Naruto Vs Sasuke: Who is Stronger?

Since Kurama was killed in the same year that Sasuke lost the power of Rinnegan, the fans have been wondering about their abilities and comparing them to various characters from the show. 

One of the comparisons is Sasuke. Is Sasuke more powerful than Naruto in Boruto?

It’s a controversial issue since it has been said the fact that Naruto, as well as Sasuke, were always equal. 

Even the writer Masashi Kishimoto sensei stated that if he gave Naruto the power-up, he’d be sure to give Sasuke an upgrade too. So, make both lead characters equal in terms of power.

Similar to the way that when it was time to allow Naruto to shed Kurama, Sasuke also lost his Rinnegan. This ensured the balance of power between them both.

Yet, many fans are wondering if these two are true even in terms of strength? 

In my opinion, Sasuke is superior to Naruto in Boruto today with regards to techniques and Ninjutsu. 

In contrast, Naruto has variations of Rasengan and an enormous chakra reserve to fight Sasuke as well as his Mangekyou capabilities.

Naruto’s powers and abilities without Kurama?

Let’s first look at the kind of power the two gods of old have in their arsenals.

The Mode of the Six Path Sage

The Mode of the Six Path Sage

It’s true, Naruto still has Sage Of Six Path Mode even without Kurama.

You might think that because Kurama has died, Naruto can’t access this mode. But that’s not the case. Here’s the reason:

Hagoromo’s chakra before becoming the jinchuriki of the ten tails is extremely powerful. He defeated Kaguya by using the help of his older brother Hamura before absorbing the 10 tails. 

Therefore, his chakra is different and unique. It is powerful enough to withstand Kaguya-level entities. Once he became a Jinchuriki of 10 tails, his strength multiplied by many times.

It doesn’t mean that his chakra changed. He was the owner of his chakra, along with the chakra of the ten tails. Thus, the time Hagoromo offered chakra to Naruto and Sasuke, the chakra was made up of his chakra and the chakras of all the tailed creatures.

As a result, Hagoromo’s energy also contains his chakra that is mixed with the chakra of the tailed beast. Therefore, Naruto received chakra from kuruma, as well as Hagoromos his chakra the night before.

Hagoromo is a half-Otsutsuki, channelling the natural energy of the Sage Chakra within the character. This leaves the possibility that Naruto isn’t equipped with Kurama He still has access to Sage Mode.

Therefore, saying that Naruto cannot access sage mode seems like a shambles. Additionally, and this is not even being mentioned, Naruto also has Ashura chakra, as well as a quarter of Otsutsuki.

Additionally, he is also equipped with the ability to fly given by Sage Of Six Path Mode.

On the thought of this, I am pondering whether Sasuke is more powerful in comparison to Naruto in Boruto? But, we have not yet been able to fully comprehend the potential of Naruto. 

Now, let’s get into an additional Sage Transformation that Naruto has, i.e., the

Transformation of a Toad Sage

Transformation of a Toad Sage

In this form, Naruto has a tremendous variety of skills and was able to defeat any path to Pain and the Third Raikage. 

With powers that range between super strength and sensory abilities, Toad Sage Mode allows him to find any country that is in the enemy’s way and deal massive damage once in the range. 

But, it has a major issue, and that is the time limitation. Naruto always has to channel Senjutsu’s energy through his body. To achieve this, he needs to remain still. This is extremely difficult to achieve in a fight.

Naruto can overcome this with the help of shadow clones which continue to provide him with Senjutsu chakra. 

But, in his fight with Pain, Naruto could only allow two shadow clones to mould the Sage chakra, and he could only use three shadow clones throughout the fight to prevent disturbing the one who was moulding the Sage chakra. 

This limitation is also an issue during a battle. Even if we believe that the limit has increased in the post-Fourth Shinobi Wars arc, fighting someone with Sasuke’s intelligence, strength, and observation abilities, ninjutsu variants, Sharingan capabilities, and battle experience may be fatal.

Naruto could overcome this obstacle by allowing the former toad couple to meld with him in the same way that they did in Jiraiya, as Kurama was the one who had rejected the merging. However, now that Kurama is out of the picture, it may be an option. But the location of the post-Pain arc remains a mystery.

