How did Uchiha Madara get the Rinnegan?

Madara is the very first Indra Reincarnation to awaken the Rinnegan. Madara is also among the most powerful characters in history and was one of the main players of his involvement in the Fourth Great Ninja War.

The Rinnegan is a crucial part of Madara’s character and power as well. 

It’s more than that, it’s an integral element of the story as well! 

Do you know the story of how Madara got his Rinnegan? 

Probably Not,

So, without further delay, we’ll get straight into the story!

To awaken the Rinnegan the person must be able to access The Sage in the form of Six Paths’ Chakra. 

There are two methods by how one can get that chakra associated with the Sage of the Six Paths. One is to acquire it from oneself or acquire both Indra as well as Asura’s Chakra.

In the first case, you can grant the Rinnegan to the person nearly immediately, this isn’t the case with the second method in any way.

In the second case, even if one manages to get the Rinnegan, which is not certain by the way, your body would be so strained that you wouldn’t even be able to move!

How did Madara Awaken the Rinnegan?

Madara has awakened the Rinnegan by combing his and Hashirama’s chakras.

They were the Reincarnations from Indra and Asura as well as Hagoromo’s children who were the first to use the Dojutsu. 

When you combine the two chakras, the resultant transformed into the Sage of the Six Paths’ Chakra; hence the awakening of the Rinnegan.

Madara already had his Indra’s chakra and needed only Hashirama’s Senju chakra to awaken the Rinnegan.

After Hashirama attacked Madara for the last occasion, Madara bit off a piece of Hashirama’s body and put it on him. 

Although he was believed to have died, Madara rose up from his grave. He used the banned Jutsu “Izanagi” to achieve this. The Izanagi lets one live an important moment over again, but with only one eye.

By doing this, Madara survived his fight against Hashirama and continued to work towards his ultimate goal. 

He managed to get away from Konoha’s view and joined Hashirama’s skin and his own and thus obtained the Senju chakra that he required.

Did Madara get the Rinnegan in the same night?

The answer is absolutely not. Contrary to Sasuke who received the chakra of Hagoromo directly from him, Madara’s body needs to join Madara and Hashirama’s chakras together into one to bring forth the Rinnegan. 

Thus, it took a long time for Madara to get to the Rinnegan while Sasuke was able to awaken it immediately.

Madara received the Rinnegan at the time he was close to the point of death. However, this was distinct to the Edo Madara.

Edo Tensei Madara Rinnegan

Madara was revived with the prohibited Edo Tensei Jutsu during the Fourth Great Ninja War. 

Madara had his own set of Rinnegan after he arose from the dead, although he had already given the Rinnegan to Nagato prior to his death. There was some confusion among people who followed the Rinnegan.

First, let’s look at the way Madara was Rinnegan throughout Rinnegan’s Edo Tensei phase:

It is believed that Edo Tensei allows the revived to utilize all their abilities prior to dying and even Dojutsu. 

Therefore, Madara could use the Rinnegan even though his actual Rinnegan was somewhere else. Orochimaru and Kabuto thought that mixing Madara with Hashirama’s DNA could trigger the Rinnegan and that is indeed the case.

not Kabutos creation How did Uchiha Madara get the Rinnegan?

Although they don’t know the precise reason behind the phenomenon, however, it worked. Based on this theory, Kabuto infused more even Hashirama cells into Madara’s body as it is “fixing” it.

But, Madara could use the Rinnegan regardless of the actions Kabuto did. As mentioned above it was merely the Jutsu’s capability and was not an act that Kabuto would have done.

Madara’s Rinnegan Design

Madara’s Rinnegan shares the same ripple pattern as Sage from Six Paths’ Rinnegan. 

How did Uchiha Madara get the Rinnegan

However, it is the case that his Rinnegan changed into a Sharingan when he was transformed into The”Ten-Tails'” Jinchuriki. 

The Edo-Tensei Rinnegan is similar to the original but Madara is able to switch between his Rinnegan in addition to his Sharingan.

Powers of Madara’s Rinnegan

Like every Rinnegan, Madara gained a number of powerful powers. These include:

1) See Chakra Flow:

As with the Byakugan, the Rinnegan is able to see someone’s chakra flow in great detail. They can also see through invisible barriers. Madara utilized this power to attempt to understand the condition of Might Guy and anticipate his attacks.

2) The mastery of every changes in Nature in addition to Jutsu:

The Rinnegan gives its user the ability to learn the five fundamental nature transformations. 

It also lets them master any jutsu quickly! 

There are only a few Shinobi’s throughout history that were capable of mastering all five fundamental Nature transformations with no Rinnegan. An excellent example is the Third Hokage Hirzuen Sarutobi!

3) The ability to read the Sage of the Six Paths’ Tablet:

The Sage of the Six Paths’ Stone Tablet is thought to be the most ancient Shinobi-era relic; it also proves its existence as Hagoromo Otsutsuki to many. 

The tablet disincentivizes the reader from using the power to read the Rinnegan. Additionally only a Rinnegan user is able to use it. Hagoromo created the tablet with the Rinnegan.

4) The Six Paths Technique:

The Rinnegan gives its user access to it to use the Six Paths Technique. Although it is not a formal name, this technique offers seven different paths to the user. 

They are the Deva Path, the Asura Path, Human Path, Animal Path, Preta Path, Naraka Path, and the Outer Path. But, Sasuke hasn’t used any of these powers except for Chibaku Tensei.

Alongside all of this the ability also gives him an additional ability:

5) Limbo:

Limbo is the term used to describe the space that lies between this world and heaven or hell. It is basically, Limbo is a place for people who aren’t in the world, but aren’t part of other realms too. 

Therefore, they live in an undefined space. Madara’s Rinnegan lets him summon Madaras that are trapped in this area. They are known as Limbos. 

Although there is no explanation of the way these Madaras got into the space you are in, you can bet that they came from an alternate dimension. They’re as sturdy as the original Madara in the end!

Because these limbos aren’t part of or belong to the ordinary world, they can’t be observed or experienced. A normal person isn’t able to see or feel them. 

How did Uchiha Madara get the Rinnegan

Sasuke’s Rinnegan allows him to sense the limbos. In addition, Naruto can sense them within his Sage of Six Paths Mode!

However, they offer many benefits to Madara. Madara is able to summon 4 of these limbos at one time, so the strength of his limbos is multiplied. It is possible to use limbos to defend and attack efficiently, as only Senjutsu attacks can work on them.

However, Limbos aren’t without limits also. Madara must take them back if they’ve caused excessive damage and cannot make use of the limbo for an extended period of time.

Final Words

To activate the Rinnegan One must be able to access The Sage of the Six Paths Chakra. To accomplish that, Madara used the chakra associated with Indra and Asura’s Reincarnations. 

He believed that, since Indra as well Asura was Hagoromo’s son, the combination of their chakras would result in Hagoromo’s chakra later on. And, he was correct!

Madara did bring forth the Rinnegan! The eye gave him a variety of abilities like the ability to observe the flow of chakra and call to the Gedo Statue, The Six Paths Jutsu, and more.

What do you think about Madara’s strategy? Do you consider it to be clever? Intelligent? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

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