18 Sexiest Anime Girls of All Time

Alert! You have found the sauciest article on MyOtakuWorld. Anime, in all of its genres, has some of the sexiest anime girls I have seen, be it ecchi, shounen or shoujo.

What is an anime without a girl to be hyped about? Keeping that in mind, I am gonna try my best to get the sexiest of the sexiest girls in all of the anime on this list.

This is quite an undertaking but speaking honestly I was looking forward to writing this article but I mean I literally have to rank all our anime waifu.

So let me say that nobody can tell you that your girl is worse and theirs. If you still think that your waifu is better than someone on this list, please tell us in the comments!

So let us get on with our list! I have kept the list such that there is only one girl from one anime so that I can include as many fandoms as possible.

18. Irina Jelavic From Assassination Classroom

Irina Jelavic From Assassination Classroom

Starting off our list with a sexy assassin and a hot high school teacher. Irina is a government agent hired to kill Korosensei, who pretends to be the English teacher for Korosensei’s class so that she can get closer to him.

She has long and wavy blonde hair and light blue eyes. I like how she doesn’t bother tying her hair up because they look best flowing down her shoulders.

She has a hot and curvaceous body and a rather large pair of breasts. I like her teaching outfit, it is basically a white suit on top of a plain black top and a short skirt which exposes her sleek and smooth legs. Imagine if she was your teacher!

I don’t think I’d ever pay attention to my books in her class.

17. Shion From Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Shion From Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Next up is Shion, the sexy ogre from “That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime!” Shion is one of Rimuri’s best secretaries and part of the third group of subordinates.

She is a super-strong fighter with her large sword she can unleash chaos on anyone. As an ogre, she has a black horn protruding from the center of her forehead, which kinda makes her look cute I think.

She has long and straight purple hair, which she ties up in a high ponytail. I wonder what she would look like if she let it free.

She has got immaculate fashion sense, she wears a dark purple suit on top of a lemon green shirt.

She has got a voluptuous body and large breasts that are on the verge of popping out of her suit all the time. The suit goes well with black slim-fit pants. Who wouldn’t want such a sexy secretary?

16. Midnight From Boku no Hero Academia

Midnight From Boku no Hero Academia

At number 16, we have another sexy teacher, Nemuri Kayama who goes by her superhero name Midnight is an R Rated Pro Hero and a faculty at UA High from My Hero Academia. I mean obviously, she made this list, she is not an R Rated hero for nothing.

She is tall woman with a well-endowed figure and large curvy breasts. She has long and spiky dark purple hair and sky blue colored eyes. Now getting to the juiciest part, her outfit!

She has the outfit of a typical dominatrix with a whip and a breastless leotard over a skin-tight skin-colored bodysuit.

Her outfit is so revealing, it makes her breasts pop out and her waist looks so scrumptious. She wears thigh-high stockings that cover her thick thighs and lastly the kinkiest part is her hand-cuffs and the whip.

15. Darkness From KonoSuba

Darkness From KonoSuba

Initiating the top 15 is Darkness, one of the three main ladies in KonoSuba and personally the sexiest of them all. In the anime, she is a crusader who joins Kazuma and his party.

Among the fans, she is famous for her masochistic moments in the anime and of course the sexy faces she makes, how could I forget those! She has a well-balanced body with all the curves in the right places.

She belongs to a family with rich history thus she is mostly seen in her Royal Outfit though her fan art is mostly in the sexiest outfits imaginable. She has straight blonde hair which she prefers in the bangs and ponytail hairstyle.

She has two prominent bangs which flow down her soft cheeks clipped with red hairpins. I think anyone would enjoy the company of a sexy royal lady.

14. Rin Tohsaka From Fate/Stay Night

Rin Tohsaka From Fate/Stay Night

Next on our list is Rin, one of the participants in the Fifth Holy Grail War. In the fifth war, she is the master of Archer.

She becomes friends with the main protagonist, Emiya but she also has to compete against him in the war, kinda complicated situation.

She looks so sexy with her long and wavy brown hair tied in twin tails and the cute bangs parted in the middle.

She has greenish-blue eyes and a young-looking pretty face. She has a slim waist and long and sleek legs.

Her legs look so hot in the black thigh-high stockings. She usually wears a red shirt with full sleeves and a really short black skirt.

13. Orihime Inoue From Bleach

Orihime Inoue From Bleach

On number thirteen stands the sexy female protagonist from Bleach, Orihime Inoue. Bleach fans are always pining over Orihime and her looks.

