15 Best Pink Haired Anime Characters

Pink, a color that stands for youth, health, and having fun. But this color is usually linked with women, which is why it is also called the “Female Color” or the “Girl’s Color.”

It’s up to you to decide if that’s true or not. But there is one thing we can all agree on: pink is a beautiful color.

Because of how happy it makes us feel, it is often found in flowers.

And you can find this color in more than just flowers. You can also see it in the hair of anime characters.

Because of this, I wrote the piece below for you.

This is a list of the Top 15 Pink-Haired Anime Characters, which includes some of the best pink-haired anime girls.

This list has some of the best anime characters with pink hair.

So get your favorite body pillow, lay down on your bed, and let’s dive deep into this world of flowers.

I hope you enjoy it.

15.  Kisumi Shigino From Free

apink47 pink haired 15 Best Pink Haired Anime Characters

Well, the boy on our list is a mess. I’m not the one saying it, either.

In the show, it’s the girls who say that. Don’t believe me. Check it out yourself.

He is Kisumi Shigino, the hot guy from the movie Free. Kisumi is a figure who helps the main ones in the world of Free.

But even though he’s not on the front lines, he still manages to win a lot of people’s hearts.

Because of this, he is often thought of as a great fighter. Plus, he has a great body, blue eyes, and pink hair, which give him a cute look that can win over anyone.

If you want cute anime boys to use as body pillows, he is a good suggestion.

14. Shuna From Slime Isekai

apink21 pink hair 15 Best Pink Haired Anime Characters

Do you have self-control? If not, our girl Shuna will definitely take care of you.

She is one of the main characters in Slime Isekai, which is a cartoon.

And I love Slime Isekai. So it makes sense that I also like Shuna. She is a cute Princess who knows how to handle things well.

We also saw her turn into a real beast during a fight in the most recent season.

I won’t tell you the facts, but if you liked Shuna before that fight, you will love her now.

That good. And if you haven’t seen Slime Isekai yet, you should go watch it right now!

It’s really cool.

13. Shihou Kimizuki From Owari No Seraph

apink45 pink haired 15 Best Pink Haired Anime Characters

This cute guy will make your heart melt. But he won’t be as fast as other people.

He will instead move slowly and steadily. In the cartoon we call Owari No Seraph, Shihou Kimizuki is one of the main characters.

Now, I’ve already talked about the second part of Owari No Seraph. But I haven’t said anything yet about this man right here.

He has a personality that tends toward anger. Because of this, he seems so mean.

But don’t be scared, he is just as smart as you might think when it comes to taking down his opponent.

He is definitely the kind of boy you would want to marry.

12. Mina Ashido From My Hero Academia

apink18 pink hair 15 Best Pink Haired Anime Characters

I mean, really! I wouldn’t put a Pink girl on a list of cartoon girls with pink haired.

You shouldn’t have guessed that, though. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, we need to pay attention to someone important here.

Hero Pinky, also known as Mina Ashido, is the Queen herself. She is one of the main characters in My Hero Academia, and one of her quirks is that her body makes acid.

I think we can all agree that the way she designs things is pretty cool. And her pink haired and pink clothes just make her more interesting.

One of the most attractive girls on the show.

11. Mine From Akame Ga Kill

apink17 pink hair 15 Best Pink Haired Anime Characters

Don’t let her looks fool you, my friend. She’s a lot more dangerous than you think she is.

And you’d be even more sure of that when you found out she was from the cartoon we call Akame Ga Kill.

One of the most famous action anime of all time is Akame Ga Kill. Mine is one of the show’s main characters.

So you already know that she is getting a lot of TV time. But other than that, she has a very attractive presence and an attitude that is very intimidating at first.

She is also a very good shooter, so you should be careful.

10. Renzou Shima From Blue Exorcist

apink38 pink haired 15 Best Pink Haired Anime Characters

Blue Exorcist has a lot of really hot manga boys. Even though the lead boy Rin is pretty hot, we’ll be looking at the supporting boy Renzou Shima for this list.

He is one of the main characters in the show, and fans like him right away.

He is a good friend. Almost everyone who sees him with his best friend from youth, Bon, likes how loyal he is.

This man is also interested in women, which makes him more real and easy to get along with.

Shima is a great figure because of this.

9. Gilthunder From Seven Deadly Sins

apink13 pink haired 15 Best Pink Haired Anime Characters

His name sounds scary, doesn’t it? Well, it does to me, and I think it also does to you with having pink haired.

I think that’s a proper name for someone you might call a Knight, though.

Even more so a Holy Knight. Gilthunder is a figure who helps other people in the world of Seven Deadly Sins.

He is also one of the Holy Knights in the Kingdom of Britannia. We can’t believe his strength, that’s for sure.

His looks are very good-looking, and they also make you feel brave and determined, and having pink haired suits him.

And that’s exactly what I’d like to hear from a hero.

8. Moka Akashiya From Rosario To Vampire

apink12 pink haired 15 Best Pink Haired Anime Characters

Man, I haven’t had any interesting people in a while. Moka has finally arrived.

