21 Yandere Boys That Probably Didn’t Know About

The four “dere’s” have always made their presence known in any anime. Yandere is one of the lesser known “dere’s” out there, simple due to the level of complexity these characters that these carry with them.

The sheer difficulty in being able to execute the characters and their behaviors properly is a task on its own.

Generally considered as more of a women’s role since they are vulnerable to their emotions, there’s a bunch of guys ho can carry this role just as well!

Let’s celebrate the 21 best Yandere boys out there.

21. Akito Sohma From Fruits Basket

Akito Sohma From Fruits Basket

The only excuse I have for putting Akito so low on this list is because SPOILER ALERT Akito in fact is not a male at all.

Her yandere tendencies of wanting to be loved by all the zodiac and violence towards characters that could potentially be their interest make her a perfect yandere.

Akito is obsessed with proving to her mother than the Zodiac and their bond is real and is terrified of losing these bonds, which would prove her mother right.

Akito fiercely rejects and opposes any relationships inside and outside the Souma family.

20. Rollo From Code Geass

Rollo From Code Geass

Rolo is the kind of character who will blend into the background, hide his abilities and pretend to not be a threat and attack with the time is right.

Rolo’s withdrawn personality and his staying back and observing attitude earn him a gigantic advantage in any fight.

He hides perfectly how little he cares about human life and his killer instinct.

Often possessive but completely loyal to Lelouch, Rolo often shows a more softer side around him.

19. Earl Alois Trancy From Black Butler

Earl Alois Trancy From Black Butler

It’s almost as if Earl is looking for an excuse to push his butler to his limits.

His moods change with every ticking second, his tendency to get involved in something violent is insane and the deep connection he has with Claude, almost always puts the poor guy in a difficult situation.

He is violent.

He is narcissistic.

He is unpredictable.

But all of this perfect kept under a veil of a cheerfulness.

18. Griffith From Berserk

Griffith From Berserk

How would it be to receive a prim and proper gift elegantly wrapped with ribbons and flowers and when you open the lid there’s a dead man’s head inside it?

That is exactly what defines Griffith.

Charming and intelligent on the outside, Griffith thinks of himself as invincible and absolute.

Owing to his skills in his mercenary group which included assassinations, wars and much more, he was used by the Midland King in the war.

17. Ackermann Levi From Attack on Titan

Ackermann Levi From Attack on Titan

If you ever see this man as an enemy, run. Just run.

Levi is fierce, stoic, badass, sarcastic, composed with a streak of crazy.

However, this streak of crazy only appears when he’s fighting enemies.

He doesn’t hesitate to resort to any means necessary in order to protect his friends and comrades.

This makes him the “jiko-gisei gata” or selfsacrificial type.

16. Seijuro Akashi From Kuroko no Basketball

 Seijuro Akashi From Kuroko no Basketball

Winners get all. Losers lose everything they have.

That’s just how it is, at least in his brain. Seijuro was introduced with this narcissistic personality.

He sees himself as absolute and if anyone denies anything that, he has said then they must die, or at least should be stabbed violently with scissors as gloriously demonstrated with the example of Kagami.

He is obsessed with winning and is often making statements like if he doesn’t win, he’ll gouge his eyes out.

This personality is a result of how he was raised as a child, constantly told of this extreme polarity between winners and losers that made him twisted, unbearable and dysfunctional.

15. Freed Justine From Fairy Tail

Freed Justine From Fairy Tail

Freed is obsessed with Laxus.

Being his commander, Freed worships Laxus not minding dying for him or even putting their own guild and comrades on the line.

Freed lays down various traps and enchantment to harm and make members fight against each other.

Freed’s yandere tendencies are usually very subtle until someone cheats or breaks his rules.

He states very clearly that anyone who breaks his rules, he would subject them to a fate worse than death.

Freed’s obsession with Laxus, his masked violent and torture loving tendencies and his attitude to make anything happen if Laxus wants it makes him a perfect worship type yandere.

