Does Hisoka Die In Hunter x Hunter?

Hunter x Hunter has received much attention both in Japan and around the world. 

It has established its position among the most-watched Shounen anime despite the long break and end of the show.

The manga, however, continues to be published and has just concluded one of the most anticipated battles of all time – Hisoka Chrollo.

The outcomes differed from what people were expecting, and we even were able to see Hisoka, one of the most intriguing characters and antagonists, pass away.

With such a sour ending, many fans are wondering if this is the last time they will see the actor.

Does Hisoka die In Hunter x Hunter?

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Hisoka is a fan of fighting the tough, and therefore, he was aching to take on the Phantom Troupe’s leader.

 But his Nen had been sealed with Kurapika.

To battle Chrollo to the end, Hisoka left the group and was able to break the seal. 

Hisoka was then fighting Chrollo during Chrollo’s Heavens Arena and died in the Hunter x Hunter series. But, he was revived.

How does Hisoka die?

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Following the time that his Nen is uncovered, Chrollo finally agrees to take on Hisoka in a final match in Heaven’s Arena. 

Chrollo has become adept at using two abilities simultaneously, proving an unbeatable opponent. 

He employs several explosive puppets to destroy and destroy Hisoka.

Legs aren’t leg-like and block the person from fleeing to the top of the building, which is why he is killed in the blast.

Following the death of Hisoka, Shalnark says that the man employed a substantial portion of the puppets to serve as a “meat shield” that protected him from the heaviest force of the blast but eventually died of suffocation.

How did Hisoka come back to life?

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After fighting against Chrollo, Hisoka died. But when Machi tried to sew him up, his aura returned to his body. 

It was discovered that before his death, Hisoka had instructed his Nen to make use of Bungee Gum to start his lungs and heart after his death.

If someone is possessed of innate willpower, their Nen will be able to remain in one place after death. 

Likewise, because of Hisoka’s strong desire and determination, his Nen didn’t disperse and obeyed his orders. 

This is the way Hisoka was able to return to the world.

How strong is hisoka?

Hisoka Does Hisoka Die In Hunter x Hunter?

Hisoka was so formidable that, besides his fight against Chrollo, he was nearly always shown to be unbeatable. 

The sole reason that Chrollo could have had a chance to secure his victory was that he had already planned strategies and collected Nen’s abilities to fight Hisoka.

However, despite these adverse conditions, Hisoka proved to be a tough opponent.

His incredible physical strength and combat expertise make him extremely risky in the ring, and his proficiency in Nen, the art of tactical thinking and flexibility, enables him to rapidly adapt to any sudden change.

Illumi Zoldyck, considered by the magic magician as more powerful than the Zodiacs, was wary of crossing Hisoka.

Apart from his terrifying powers of endurance, agility, and agility, Hisoka is endowed with a powerful, sinister radiance. 

The Transmuter’s name is his and he manifests this in the form of his Nen power, which is Bungee Gum. 

He also has a great deal of skill in the art of conjuration, emission, and enhancement.

Hisoka is also adept at making use of Ren, Gyo, and Ken, which enabled him to endure multiple explosions from the Sun and Moon. 

It is also possible that he has a good grasp of Zetsu or Ko.

Hisoka’s capabilities and power make him among the most powerful characters in the series. He is also an excellent foe of Gon.

Is Hisoka weaker than Chrollo?

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Although Chrollo was able to defeat Hisoka, it should be remembered that he put a lot of work into pulling this off and even acknowledged it. 

Before the match, he planned a strategy and had gathered Nen’s capabilities to make sure he won.

The fight itself was held at the exact time and location where Chrollo had set up. This is why Chrollo was capable of controlling the crowd and making use of his opponents effectively. 

When he resurrected, Hisoka himself stated that he would be fighting Chrollo at the location of his choice the following time.

However, in these difficult circumstances, Hisoka proved to be a formidable opponent.

Due to the conditions and the differences in preparation, Hisoka lost. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is less powerful than Chrollo.

The limitations of Hisoka’s nen

Hisokas nen Does Hisoka Die In Hunter x Hunter?

While he has shown the capacity to recover from death, it’s contingent on a variety of elements.

The first thing is that his internal organs need to be in good condition. Without a functioning heart, his null wouldn’t work.

The third one is the fact that the device he placed in place should remain unaffected. If it gets damaged, damaged, or damaged, the entire process is canceled.

As the manga demonstrates, the body of the character must be properly repaired so that he will not be a victim of another death after his return to life.

It’s all a risk. We believe that if he hadn’t reacted to shield his vital organs from the blast and nen, he could have been dead, even with the death nen.

Because of its complexity, the resurrection of Hisoka was an event that will not be easy to duplicate. This is the last time we hear about Hisoka’s demise.

Final Words

Following Hisoka’s death, he returned to life and became more aggressive than ever before. He was used to allowing his adversaries to pick, but now he’s changed into a wolf that is a threat to anyone. 

After killing two brigade members, He is likely to be hiding in the dark hole and trying to kill brigade members one by one. 

Our theory is that Hisoka, because of his nen, assumed the form of a bodyguard to the prince and is waiting for the right time to join forces with Kurapika and eliminate the brigade once and for all. 

Kurapika does not yet know about the presence of brigade members on the black whale, and who could be better than Hisoka to be an all-around ally?

Kurapika’s chain is extremely effective against brigade members and especially the Kurapika chains jail and we believe that by the time the arc is over, the ghost Brigade will be mostly destroyed.

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