In the Rosario To Vampire series, she is one of the main characters. I think we can all agree that she’s very pretty.

Now, the thing is that the outer Moka fits on this list because she is pink haired.

Because her hair is white, the inner Moka doesn’t. Moka is also a very interesting person because of this.

Just look at her, her character is not only smart but also interesting.

And that’s what makes her so awesome.

7. Shouko Nishimiya From A Silent Voice

apink10 pink haired 15 Best Pink Haired Anime Characters

We are in the top 10 pink haired characters!

Here we are! Every character gets so much better at this point.

And I can’t think of a better way to start this list than with Shouko Nishimiya, the Internet’s must-protect woman.

In the movie A Silent Voice, she is the most important woman. And, man, isn’t she cute?

She is one of the figures that makes everyone feel sorry for her. All the people who watch her, feel sorry for her, and love her with all their hearts.

You need to watch A Silent Voice right now if you haven’t already.

6. Mei Hatsume From My Hero Academia

apink9 pink haired 15 Best Pink Haired Anime Characters

What do you think of that? Mei Hatsume is here, ladies and gents. I hope you know how to do things mechanically.

But I know that they won’t be good enough to beat her. She’s one of the main characters in the show My Hero Academia, and she’s very smart.

She is, after all, a great inventor. She is also a great example of a supporting character because she always helps the major group.

And that’s what makes her so freaking cool. Like wow. Rarely do people have the guts to do the work that helps other people.

Mei is here because of this and also she is a pink haired anime character.

5. Yuno Gasai From Future Diary

apink5 pink haired 15 Best Pink Haired Anime Characters

Well, if you think about it, I think she’s also one of the most famous pink haired characters.

Yuno Gasai is known as the Queen of Yandere. She is one of the main characters in Future Diary, and I don’t think anyone in this group of anime fans could look at her seriously.

She is a weirdo who will kill anyone for the love of her life, and that’s what makes her so special.

Yuno looks pretty on screen, but she is also very scary. Have you ever seen a girl kill a lot of people?

You haven’t done it. And that’s why she’s here on this list. I think that she is unique.

4. Saiki Kusuo From The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

apink4 pink haired 15 Best Pink Haired Anime Characters

Yare Yare. The next boy on our list is a fine man, wouldn’t you say?

This is Saiki, a character from a cartoon that is a lot of fun. The major person in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is Saiki Kusuo.

Not surprisingly, he is a hot mess. People say that he is one of the most attractive pink haired guys in the history of anime.

I think we all agree with that, right? Yes, there are some interesting things going on in his head, but what draws people in is his personality.

His pink haired makes him stand out, and it also makes him even more unique.

Saiki Kusuo is a strong man who decided to live a normal life. That’s what makes him so cool.

3. Natsu From Fairy Tail

apink3 pink haired 15 Best Pink Haired Anime Characters

Ladies and gents, we are in the top three pink haired characters. Here we are! The last few steps.

All three of these figures are some of the most well-known, admired, and loved beings in the medium.

And this stretch starts with Natsu, who is the fireman. Fairy Tail is about a girl named Natsu Dragoneel.

Do you know about Fairy Tail? No? I know you know who Natsu is, though.

This is a lot of information. Anyway, it’s not too surprising to see him on the third rank.

He is fun, happy, pink haired charming, well-liked, and a hero. Fans of Fairy Tail will tell you that Natsu was the only person who could have done the show as well as he did.

And that’s enough to give him respect. Natsu is funny and sometimes makes the show move in funny ways. He’s one of the most interesting people in the show.

2. Hisoka From Hunter X Hunter

apink2 pink haired 15 Best Pink Haired Anime Characters

We have a man who isn’t clear-cut second place. Hisoka is well-known for being a bad guy.

Hisoka is the main character in Hunter x Hunter, for those of you who don’t know.

A man who is known in the business world for doing strange things. But besides looking like the pink haired Joker, he is also well-known for his attitude and role.

He is written very well and has a big impact on the story of the cartoon as a whole. He was one of the people who helped Hunter x Hunter become great.

And that’s why I think Hisoka is one of the best Pink Haired Anime Characters of all time.

He is funny, smart, and strong, but one of the best things about him is that he never knows what he will do next. This is what makes him such a great character.

1. Zero Two From DARLING In The FRANXX

pimk hair hvgh 15 Best Pink Haired Anime Characters

And finally, Zero Two is the best Pink Haired cartoon character, so he or she gets the number one spot.

And I see no surprise here. I mean, Zero Two is one of the Waifus that people like the most in the whole world.

And her role in her cartoon was more than amazing. She was a main figure in her show, and I’m not going to lie, she made the show great for me.

The whole world loves her because she is funny and kind, and more importantly, because she is good at what she does.

Zero Two is one of the most beautiful pink haired anime characters of the time. She has pink haired which is shiny and a badass attitude.

And that’s why she’s in the first place. So, weebs, there you have it.

So this was a list of the top 15 pink haired anime characters. I hope this list helped you find a lot of blooms and introduced you to at least one new character.

Thank you very much for reading, and see you next time!

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