15 Remarkable Anime Artist Characters

Most of the anime character have some kind of skill something that they do better then anyone else so today we are going to create a list of Anime artist characters to celebrate art.

So if they know how to draw like a pro or just know how to use a pain brush then they belong in this list of anime artist character.

Lets begin the list of 15 remarkable anime artist characters of the anime world.

15. Uta From Tokyo Ghoul

Uta From Tokyo Ghoul anime artist

Uta is a tall, lanky anime artist with black hair, styled into an undercut. Various tattoos cover his arms, and a sun tattoo covers his entire left pectoral region.

At first glance, his kakugan is always activated, but in response to Haise Sasaki’s inquiry, he claims that these are scleral tattoos, i.e., black ink was injected into his eyes.

He has a very nice way of speaking and seems to be friendly. Although his expression almost never changes, he has an amusing way of teasing people.

Uta seems to be unfazed by most things, and will even go as far as letting someone he respects die in order to respect their will, acting as if nothing major happened afterward.

14. Reedus JONAH From Fairy Tail

Reedus JONAH From Fairy Tail 1 1 15 Remarkable Anime Artist Characters

Reedus isn’t shown to be as brave as the other guild members, as seen when he stated he was “afraid” of Laxus Dreyar when Makarov noticed him hiding in the building.

However, he will do important jobs if asked, such as protecting Lucy from Phantom Lord and finding help during the Battle of Fairy Tail. He loves to draw happy scenes, such as when Happy was first born.

Reedus also an anime artist and he likes to portray other people, like drawing Mirajane and Freed just for having good looks.

13. Shinobu MORITA From Honey and Clover

Shinobu MORITA From Honey and Clover

Shinobu Morita was an eight-year anime artist in the Sculpture Department before enrolling in Painting Department.

Yuji Ueda voices Shinobu Morita in the Honey and Clover anime, and Sam Riegel in the English language adaptation

12. Hifumi TAKIMOTO From New Game!

Hifumi TAKIMOTO From New Game!

Hifumi is an anime artist and has long, dark purple hair that she usually ties up in a high-ponytail with a red ribbon clipped on. Her eyes are blue and her skin is quite pale due to being inside working all the time.

She is especially shy to the point of avoiding talking to people or looking at them directly. As a result, in order to not make her feel uncomfortable, the other employees interact with her through the company’s computer messenger system.

Contrary to her normal personality, she becomes very lively, outgoing, and cheerful while texting or messaging, often using emoticons in chat.

11. Nobuhiro MASHIRO From Bakuman

Nobuhiro MASHIRO From Bakuman

He is scruffy looking anime artist, with his hair held in a loose ponytail, and a bit of stubble. He wears round glasses and often holds a cigarette. He is rather uncaring of his appearance, often being seen in a t-shirt and shorts while in his studio.

When he was younger, his hair was short and smoothed out and he had yet to grow facial hair or wear glasses.

Nobuhiro seems to be very laid-back and friendly. But he was a very hard-working man as shown when he died from overwork as a mangaka. When he was younger, he was not the most popular kid in class, but he had a good sense of humor and was always joking around.

10. Rill Boismortier From Black Clover

Rill Boismortier From Black Clover

Rill is a anime artist with spiky, aqua-colored hair in a messy mound atop his head.

He wears a light-colored shirt under a dark blue vest that is held closed by a bronze-colored belt. His dark blue pants end halfway down his shins, and his shoes are bronze-colored slippers.

Over this, he wears a long, white open coat with two pairs of large, turquoise diamonds on the front and on the sleeves.

9. Sai From Naruto Shippuden

Sai From Naruto Shippuden 1 15 Remarkable Anime Artist Characters

When first introduced this anime artist, Sai was distinguished by his total lack of emotion which he often masks with a false, cheerful, yet transparent façade. After much mental conditioning and training while in Root.

Sai had suppressed almost all of his emotions, laying all of his loyalty to whoever commands him, and thus making it easier for him to accomplish dangerous, unpleasant, or unethical missions.

Due to this training and his lack of social experience and personal initiative, Sai has great trouble in understanding how bonds between people can motivate others.

