15 Best Noragami Characters of All Time

The first season of the Noragami anime is titled simply Noragami. Bones created the show, which ran for 12 episodes.

Yato is a minor god who calls himself “Delivery God” and wants millions of people to honor him. Without even one shrine to his name, though, his goals are a long way from coming true.

He spends his days doing strange jobs for five yen each, which he does until his weapon partner gets tired of him and leaves him.

Just when things look bad for the god, a middle school girl named Hiyori Iki is said to save him from a car accident by taking the hit for him.

She is lucky to be alive, but the event has made her soul lose, so it can now leave her body.

Hiyori wants Yato to make her normal again, but when she finds out that he needs a new partner to do that, she reluctantly agrees to help him find one. And Yato’s luck may finally be getting better with Hiyori’s help.

In addition to anime and manga, Noragami is also a smartphone game.

So now let’s take a look at the best characters of all time of Noragami.

15. Tsuyu

Tsuyu 15 Best Noragami Characters of All Time

Tsuyu is the spirit of a plum tree that has been with Tenjin for over 1,000 years because of how much she loves and cares for her.

She is Tenjin’s point of reference, but she is not a shinki and has never been a human.

Tsuyu is always calm and level-headed because she doesn’t have human emotions. She is loyal to Tenjin and looks out for him.

Even when he was young and violent, she stayed by his side. Her way of talking is very old-fashioned and sounds like poetry. She has also been shown to help characters like Sakura learn and grow.

14. Father

father Noragami 15 Best Noragami Characters of All Time

Father is the main bad guy in the Noragami story. He is also Yato’s and the Stray’s father.

He is a person who went to Yomi and came back as a Crafter who can handle ayakashi.

Father’s original form is that of a guy with short, unkempt black hair who wears a black koromo over a white kosode, which is what a Buddhist monk would normally wear.

When he first showed up, he called up a ghost and told it to take over a woman. This showed that Father is cruel and moody.

Father hates gods and, by default, the people who worship them. He treats both of them with disdain, if not outright hatred.

13. The Stray

noragami 07 nora the stray shinki ghost smile 15 Best Noragami Characters of All Time

The Stray is Father’s shinki in Noragami. She was also a shinki for Yato, Rab, Ebisu, and Takemikazuchi in the past.

The Stray looks like a small girl with straight black hair that comes to her chin and deep purple eyes. She also wears pale makeup and a “forehead covering,” which is something Japanese ghosts often do.

She is influenced and managed by “Father,” who we find out later is Kouto Fujisaki, just like Yato is.

Even though she seems like a bad person at first, she is just another puppet in their father’s big plan.
She doesn’t know what is good or bad because she died before she was born.

12. Ebisu

Ebisu noragami 15 Best Noragami Characters of All Time

One of the Seven Gods of Fortune in Noragami is called Ebisu. The God of Fishing and Business in Noragami, he has no sense of humor.

Although he is highly venerated, Ebisu has the most unassuming appearance of the Seven Gods of Fortune.

His black hair is short and beautifully groomed, and his eyes are a brilliant green. His eyes, which are the most striking part of his appearance, are almost always cloudy and obscure the view of his pupils.

Ebisu gives off an icy vibe at first. He never seems to show any signs of emotion on his face and keeps his voice low and distant.

He is also very practical and resourceful, often making headway toward his objectives and even going so far as to endanger his life and venture into the underworld if necessary.

11. Tenjin

noragami hag 15 Best Noragami Characters of All Time

Lord Tenjin is the personification of knowledge and wisdom. Numerous shrines honor him as one of Japan’s most revered deities.

Tenjin looks to be in his late 50s at the earliest, and his grey hair is around shoulder length when it’s down. Sokutai Sugata is a common sight on him.

As one might expect from the God of Instruction, he rewards piety, diligence, and toil. He has a great deal of wisdom and often uses Noragami to express himself poetically.

10. Mayu

Mayu noragami 15 Best Noragami Characters of All Time

Mayu is a shinki of Tenjin’s in Noragami. She formerly served as Yato’s shinki, going under the name Tomone. Mayu has short black hair and green eyes.

A white kimono and a red hakama are her go-to outfits. Mayu is open and frank about her displeasure with other people or her surroundings.

She cares deeply about both human beings and other shinki, and she holds herself to a high standard of conduct as a shinki.

She is incredibly loyal to her friends, even to the point of putting herself in harm’s way for them.

9. Okuninushi

13 okuninushi noragami aragoto anime 15 Best Noragami Characters of All Time

One of the Seven Gods of Fortune, Ōkuninushi (Daikokuten), is famous.

The deity of nation-building, farming, business, medicine, and matchmaking. Ōkuninushi is a tanned middle-aged man with white hair.