Summoning Jutsu

Summoning Jutsu

From when he first began, Naruto has always relied on the toad summons to aid him in his important fights. Like during his fight with Gaara, Pain, Ten-Tails.

The number of toads that a toad summons plays an important part in these fights. Like Sasuke’s Susanoo. In Naruto, fighting Gaara We saw that Gamabunta was about the identical size of Shukaku. 

Also, during each of the beasts with tails that fought Madara and the like, we noticed that Shukaku was about the same as Kurama. 

This is a good indicator that Gamabunta/Gamakichi, as well as other toads, are just as large as tail-tailed beasts.

The reason for this comparison is that if Sasuke is attacked by Susanoo, his Susanoo, Naruto has a method of defending it. 

Naruto can even execute a Rasengan Barrage if he can disable Susanoo for just a couple of seconds. Similar to what he did to Kyuubi in their battle for chakras.

Remnants of other tailed beasts’ chakrar

Remnants of other tailed beasts chakrar Naruto Vs Sasuke: Who is Stronger?

It’s a topic that is controversial in the fandom as there is a belief that Naruto does not have a tailed beast chakra. But all of them are incorrect. Naruto is still carrying the other beast’s chakras. 

This is evident in the Naruto battle against Delta battle in Boruto the movie, in which Naruto utilizes the Lava released Rasen shuriken. 

This shows that Naruto is the other tail beast’s remnants of chakra and can utilize their chakra abilities.

This is a huge increase for Naruto since he can now utilize all chakras due to all the beasts possessing various chakra types. 

Additionally, Naruto is also proficient in Yin and Yang release and has a nerfed variation of Hagoromo’s Creation Of All Things Technique. 

That is the one that Naruto employs while healing Kakashi’s left eye following Madara stole it.

Precise chakra control

Precise chakra control

When compared with Naruto in the Shippuden arc and the Hokage of today, Naruto is on a different level. In the past, Naruto used Shadow Clones to create Rasengan. However, he is now able to quickly create it without shadow copies.

He can swarm Rasenshuriken every day throughout day because of his enormous chakra reserve. But, consuming Senjutsu using Rasenshuriken is something we’re yet to experience. 

We have already seen Naruto utilize Sage Jutsu Rasengan in his fight with Juubi Obito. The possibility of a Senjutsu-Rasenshuriken’s use is not out of the question.

Additionally, Naruto has mastered all styles of nature. He is also proficient in Yin, in addition to the Yang technique. Thank you to the numerous tailed monsters who inhabit their world and the Sage of Six Path Mode.

Additionally, he can enter the sage state almost immediately.

Sasuke’s Powers And Abilities Without Rinnegan?

Let’s see what Sasuke has in terms of abilities.

The Chakra Sage of the Six Paths

The Chakra Sage of the Six Paths

Sasuke has received the chakra of Hagoromo Otsutsuki as well as Naruto. Otsutsuki said that he split equally between the characters. This chakra awoke Rinnegan within Sasuke. With the newly gained strength, Sasuke unlocked a vast array of weapons. 

One of his most impressive feats is fitting all nine creatures with tails into the genjutsu with a single glance.

Along with enhanced sensory perception, increased physical strength, and regenerative abilities, as well as light-speed reflexes, portal access, switching locations with enemies or anything else, seeing through limbo, and so on.

Many would say that, without Rinnegan, Sasuke would not be able to access the Sage Of Six Path chakra. But, they’re wrong. 

In contrast to Naruto, Sasuke’s Rinnegan was wounded by a Kunai in the hands of Boruto. Therefore, Sasuke hasn’t lost the capabilities in the form of the Six Path, but only his Rinnegan has been destroyed.

There is some speculation regarding this too, since Madara makes use of Rinnegan’s abilities, even though he’s blind. 

While Sasuke has chakra that is directly delivered through Hagoromo, therefore, Sage of the six paths chakra must be available too. Another reason to mention this is that Sasuke utilizes Amaterasu following the loss of his eye. lost.

In Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke’s Amaterasu is a Mangekyou Sharingan capability that is located inside the left side of his eye. It has led to speculation regarding whether Sasuke can utilize Rinnegan’s abilities or not. 

I believe that since Sasuke’s Rinnegan was killed for laying an avenue through which the future generation could be stronger, he will not be capable of using the Rinnegan abilities.

