The 6 Nen Types in Hunter x Hunter Ranked

The world of Hunter x Hunter is deadly.

Hunters need to learn how to harness their auras to save themselves. 

This article will discuss the six types of Nen.

Hunter x Hunter is a world where people possess a special power called Nen.

This can be unlocked by exposure, training or just luck.

Hatsu is the power that allows each Nen-user to create an ability only for them.

It can be expressed by Nen-users and it comes in six classes.

The power structures in Hunter all have to do with the power of Nen. 

This Nen helps characters such as Karapika and Gon to manage their auras in unique and powerful ways. 

Each Nen user works within the parameters of a particular Nen type to control their aura.

Some are more powerful than others.

6. Conjuration

Conjuration nen hunter x hunter

Conjuration allows conjurers to transform their Nen into actual objects. 

Nen is a magical ability that makes it appear like users can pull objects out of thin air.

It’s not visible to most people, but Nen abilities such as those used for transforming Nen into actual objects are not.

Kurapika uses conjuration to create chains that can stretch to enormous lengths, which can be used for offence, defence, or restraining his opponent.

It loses the ability to adapt to different conditions once it has been committed. 

Kurapika’s chains are indeed able to defeat the entirety of the Phantom Troupe alone.

But outside of this condition, the chains are reduced to ranged melee weapons that, while formidable, are not nearly as powerful as Gon’s enhanced strength or Killua’s lightning abilities.

5. Manipulation


Manipulation allows manipulators to control the movement or actions of an object, person or ability.

They can use their Nen. You can pair it with another type Nen to increase control over an ability’s workings.

If used correctly, manipulation can be used to defeat any Nen user. 

A manipulator has the ability to control and coerce an enemy, allowing them to win a battle in a single hit.

This ability has a problem because it depends entirely on the manipulator taking control of their opponent. 

They can’t control their enemy and must rely on their fighting skills. 

Given how difficult it can be for manipulators to master enhancement and conjuration abilities, they would struggle to defeat foes if they couldn’t rely on manipulation.

4. Emission


Emission allows emitters to release and use their Nen at a greater distance.

Gon Freecss uses the emission to launch his Nen as an extended projectile attack.

It is similar to Ki attacks in other anime.

An emitter’s strength is entirely dependent on their aura. 

Although most Nen users experience a decrease in their aura strength when they are separated from their bodies, an emitter can retain their aura’s strength for a brief period after being separated.

Emission is one of the most potent offensive abilities among all Nen types due to the pure power of aura. 

An emitter, unlike Conjurers and Transmuters who can imitate other powers or objects in the world’s universe, can unleash the power of pure aura on their enemies. 

If Gon had fallen under the Emission category, it would have been comparable to Dragon Ball’s Beerus for destructive power, but he would have lost his defensive strength.

3. Transmutation


Transmutation allows transmuters to change the Nen of a person so that they have attributes that are different from their own. It doesn’t change the Nen to a substance or element.

The properties–it might look and behave like another thing, but it’s not.

Despite their differences, Killua and Hisoka both use their Aura to achieve supernatural capabilities, which are completely unique to the real world.

Killua mimics the properties of lightning to enhance the strength of his attacks.

By merging rubber and gum together, Hisoka is able to develop new material.

This ability was similar to the enhancement type, but it required a sharp mind to fully take advantage of it.

2. Enhancement


The enhancement allows enhancers to enhance their natural abilities and the quality of their items. 

They can sometimes even set limitations or vows to limit the potential for something they have access to.

Gon, who benefits from more power, uses his abilities to put extra force into his punches, giving him the capacity to hurt opponents that are naturally resilient.

An enhancer can pack a punch with missile force and make the skin of an individual more resilient than a tank if they have enough training. 

This class is unique in its ability to balance offensive and defensive power, making it one of the most powerful and versatile Nen types. 

Gon Freecss is the protagonist of Hunter and a great example of how powerful enhancements can be.

1. Specialization


Because of the many abilities, Specialization can give a Nen user, it is difficult to rank it as a Nen type. 

However, one thing is certain: While every specialist has access to powerful Nen abilities, these abilities do not always work on the battlefield.

Specialization is for everything that doesn’t fall into one of the five other categories.

Specialists often possess abilities that are not possible to learn and can sometimes have unreplaceable effects.

Meleoron’s skill is fantastic; when he uses it, it makes him and anybody he is touching entirely unnoticeable by others’ senses, and it is excellent for utilising in stealth and assassinations. It only works when he holds his breath.

Neon, a specialist who can predict the future and act as a fortune-teller, is a skilled individual. 

Although this ability is very powerful, Neon would be decimated by all other Nen users on the battlefield. 

Kurapika shows how powerful Specialization can be early in the anime, stretching his Nen affinity further than many belief is possible.

Although the combat strength of the specialized powers can vary, each specialist can bring an element of surprise to battle thanks to the many specialist Nen abilities.

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