What Are All of the Races in One Piece?

The world of One Piece is a diverse one. Here is a list of all the races that have so far been mentioned in the anime.

The well-known manga series One Piece follows Monkey D. Luffy as he travels the globe with his crewmates.

Luffy meets a variety of people on his escapades, and many of them have an impact on him in some way.

There are other races in One Piece in addition to humans.

Although different races have characteristics that set them apart from one another, there is a lot of prejudice because of this diversity.

There are some people who think that one day all human races will coexist peacefully despite the fact that most people dislike the different races.

The Straw Hats move closer to their individual goals with each new arc. The chance for fans to visit unusual islands is another intriguing aspect of new arcs.

Each island contains unique living forms, but the fascinating aspect of these islands is the diversity of the populations.

More than ten other races have already been made known in the series, and as the plot develops, it is certain that even more races will be made known.

In light of this, we have expanded the variety of distinctive races that live in the One Piece universe.


Mermaid Cove Infobox What Are All of the Races in One Piece?

Merfolk is distinct from fishermen because their bottom bodies have tails and their upper bodies resemble humans.

The term “mermaid” refers to ladies and “mermen” to male members of the Merfolk.

Merfolk, unlike Fish-Men, cannot walk on land; nevertheless, once a mermaid reaches the age of 30, her tail transforms into legs, allowing her to walk.

Mermen, on the other hand, maintain their tails their entire lives.

Due to their fish-like appearance, merfolk are the fastest swimmers. Merfolk can converse with fish in addition to being proficient swimmers.


Mink Tribe Infobox What Are All of the Races in One Piece?

The Mink tribe is a unique species of mammal with the ability to communicate and walk on two legs like a human.

Each member embodies a certain animal and has all of its characteristics. Minks are powerful fighters with the capacity to use electricity.

Additionally, minks have a unique form known as the sulong form, which is only usable during full moons.

The Longleg Tribe

Blue Gilly Anime Concept Art What Are All of the Races in One Piece?

In addition to resembling humans greatly, the Longleg tribe’s members also have extraordinarily long legs.

They are taller than most One Piece races thanks to their long legs.

Longleg tribe members have distinct characteristics that make them very dangerous with their kicks, but their enormous legs also make them very easy prey.


Dwarves Infobox What Are All of the Races in One Piece?

Dwarves have fluffy tails and are very small.

They resemble humans in appearance as well.

Dwarves, despite their small size, are actually incredibly strong.

This group includes the Dressrosan Tontatta tribe.

They are skilled cultivators because they have a wealth of information about plant life.

Three Eye Tribe

Three What Are All of the Races in One Piece?

Members of the Three-Eye tribe share most characteristics with common humans, making it very challenging to tell them apart.

Humans and members of the Three-Eyed tribe are similar only in that the latter has an additional eye on their forehead.

They can learn to read the poneglyphs and employ the Voice of All Things thanks to their additional eye.

Big Mom attempted to decipher the Road Poneglyph using Charlotte Pudding’s third eye, a member of the Three-Eye tribe.

The Snakeneck Tribe

Snakeneck Tribe Infobox What Are All of the Races in One Piece?

Snakeneck tribe members have long, slender necks.

It is reasonable to presume that this tribe’s members simply have long necks because they haven’t shown any particular talent for using them thus far in One Piece.

Since making their formal appearance in the Whole Cake Island storyline, this tribe has not been extensively studied.


Groggy Monsters What Are All of the Races in One Piece?

A hybrid race, Wotans are. They resemble a hybrid of giants and fishmen.

They still have some of the traits of both races despite being a hybrid race. They are much larger than humans but not as large as true giants.

Oars and Hajrudin, who are true giants, are yet larger than Wotans.

The Wotans’ fish-man DNA endow them with superhuman strength and the freedom to engage in unrestricted combat underwater.

The Wotans are significantly more powerful than regular humans thanks to the combination of these skills.

Big Pan, a member of the Foxy Pirates, is the only Wotan that is known to exist in the series. Before the series concludes, viewers could get to see more Wotans.


Oni Tribe What Are All of the Races in One Piece?

Due to the fact that so little is known about them, the Oni is a fairly mysterious race.

They haven’t been formally introduced in the series yet, but sooner rather than later, their status as a distinct race will be verified.

Kaido and Yamato, two individuals from this race, are known. Yamato is referred to as the “Oni Princess,” which suggests that he belongs to the Oni race.

The two of them share their horns, which is their biggest similarity. They are different heights since Kaido is significantly taller than Yamato.

It is difficult to infer what additional characteristics are particular to the Oni because there is no other information accessible about this race.


download 1 What Are All of the Races in One Piece?

Almost nothing about the Kinokobito is known, other than how they look.

They have humanoid shapes, however, four legs are present instead of only two. Their heads appear to have lofty crowns, and their bodies resemble mushrooms.

The only time a Kinokobito was depicted in the series was when Mont-d’Or was reading his book during the Whole Cake Island arc.


Galley La Company What Are All of the Races in One Piece?

Mankind is the dominant race in One Piece. In the series, other tribes have been introduced, and each of them has a unique history.

For instance, the Kuja are renowned for their haki, while the Kumate are thought to be vicious.

The World Government was established by humans, who also dominate the world of One Piece.

Humans dread and despise other races because they make up the bulk of the population.

Sky Island locals

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The Straw Hats’ search for Skypiea during the Jaya arc led to the first mention of the Sky Islands.

The humans of the Sky Islands are distinct from regular people. They had previously lived on the moon, but due to a lack of resources, they chose to leave and come to Earth.

The majority of people who live on Sky Island have wings on their backs, but there are a few outliers. Enel, for example, has drums on his back.


Giants Infobox What Are All of the Races in One Piece?

One Piece’s strongest race is probably the giants. Giants are enormously strong due to their enormous stature and human-like features, although they are considerably taller than any typical human.

The older giants, such as Oars and his offspring, are referred to as Ancient Giants because of their demon-like appearance.

On the other hand, more recent giants like Hajrudin, Dorry, and Broggy are closer to humans. Elbaf, located in the New World, is where the Giants call home.

Longarm Tribe

Longarm Tribe Infobox What Are All of the Races in One Piece?

Because they have two joints in this region of their anatomy, members of the Longarm Tribe have lengthy arms, as suggested by their name.

They are physically stronger than humans thanks to their lengthy arms, which also provide them great strength.

One of the best-known members of the Longarm tribe is Scratchmen Apoo, captain of the On Air Pirates and a member of the Worst Generation.


What Are All of the Races in One Piece?

A tremendously powerful race of people known as Lunarians formerly inhabited the Red Line.

The majority of people believe Lunarians to be extinct because there are so few of this race left.

Lunarians are talented creators and manipulators.

Kaido’s right-hand man King is the sole individual of this race who is known.

“Fish Men”

Fish Men Infobox What Are All of the Races in One Piece?

Fish-Men share all the characteristics of the fish they mimic, just like minks.

According to legend, Fish-Men are ten times stronger than humans, making them a very strong race.

Underwater, their strength grows much more, giving them a substantial advantage.

They can employ Fish-Man karate because they can control water, which is another skill they possess.

Humans despise Fish-Men and frequently attempt to kill them because of their unusual appearance.

Fish-Men include Jimbei, Arlong, and Fisher Tiger.

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