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Ahh … Cool Bearded Anime Characters. If there’s any more straightforward measure of a man other than weighing one’s balls, then it would be rating the majesty of one’s beard.

So today we have decided to share with you some of the best and coolest breaded anime characters these bad-ass characters are they symbols of status and manhood.

Let’s get on with the list of best breaded anime characters so we have to follow some rules while we choose them. and rules are pretty straightforward, really:

  • One character per series
  • Should at least sport a fully grown chin curtain, or more
  • Must be a bona fide badass

20 Best Bearded Anime Characters

Lets get in to the list of best bearded anime characters.

20. Flit Asuno From Gundam Age series

Flit’s personality is a dichotomy. He is generally a very friendly bearded anime characters who is easy to get along with. He could also be considered hopeful from his constant belief that the Gundam will turn the tide of the war.

When it comes to the Gundam, Flit takes everything very seriously, getting very angry even with friends if they mess with the mobile suit without his permission. After Yurin’s death, his personality takes a dark turn, vowing to exterminate the Vagan despite them being human beings.

In fact, Flit’s obsession with the Vagan would shape his way of life, with their destruction coming before anything else, including being an active part of his son Asemu’s life.

Flit Asuno From Gundam Age series bearded anime characters

His legacy and his skills prove to be a lofty shadow under which Asemu tries to emulate. In one of Asemu’s first missions Flit points out his weaknesses in regards to his fighting skills.

19. Danjuurou Tobita / Gentle Villain From Boku no Hero Academia

Danjuro is a bearded anime characters with a refined appearance. He has a slicked-back hairdo with a curl at the front and sports a handlebar mustache along with a well-kept, medium-sized beard.

Similar to La Brava, he has thick black lines around his eyes resembling eyeliner which was applied by a marker.

Gentle Villain From Boku no Hero Academia

Danjuro’s clothes are also quite extravagant, featuring a dark purple jacket with enlarged collars and coattails, a pair of loose, pinstriped pants, and two belts. He also wears a pair of cuffs and a woolly scarf. He is seen using a cane to walk.

18. Yupa Miralda From Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Master Yupa a bearded anime characters, also known as Yupa Miralda, is a master swordsman, considered the best in the Periphery, and teacher of Nausicaa.

He is a longtime friend of King Jihl and often visits the Valley of the Wind with his two horseclaws, Kai and Kui.

He first appears in the manga and the movie when he is being chased by an enraged Ohmu. He is unidentified at first because he’s wearing a Shohki Mask to protect him from the miasma of the Sea of Corruption.

Yupa Miralda From Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Yupa uses his gun in the jungle because he thought an insect had a human baby, but it was only a fox-squirrel, and that is why he is chased by the rage-filled Ohmu.

17. Zouroku Kashimura From Alice & Zouroku

A rather grumpy old man with a mysterious past and bearded anime characters.

Zouroku Kashimura From Alice & Zouroku

He works as a florist and is Sanae’s grandfather. He eventually takes Sana into his home as well.

16. Takeda Shingen From Sengoku Basara series

Leader of the Takeda clan a bearded anime characters and famous for its cavalry. Has a large, imposing frame and a brilliant mind as well. Wields a giant axe. Often starts large and unnecessary brawls with Yukimura, sometimes for no reason, usually by wrestling or exchanging names while punching each other at the face.

He was critically ill in Sengoku BASARA 3. But in Sengoku BASARA 3 Utage, he recovered immediately, becoming a playable character.

Takeda Shingen From Sengoku Basara series

He was a combat npc for Sengoku BASARA 4, but became a playable character once again in Sengoku BASARA 4 Sumeragi.

15. Yuugo Tennouji From Steins;Gate

Yuugo is a tall, muscular bearded anime characters in his early thirties with a bald head and a short-boxed beard. He wears a yellow shirt with a blue apron that reads “I Love CRT” over it.

Yuugo Tennouji From Steins;Gate

He has a great passion for CRT Television and refuses to upgrade to any other type. This coupled with the fact he owns a CRT store has resulted in Rintarou nicknaming him “Mr. Braun” after the inventor of CRTs, German physicist Ferdinand Braun and the common Japanese name for CRTs, “Braun Tubes”.

14. Precht Gaebold / Hades From Fairy Tail

Hades is a tall, elderly bearded anime characters with long, slicked back, silvery white hair, revealing his forehead. He also has a mustache, and a similarly long yet mildly thin and curly beard, reaching down to his lower chest.

He has some wrinkles on his face, as evident of his extremely advanced age; nonetheless, despite this age, his figure is muscular and well defined.

Hades From Fairy Tail

His right eye is usually seen covered by a simple eye-patch, hiding away his Demon’s Eye.

13. Charles Britannia From Code Geass

Charles is a very large bearded anime characters, towering over nearly all other characters in the series, and appears to be muscular and well-built. He has long white hair styled into Renaissance-style curls. He has violet eyes and angular features.

Charles is a cold and intelligent man who strongly holds views such as social Darwinism, believing that only the strongest are worthy of rising in society. His philosophy is not reserved solely for his adversaries.

Charles Britannia From Code Geass

However, as he treated Lelouch harshly after the death of Marianne, offering no sympathy to his then-adolescent son. He is also deeply cynical, having no confidence in the good of people and believing that humanity’s natural course is struggle and conflict.

12. Gendou Ikari From Neon Genesis Evangelion

Gendo abandoned his son, Shinji, when he was a toddler and throughout the series, he was uninterested, distant, and harsh towards Shinji a bearded anime characters. In the movie, The End of Evangelion, Gendo and Rei are in Central Dogma in front of Lilith.

He asks Rei to lower the A.T. Field so he can see Yui, his deceased wife again. Rei is supposedly made from some parts of Yui and when her AT field is lowered she and Gendo will dissolve into the “soup of life” (or “primordial goo”) uniting Gendo with the pieces of Yui.

Gendou Ikari From Neon Genesis Evangelion

She denies him saying, “I will not be your puppet” and cuts off part of his hand into her body. Despite his want to be reunited with his wife, he has affairs with Naoko Akagi, the developer of the Magi, and her daughter Ritsuko Akagi, head scientist of NERV.

There is no love in these relationships and Gendo only does it to gain their favor or have them keep secrets.

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