How Powerful is Megumi Fushiguro in Jujutsu Kaisen

This manga has exposed the power that Megumi Fushiguro has. 

The manga has revealed his ability as a strong Jujutsu Sorcerer. His abilities have been recognized as such by Satoru Gojo and even Demon God Ryomen Sukuna

So, in this article, we will look at the power and capabilities of Megumi Fushiguro.

Megumi is an imposing dark-haired, tall boy with green eyes. He is 15 years old and is a Student of Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu High School

He utilizes to practice the 10 Shadows Method from the Zenin clan, which is one of three well-known sorcerer families

His father was Toji Fushiguro left his clan’s fame and fame for his increased physical powers and senses and later became recognized as”the Sorcerer Killer. 

However, Megumi has inherited the well-known Zenin family method. He is currently a Grade 2 Sorcerer. He is also the main character of the anime.

“Cursed Energy” And The Techniques of Megumi Fushiguro

"Cursed Energy" And The Techniques of Megumi Fushiguro

Megumi weaves particular hand gestures as well as manifests Shikigami out of the shadows which serve him. 

As the name implies, the technique can be used to summon the user can be in contact with and control up to 10 Shikigami with each one having its distinct characteristics. 

The user can summon Divine Dogs that can track and eat curses, an Owl-like Shikigami which has the ability to fly, snakes, elephants, toads, and rabbits. 

But, Sukuna has previously stated his ability to use fight hand-to-hand makes him distinct from others Shikigami users.

Renewable Cursed Energy

A Ten Shadows Technique’s most interesting feature is that even when it is true that a Shikigami is destroyed and can not be summoned again the cursed energy it has is passed on to the next Shikigami. That is the cursed energy is recycled. 

Following the time that Hanami (a particular grade of curse) killed Megumi’s white Divine Dog and its energies were absorbed by the black Divine Dog and morphed into Kon.

Kon is an upgraded form of each. It’s powerful enough to take on Spearheaded Cursed Spirits of Special Grade.

Cured Shadows in Megumi Fushiguro

The Zenin clan, one of the most formidable and most well-known clans of the series, had an extremely powerful technique dubbed The Ten Shadows Technique. It was adopted by Megumi and was one of his most frequently used moves.

This method helps Megumi to make Shikigamis, which can aid in combat against adversaries and curses. 

He can process more than 10 Shikigamis at once, but it also requires a significant amount of the energy he has cursed.

1. Divine Dogs

Divine Dogs

This is the skill of Megumi who can summon two dogs that are black and white. They are fierce beasts that instinctively follow curses, and then eat them up.

This was among the most popular techniques used in the work of Megumi throughout the anime. Everything was going well until the Finger Bearer took over his White Divine Dog. 

This caused a bizarre event and the characteristics that characterize White Divine Dog were passed on to Divine Dog which is Absolute.

2. Divine Dog: Totality

Divine Dog: Totality

If Divine Dogs duo were ferocious, Divine Dog: Totality is a complete beast. It’s a lot bigger than them and is far more than them. It is also more powerful. 

This is because it was created after the power that was White Divine Dog merged with Black Divine Dog.

This means that it could go beyond and fight Spells of Special Grade that are difficult to take down. 

Also, we saw during the fight against Kirara the way it was able to pin him down once Megumi was able to figure out the cursed method.

3. Nue


It is a type of flying of Shikigami with a striking likeness to an Owl. It’s an excellent instrument for scouting an area to detect hidden enemies. It can also be utilized to attack through commanding Nue to make a dive attack out of the air.

Aerial attacks are always beneficial because the adversary is likely to find it difficult to focus on two targets. In addition, Nue can also employ lightning-based attacks.

4. Great Serpent

Great Serpent

If Nue can strike from the skies and The Great Serpent can attack from below the ground. Like Nue, the Great Serpent can be able to ambush enemies in a flash and provide Megumi with an enormous advantage.

When you use this technique, the size of a snake is created that crawls out from the ground and will imprison the target completely, thus stopping it from fleeing.

5. Toad


This technique of shadow allows Megumi to summon lots of toads. 

Additionally, they can imprison their enemies using their tongues, and hold them in place. 

Megumi has previously utilized them to save Nobara Kugisaki.

6. The Well’s Unknown Abyss

The Well’s Unknown Abyss

It is a shadow combination technique that allows Megumi can harness the power of the toads along with the power of Nue. 

As a result, toads acquire wings and can fly on their wings, and can launch aerial attacks together.

7. Max Elephant

Max Elephant

Utilizing this method, Megumi can summon an enormous elephant that consumes lots the Cursed Energy. 

This blocks Megumi from summoning additional Shikigamis. At the moment, the only option is using the base form.

The elephant can attack enemies with brutal force while using its trunk to let loose plenty of water.

8. Rabbit Escape

 Rabbit Escape

It is a shadow-distraction technique that summons a large number of rabbits.

These are not intended to be used for offense since they are easily killed. 

They are designed to provide an escape route for Megumi as the attacker will be caught up in this chaos caused by such a huge amount of rabbits.

9. Divine General Mahoraga

Divine General Mahoraga

In the beginning person, the participant in the 10 Shadows Method receives the two Divine Dogs. They then assist users to gain Shikigami through exorcising them.

It is the norm that a wizard can’t utilize Shikigami until they are exorcised. Shikigami until they’ve been exiled however, Megumi can take advantage of this by summoning the Shikigami that no previous user ever used.

The Shikigami summons him. known as The Eight-Handled sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga which is a dangerous technique that is powerful enough to be able to test Gojo.

The most potent Shikigami and, to date there isn’t a single person who uses this method has managed to dispel it.

10. Domain Expansion: Chimera Shadow Garden

Domain Expansion Chimera Shadow Garden How Powerful is Megumi Fushiguro in Jujutsu Kaisen

Megumi can also blend with his Shikigami and his domain expansion which lets him extend his cursed energy into an unstoppable dimension. 

The method he uses is called Chimera Shadow Garden is flooded with lots of fluid shadows. He can summon several Shikigami, and even create a second version of self within his own domain. 

But, at present the Domain Expansion is incomplete.

Megumi has one of the greatest talents that Manga has shown until now. He can employ ten of his shadows simultaneously. 

It is possible to imagine the possibility of using all of his shadows at once and using them to lure you or to set you up. 

With such abilities, he is certainly one of the top Jujutsu Sorcerers.

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