Who is Ryomen Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen?

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Who is Ryomen Sukuna?

Ryomen Sukuna is among the major antagonists in Jujutsu Kaisen. After Yuji Itadori breathed in some of Sukuna’s fingertips, he was changed into a vessel for him. 

The spirit of the curse once said that he was going to try to create Yuji’s own body.

Although regarded as an imaginary demon by a lot of people, Sukuna was once a Jujutsu sorcerer who lived over 1000 years ago. But the people around him didn’t seem to know that he was a real person.

Sukuna was a natural disaster during the Heian period, with his name conjuring nothing but fear. In the Golden Age of Jujutsu, various sorcerers attempted to destroy Sukuna. 

But ultimately, it was their defeat. This is why his name was appropriately referred to as “the King” of Curses (even in his days as the Shaman).

In the final battle, a group of Jujutsu sorcerers gathered their power to take on Sukuna. He was a cursed spirit following the death of his father (because only shamans can transform cursed spirits) as well as sealed in his 20 fingers, which turned into cursed objects.

Even after his demise, Sukuna remained a source of terror in the hearts of sorcerers, in the form of cursed items. 

Fingers that were stored inside their burial wax could be classified as a particular quality. 

However hard the shamans worked, they were unable to remove the remains of Sukunas. 

They were therefore covered in talismans to stop their lives and protect themselves from other spirits that were cursed.

In reality, Gojo also acknowledged how incredibly strong this “He who is the King of Curses” is. Sukuna has also acquiesced to Gojo as a formidable opponent on his own. 

He has promised to take down the Jujutsu sorcerer blindfolded when he gains full strength.

A fanbook from the Jujutsu Kaisen official fanbook stated that Sukuna retains memories of the time when he was a human. 

There was no spouse or any other family members. He was mere with Uraume, who was a jujutsu wizard who was his assistant. 

Sukuna was a man who was fond of eating, particularly human beings. Based on Gege’s Akutami the Mangaka from Jujutsu Kaisen, Uraume used to cook for Sukuna.

Getou (or, more accurately, Brain) and the team are aware of how powerful Sukuna is. A big part of their plan is to make sure that the power of curses in the world depends on Sukuna’s help for them. 

They believed that it was essential that they were prepared to risk their lives if needed to bring back Sukuna’s strength to its fullest. Unfortunately, he appeared to have his plans!

Sukuna has the look of your neighborhood villain. He’s clever, smart, and sadistic. As Akutami stated, he can murder anyone in a flash and has no morals. He also enjoys making things difficult for Itadori. 

You’ll surely be able to recall the scene in which Junpei was killed.

Sukuna was joined by Mahito to be funny and mock Itadori, who called the brat a weak brat with a sadistic smile on his face as if he was there to see such moments. He is constantly nagging Yuji whenever they’re not together. 

He is constantly reminding Yuji of his errors and how he’s been unsuccessful even as he tries to fall asleep.

Japanese Mythology’s Influence

Who is Ryomen Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen Who is Ryomen Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Akutami-sensei said that he got his inspiration for the look and power that characterize Ryomen Sukuna from Japanese mythology.

The Nihonshoki manga describes Sukuna as having two arms as well as two pairs of legs. Each pair was located on the back and front of their body. 

Similar to the description given by Sukuna within the manga. In chapter 3, Satoru states that Sukuna was an ancestor of the lore that had two faces and four arms. 

The chapter’s cover revealed the actual form of Sukuna in the JJK universe. Again, with two faces and four arms.

Although the Sukuna from the comic is similar to Itadori, he may attain this look after eating all twenty fingers of his, but we cannot be certain. 

In addition, this cover accepts Akutami-sensei and reminds people that the “King of Curses” is inspired by Ryomen Sukuna, the “real” Ryomen Sukuna.

In the Nihonshoki, Sukuna is described as swift, clever, smart, and possessing extraordinary strength. He also carried bows as well as a sword, arrows, and bows in his arms. 

In his time as a natural calamity and a rogue, he pillaged many villages and left a trail of deaths behind.

It is also possible to say that Sukuna’s sword slashes and cleave attacks are similar to the “real” Sukuna’s sword attacks and the long-range fire strike is his bow attack because the hand he used was an archery move when he employed the attack against Jogo. 

But, even though the story declares that Sukuna was a villain and an adversary to the Emperor, a lot of people viewed him as a hero. He’s an unimportant god in Japan!

The text that was originally published by Nihonshoki is stated as follows:

In the year 65, there was a person in Hida Province. The name was Sukuna. The man was a single head and torso, with two faces, with each turned in two different directions. 

The two faces merged at the top, but there was no nape. Each face was served with an individual pair of appendages. 

Each was equipped with knees but not ankles. He was extremely powerful, yet he could still move fast. Armed with two arms, he carried swords, arrows, and a bow. 

Sukuna was not able to comply with imperial instructions. He was threatening and stealing from the populace. After that, the emperor sent one of the pioneers from Wanibe no Omi, Naniwaneko Takefurukuma, to defeat the beast.

This appears to go well with the Sukuna we’ve come to know and love. However, it’s not exactly. Although the look is different, he is an insane mix of incredible strength and wit. 

However, there are several theories concerning The”King of Curses in Japanese mythology to take into consideration! One theory states that Ryomen Sukuna represents the symbol of brothers and twins.

The twins’ section of this theory refers to the Oousu no Mikoto and Ousu no Mikoto twins, who were mentioned in ancient Japanese theology. 

The brother’s portion (which technically is an entirely different theory, in our view) says that Ryomen Sukuna refers to Emperor Chuai’s sons.

Kagosaka no Miko as well as Oshikuma no Mikoto. The brothers and twins mentioned in these ideas are connected in both Mino and Hida’s Provinces.

A pumpkin known as Sukune Kabocha is a local specialty of Nyukawa-Cho, Takayama City as well. 

However, in his Jujutsu Kaisen fan book, Akutami-Sensei has ruled out any influence from this local specialty.

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