Is One Piece Worth Watching?

Probably here because of the mixed reviews? It’s too long, but it’s so good. Too many fillers but the characters are so hot.

So, let’s talk One Piece and clear all your doubts.

The series has come back to shine that’s all-new animation!

All the one Piece fans undoubtedly put forth the series as a perfect example of a long-running anime but everyone who starts the series does not end up reaching the 900+ episode mark that the series has. This is because of the scale of the series.

One piece requires a very elaborate world-building that cannot be done within a short amount of time. The series takes more than 60 episodes or 100 chapters to actually begin the real adventure. This begs the question:

When does One Piece get good?

One Piece Worth Is One Piece Worth Watching?

One piece is a series of adventure friendships freedom and overcoming all atrocities through hard work and skills and of course, friendship.

The series starts off with Luffy trying to recruit members for his pirate crew. Since we started absolutely at the bottom with nothing at his disposal, it takes quite a lot of time for him to gather the resources required to actually start sailing the Grand Line. It takes a lot of setup for the adventure itself to begin.

The fans who have already watched one piece say that the series is good from the start which is not the case for first-time watchers.

This is because of the nostalgic value that veteran watchers associate with the arcs in the beginning. However, for new watchers, this is nothing important.

For most first-time viewers, Luffy’s first major fight takes place at Arlong Park. This is where most first-time viewers get hooked on the series.

For a lot of other viewers, it takes up to the Loguetown Arc to actually start getting into the series. The end of the Loguetown arc is also where the Manga starts to pick up with the crew entering the Grand Line.

Whichever way one must give the series a period of at least 35-40 episodes to pick up at the least. One might say that the adventure truly begins with the introduction of Princess Vivi. Which gives us a pickup time of a maximum of 110 episodes.

What makes the wait worth, is everything that follows these 110 episodes. Right from the Little Garden Arc, One-piece keeps you engaged until the very end.

It has some of the best filler arcs like G8 which is one of the only arcs to provide some kind of capabilities to the Marines.

How long does it take to watch One Piece?

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In terms of time and attention, One Piece is definitely a commitment that requires complete loyalty and devotion.

The only problem with this almost perfect series is that the pacing of the anime is a little off at times.

With the 3-minute title song, one and half minute recap of the previous episode, and another 3 minutes for an ending sound with an additional 30-second preview of the next episode.

This already takes 8 minutes out of every 24-minute episode. This leaves us with the content of about 16 minutes in each episode.

Since the anime catches up quickly with the manga the already less available content needs to be stretched out to fill this 16-minute episode.

Sometimes this leads to a very positive outcome like the G8 filler arc while the other times it results in unnecessary repetition of backstories at an incredibly wrong time, like in the Enies Lobby arc.

But no matter what one says, each One Piece episode takes about 20 minutes if one skips the opening and the ending song. This means that one can fit about 3 episodes consecutively in one hour.

Since almost every up episode ends in a cliffhanger, it is safe to say that one can binge watch up to 10-12 episodes in one sitting which makes it a 3.5-4 hour spurt at once.

This means a solid more than 330 hours of watching this anime.

If we consider only one 4 hour spurt in a day then One Piece takes about 83 days or almost 3 months to finish.

A lot of filler lists are available online and you can skip watching the filler arcs but anyone who truly is a One Piece fan and wants you to enjoy the series to its fullest would definitely recommend watching the entirety of the series without skipping any episodes.

Devoting three months to finishing a single anime is quite the investment. Should you make it? Is this investment worth that much?

Is One Piece worth watching?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions about One Piece and it makes sense since everyone does not spare this amount of time for everything and does not wish to waste it.

One-piece has a lot to offer in its adventure, friendships, highs and lows, emotional moments, conflict, suspense, mystery, comedy, and last but not the least action.

One-piece often plays with the morality of the marines and pirates, clashes between ideologies, and the general prevalence of justice.

It is a show where the antagonists are not always hated and the heroes are not always loved.

It is a show that shows us, true humans, through these characters. It is the show where our heroes are not completely flawless but the antagonists are not in the wrong.

It is true that One Piece is not perfect and that every single episode will keep you wanting more.

It is also true that the pacing of the show becomes very unpredictable and borderline irritating at a point especially at critical points where the suspense is at its peak and the climax is about to happen.

It is true the show becomes very slow at a point and has filler arcs that seem like a waste of time.

However what makes one piece worth it, is that despite the existence of all of these flaws, the series continues to shine as it provides so much more. To not only overcome these but create an overall perfect experience of the adventure for the viewers.

The One Piece manga provides a much better experience of the series since the manga is self-paced.

One can easily take the time to read and take in the world-building while keeping up with the fast-paced action at a fast pace, which is not the case with the anime.

When veteran viewers say that it’s not just a series but an experience, it couldn’t be truer.

One Piece has its highs and lows but in the end, it is something that can make you smile, cry or throw your phone at the wall in frustration.

For entertainment purposes, One Piece is definitely worth watching and all the investment that it demands.

So? When are you going to start watching One Piece?

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