He has short, spiky blonde hair, a goatee, and a chest hair tuft that shows through his clothes. Kuninushi is brave and kind.

He would defend his fellow Gods of Fortune against Heaven. Despite his convictions, he sometimes hesitates to act.

8. Rabo

Rabo noragami 15 Best Noragami Characters of All Time

Rab is one of the Noragami’s main enemies. He is a God of Calamity who has been known to fight with Yato in the past.

Rab is a tall god with bright yellow eyes like a hawk’s and silver/grey hair that goes down to his shoulders. In Noragami, he only has one eye.

Over the empty left hole, he wears a black mask that looks like a beak and has an eye symbol like the Stray’s.

Rab seems to be a careful and cautious person. Before he fights an enemy himself, he carefully checks out how strong and skilled they are.

He likes letting himself get seen very briefly. He is also a cold person who kills people, ghosts, and even gods.

7. Daikoku

noragami j 15 Best Noragami Characters of All Time

Daikoku is a serious and scary-looking person, especially when you first meet him in Noragami.

He can also be violent when protecting his master, Kofuku, but other times he shows his love for her in a very open and gentle way.

He is very loyal and would do anything for the people he cares about, even if it meant putting his life in danger.

Daikoku looks like a man who is very tall and whose age is unknown. He has shoulder-length black hair that is combed to the back, and in the anime Noragami, his eyes are a dark red color. There is hair on his chin.

6. Kazuma

noragami khk 15 Best Noragami Characters of All Time

Kazuma is a person who is calm, serious, and wise. He cares very much about Vaisravana/Bishamonten, whom he calls “Veena,” as well as his other Shinki friends.

He is also shown to be very responsible and trustworthy, as well as very loyal to his boss. He also pays back his debts, especially to Yato, whom he asked to kill one of his fellow shinki in order to save Bishamonten.

Kazuma looks like he is no more than 19 years old. He is 174 cm tall and has short brown hair and green eyes. He usually wears the standard uniform for Bishamonten’s fight shinki and has thick-rimmed glasses.

5. Hiyori

hiyori iki noragami 15 Best Noragami Characters of All Time

Hiyori is a tall, slim young woman who wears a lavender sailor shirt and a gray knee-length skirt as part of her middle school uniform in the anime and manga, respectively.

Hiyori is a courageous and selfless person who will put herself in harm’s way to save someone she cares about.

This is true not only for the people closest to her, but also for complete strangers. Hiyori’s spirit can leave when her body rests in a deep sleep.

As a result, her status is halfway between that of an ayakashi and a human being.

4. Kofuku

kofuku noragami 15 Best Noragami Characters of All Time

Kofuku is renowned for his vivacious and naughty nature, much like Yato’s. She’s a free spirit who admits she enjoys herself and is classified as a bit of a dunce airhead.

Kofuku seems to be a lovely young lady of average height and weight. Her hair is baby pink and fluffy, and it curls inward at the ends with a few flyaways; her complexion is pale, and her eyes are purple.

Kofuku’s notoriety extends to the heavens, where even the gods fear her exceptionally potent talents.

3. Bishamonten

Bishamon Noragami 15 Best Noragami Characters of All Time

She is without a doubt one of my all-time favorite female characters. Even though she is one of the most powerful war gods around, Bishamon is also known for being one of the nicest.

She went out of her way to defend her Shinki, and despite the fact that she is also one of the most beautiful war gods, Bishamon is a genuine badass.

Her history is very intriguing, and I appreciate how Yato gave her the nickname “Crazy Chick” to refer to herself.

2. Yukine

anime noragami yukine noragami wallpaper preview 15 Best Noragami Characters of All Time

Yukine is one of my favorite characters. Others may despise him for having stung Yato so severely, but he eventually comes to terms with his error and risks his life to protect his master.

I think the show would have been less intriguing if Yukine hadn’t been there and Yato had instead relied on Nora or Mayu as his Regalia.

I find his sardonic demeanor to be a refreshing change from Yato’s more lighthearted disposition, and I find his human and regalia designs to be extremely endearing.

1. Yato

noragami hgb 15 Best Noragami Characters of All Time

Yato, or Yaboku as he is formally named in the series, is one of the three major characters of Adachitoka’s Noragami anime and manga.

He is a relatively unknown god with big plans to become the Fortune God. His reputation as a God of Disaster dates back many years.

He’s sweet and charming, and his innocent antics are priceless. I feel sorry for him because, like Rabo, he is destined to be ignored and forgotten as a God of Calamity.

In an effort to atone for his murderous past, he gave up the killing and transformed into the Yato we know and love today, adopting the role of Delivery God. In addition, he is loving and loyal to his friends.

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