8. Seishuu Handa From Barakamon

Seishuu Handa From Barakamon

Seishuu is a tall and slim handsome young anime artist with black hair that has an ahoge that splits in two, black eyes that are described as unpleasant sometimes and a muscular build. 

Seishuu is a stubborn man who is easily irked or frightened. However, after he spends some time, and really begins to open up to a person, he can be fun to be with.

He is really passionate about his work, sometimes to the point of self-seclusion and exhaustion when he is inspired for a piece. 

7. Nozaki Umetarou From Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Nozaki Umetarou From Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

As an anime artist, Nozaki (pen name Yumeno Sakiko) is a talented manga artist, but he can only draw with a “shoujo” art style. He has a lot of passion for his two main characters, Saburou Suzuki and Mamiko.

He is so passionate about manga that his life seems to revolve solely around doing research for it.

For example, he loves Valentine’s Day because the great variety of chocolates and pretty packaging make great references.

6. Moritaka Mashiro From Bakuman

Moritaka Mashiro From Bakuman

Mashiro is very talented anime artist and has received numerous commendations for it even before he decided to become a mangaka. He has extremely high standards when it comes to his drawings, and refuses to stop redoing them until he is completely satisfied.

He is also extremely competitive, especially when it comes to his rival, Niizuma. Other than Niizuma, he also shares a friendly rivalry with Fukuda, Aoki, and Hiramaru.

Mashiro and Takagi have a deep mutual respect for each other, and both have decided to work with other due to their talent and intelligence.

5. Hagumi Hanamoto From Honey and Clover

Hagumi Hanamoto From Honey and Clover

Hagumi is a very short anime artist who appears to look like a child, but she is 18 years old with very long blonde hair, stunning blue eyes and her face looks like a doll.

Hagumi is a very shy, soft-spoken and gentle girl, but she has incredible tenacity when it comes to her art.

She is also a bit child-like when she’s happy like when she received pretty mules as a gift from Shinobu Morita.

4. Reiji Fujita From Gallery Fake

Reiji Fujita From Gallery Fake

Reiji Fujita is an art dealer and a former curator for the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET). Those he worked with refer to him as “Professor Fujita”.

He was forced to leave the MET by Max Watson when Fujita threatened to exposes his shady dealings. Later, he established his own gallery on a wharf in Tokyo, Japan called Gallery Fake.

He is an expert at painting restoration and an artist. He can usually determine if a painting is real or fake.

He sometimes makes promises he cannot keep (mostly to Sara) and will sometimes deal on the black market to get certain artifacts.

3. Eriri Sawamura From Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

Eriri Sawamura From Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

Eriri is a model and sophisticated young lady at school. Because of her manners, she is respected and idolized by other students at the school.

When nobody is around, she reverts into a hardcore otaku just like Tomoya Aki. However, almost none of them know about her otaku side.

She is famous for being classy and independent, but she really is emotional and ferocious, as described by Tomoya. She is very hardworking as her occupation as an artist and with the support from Tomoya.

2. Toshino Kyoko From Yuru Yuri

Toshino Kyoko From Yuru Yuri

Kyōko is a kind, upbeat, loud and albeit selfish, person who is often bothering Yui and crushing on Chinastu (initially because of her similarity with her favorite anime character in appearance).

She has the tendency to disturb others around her by invading their space and acting freely without thinking. However, she doesn’t have any malicious intent.

She is lazy and dislikes studying, but is a talented and applied artist. Despite her lazy attitude, she often gets high scores in tests after cram sessions and is also a talented dōjinshi artist. 

1. Miyabi Omichi From GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class

Miyabi Omichi From GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class

Not only is Omichi an anime artist, but I feel like she could make anyone an artist to some extent… given they have the fiery paint brush in their heart of course.

Nicknamed “The Professor” she seems to know something about everything, be it 3D modeling, photography, whatever. This girl holds all of the answers!

And just like a true professor, she seems to only use the language spoken by her grandfathers, namely adding the suffix –dono for everyone like they’re some sort of samurai or something.

Hope you like this list of anime artist comment below which anime artist do you like share this list with your friends and don’t forget to bookmark MOW.

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