Based on this assumption, we’ll declare that even though Sasuke is blessed with Sage Of Six Path chakra within him, he is unable to make use of the abilities of Rinnegan. 

This makes me ask the question in my mind: is Sasuke more powerful than Naruto in Boruto in real life?

In addition to the powers, Sasuke’s Sharingan and Rinnegan provided, Sasuke also could utilize all-natural transformations as well as Yin Yang Release.



Sasuke unlocks his Sharingan during the Uchiha clan massacre. But, because he was an infant, he did not know what to do to open it, at least until the time of his fight against Haku

Since then, his Sharingan has undergone various improvements, which is why both Itachi and Orochimaru affirm that it is stronger and more flexible than his brothers of the past. 

Sasuke’s Sharingan powers allow him to duplicate any jutsu simply by looking at it one time. He was able to clash with Genjutsu against Genjutsu using Itachi.

However, it was later discovered that Sasuke had a different genjutsu than the one Itachi demonstrated to him. 

By using his basic 3 tomoe-Sharingan, Sasuke was capable of taking down Orochimaru even though the Sannin was in a weaker condition. 

In his fight with Naruto, Sasuke was able to see into the mind of Naruto and collect all the details without having to use his Genjutsu.

In the latest chapters in Boruto, Sasuke uses his Mangekyou powers without using his Mangekyou. For instance, he is making use of Susanoo to fight Jigen but not activating his Mangekyou.

It also shows how far Uchiha is pureblood. Uchiha has mastered his craft.

Mangekyou Sharingan


The powers of Mangekyou Sharingan are manifested based on the mental state. Each Mangekyou is different and has various capabilities. Sasuke awakens his Mangekyou after Obito discloses what he knew about Itachi. 

The sudden rage of emotions led Sasuke to feel his feelings towards his family members and awakened his Mangekyou. 

The capabilities of Mangekyou Sharingan are as follows: Mangekyou Sharingan can be described as the following:


Amaterasu 1 Naruto Vs Sasuke: Who is Stronger?

A deadly black flame that is impossible to put out. This ability turns everything and anything to ash after it hits. 

Naruto deflects the flames by using Kurama chakra, but without Kurama, there will likely be a high probability that when Naruto is hit by a bullet, he’ll certainly be killed. 

The only method Naruto can stop this attack right now is making use of Shadow replicas that are limited and, since the fire cannot be put out, Sasuke could cause the flames to spread with Kagutsuchi.



Although it’s not nearly the same as Itachi. Sasuke’s genjutsu capabilities are something you must reckon with. Sasuke was able to perform Genjutsu over Danzo, who was using Shisui’s eye.

He also had multiple Sharingan implants in his body. They were further enhanced with Hashirama cells. 

Another reason Naruto could lose this battle is the inability of his opponent to use Genjutsu. Naruto has always displayed a weakness toward genjutsu.

Now, without Kurama’s support, this will make it harder for Naruto to fend off the genjutsu attacks.



Sasuke can control the flames from Amaterasu and alter the direction and shape that the fires take. 

This makes it more dangerous. 

In the newest Boruto chapter, Sasuke utilizes Amaterasu along with Kagutsuchi at all times, even with his Rinnegan. As a result, despite having his Rinnegan, Sasuke is God Tier.



It is the most powerful and formidable weapon that Sasuke has. It serves not only as a total defence but also as an arsenal of massive destruction. 

Only attacks that are more powerful than those of Susanoo can inflict harm on it. It’s the only one in Naruto who could at the very least provide more than scratch. 

Sasuke’s Susanoo is a reincarnation of destruction. Like a typical Susanoo, who has swords as their main weapon. Additionally, it is sexy due to Sasuke becoming a rogue after the Mangekyou is acquired by him.

The fully-bodied Susanoo of Sasuke is wing-like, making it ideal in airborne battles. In addition, unlike other Susanoo Sasuke, Susanoo can employ ninjutsu such as Chidori and fire-style Jutsu.

It can also reflect Genjutsu as powerful as Infinite Tsukuyomi if someone directly attacks Sasuke.

Additionally, and unique to Sasuke, his Susanoo comes with an additional weapon, which is an arm with a crossbow. It can be used to shoot an arrow in a storm or to use it as a shield to ward off the blows.