In the anime, she is Ichigo’s classmate and a love interest. Orihime has short and straight orange hair that reaches just beneath her shoulders.

She has a sexy and curvy body and is well-endowed in the chest area. She has cute large brown eyes that make her face look pretty.

She looks pretty amazing in her school uniform but I think she looks best all grown up when her breasts are pushing the limits of her apron.

12. Mikasa From Shingeki no Kyojin

Mikasa From Shingeki no Kyojin

Mikasa is one of the main characters on Attack on Titan and a close friend and a sister figure to the lead protagonist, Eren.

She has promised to herself that she will always look after Eren and never leave his side, I love their bond. She is a tall woman with such a muscular body with abs and well-defined muscles and some great curves on her waist.

She has short and straight black hair and pale grey eyes. She looks so sexy in her Survey Corps uniform with her buttoned white shirt exposing her cleavage and outlining her abs, slim waist, and her curvy behind.

She also wears a red scarf, which is very dear to her but the fan artists always find a way to use that scarf in a sexy manner.

11. Esdeath From Akame ga Kill

Esdeath From Akame ga Kill

Next up on our list, we have Esdeath a highly ranked general affiliated with The Empire from Akame ga Kill. She is a powerful woman and eventually is chosen to lead the Jaegers.

Esdeath is a tall woman in her early 20s with a voluptuous body and a pretty face. She has long straight blue hair which almost flows down to her knees. She has a curvy body with large breasts.

She wears a General’s outfit which looks like a long white coat with black borders, long sleeves, and a black belt on her waist.

The coat fails to cover her juicy thighs and so does her white thigh-high stockings. The coat outlines her breasts and exposes her cleavage and tattoo on her chest.

10. Charlotte Roselei From Black Clover

Charlotte Roselei From Black Clover

Starting off the Top 10 of the sexiest women in anime is Charlotte, a noblewoman from the Roselei family and the captain of the Blue Rose Magic Knight’s Squad.

Black Clover has several sexy women but I think she trumps them all and by coincidence the strongest woman in the anime. I love her blue-rose-themed character design, like her outfit and her armor, and much more.

She has long and silky blonde hair, which she keeps tied up in a bun under a decorated helmet except a braid flowing down on her left cheek, but her best hairstyle is when she lets her silky hair flow on occasion.

She has a sexy body which is outlined when she wears a royal blue dress to a mixer. Ah, that outfit and pale soft blushing cheeks, that was one good episode!

While on a battlefield she wears plate armor decorated with vines and flowers with a short blue skirt and knee-high armored boots.

9. Erina Nakiri From Food Wars

Erina Nakiri From Food Wars

Next up on our list, is one of the main characters on Food Wars and the rival of Souma, Erina Nakiri. She is an amazing chef and stands at the top of her class and a tough rival for Souma to beat.

Erina has long golden-blonde hair with side bangs covering her pale and soft cheeks, she has a unique shade of pink and purple in her eyes. She has a well-endowed body with a curvy waist.

She wears her high school uniform which is basically a plain white shirt underneath a navy blue coat, a yellow and brown checkered short skirt, and a cute red bowtie with blue stripes.

She looks so sexy in her schoolgirl outfit and though she is kinda pampered I think everyone would love to have her in their class.

8. Yumeko Jabami From Kakegurui

Yumeko Jabami From Kakegurui

I don’t think I can make a list of the sexiest anime girls without including my girls from Kakegurui. The entire anime is basically a story of a high school filled with sexy hot girls fighting each other with their mind games.

Yumeko is the sexiest of all the girls, at least in my opinion she is. She has long and silky black hair with bangs covering her forehead.

I love that she lets her hair flow freely, it’s the best hairstyle for her. She has the juiciest body and the school uniform outlines her curvy breasts.

She has honey-dewed brown eyes which become red when she gets hyped up, that’s kinda cool!

7. Elizabeth Liones From Nanatsu no Taizai

Elizabeth Liones From Nanatsu no Taizai

On the number seven spot stands, Elizabeth Liones, one of the main characters in the anime. Elizabeth, though she seems like a pretty normal character in the beginning who finds Meliodas, she is later revealed to be an important character on the show.

Elizabeth is a young woman in her late teens with one of the best curvaceous bodies I have ever seen. She has very large breasts and soft pale skin.

She is a silver hair anime girl and bangs that cover her right eyes all the time. She wears the most revealing outfits out of every other girl in the anime.

In her debut, she wears a cute pink top with a long black bow tie and an extremely skimpy skirt revealing her juicy thighs.

