What Does the Rinnegan Do? Everything Explained

Rinnegan is among the most important Dojutsus of Naruto.

It’s an integral component of both the power system of the series and the mythology. Because of its importance and significance, there’s a lot to learn about Rinnegan! 

Therefore, we have decided to create a comprehensive Rinnegan guide for Naruto as well as Boruto fans!

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss everything from the beginning: The history behind dojutsu, the steps to activate it, the most popular patterns, users, and all the other information you’d like to be aware of! 

Don’t waste time now let’s dive into it!

The Meaning of the Rinnegan Explained!

Rinnegan is the noblest of all Dojutsu. Rinnegan is the highest among the “Three Great Dojutsu” together with byakugan, Byakugan as well as the Sharingan

Jiraiya said in the event that the universe is in a state of corruption that leaves no hope, The Sage of the Six Paths gives a person the Rinnegan from heaven.

Although this is just a guess from the information Jiraiya was told Rinnegan’s past does seem to be in line with it to a certain degree. 

The eye’s owner is able to change into a god. It is their choice to decide whether they are gods in the process of creating or destroying. The Rinnegan was first awakened by Kaguya Otsutsuki.

The significance of Rinnegan Eyeshape

sasukes rinnegan 1 What Does the Rinnegan Do? Everything Explained

The eye’s concentric pattern as well as “Rinne” in dojutsu is Samsara, which is the word for an ongoing movement of the soul. 

This is the meaning of birth and death, and reincarnation. Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, and various other religions believe in.

Names like Jutsus and Dojutsus and the concepts of Naruto draw inspiration from a variety of Religions as well as mythologies! 

However, there is no way that the concepts of Naruto adheres to the “original” notions completely. It just draws the inspiration of them.

In relation to the Rinnegan eye, it symbolizes its control of what is known as the Samsara cycle. 

The abilities conferred by the Rinnegan (listed in the article) provide certain powers to the people who use them. 

These powers enable them to control all capabilities and, to a certain extent, determine the fate of a person.

This is in line Jiraiya’s statements regarding the Rinnegan. As we’ve previously mentioned, Jiraiya claimed that a person is blessed with the Rinnegan in dark times.

It makes sense since Hagoromo awakened the Rinnegan when he was fighting her mother Kaguya Otsutsuki. 

Madara was the first to awake it after deciding to cast his Infinite Tsukuyomi for peace. Nagato and Obito made use of it to achieve the same goal.

In the end, Sasuke awakened the Rinnegan to end Madara because the idea of peace he had wasn’t ideal, or more precisely, it removed the aspect that brought people to the realization that they are here. 

Whatever the motive, the Rinnegan has proven to be a blessing for individuals with the power to alter the direction of the world during times of crisis.

Moving forward, there are a variety of variations to the Rinnegan eye, too. they’re as is the case!

Rinnegan Designs

Although each variation is quite simple, they can leave an impression! They include:

Initial RinneganThe Dojutsu’s original design is an extremely simple look! It’s a dark purple color and concentric circles that cover the eyeball.

Sasuke’s Rinnegan: Sasuke’s Rinnegan adds three tomoes to two of the circles that are in the middle in the first Rinnegan.

Momoshiki’s Rinnegan: Momoshiki’s Rinnegan is identical to the original Rinnegan with one difference Momoshiki’s Rinnegan is red in hue. 


There’s a second stage in Momoshiki’s Rinnegan! 

After having consumed Kinshiki Momoshiki’s Rinnegan changes to yellow in the animated series!

Rinne-SharinganThe Rinne Sharingan was the precursor to both the Rinnegan along the Sharingan. 

The color is red, and the Rinne Sharingan contains nine tomoes that are scattered across its circular pattern. 

It is believed that the Rinne Sharingan is much rarer in comparison to its counterpart, the Rinnegan itself. 

Kaguya Otsutsuki, Ten-Tails and Madara Uchiha are the sole known holder of this Dojutsu.

Does Rinnegan have tomoe?

DojutsuNaruto 1024x576 1 What Does the Rinnegan Do? Everything Explained

Yes, some of the Rinnegans are tomoes including Sasuke as well as Kara’s Ten-Tails. But, they’re distinct from Rinne Sharingan.

