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New anime come and go all the time, but some legendary old school anime are here to stay and worth watching. And as we all know there are too many awesome old anime to watch and new anime don’t stand any chance in front of these all time awesome anime. Lets see some of the old school anime which are worth re-watching.

Here is Top 10 Old School Anime List

Make Sure share what do you think about this list in comments below.

10. Trigun – 1998

Trigun – 1998

Vash the Stampede is a gunman on the run with a 60 billion double dollar bounty on his head which has made it difficult for him to go anywhere without being chased and shot at.

Every town he ever visits ends up being destroyed because of his pursuers, but miraculously no one ever gets killed. Meryl and Milly are two insurance agents that have been sent to find Vash the Stampede and keep him under surveillance so no more damage is caused.

Meryl, who leads the pair, refuses to believe that the man they have met can possibly be the legendary gunman. This spikey haired, gangly, young man is extremely friendly, a pacifist, hates blood and suicide, absolutely loves donuts, and is a dork and a crybaby (far from a notorious outlaw).

But there is more to Vash and his past than meets the eye.

Trigun is another one of my “must see in your anime career” shows. The easiest way to explain why I believe this can be summed up by one name: Vash.

Vash the Stampede is arguably one of the coolest, toughest, and funniest characters ever created. He’s everyone’s favorite superhero (even though he demolishes everything he gets close to).

Vash brings forth something that I think everyone has a little in themselves, compassion. If Vash had a middle name, it would be Compassion.

As if Vash wasn’t enough for this show, they thought it might be a good idea to throw in a fantastic music score too. Tsuneo Imahori really hit the nail on the head with his work here.

Great opening, great ending, and great background music throughout the show. I like some tracks in this old school anime so much that I often listen to them while exercising.

Wolfwood, Meril, and Milly are great supporting characters. The constant bickering between them will trigger plenty of laughter. Not a ton of detail goes into their pasts, but enough is presented to satisfy the viewer.

Animation is from the late 90’s, so it’s nothing crazy. It’s great for the time period though.

Overall, one of my favorite old school anime. Worth a watch no matter what type of series interests you.

Genre: Action, comedy, drama, science fiction, post-apocalyptic, space western, Western, old school anime, vintage anime

9. Rurouni Kenshin – 1996

Rurouni Kenshin – 1996

Himura Kenshin is a vagabond with a dark anime past and sunny disposition. Not a ronin but a rurouni, he was never a samurai, but an assassin of utmost skill in the Meiji restoration, who in the turning point of the war simply walked away.

His travels lead him to Tokyo in the 11th year of the Meiji era, where he befriends a female Kendo master, a former thief, a brawler and a doctor all with their own secrets. Together they fight off the enemies surfacing from the dark past that Kenshin cannot escape. 

Your deeds of the past is something you won’t be able to evade, neither ignore in any way: it will always come back gnawing at you.

This is the tale of Himura Kenshin, who once was a ruthless assassin in the past, in his quest of finding redemption from his previous actions.

Rorouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan is a magnificent, well crafted samurai based anime with fantastic characterization and story, which is so rare to find these days.

However, it is profoundly clear that this old school anime falls apart in the last third of its duration, due to fillers.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Historical, Romance, Samurai, old school anime

8. Yu Yu Hakusho – 1992

Yu Yu Hakusho – 1992

One day, 14 year old Yusuke Urameshi suddenly finds himself dead, having died pushing a child out of the way of oncoming traffic.

Since he has such a bad personality, even the Spirit World was caught by surpise that he would sacrifice himself. Yusuke soon finds out he wasn’t supposed to die and has a chance for resurrection and bringing his body back to life.

After being resurrected, Yusuke becomes a Spirit Detective, along with his comrades, and one adventure after another happens, whether it be an investigation or a fighting tournament.

I was pleasantly surprised when I first watched this show, as I was expecting another typical DBZ clone that was heavy on action but light on the plot and character development.

Amazingly what I discovered was the first shounen action anime that was ever able to hold my attention for over 100 episodes.

Despite the length of the series and the now-familiar superpowered junior high school student cliché, Yu Yu Hakusho manages to deliver original material for each episode.

Genre: Action, comedy, drama, supernatural, tournament, old school anime

7. Berserk – 1997

Berserk – 1997

Guts, a man who calls himself “The Black Swordsman” looks upon his days serving as a member of a group of mercenaries, the Band of the Hawk, nicknamed “the Grim Reaper of the Battlefield.”

Led by an ambitious, ruthless, and intelligent man named Griffith, together they battle their way into the royal court, and are forced into a fate that may chang… more Guts, a man who calls himself “The Black Swordsman”

Looks upon his days serving as a member of a group of mercenaries, the Band of the Hawk, nicknamed “the Grim Reaper of the Battlefield.”

Led by an ambitious, ruthless, and intelligent man named Griffith, together they battle their way into the royal court, and are forced into a fate that may change their entire lives.

Berserk is an amazing anime. Although I heavily disagree with starting the first episode in a time line after the last episode in the series as it has discouraged more then a few people who I have had to set strait.

After you get to the meat of the story, and the relationships between Guts, and the other members of The Band of the Hawk you will find yourself in a late night cram session feeding your brain with episode after episode of Berserk. All in all this anime has everything I wanted.

Genre : Action, Adventure, Demons, Fantasy, Horror, Military, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural, old school anime

6. Outlaw Star – 1998

Outlaw Star – 1998

Outlaw Star is a space opera | Space Western set in the fictional “Towards Stars Era” universe.  

Gene Starwind and his partner Jim Hawking run a small business on the backwater planet of Centinel 3.

But all that changes the day that Hilda hires them for a bodyguard job. Now, thrust into a mystery they don’t fully understand, they’re on the run from the cops, the pirates, an angry alien, and a mysterious assassin.

But they’ve got one thing going in their favor – they have the galaxy’s most advanced ship, the Outlaw Star.

First off I’d say, right away, Outlaw Star does a fantastic job of painting a beautiful world of good vs. evil and those inbetween, the outlaws. The characters are all solid, but I particularly love that the main character is so… human.

He’s morally complex (and sexually deviant). I find something about his character so… believable, if not relatable. I hate it when characters, main ones in particular, are so pristine or so caught up in idyllic optimism that they just come across as naively romantic.

Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Parody, old school anime

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