She only wears one of her thigh-high black stockings, leaving her other leg completely exposed. Later she is also seen wearing a skin-tight dark blue sleeveless top and a white short skirt.

6. Boa Hancock From One Piece

Boa Hancock From One Piece

Hancock is said to have the perfect figure a woman can have and is considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world. It follows the aesthetics, the proportions, everything.

Boa has several nicknames, my favorite is “Snake Princess” is a strong woman and a captain of a crew called, Kuja Pirates.

She is a tall woman in her twenties with long black hair reaching down to her lower back and some locks of hair flowing down her pale and soft cheeks and dark brown eyes.

She has a slender body with some curves, no seriously some of the biggest curves possible because she is said to have a J-Cup in Japanese standards. Her outfits are literally out of this world!

My favorite is the red jacket with long bell sleeves and a V neck going down till her waist exposing her side breasts and her mid-riff region. Also in the same outfit, she wears a long skirt revealing one of her sleek legs.

5. Ino Yamanaka From Naruto and Boruto

Ino Yamanaka From Naruto

Starting off our Top 5 list is the sexiest Kunoichi from Naruto, Ino Yamanaka. Ino is from the Yamanaka clan which specializes in mind-affecting techniques.

You know even if she wasn’t from the Yamanaka Clan she would still be on my mind!

She has the prettiest silky blonde hair and light blue eyes but besides those, she is on this list for her pale-skinned soft sexy body with big breasts and a curvy bottom.

I love her outfit in Boruto, she wears a high collared sleeveless purple blouse exposing her midriff and with that, she wears a purple-colored long and black stockings with sexy black boots.

4. Albedo From Overlord

Albedo From Overlord

Next up on number four of our list, we have Albedo, an Overseer Guardian of the Tomb of Nazarick. She is one of the three sisters, Albedo, Nigredo, and Rubedo. She is a succubus, so obviously she has to be sexy.

She is a demon succubus with white horns and silky jet-black hair. She has the face of a goddess and the body of a sexy demon.

Her outfits are extremely sexy and reveal so much of her pale soft skin. I think her sexiest feature is her wings, she has black angel wings stemming from her lower back near her curvy waist.

She wears a long white dress that flows down her sexy body revealing her cleavage and the sides of her thick thighs. She also wears a white choker with golden stripe patterns.

3. Erza Scarlet From Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet From Fairy Tail

Now getting to the Top 3 sexiest women on our list, Erza Scarlet, a mage affiliated with the Fairy Tail guild. Erza is probably the strongest woman mage in her guild.

I still remember her introduction was so hyped up in the anime and I was not disappointed by her debut. Erza has long red hair flowing down up to her waist and dark brown eyes.

She has a slender and sexy figure. She usually wears armor over her white top and a short blue dark blue skirt.

The sexiest thing about Erza is that she has so many outfits, my favorite one is Heaven’s Wheel. She looks so great in that outfit with lustrous silver angel wings and her pale sexy midriff exposed.

Another favorite is the Demon Blade Benizakura! In this outfit, she literally just wraps a long white bandage on her large breasts leaving a curvy cleavage and her midriff exposed.

2. Zero Two From Darling in the Franxx

Zero Two From Darling in the Franxx

Next up on number two is Zero Two, that was not intentional, just a happy coincidence! Zero Two is the main female protagonist in the anime. She is not exactly a human and not a complete monster either.

She is a member of the APE Special Forces, fighting on the frontlines in Franxx. Zero Two has an amazing shade of pink hair and bright blue eyes. She is tall with very fair skin and a pretty face. She has two small red horns protruding from her head and a white band.

She has bangs covering her forehead and the rest of her hair flows freely up to her waist. She has two of the sexiest outfits I have seen, first is her mecha suit which is a skin-tight red bodysuit with white stripes highlighting her features.

This outfit reveals her slim and slender body and also her big breasts. The second outfit is what she wears most of the time, which is basically a red long coat over a white high collared shirt and black skin-tight leggings.

1. Rias Gremory From High School DxD

Rias Gremory From High School DxD

So I don’t think this would be a surprise to a seasoned weeb. There is no doubt that Rias is the sexiest of all women in all anime. She is the heiress to the Gremory Clan and the female protagonist of High School DxD.

Rias has long straight crimson hair which flows down up to her lower back and bangs cover her forehead and her side bangs framing her head and beautiful greenish-blue eyes.

She has a well-endowed body with large breasts and a slender waist. She looks so sexy in her school uniform, her breasts barely fit in her shirt and her curvy behind pull up her skirt by a few inches.

Rias is like the best-designed, sexiest woman in all anime ever!

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