Rinne Sharingan can be described as the precursor of both the Rinnegan as well as the Sharingan According to Databook 4. 

The Databook 4 is the same Databook declares that Sasuke holds the Rinnegan.

Can Rinnegan evolve?

The Rinne Sharingan may be the predecessor to the Rinnegan in terms of legends, it definitely functions as an improvement in Dojutsu! Dojutsu!

There is one dojutsu that can wield all the abilities of a Rinnegan and more The Rinne-Sharingan. It allows users to use the Infinite Tsukuyomi. 

To date it was it has been only Kaguya Otsutsuki, Ten-Tails and Madara have been able to awaken it!

Are Rinnegan connected to Uchihas?

Yes, definitely. Yes, definitely. Rinnegan along with the Uchihas are bound by fate.

This is due to the fact that both Uchihas represent the exact Descendents of Otsutsukis.

All of this begins with Hagoromo Oksutsuki. He was a teacher of Ninshu to his children. Indra The older one was an exceptional student. 

While, Asura, the younger one, persevered and learned by perseverance and hard work.

As he neared his death, Hagoromo announced Asura, the younger of the two As the chief. This led to a fight among the two brothers. 

To stop this from occurring again, Hagoromo created the Uchiha Stone Tablet. 

As you might have imagined, the Uchiha were the direct descendants of Indra and Senju are the direct descendants of Indra. Senju is from Asura.

It is believed that the Uchiha Stone Tablet that Hagoromo developed was only partially understood with a Sharingan. 

However, the Rinnegan user could completely read it and know the full story. It was the final step to put an end to the conflict among both the Indra and Asura Reincarnations.

The awakening of the Rinnegan is the destiny of those who have been chosen and having the status of an Uchiha is the most important criterion. 

Then, Black Zetsu capitalized on this. He changed Uchiha Stone Tablet and manipulated Madara to bring forth the Rinnegan.

He made it appear that Rinnegan was the solution to his needs. After that, he enlisted Madara to join forces against Hashirama (Asura’s Reincarnation at the moment) and eventually returned Kaguya.

How to Awake Rinnegan?

Rinnegan 1 1 What Does the Rinnegan Do? Everything Explained

The awakening of the Rinnegan is a breeze! All you have to do is build the Sage of the Six Paths’ Chakra.

There are two primary methods to awaken the Rinnegan. One is to obtain an understanding of the Sage Six Paths’ Chakra directly! 

You could also mix both the Senju Chakra of the Uchiha Clan with it! You must be an Uchiha as Rinnegan is the more evolved version of Sharingan or you can simply take it.

Madara is the very first Indra Reincarnation who awoke the Rinnegan and did it through the use of Hashirama’s cells.

Although it seems like it’s a breeze to accomplish, it’s not. Madara was able to do this at an extremely young age, being in his 30s by the time he did it. 

But, he only discovered the Rinnegan as he neared dying naturally.

Sasuke activated the Rinnegan by using the opposite route. He was able to receive Hagoromo’s chakra in the 4th Great Ninja War. 

Although these are the best methods of acquiring the Rinnegan You can also borrow it as well, such as Nagato as well as Obito.

Can anyone be able to awaken the Rinnegan?

The easy answer is it is not possible. Rinnegan is one of the dojutsu that belongs to the Sage of Six Paths and only a handful of lucky ones have the chance about awakening. 

There are only two human beings who have woken it up and that is Madara as well as Sasuke Uchiha.

As we’ve said that activating the Rinnegan will be the destiny of some selected Uchihas. 

Even if a person of normal age employed the same technique as Madara to wake the Rinnegan It’s nearly guaranteed to fail.

We’ve already mentioned that Madara was able to combine Indra as well as Asura’s chakra to activate the Rinnegan. 

Therefore, it’s natural to ask “what could happen if an individual who is not related to you mixed Indra as well as the chakra of Asura?”

It could or may not be the one you’d like it to be.

We believe that there is no chance of anything happening. Why? Let’s explore this by using an illustration.

