What Is Isabella’s Reward For Capturing All The Children In TPN?

Isabella got an opportunity to show her worth to the monsters. If she succeeds in her goal, she will receive freedom and something even more appealing.

The Promised Neverland season two begins with Emma, Ray, and the rest of the children being rescued from the Grace Field in the final episode due to their success in escaping Isabella, who is imprisoned and tortured by the demons.

They did, however, give her another chance to prove her worth, which she gladly accepted.

Isabella was a farm kid, and this would make her more compassionate towards the orphans she looked after.

What made her accept the demons’ request to locate the children and condemn them to their fates? 

Naturally, freedom is an important motivation. However, did Isabella provide something more to be rewarded?

About The Promised Neverland

The creator was Kaiu Shirai. This manga was first published in the form of a Weekly Shonen Jump manga in the year 2016. It was licenced to VIZ Media for an English-language publication.

The series has seen huge success and has sold 4.2 million copies in a short time.

The story is centered around the horrifying details of an orphanage discovered by three bright children: Emma, Norman, and Ray.

What is Isabella’s reward for capturing all the children?

Isabellas Reward 2 What Is Isabella’s Reward For Capturing All The Children In TPN?

Isabella’s reward for capturing all the children is their status as Grandma. In addition, the device in her heart will also be taken out, giving her a completely new freedom.

As a child growing up in a farm environment, Isabella had two options: to become a mama on a plantation farm or to be devoured by demons.

She chose to go with the first option and did all that she could from that point on, i.e., giving birth to Ray, in addition to raising “high quality” children to be demon food to ensure her survival.

In the most recent episode, when the children were allowed to flee, Isabella took a prisoner from the demons.

But her capacity to care for “high-quality” children was not overlooked, and she was even given more chances to show her worthiness should Sarah be unsuccessful.

If Isabella is successful in bringing back the escapees from Grace Field, the device within her heart will disappear and she will be completely free.

Additionally, the demon also promised Isabella another reward. Her response was very attractive.

It is believed that the reward was her advancement to grandmother, substituting Sarah.

A Grandmother from The Promised Neverland maintains a direct line of communication with demons and serves as an overseer for all mothers, sisters, and children on the plantation farms.

As a top-ranking human, she is also given her number and tracking chip taken away. This, in addition to the desire for a better quality of life, is the reason every Mama adores the Grandmother’s title.

However, with The Promised Neverland season two departing from the manga, it’s not clear if the rewards will remain the same.

Is Isabella Evil in The Promised Neverland?

 Isabella’s Reward

Spoilers ahead! This page includes spoilers for The Promised Neverland.

The Promised Neverland is horrifying, mainly due to its dystopian setting. However, a major factor is how it depicts its characters. It’s not all in black and white, and everybody has their own reasons for acting in a certain way.

Take the Mamas as an example. At first, we were shocked by Isabella and Krone’s behaviour; but, when we uncovered the motive behind their actions, we discovered that they were compelled to do so to survive.

Like Emma, Norman, Ray, and many others, the Mamas also raised children to be farmed, and they all became adults and had to pick between the horrible death of a child or harvesting their children.

Although neither was a morally correct choice, the second was the least likely to have saved their lives.

Isabella isn’t bad in The Promised Neverland, despite her brutal actions. She is genuinely fond of her Grace Field youngsters and wants to bring them happiness in their lives.

After realising there is a way that they could be saved, Isabella revolts in a battle against the Ratri clan and the demons and is determined to die trying to help the children escape.

At first, Isabella saw no future for the children on the farm, and that’s why, even though she did her best to provide them with a good life before their death was imminent, she could not think of any reason to let them go.

Isabella believed that children would be enslaved and used as food by demons. There was nothing that could be done to stop them.

After Emma and her friends had escaped, she saw some hope in the process of getting back to freedom and began to strive for it.

After being offered the grandmother’s job, Isabella used it to her advantage to gather all the sisters and mothers and to betray her clan. Ratri Clan

Isabella’s actions in the past reflected her regret over the way she treated Ray and the other children as she did. In the end, she died at the hands of a demon while trying to save Emma’s life.

While this isn’t a way to make up for Isabella for all she accomplished, her love for the children she was a mama to was sincere.

As with other farm children, Isabella was a victim of the terrifying promise between demons and humans and isn’t the only one to blame for fighting to survive.

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