12 Best Your Lie in April Characters

Your Lie in April, which is a popular anime, is just as much about its characters as it is about the great music it makes.

Here is a full look at the main characters in this anime for young adults.

Shigatsu was a big hit in 2015, which makes sense.

The raw emotions of every character in every scene were captured by the perfect mix of music and visuals.

It didn’t go too far and stayed on track until the end.

This was a short, sweet story about happiness and sadness.

If you haven’t already, you should watch this anime.

But make sure you bring your tissues.

Have you seen it?

Then keep reading to see how I feel about the characters who made this anime the great work it is.

*Note: This anime is short and some of the most inspiring moments are later in the story. Spoilers will be included. *

12. Nao Kashiwagi

Nao Kashiwagi

Nao Kashiwagi is a good friend of Tsubaki and is often seen by her side at school

Tsubaki is often embarrassed by her blunt honesty. 

Her advice has broken Tsubaki’s stubbornness to admit that she has feelings for Kousei Arima. 

Her collection of BL manga (Boys Love, Yaoi) is also the source of her relationship advice to Tsubaki.

11. Yuriko Ochiai

Yuriko Ochiai

Yuriko Ochiai, a minor character in the Shigatsu Wa Kimi no Usoseries. She is Emi Igawa’s piano instructor.

She is shown wearing a ponytail during the Maihou Piano Competition. Emi Igawa is impressed by Yuriko’s caring attitude towards the piano. 

Yuriko is a piano tutor and can play the piano. She is also skilled at teaching Emi Igawa, who is a talented pianist. 

Emi Igawa’s piano mentor was Yuriko, who came to Yuriko’s door with her mother after she decided to pursue piano.

10. Watari Ryota

Watari Ryota

Watari is the show’s playboy character. He is Tsubaki and Kosei’s best friend, and he follows them around on the show.

Even though Kaori is using him to reach her bigger goal, he has a very important message for all of us. In the series, a lot of the characters have sad pasts, and Watari is one of the normal ones.

We often think that we are the hero of the story and that we have to carry a lot on our shoulders. But that is rarely the case. We are just regular people with everyday problems like everyone else.

Watari helps his friends and lives each day with enthusiasm. When bad things happen, he feels sad. Watari is telling us that it’s fine to be ourselves.

9. Seto Hiroko

Seto Hiroko

Kosei’s piano teacher is Hiroko, and it was she who first showed Kosei how much fun it is to play the piano.

When she first sees Kosei’s natural talent, she tells him and his mother that she can help them learn. At first, everything is fine, but then Kosei’s mother dies.

When Kosei started to feel sad, Hiroko felt bad. She keeps having doubts about her choice to bring Kosei into the music world.

Even so, she keeps moving forward and tries her best to look after both her daughter and Kosei at the same time.

In this kind of situation, it would be easy for anyone to give up, but Hiroko didn’t.

8. Arima Saki

 Arima Saki

Even though a lot of people might hate Kosei Arima’s mother for being the reason why Kosei lost the ability to hear his own piano because she was always pushing Kosei harder and harder to the point where she sometimes hurt Kosei, she has good intentions.

Saki pushed Kosei to get better at playing the piano when she found out he was good at it. She wants Kosei to be able to make a living after she’s gone.

It is also said that her desperation is made worse by the fact that she is dying, which makes her act more and more angry.

Saki shows how far a mother will go to protect her kids, even if it means putting them in danger.

7. Saitou


Some of you may not even remember Saitou. Most of the time, Tsubaki goes out with a guy named Saitou.

As soon as they started dating, she told him. Tsubaki, on the other hand, is in love with Kosei.

Saitou is one of the first characters to learn that letting go is the main theme of the series.

He sees how Tsubaki really feels and breaks up with her, not because he loves her, but because he cares about her.

He doesn’t keep dating her out of attachment. Instead, he lets her go so she can find her true love.

6. Igawa Emi

Igawa Emi

When it comes to Kosei, Emi’s roots are the same as Takeshi’s. When she was younger, she went to a performance of Kosei and was moved by it.

However, Takeshi sees Kosei as a rival, meanwhile Emi sees him as an ideal. She saw how pure and passionate Kosei’s performances were, so it makes Emi sad to see that Kosei’s later performances are getting boring and repetitive.

She spends a lot of time trying to push Kosei harder so that Kosei can go back on stage. She seems to understand Kosei in a way that no other character does.

Emi shows us that it’s important to look at our lives from different points of view sometimes.

She has also been called a “tsundere.”

5. Nagi Aiza

Nagi Aiza

Takeshi Aiza’s younger sister is Nagi. She hates Kosei at first because she is very loyal to her brother.

As the story goes on, Kosei becomes her teacher, which Nagi didn’t seem to like. She always told Kosei that her music arrangement was wrong.

She gets closer to Kosei over time, even though she’s still nervous about singing in front of her classmates.

But when it’s time for her performance, she puts aside her nerves and gives it her all.

She gives a message of growth, and her everyday actions show that anyone can be a better person every day.

4. Tsubaki Sawabe

Tsubaki Sawabe

Tsubaki is a supporting character in the show, and she is also one of the best characters in Your Lie in April. Since they were kids, she and Kosei have been best friends.

She has been with him through all of his successes and failures as a musician. Tsubaki has a crush on Kosei, too, but she acts like she doesn’t believe it.

So, she isn’t sure if she should let Kosei play music again or not, because she is afraid that music will take Kosei away from her.

But from Tsubaki, we can learn that she let Kosei go so he could find his own happiness. Even so, she is still his best friend and doesn’t get upset at all about what he does.

Sometimes, letting go is important not just for our own happiness but also for the happiness of those we love.

3. Takeshi Aiza

Takeshi Aiza

Takeshi has been playing the piano since he was young, just like Kosei, and he practises every day.

He was easily moved by how methodical and skilled Kosei is, and Takeshi wants to be even better than Kosei. Then, Kosei’s tragedy makes him stop playing the piano and crushes this dream.

The audience knew why Kosei lost his creativity, but Takeshi doesn’t.

But even though Kosei is basically no longer there, he keeps practising all the time to be like his role model.

His hard work is an example that everyone should follow.

2. Kousei Arima

Kousei Arima

Kousei is one of the main characters in the series. 

His ability to hear the notes that he has played was lost when his mother passed away. 

He has suffered for years from the crippling pain of depression over his inability to pursue an art he once loved. 

He learns that his fear is what is holding him back, not her death.

He faces his fear head-on by the end and plays a beautiful song with all the passion he has. 

Courage is not being afraid, but facing your fears and persevering despite them. 

Kousei has a rare quality of courage. 

1. Miyazono Kaori

Miyazono Kaori

When she was younger, Kaori, who plays the violin, was also moved by Kosei. She used to play the piano.

But after she saw Kosei play, she stopped playing the piano and started playing the violin because she had always wanted to play on stage with Kosei.

But her health is slowly getting worse because of an illness, so she has to keep going back to the hospital. At some point, she finds out that her illness could kill her at any time.

Yet, she doesn’t give up. She starts to live each day like it’s her last, dresses however she wants, and does everything she can to make Kosei face the music one more time.

We can learn from Kaori to live each day like it’s our last. It’s easy for any of us to have an accident or get sick out of the blue.

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