. Miku Nakano From 5-toubun no Hanayome

Miku Nakano sexy anime school girls

Birthday: May 5
Blood type: A
Height: 158 cm (5’2″)
Occupation: Student & Work part time in bakery
Hair color: Red Brown
Eye color: Blue

Miku is an emotionless looking girl with medium-length brownish-red hair that has strands of hair hanging over the right side of her face (ranging from light pink to antique pink shade in Volume 1, and pearl pink to beige brown shade in Volume 4)

Hope you like this list of sexy anime school girls comment below which sexy anime girls are your favorite share this list with your friends and bookmark MOW.

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