14. Saiba Asahi or Nakiri Asahi From Food Wars

Saiba Asahi and Nakiri Asahi From Food Wars

He is a firm believer that only he can satisfy Nakiri Erina’s and her mother’s God’s Tongue.

He seems to have a casual laid-back personality on the outside but all he truly wants is for Erina to recognize and appreciate his cooking.

His unhealthy and twisted obsession with Erina causes him to steal knives from all the chefs that he wins against.

He isn’t someone who follows any rules or law and does not hesitate to take knives forcefully if not peacefully handed over to.

He loves Erina because he sees himself as the only one fit for her and will eliminate anyone who tries to get close to her making him the “haijo-gata” or removal type yandere.

13. Johannes von Schicksal From God Eater

Johannes von Schicksal From God Eater

As misfortune befell this researcher, he gave up hope after losing his wife during childbirth as a result of volunteering for a dangerous experiment.

He even tried to commit suicide but after being saved by a colleague his perception of the world warped.

He now wants to play the hero by choosing who gets to live and who gets to die and created an entire organization and a project that will most likely destroy 99% of humanity.

He I cold, doesn’t care about people who are of no use to him and often killing them off if they are a potential threat, is extremely manipulative and will do anything in order to “save” humanity how he sees fit no matter what he has to do.

12. Uchiha Obito From Naruto

Uchiha Obito From Naruto

After the death of his love interest,

Rin and manipulation from Uchiha Madara,

Obito becomes a ruthless murderer waging war to put this entire world including him into a delusion where he hasn’t lost anything.

Obito doesn’t want to live in a world that doesn’t have Rin in it, making him a “shuumatsu gata” or Final type yandere.

He just wants to change reality even if it means living ina delusion or dream for the rest of his life.

11. Acnologia From Fairy Tail

Acnologia From Fairy Tail

400 years ago, Acnologia was a doctor who sided with the co-existence of dragons and humans.

After the death of Sonya, Acnoogia went insane.

He became a violent bloodthirsty murderer who just went on killing dragons with his dragon slayer magic.

He is the “shuumatsu gata” or the “final” type of yandere who don’t care about the world anymore.

Acnologia doesn’t care about anything and finally became the very thing he so despised and killed, a dragon, due to overuse of his dragon magic.

10. Creed Diskenth From Black Cat

Creed Diskenth From Black Cat

Creed hates the world.

Creed hates regular people.

Creed is a bloodthirsty murderer.

Creed is extremely narcissistic.

Creed is obsessed with Train.

Creed will do anything to get Train to kill everyone and rule this “new world” beside him.

He regards the entire world as his pawn and only let those he deems worthy, live.

He wants the entire world to revolve around him and force his idea of a perfect world to be a reality.

9. Kanato Sakamaki From Diabolik Lovers

Kanato Sakamaki From Diabolik Lovers

Kanato loved his mother. She didn’t care about him at all.

To get her attention, Kanato engaged in self-harm but this also didn’t work since she never cared.

All she cared about was Kanato’s song and that’s it.

Seeing her dead corpse in the rose bushes, he burnt it to ashes and stuffed it inside the teddy bear he carries around everywhere so he ca be together with her all the time.

Kanato has now stopped harming himself but harms other for their mistakes making them into wax dolls and calling it an “honour”.

8. Balder Hringhorni From Kamigami no Asobi

Balder Hringhorni From Kamigami no Asobi

The Norse God of light doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to romance.

He is overly jealous type of Yandere who isolate their love interest, called the “doku-sen gata”.

The type that doesn’t understand why their advances are being rejected by their loved one.

These are the most common types of yandere that are out there in the anime world.

He almost goes to the point of attacking Yui, his love interest, at one point.

7. Hisoka From Hunter X Hunter

Hisoka From Hunter X Hunter

Hisoka is a twisted manipulative clown who only fights people who are strong and gets off of it.

