Is Alluka a Girl in Hunter x Hunter?

The second youngest child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck is Alluka Zoldyck.

She was taken over by a strange Dark Continent beast, whom her family named Nanika, under unexplained circumstances.

Currently, the two are sharing Alluka’s body.


Alluka has a light face, long, black hair, and blue eyes.

She is dressed in the typical shrine maiden garb of Japan, complete with boots and a headband covered in emotive anime faces.

Two hairpieces that frame her face are held in place by four hair bands that feature the same anime faces as her headband.

Alluka wore jeans and had unruly shoulder-length hair when she was younger.


Silva describes Alluka as a black and unruly youngster before she is formally introduced.

Because of the circumstances surrounding her birth, he asserts that Alluka lacks a soul and cannot experience emotions.

However, after she is back with her older brother Killua, Alluka reveals a kind, affable, and endearing character.

Killua had earned Alluka’s complete trust and her happiness because he was the only person to ever care for her.

Killua claims that Alluka refers to him as “big brother,” although Nanika exclusively addresses him by name.

Context For Gender And Pronouns

Is Alluka A Girl In Hunter x Hunter Is Alluka a Girl in Hunter x Hunter?

As the narrative progresses, various characters refer to Alluka using various pronouns and providing inconsistent information about her gender.

Alluka’s sex is indicated in the official databook as male.

Illumi and Milluki, two of Alluka’s brothers, call him their “brother.”

In flashbacks, Alluka is addressed as “bocchan” or “bocchama” by Zoldyck’s servants.

Additionally, in the Japanese version of the series, Morel appeared to refer to Alluka as Killua’s brother and Killua did not correct him, but the official Viz translation makes this murkier and the passage’s inference of Alluka’s gender identity is only present in a very literal translation.

However, throughout the series, Alluka is primarily addressed in feminine language and pronouns.

For instance, Killua refers to Alluka as his sister numerous times, including when they were young.

Killua also said that Alluka being a girl was the reason they required female butlers to take care of her on their journey to save Gon. “Alluka” is also a customarily female given name.

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