To make this simpler to comprehend, let’s start through Danzo Danzo, who is not Uchiha, and also a non-Senju. Danzo was in both Sharingan and Hashirama’s cells.

But he was never able to awaken the Rinnegan. The most significant issue here is the fact that even though Danzo is blessed with the Sharingan however, he does not possess the Madara’s Sharingan i.e the Indra Chakra. 

Therefore, let’s assume Danzo is carrying Madara’s Sharingan and also.

This is how Danzo has three kinds of chakras in Danzo. A The chakra that is his own B: the chakra of Hashirama (through his cells) C Madara’s Chakra (through Madara’s Sharingan). 

Now, he is finally able to be qualified by the standard requirements to awaken the Rinnegan.

However, Danzo CANNOT awaken Rinnegan. At the very least, there’s a 99.99 percent possibility that he will not. 


It all comes down to compatibility. It’s likely that Danzo’s physique could not be compatible with two different types of chakra within it in conjunction with the chakra it has.

Danzo himself admitted that it was very difficult to control the chakra of Hashirama as it seemed to always attempt to devour the man. 

Therefore, having Madara’s chakra within the mix could make the task of controlling both chakras more difficult.

In addition, the body isn’t completely pure. It’s a blend of Senju, Uchiha, and various other chakras.

It is vital to possess Indra and Asura’s chakras to activate the dojutsu that can be fulfilled by this. 

There is a chance Danzo’s personal chakra could affect the process of making the Sage of the Six Paths chakra.

Additionally, Danzo barely has any control over the new chakras in his body. Therefore, there’s only a one-in-a-million chance that he will be able to awaken the Rinnegan.

This is further confirmed through the historical background of Rinnegan. There have been just four (4) human beings who have utilized the Rinnegan.

They comprise Madara Uchiha Sasuke Uchiha Nagato Uzumaki, and Obito Uchiha. You can see clearly the fact that all four are very closely related to Indra as well as Asura.

Uchiha Clan is the ancestral home of Indra Reincarnations, in addition, The Uzumaki clan has close kin to that of the Senju Clan.

Senju and Uzumaki Senju and Uzumaki, both have been Asura’s Reincarnations. Even with this heavy lineage Nagato As well as Obito made use of Madara’s Rinnegan as it was not possible to awaken it on their own.

So, an outsider could only dream of awakening the Rinnegan in an alternate universe.

Who Are Rinnegan Users

1. Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Hagoromo Otsutsuki

Also called the Sage of the Six Paths, Hagoromo is the first person to activate the Rinnegan.

He is among the strongest creatures in the Narutoverse. Hagoromo has sealed Kaguya Otsutsuki with Hamura, his brother. Hamura and developed Ninshu.

He is able to use all of the six paths, including the Creation of everything, and has also has traveled through time as an entity.

These abilities only scratch only the surface of his extensive array of capabilities.

2. Momoshiki Otsutsuki

Momoshiki Otsutsuki

Momoshiki was brought by the family of Otsutsuki. His mission was to discover the location of Kaguya and then extract the chakra fruit from the Earth!

It’s not a surprise that Momoshiki Otsutsuki is over the Progenitor Chakra herself! 

It is, however, debatable because Kaguya has sucked from the Divine Fruit several times and during the 4th Ninja War maximum of her chakra was located inside Naruto.

3. Ten-Tails


The Ten-Tails is the merged version of Kaguya Otsutsuki as well as The God Tree. 

It is capable of causing massive destruction The Ten-Tails were created by Kaguya to obtain their chakra from the sons she had lost to her. 

The Tailed Beast is able to subdue all Nine Tailed Beasts

4. Black Zetsu

Black Zetsu

In order to continue Kaguya’s rule by using the Yin-Yang Release Zetsu is the Rinnegan and the Rinnegan. 

Although it might not be extremely powerful, it is an elusive being that played with Madara as the master of Puppets.

5. Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha

A incarnation of Indra Otsutsuki. Madara was able to play hashirama Senju however, even that didn’t suffice. 

When he awakened the Rinnegan in a near-death condition, Madara started to execute his plan to unleash The Infinite Tsukuyomi.

He still was able to use an innate Rinnegan due to Kabuto however, he was not yet at his fullest. 