Hisoka is obsessed with Gon as he sees potential in him to grow and make a strong opponent for himself.

Hisoka is a monster, he loves torturing, manipulating, playing, betraying and using anyone to get his own means.

He is a combination of the talker type and obsession type combined in one.

He doesn’t hesitate to use any means necessary, sacrificing any number of unrelated innocent people or whatever, he I an insane yandere clown through and through.

6. Kumagawa Misoki From Medaka Box

Kumagawa Misoki From Medaka Box

How do you check if someone’s love for you goes beyond the surface?

You rip off the surface!


Even if it is a person.

Now, if you though this was enough, let’s add some spice.

This guy is going to e given the powers of being invisible and creating objects from imagination.

This guy seriously needs help.

Misoki at a point of time was so depressed and done with his mundane, regular and empty life, he considered wiping off the entirety of the humanity including himself from the surface of the earth.

5. Shuu Tsukiyama From Tokyo Ghoul

Shuu Tsukiyama From Tokyo Ghoul

This gourmet ghouls life or rather…unlife revolves around him being obsessed with Kaneki Ken’s flesh and blood.

He is introduced as a fairly stable showman but as the show progresses he develops this unhealthy obsession to the point where he is shown carrying Kaneki’s blood on a handkerchief with him at all times.

Shuu will do anything ANYTHING to get Kaneki’s flesh and blood even it means he has to rip out Kaneki’s innards to gorge on them.

4. Sanji From One Piece

Sanji From One Piece


I was too.

Generally, someone like Sanji would be categorized in the “deredere” category since they put their affections on display but it is not.

Sanjii belongs to the type of Yandere called “suu-hai gata” or the “worship” type.

Sanji doesn’t think himself deserving of love, he doesn’t want to be loved back.

He just worships his love interest in so much reverence that he is ready to do anything for them fight, die, kill, anything.

Just one word and he has done it.

This behavior of his however, extends to all the women that he has ever liked in the series since his introduction.

Sanji is one of the best and most tragic characters in the series simply owing to the fact that nobody sees this tragedy.

3. Nozomu Itoshiki or Zetsubou Sensei From Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Nozomu Itoshiki or Zetsubou Sensei From Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Sayonara Zetsubou sensei is an anime that generally makes fun of extreme characteristic of the students in Sensei’s class.

Sensei is actually a “yandere” who just wants to commit suicide along someone.

He has even prepared a special box that would aid their deaths and hands them to people who would potentially commit this suicide with him.

Even though this played up as a joke and Sensei’s nihilistic philosophy only does good in the series,

Sensei is actually crushed under depression and thinks that life isn’t worth living anymore.

2. Dazai Osamu From Bungou Stray Dogs

Dazai Osamu From Bungou Stray Dogs

The ease with which this is induced in Dazai’s character is insane.

Dazai also falls under the “Shinjuu-gata” of the Yandere type.

This tends him to commit suicide with the one that he loves.

This necessarily doesn’t have to be one person.

It makes sense given the violent and dramatic Dazai has.

Dazai is often stopped by Kunikida whenever he tries but Dazai is so obsessed with committing suicide with someone he loves that he just can’t stop but ask any woman that he sees to commit suicide with his.

Dazai’s yandere tendencies are present and yet hidden and that’s the beauty and tragedy of Dazai’s character.

1. Shaiapouf From Hunter X Hunter

Shaiapouf From Hunter X Hunter

Outwardly cool, logical and beautiful, Shiapouf is just as manipulative and possessive about his King from the inside.

He goes to ridiculous lengths engaging in manipulation and violence towards any character he thinks the King has feelings for.

He does everything in his power to protect his King even by sacrificing parts of himself to revive the King but his yandere tendencies drive him insane in all his efforts to kill Komugi.

Shiapouf despite not being completely human, he is definitely the best Yandere boy out there.

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