All One Piece Marine Admirals (Ranked)

One Piece has given the most loveable of characters like Charlotte Katakuri and Señor Pink but has also given us absolute sc*ms like Don Quixote Doflamingo and Caesar Clown.

This diversity is what brings the One Piece world to life.

All of these antagonists have played a special part in the series. But in addition to the major pirates, the main antagonist of the series are the people who call themselves “The Protectors of Justice”, the Marines.

The Marines haven’t been much of a problem for the Straw Hats, except on certain occasions.

So, let’s take a short and sweet glance at the highest military power of the Marines.

8. Zephyr a.k.a. Black Fist Zephyr or Z ( One Piece Film: Z)

Zephyr a.k.a. Black Fist Zephyr or Z

Zephyr is a non-canon character that made his grand appearance as the main antagonist of One Piece Film: Z. Zephyr is known to have quite an impact in Kuzan (who later became an Admiral himself) being a mentor to him.

Zephyr is a kind man who carries can immense hate for pirates due to everything that he’s lost to pirates. His family, his subordinates and so much more.

Zephyr came to the conclusion that if the One Piece is gone, there would be no more pirates chasing it.

So, he put his plan in action to vaporize the entirety of the New World in order to stop the Great Pirate Era.

Zephyr didn’t like the way the Marines functioned and thus founded his own Navy, the Neo Navy along with his subordinates, Ain and Binz.

Zephyr was definitely a strong character who was finally subdued by the Marines.

7. Kong


Justice : Unknown

Devil Fruit: Unknown

Here we have a surprise! Kong is never actually shown as an Admiral in the series, but he does show up as a former Fleet Admiral to advice Sengoku.

Kong is known to definitely be a strong character, he also seems to be a kind and intelligent man since Sengoku asked him for his advice.

Kong’s physique shows that he atleast had an incredible physical prowess in addition to being able to use Haki.

He seems to take quite the pride in being a Marine since he evidently showed dissapointment at the thought that Sengoku or Garp’s resignation.

6. Ryokugyu (Green Bull)

Ryokugyu (Green Bull)

Justice: Unknown

Devil Fruit: Unknown

This is the admiral that we know the least about by far.

All we know is that he earned his position some time during the time-skip, the same as Fujitora.

He was selected to fill in one of the vacancies created by Akainu being promoted to Fleet Admiral and Aokiji quitting the Marines after losing the duel.

We know that he is an extremely lazy man who even goes for long times without eating simply because he’s too lazy to do so.

He seems to have a thing for beautiful women since he says that he would eat if a young lady fed him.

5. Issho-san a.k.a Fujitora (Purple Tiger)

Issho-san a.k.a Fujitora (Purple Tiger)

Justice: Blind Justice

Devil Fruit: Zushi Zushi No Mi (Gravity-based fruit)

Fujitora or fondly, Issho-san, is one of the new Admirals of the Marines that were recruited during the one piece timeskip.

Fujitora is kind and virtuous man cares a lot about people than his mission asking his subordinates to focus on saving lives rather than fighting.

He is not afraid to use his authority as an Admiral to do as he sees fit even if it means he has to argue with the Fleet Admiral.

He is also willing to accept fault and apologize for his mistakes and faults of the Marines when it causes the citizen trouble.

He is highly against the Shichibukai system that gives powerful pirate free reign.

Fujitora always prioritizes life ad safety of citizen rather than fighting pirates and he will always work for what he believes in.

4. Kuzan-san a.k.a Aokiji (Blue Pheasant)

Kuzan-san a.k.a Aokiji (Blue Pheasant)

Justice: Lazy Justice

Devil Fruit: Hie Hie No Mi (Ice-based Powers)

Aokiji was the first Admiral to ever be introduced in the series.

Due to his kindness and rationale and taking decisions based on Fleet Admiral Sengoku recommended him to be the next in his position.

Kuzan is repeatedly shown throughout the series just how kind he is.

He let Robin escape in the boat creating a small path for her, spared Luffy’s life as a ‘return’ for Alabasta.

Kuzan’s often extends his kindness without labels, pirates who have done good, innocent civilians, his subordinates, protectors of justice… you name it.

But just as much as he is kind, Kuzan is known to be lazy and a extremely laid-back attitude.

He often can be seen sleeping standing up and hits on women without a care.

Not the quite the example for a model admiral are we…

3. Borsalino-san a.k.a Kizaru (Yellow Monkey)

Borsalino-san a.k.a Kizaru (Yellow Monkey)

Justice: Unclear Justice

Devil Fruit: Pika Pika No Mi (Light-based powers)

Kizaru is the kind of personality who you can never predict because most predictions are based on what a person cares about and Kizaru cares about…well… nothing.

Probably the only one thing Kizaru cares about is making comments with a straight face or smile while fighting about how someone surprised him or something is scary.

Everything about this character is vague and ambiguous, just like his “Unclear Justice”.

Kizaru stands in probably one of the most convenient spot any character can stand in because he shows no qualms doing anything from letting pirates go to raining blood on a battlefield, Kizaru is fazed by nothing and will do just what he is ordered to.

2. Sakazuki-san a.k.a Akainu (Red Dog)

Sakazuki-san a.k.a Akainu (Red Dog)

Justice: Absolute Justice

Devil Fruit: Magu Magu No MI (Magma based powers)

Akainu… The hate associated with isn’t without reason. Ace’s murder, the single handed genocide of Ohara citizens, killing of a marine soldier during the Marineford War.

Akainu has a super powerful devil fruit making him invincible to well… almost everything and he makes sure to do whatever he pleases.

If something doesn’t fit his perspective, he doesn’t mind disposing it off, Marines, citizens or pirates, Akainu doesn’t care.

The only thing that Akainu values, is his “Absolute Justice” and it’s ideals.

Further, when Akainu is promoted to Fleet Admiral due to his strength and favor from the ‘higher ups’, the only thing he wants is to glorify the Marines as a perfect organization and everyone to become a follower of his “Absolute Justice”… and there by a mass murderer.

1. Sengoku-san a.k.a the Great Buddha

Sengoku-san a.k.a the Great Buddha

Justice: Reigning Justice

Devil Fruit: Hito Hito No Mi: Model Daibutsu (Zoan Type the Great Buddha-based Powers)

Sengoku-san was the reigning Fleet Admiral of One Piece since the beginning, until his retirement after the Marineford war.

The only you can become a fleet admiral is by becoming an Admiral first. Sengoku is a kind man who often took in lonely orphaned kids like a young Don Quixote Rosinante. He is a model Marine soldier and is strangely fond of rice crackers.

Sengoku-san is someone who understands people and rightly recommended Kuzan to be the next fleet admiral. Things, however, did not turn out how he thought they would, resulting in the Marines becoming a more violent and stringent organization with its priorities shifting to killing everyone rather than protecting citizens.

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