Is Kurapika a Girl or Boy in Hunter x Hunter

Is Kurapika either a Boy or a Girl? What’s the gender dynamic here? Before we can determine what gender they are, let’s look at Kurapika in detail.

Kurapika is an animated character in the popular manga series Hunter x Hunter. Kurapika is the final member and a survivor of the Kurta Clan. 

The Kurta Clan is the Blacklist Hunter and the current chief of the group created through Light Nostrade. He is the main hero on The Yorknew City and Succession Contest Bends.

Hunter x Hunter is directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi. The Hunter x Hunter anime is a huge critical as well as commercial success and has now become one of Shueisha’s most popular manga series.

The story is about a young boy who must clear the rigorous test and locate his missing father to fulfill his ambitions that he will become a famous Hunter like his father.

Is Kurapika a Girl or Boy?

Kurapika is a male whose appearance is feminine. However, I think Togashi makes him appear feminine due to the fact that in Japanese society, girls prefer the cute and kind model, not the more masculine one. 

In a way, voices are feminine that is why a lot of viewers thought that he was a girl once they started watching the show. 

Kurapika is male according to gender, and it’s confirmed by the entire team of hunter x hunters and from the actor who voiced him Noriko Hidaka.

If we pay attention, give time, and glance at Kurapika’s face, we will see that he’s an adolescent boy.

Is Kurapika a Girl or Boy in Hunter x Hunter

There are anime characters who were created to appear exactly like the gender opposite. This is quite popular in anime culture and such characters are referred to as ‘traps’.

However, Kurapika does not really appear this way. His body proportions are similar to the male body. He doesn’t even have a chest, either his face looks more like a male.

However, if it wasn’t obvious is Kurapika either a boy or a girl it is also evident from the way they interact with the characters (Kurapika does not behave like a girl around other girls.

He doesn’t play with guys or does anything girlish) or their behavior generally (Kurapika behaves like a male or at least does not act like a woman typically) as well as their clothes (he does not wear skirts or dresses for an instance).

There are two primary reasons why he appears similar to females instead of males.

  • Togashi Yoshihiro has said”I have created the appearance of the character to match the preferences of every Japanese girl, because they are a fan of pretty feminine, feminine, and not-masculine male with a touch of aggressiveness and an assassin’s looks that are difficult to find.
  • Kurapika who is a man should sound like a man and not the producers who have voiced Kurapika by female. This is all which portrays Kurapika as female the voice of a person.

Kurapika has three women voice acting namely, Erica Harlacher, Miyuki Sawashiro, and Yuki Kaida.

It is interesting to note that Kurapika is is not actually the only character designed by the mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi, who was believed to be female. That title is actually Kurama of Yu Yu Hakusho.

Kurapika, himself is the only survivor of the Kurta clan who was attacked by The Phantom Troupe. The Phantom Troupe has nen powers that make them possibly beneficial.

Kurapika after having survived the attack of the phantom troupe became a vigilante and was the first main character of York New City. After a time, he turned into an experienced Hunter.

However, to reach his goal, which is to take revenge on the Phantom Troupe, it is necessary to increase his rage.

Kurapika is a boy and Here’s why

A few photos and conversations between the characters reveal the true persona of Kurapika.

Here’s an excerpt from the first chapter of the manga. do not need more than this.

When Kuroro was on the road together with Kurapika, Leorio, and Senritsu, Kuroro looked at Kurapika for a long time and then in a strange manner. Kurapika was worried about his look and started the conversation to shed some light on the issue.

Kurapika: What are you focusing on?

Kururo: Nothing. I didn’t realize that the person we were looking for was one of the women.

Kurapika: I don’t recall telling you that I was female. Do not rely on appearances. Pay more focus on what you’re saying. These could be your final words.

It’s obvious that Kurapika was annoyed by being called a woman, even though the fact that he was a man.

More Light

In the fourteenth volume in the manga, Kurapika was half-naked on the top. He had an unflat chest. Leorio’s girlfriend even described him as the flat chest bitch. Another confusion? No. He’s a male. Here’s evidence.

The film’s craters couldn’t be sexually perverted enough to show naked a teenage girl on the popular show.

There aren’t any pictures of him in traditional Japanese female clothing like skirts. The traditional Japanese costume isn’t a skirt!

He dresses like a guy. While the voice actors he uses are female, that doesn’t mean that he’s a woman! Gon or Killua’s vocal actresses are female. 

Female voice actors may be employed on male characters based on their skills. This is a common practice in Japan. Many characters like Naruto from Naruto, Luffy from One Piece, Killua, and Gon from Hunter x Hunter are male characters voiced by female actors.

You’ve got it. Looking at his eyes and hair doesn’t make him an attractive girl! Kurapika is a male and there’s no doubt about that. We also think that the creator of him was designed on goal and loves the debate!

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