Summoning Jutsu

Summoning Jutsu

So far, Sasuke is the only one with two summons.

His first summoning is of snakes, Aoda, which he uses to battle Ten-Tails. Before Aoda, Manda was Sasuke’s summoner, who was also Orochimaru’s summoner. But Sasuke killed Manda by making him the shield against Deidara.

Furthermore, considering that the summonses mentioned are snakes, and snakes devour toads/frogs, you can tell who has the advantage.

Sasuke’s next summon will be an Eagle. This summon appears only now and then. However, since it’s an eagle, it could effortlessly be able to take on snakes and even frogs as well, which is a natural thing. It is not well-known about his summons.

Kung Fu?

Sasuke is an experienced swordfighter. He is skilled enough using his sword that he was able to go toe-to-toe with Kinshiki without his arm.

With his incredible ability to think strategically and with a brilliant mind, Sasuke uses his sword effectively, even in the face of Isshiki.

We don’t have Naruto making use of his Kunai in fights.


Alongside his sword, Sasuke uses a lot of his shuriken. They can be used to deliver a blow to Momoshiki or anyone else. 

The skill he has in shuriken jutsu can be so high that he can turn his shuriken in mid-air, and then hit the target that is moving within its blind area.

The Intelligence of Genius

Sasuke is an aspiring child genius. His intellect and observation abilities are so impressive that Jigen Momoshiki, Jigen, and Isshiki found them annoying. They tried to kill him before Naruto. 

This is evident from the fact Momoshiki was the first to stab Sasuke’s Rinnegan instead of killing a weak Naruto. 

So, he is insisting that Sasuke’s intelligence is more dangerous than Naruto’s in all of his strength and brute force. One of the primary reasons that I think Sasuke is more powerful than Naruto is in Boruto.

Another example of Sasuke making a difference with his shrewdness is when he recognizes that Boruto requires chakra to conquer Momoshiki’s possession. 

This is the reason that they ingest Boruto by supplying him with chakra to allow him to subdue Momoshiki.

A Battle Scenario

After learning about the power of both previously God-tier characters, it’s clear enough that even without their Power Hax, they are still God-tier characters.

Thus, the fight between them will be savage and exciting to witness.

But, it isn’t going to be a prolonged fight like the one in The Valley Of The End, after Shippuden. The reason is:

  • Naruto is missing his Kurama, and Sasuke can no longer draw chakra from the tailed beast.The chakra levels have plummeted dramatically.
  • Naruto has enormous chakra reserves, but now it’s Sasuke. The only issue is Naruto’s energy due to the Uzumaki lineage.
  • But, due to Sasuke’s intelligence, he would detect the change in chakra and be determined to win the battle in the near future.

While Naruto has a vast chakra reserve, Sasuke has a variety of methods he can employ.

In the end, the entire fight is based on two elements of both characters. For Naruto, the main reason will be his vast chakra reserves and inexplicably unpredictable behaviour. 

For Sasuke, it’s his ability to observe and the diverse collection of Jutsu he has.

Even with Sage mode’s improved speed as well as its strength and senses, Naruto can’t deal much damage to Sasuke. 

Most likely, this is because Sasuke can make use of the partial Susanoo to counter the increased attack force and senses. But, Naruto has no defence against Sasuke’s Eternal Mangekyou skills.

Many would say it was because Naruto, as well as Sasuke, were equal in their battle over the bridge. But in reality, Sasuke was blind in a small part of the country. 

As per Kishimoto, the moment that Naruto was granted access to Kurama chakra, Sasuke removed his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. 

This suggests that he was intending to have EMS Sasuke have the power equivalent to Naruto’s Kurama chakra. Naruto’s chakra is Kurama.

In keeping these aspects and their strengths in mind, I’ll affirm that Sasuke is superior to Naruto on Boruto. 

This is because Naruto does not have a counter to three of Sasuke’s famous Jutsus, i.e., Genjutsu, Amaterasu, and Susanoo. 

Even if Naruto can defeat the first two, the challenge of countering the full-body Susanoo who can perform Ninjutsu is an enormous and daunting task.

In conclusion

So, without Kurama, Sasuke is stronger than Naruto in Boruto, even without Rinnegan.

Do you believe Sasuke isn’t a good choice to be able to win? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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