After he was freed to his Edo Tensei Jutsu, he unleashed his rage on the world, and even brought the Rinne-Sharingan back to life!

6. Nagato Uzumaki

Nagato Uzumaki 1 What Does the Rinnegan Do? Everything Explained

Nagato is the very first person to be the first to receive Madara’s Rinnegan. 

Madara placed his Rinnegan in Nagato in the early years of his life because he was a member of the Uzumaki Clan without Nagato’s knowing.

He picked Nagato because Uzumaki is close to Senju Clan by blood!

7. Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha

Then he was scouted and thrown into the pit of the hell of Madara, Obito lived his life following “dying” in the form of Madara Uchiha was planning to unleash the Infinite Takuyomi. 

He seized Nagato’s Rinnegan following the death of Pain in order to declare the Fourth Shinobi War.

Together with the Rinnegan He absorbed the Seven Tailed Beasts in the beginning and utilized some of the chakras of the previous two beasts, later becoming the Jinchuriki with Ten-Tails.

8. Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha

The sole survivor of the Uchiha Clan was unable to win against Madara Uchiha and an ax pierced his chest. 

At this crucial moment, the Elder of the Six Path, Hagoromo Otsutsuki made it possible to pay a visit to Sasuke as well as Naruto.

He explained the story of Ninjas and the Otsutsuki to them and gave the two his powers. 

Naruto is the reincarnation of Asura was granted the physical power as Hagoromo (SOSP mode. Truth Seeker Balls) and Sasuke was granted the power of Rinnegan!

This means that Sasuke could see Madara’s limbs. He was in a position to fight to the strength of Kaguya(weakened) as well as Momoshiki too!

Rinnegan Abilities/Powers

The fundamental abilities that are granted to all Rinnegan users are as follows!

1. Check the flow of Chakras

As with the Byakugan and the Byakugan, the Rinnegan can observe a person’s chakra’s flow with great clarity and be able to see through barriers and walls. 

Madara utilized this power in an attempt to comprehend the condition of Might Guy and anticipate his actions. The power is scalable for Otsutsukis.

For instance, Kaguya could see different kinds of chakras, in various shades. In addition, Momoshiki’s Byakugan enabled him to see the future of others.

This is a great ability to use in both psychological and combat war.

2. The mastery over all changes in Nature as well as Jutsu

The Rinnegan gives its user its ability to be able to master the five fundamental nature transformations. They can also learn any jutsu easily!

Only a few Shinobis have been capable of mastering all five fundamental nature transformations, without the Rinnegan. 

An excellent example is the Third Hokage Hirzuen Sarutobi!

This lets the user become more flexible in battle, which causes the enemy to be alert since they don’t know which attack they will face next!

3. The ability to read the Sage of the Six Paths’ Tablet

The Sage of the Six Paths’ Stone Tablet is thought to be the oldest Shinobi relic; that also confirms that there is Hagoromo Otsutsuki.

It can also only be read with the Rinnegan.

Hagoromo created the tablet with Rinnegan. It’s an integral part of the Shinobi’s history that explains the conflict with Indra, Asura, and their new incarnations.

4. The six paths Technique

The six paths Technique 1 What Does the Rinnegan Do? Everything Explained

The Rinnegan provides its users with access to it to use the Six Paths Technique. 

Although it is not a technique the technique provides seven different pathways for the person using it. 

These include:

Deva Path: The Deva Path grants the user the capability to apply attractive/repulsive forces against objects and individuals. 

This is indeed the most famous ability of Pain that has destroyed Konoha village in a matter of seconds. Konoha village in a matter of seconds.

The ability is not able to be used to attack multiple times. The time it takes to cool down is contingent on the size of the method used. 

The cooldown for the minimum is 5 seconds. It can last for a long time!

It also permits users to utilize Chibaku Tensei, which Pain employed against Naruto.

Asura Path: The Asura Path allows the user to turn portions of their body into mechanical weapons that can be used to fight.

It can attack using missiles, chainsaws, cannons, extra limbs, etc.

An example: Nagato channeled the Asura Path by using the help of a Ninja puppeteer. He also delivered the final blow to Jiraiya.

