Is Gon Freecs Dead in Hunter x Hunter?

When you think you’re prepared for the outcome, Yoshihiro Togashi pulls a fixer-upper and challenges your expectations. 

Today, let me clarify whether Gon was able to overcome his fight with the famous Neferpitou (“Pitou”).

Disclaimer The following spoilers will be available from the manga and anime from this point onwards.

Gon created a massive Jajanken that defeated Pitou However while fighting Pitou, Gon was destroyed by the explosion.

Is Gon Dead?

gon arm Is Gon Freecs Dead in Hunter x Hunter?

No, Gon does not die. He might be burned to a crisp because there was no time to realize the Jajanken blast was consuming the forest as well as him, however, he was able to recover by Nanika.

Gon willingly sacrificed his life force. He consumed a large amount of Nen until he was aging his body to defeat Pitou. His body instantly took an athletic shape at that moment of pivotal importance.

The transformation was followed by an overwhelming aura since the man gave up his power to make use of Nen forever. 

Because of this, he gained the ability to take on Pitou to take revenge on Kite immediately.

Nanika and Killua

nanika and killua Is Gon Freecs Dead in Hunter x Hunter?

Nanika is her body as Alluka Killua’s sister. In her role as a vicious spirit from The Dark Continent, Nanika can make anyone infinitely happy and unlimited wishes.

However, the requester must meet three of Nanika’s requirements first. The more important the wish of the requester (such as a resurrection) the more difficult the three subsequent demands will be. If Nanika’s requests were rejected at least four times, Nanika caused 67 people’s deaths.

However, Killua committed to saving his friend’s life; therefore, he wanted to see Nanika revives Gon. 

Nanika accepted but only after Killua met its three demands including playing “dead” and performing Shiritori (a Japanese word game) and then the act of patting its head.

As the spirit took control of the hand of Gon, Nanika unleashed her power through a flash with white light. Gon was revived and healed but no new Nen abilities were transferred to him.

Do you think that Gon Will Ever Use Nen Again?

gon and gin Is Gon Freecs Dead in Hunter x Hunter?

Gon is unable to utilize Nen for the second time since his aura nodes were closed following the revival. In Chapter 390 there are no indications of Gon having the ability to use Nen.

The life-changing choice was made in the course of his struggle with Pitou. In his transformation into an adult and thought “If it’s the last straw of the world, I’ll do all of my resources.”

Pitou said that his opponent’s abilities are now comparable to Chimera Ant King’s power levels. Because Gon was determined to take revenge on Kite’s death, he resorted to this anger as a motive to beat Pitou to the point of a sludge.

At the point that Killua was on their battlefield Pitou’s face was no longer distinguishable. He could only see the outline of a man whose face he didn’t recognize (implying the fact that Nen significantly altered Gon’s appearance as well as his power levels).

How Strong is Gon?

The Hunter in the Hunter Hunter characters data books Gon’s power stats are in the following order during the time of the invasion of the palace (Chimera Ant Arc):

Skill/Intelligence- 3/53/5

Body / Mind Nen- 4/5

The ingenuity or talent- 5/55/5

The power stats of Gon are different on every cycle, but as you can see earlier, Gon is strongest when Gon is seeking revenge for Kite.

His strength increased twenty times more than his strength level in his Yorknew City arc, due to:

  1. He used a huge quantity of Nen to go over the level of a Royal Guard (Pitou) and
  2. He sought to match the strength of Chimera Ant’s King.

In comparing Gon (without Nen) to his closest buddy, Killua would likely win in a battle. Because, after all, Gon is not exposed to Nen fights like he is.

Gon’s inventiveness or the ability to achieve 5/5 is a sign of promise (hence the huge aura emanating through his body and is driven by his thirst to retaliate).

When they begin to gain fighting experience within their Nen World (probably after Chapter 390 if Togashi decides to pursue this path), Gon will have been exposed to a variety of Nen fights in which he could even be able to defeat Killua!

In the absence of Nen, Gon had to depend on his wits numerous times to compensate for his untrained. You can see him showing his innate skills as:

  • The player was engaged in with Netero He had a variety of ideas about the chance of success in retrieving the ball to expand the distance (e.g. the shoe’s launch).
  • Green Island arc When he was fighting Razor, Gon had a genius idea to create an extra form to stop the rocket launch.
  • His sacrifice tendencies are evident to ensure that he will gain victory (he was injured during the war arena in the fight against the Bomber for the Battle of the Bomber.)

In the non-adapted chapters of the manga Gon isn’t as strong as he was in the past. 

The Nen abilities are only present in his normalized and reformed body, even though they’re not useful to Gon. 

Nanika might have healed his body, but it did not bring back the Nen abilities. At this point, it’s difficult to identify where his strength is.

Final Words

I am hoping you enjoy this short recap of Gon’s powers and the events that transpired during the invasion of the palace. 

I’ll be looking for you to look forward to the upcoming Togashi Hunter x Hunter manga chapters.

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