Human Path: The Human Path allows the user to access the thoughts of an individual. The user is able to extract the soul of the victim by placing their hands on the chest or the head of the target.

The victim’s death is inevitable, even if the person is not planning to take their soul. While this is an amazing capability, it doesn’t offer much value in actual combat.

Example: Pain used it to eliminate a number of shinobis in The Pain Assault Arc and included Shizune.

Animal Path: The Animal Path allows the user to summon animals to help in the battle.

The Path allows users to summon creatures without any blood sacrifices or hand seals! The Path also allows users to summon others by hand seals!

What is the main difference between what makes Human Path from normal Summoning Jutsu is the summoned creatures are immortal!

This summons played a significant part in the strategy of Pain because they were powerful enough to take care of the majority of their foes. 

Even if they weren’t powerful enough to bring the enemy down, however, they played an important part in bringing them down.

Creatures summoned by the Animal Path are as follows:

1. Giant Drill-Beaked Bird

It’s a huge bird with a huge beak, which can fly and attack at extremely high speeds.

2. Giant multi-headed Dog

A huge and super strong multi-headed dog with wings that can split into separate dogs if struck; it is believed that the summons is only destroyed by defeating the summoner!

3. Giant Snake-Tailed Chameleon

Similar to an actual chameleon summoner is able to blend into the surrounding environment, permitting its summoner to attack seemingly out of thin air. 

It also protects its owner by keeping them in their mouths.

The snake tail functions to act as an extra limb well, which is able to catch the intended targets.

4. Giant Panda

Giant Panda Giant Panda, as the name implies is a Giant Panda. Its main function is to shield users from attacks. 

The pain made use of to be the Giant Panda to fend off Sage Mode Jiraiya’s Sage Art Hair Needle Senbon Jutsu.

5. Giant Ox

It is believed that the Giant Ox is capable of making lots of destruction simply due to its massive size. It’s also not thought to be intelligent.

6. Giant Rhino

Similar to Giant Ox, the Giant Rhino has destructive power due to its size and its charging capabilities.

7. Giant Crustacean

It is the Giant Crustacean is a durable adversary due to its Armor. It also employs Jutsus as those used in Water Release: Wild Bubble Wave Jutsu.

8. Giant Centipede

It is a tough and robust body because it can destroy buildings with its body. We have no information about the subject since it didn’t play an important role.

The Preta Path

Preta Path Preta Path allows the user to absorb Chakra in any way. The user is able to take in Chakra from any body part and it is a powerful method of defense.

It can absorb all types of chakra, including Senjutsu. But, the user is at the possibility of becoming stone if they absorb too the Senjutsu chakra too much!

Naraka The Path

Naraka Path allows the user to summon the King of Hell. He who is the King of Hell is a God who governs life and death. 

This god gives two powers to users, including the ability to interrogate and the power of restoration.


If the user grabs the target in his grasp and begins to ask questions, The King of Hell is revealed behind the user with dark fires surrounding the target. 

Arms emerge from the mouth of the god, and it grasps the victim’s life force. It then makes its judgment. 

If the person being targeted is lying or refuses to respond to the question, their life force is taken from them. 

If one responds honestly, they’re not punished however they are left in an exhausted state.


The Naraka Path allows users to repair any type of damage. In order to do this, it is necessary to summon the God of Hell and then allow it to consume the target by extending its arms. 

After a while, the target emerges from the mouth of the god perfectly hydrated.

This means that Naraka Path is the biggest asset of the Rinnegan and is especially beneficial when working in groups (Like in the Six Paths of Pain) because the team members are renewed over and over again!

The Outer Path

The most significant benefit of the Outer Path is that it gives the user the power to control death and life. Yes, it is the Rinne Rebirth Jutsu.

As you might have guessed that this Jutsu can be used to revive an individual. But, the death of the user will occur due to the consequences of the Jutsu.

In addition aside, it is also possible to use the Outer Path allows the user to build black chakra receivers. They have been extensively used from the Pain Assault Arc.

It also permits the user to utilize the Chakra Chains that are part of the Gedo Statue. The chains can be utilized to control the nine Tailed Beasts!

5. Invoking to summon the Gedo Statue

Invoking to summon the Gedo Statue

The Rinnegan lets the user open the seal on the Gedo Statue and summon it in addition.

The Gedo Statue is the relic of the husk from Ten-Tails, following its chakra being removed and divided into nine Tailed-Beasts. Hagoromo then closed it up within the moon.

But, as mentioned earlier the Rinnegan lets the user return it to Earth!

The Gedo Statue has the ability to absorb any chakra in a flash and house all Nine Tailed Beasts.

It also comes with Chains that have seals cursed, which can be used to subdue Tailed-Beasts, as Obito and Madara did.

6. Individual Ability

Rinnegan gives all its users capabilities that are specific to the particular user. These capabilities are as follows:


Madara may make “Limbos”, i.e. Shadows of himself that exist in an unreal world that coexists with his “original/real” reality.

The world of the void is not possible to comprehend or perceive unless one has equipped with the Rinnegan or Sage of the Six Paths chakra. 

Limbos are the same as Madara. Limbos are as powerful as Madara and are able to be destroyed only through “Six Paths Senjutsu” attacks.

As they’re as strong as Madara and Naruto, only someone who’s at the same level as Naruto and Sasuke will be able to stop them.

Amenotejikara as well as Portals

Sasuke’s Rinnegan provides him with a skill known as “Amenotejikara”. This ability lets him change places with other people and objects within a particular distance (in meters).

Amenotejikara is an essential element of Sasuke’s arsenal because it’s a fantastic tool for a surprise. It lets him escape from a trap and then put his adversaries in them!

The Rinnegan also allows Sasuke to open portals in time and space, allowing him to travel between dimensions.

This is vital against Otsutsukis as they could trap their foes in multiple dimensions!

Chakra Absorption

While everyone Rinnegan users are able to absorb chakra, Momoshiki Otsutsuki absorbs chakra by using the Rinnegan to his right. 

Then he amplifies it and releases it by using the Rinnegan on his left hand.

Additionally, the dojutsu lets him transform any living creature into edible!

They can be thought of as tiny fractions in what is known as the Chakra Fruit in a sense. 

Momoshiki utilized this power on his friend Kinshiki.

Does Naruto have the Rinnegan?

Naruto have the Rinnegan

Okay, this question may cause a bit of annoyance to a lot of Naruto fans like me. When I first came across this question, thought “Who would think that? Did they not watch Naruto?”

Well, maybe I was correct, sort of. Boruto has attracted many new fans, and also snubbed many Stans too.

It appears that fan art that features Naruto being the owner of the Rinnegan is confusing some fans! New fans believed that Naruto could utilize the Rinnegan!

Some people who aren’t fans of the Boruto manga believed that Naruto brought back the Rinnegan from The Boruto Manga! Wow! What a mistake!

Let me be very clear, it’s impossible for Naruto to be able to awaken Rinnegan. Rinnegan. It’s true that Naruto could steal it but I’m not sure it will ever occur.

But, in the “How to get to the Rinnegan?” section above, Naruto should be able to wake the Rinnegan you think? But, unfortunately, it’s not so.

Why Naruto Does Not Have the Rinnegan?

Although Naruto was a resurrection Asura and is an Uzumaki, waking the Rinnegan appears to be out of the question for him.

He’ll meet the fundamental requirements for awakening the Rinnegan effortlessly in the event that he takes the Sasuke Chakra. 

It could actually perform better than the cells of Hashirama’s for Madara as Sasuke already is the Rinnegan!

There are however some significant issues. The first is that simply taking Indra and Asura’s chakras into one’s body will not create Rinnegan.

It’s a procedure. It’s highly likely that it will be longer than Naruto’s normal life!

There is a chance that Naruto may bring back the Rinnegan. Naruto has been shown to be nearly 100% compatibility the cells of Hashirama (i.e. that his right hand is new) and is also an Asura Reincarnate.

Therefore, his body will be able to react nicely to Indra’s chakra. There’s a possibility that Naruto could be able to awaken the Rinnegan as he reaches his 90s or more. 

However, the Rinnegan will be of little use in the next few years.

There’s a thing to remember. Although this is purely speculation, however, it can be viewed as a factor in this scenario. 

Naruto is always below average in all things connected to Genjutsu, or Dojutsu generally.

Naturally, he isn’t the best suited to skills like Genjutsu or others that are typically thought to be associated with dojutsu practitioners.

Because of Naruto’s inherent incompatibility with other things, it’s possible that the combination of the chakra could be even more time-consuming.

It’s just an observation; we are not attempting to suggest that this is the reason Naruto is unable to get the Rinnegan.

This topic was discussed previously; take this as an aside.

In the end, There’s a chance that Naruto could be the one to awaken the Rinnegan as Naruto is more compatible with Rinnegan users such as Nagato or Obito.

But, there’s no tangible evidence that proves that Naruto isn’t at all compatible with Madara.

Thus the odds of Naruto getting to become the Rinnegan are less than 0.1 percent.

Is Rinnegan the most powerful Dojutsu?

Naruto All 10 Rennigan Users Ranked 1 What Does the Rinnegan Do? Everything Explained

Let’s break this down into two sections. We’ll first look at the Rinnegan against its main rivals!

Rinnegan vs Sharingan vs Byakugan

This is straightforward The Rinnegan is superior.

The Byakugan is in the final place because of its narrow scope with just one major capability.

For the Sharingan Well, Rinnegan is the evolution of the Sharingan to a point. The Mangekyou and the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan are incredible and can put one step above the rest of the Shinobi.

The current strategy isn’t enough to beat those like Hashirama, Naruto, Madara, and the Otsutsuki.

The abilities mentioned about the Rinnegan above put one ahead of the Sharingan’s abilities such as Susanoo, Genjutsu, etc.

Although Amaterasu, Kamui, and Susanoo are incredible abilities, one can hold them and possess the Rinnegan.

If we were to place Sharingan against a regular Rinnegan The only thing that would make it worthwhile to look at the Sharingan is the Susanoo.

Susanoo to Susanoo to is an amazing weapon with the incredible ability to defend and attack capable of destroying most nations.

But, Rinnegan’s techniques are superior and a Rinnegan user could benefit from Mangekyo Sharingan’s skills also; making it a simple win for the dojutsu.

What is the Story of Rinne Sharingan?

The Rinne Sharingan reigns supreme, at least in a way. There aren’t too many distinctions, to be honest.

Although one could cast the Infinite Takuyomi with the Rinne Sharingan Rinnegan, the Rinnegan is able to thwart the most powerful Genjutsu.

But, it is possible to affirm that Rinne Sharingan is the strongest because it can entrap everybody, other people, into its genjutsu to the end of time.

It is believed that the Tenseigan has a dojutsu that is supremely favored in the face of the Rinnegan. But, it’d seem too extensive to put in this section. 

However, don’t worry, we’ve provided you with everything! Go here for a detailed article about Rinnegan against Tenseigan in depth!

Final Words

Rinnegan is the strongest of all. Rinnegan is the strongest of “Three Great Dojutsus”. 

It is believed that a person who has been chosen to be blessed by the Rinnegan in times of desperation will alter the world for the better or worst.

There are a variety of patterns in the Rinnegan pattern, which spans eight people.

The original Rinnegan used by Hagoromo Otsutsuki is simple concentric patterns.

As Rinnegan gives a tremendous amount of force to the user it’s difficult to awaken it.

One requires the Sage of the Six Paths’ Chakra to unlock dojutsu. There are two ways to obtain the Rinnegan:

The first one is through gaining the Sage’s Six Paths’ Chakra from himself, similar to Sasuke Uchiha.

The other method is to collect the chakras of both Indra as well as Asura’s chakra in the body.

In this way, they will be able to collect Hagoromo’s Chakra! Madara utilized this method to awaken the Rinnegan as he was nearing his death.

The Rinnegan provides the user with incredible powers such as that of the Six Paths Technique; which has made it an indispensable device for Akatsuki as well as Madara Uchiha.

In the end, Rinnegan is one of the strongest dojutsus ever with many specifics to add We hope that this post will have cleared your biggest doubts regarding the dojutsu!

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