38 Scariest Horror Anime of All Time (2024)

We’ll be discussing some of the most frightening anime ever made, whether it be TV shows or movies, throughout the history of anime.

It’s getting scary, I know.

First, make sure that the lights are on and the door is locked. Then let’s get in.

There are many options for horror fans, and there is no shortage of scary movies.

But when it comes down to anime, horror can be a difficult genre.

It doesn’t matter how difficult it is to find Scariest Horror Anime, there is no turning back!

Let’s look at some of the horror anime that is the most frightening!

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38. Bio Hunter

Bio Hunter

The virus infects the entire world, rendering everyone affected void of emotion.

This is accompanied by a craving for human flesh.

Both doctors are desperately looking for a cure, and our MC duo is their doctor.

Then, fate decides to pull a Walking Dead on them and one of their doctors is infected by the virus.

He doesn’t instantly turn into a blood-craving beast.

So he continues to research and is now painfully aware that the clock is ticking before he loses his control and devours all those around him, including his loved ones.

37. Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt

Many horror films and anime feature scary ghosts. 

After accidentally breaking some equipment, Mai, a sixteen-year-old girl, is forced to help Shibuya Psychic research. 

This show sounds like the horror version…) of the Ouran High School Host Club.

There are priests, exorcists, and spirit mediums all over this show, as well as a Catholic priest from Australia. 

This supernatural anime has shorter episodes than the other shows.

36. Monster


Sometimes, the most frightening things in horror anime aren’t ghosts or supernatural monsters. 

The Beginning of Horror presents Kenzou Tenma as a surgeon with a tough choice.

Do you want to live the life of the mayor or that of a child? 

For the remainder of the show, he must live with the consequences.

35. Shiki


Shiki can seem a bit sluggish at times, but underneath her cheerful voice-overs, animated animations and colorful appearances, you’ll discover something sinister. 

The story is about Megumi Shimizu, 15 years old. She died suddenly in Sotoba.

This causes a deadly epidemic that leaves behind a lot of blood and terror. 

Toshio Ozaki is a young doctor who seeks the truth and abandons his humanity. 

Natsuno Yuuki, who is disturbed by the death of Megumi, teams up with Toshio to stop Sotoba from becoming a vampire town.

34. Mi Yu Xing Zhe

Mi Yu Xing Zhe

A group of people awaken to discover that they are on an island deserted, full of disease and hostile tribes.

It’s not BTOOM, they don’t have any bombs.

Our MC also has amnesia. Still no BTOOM.

They must also figure out how they got onto the island, and how they can survive there.

The island survival trope is nothing new. The mystery surrounding this whole affair is quite intense.

The R-rating doesn’t serve as a mere show.

It is also available in Chinese.

33. Memories


Memories is a very oddball anime character in terms of form.

It is a collection that includes three movies, each telling a different story in different genres.

A very eerie, tense atmosphere is the only thing that remains constant throughout the films. 

It is. Definitely in the psychological camp for horror.

Magnetic Rose is the first and most intriguing movie. 

The movie uses an eye-catching color palette and the sci-fi setting fits the overall narrative very well.

You won’t be able to shake this collection. It will keep you on the edge as paranoia sets in.

32. Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue

This movie is amazing. It is painfully real, but it is still possible to imagine it as something that is out of this world.

The core concept is just a girl who wants to become an idol.

Things become more complicated when a stalker begins to breathe down her neck and people are being murdered for unknown reasons.

This is where the psychological horror show kicks in, as we see the lines between what’s real and what’s a delusion get blurred. 

An ominous veil covers the screen, blocking any hope or happiness.

This video is for those who like “ye old brain coitus”.

31. Another


Another is one of the most frightening horror anime ever made. 

This anime features 12 episodes filled with creepy and mysterious deaths. 

After a student was killed at Yomijama North Middle School in 1972, Class 3-3 became known for its poor reputation.

Everyone pretending that nothing happened followed. 

All its teachers, students, and family members are in danger of suffering terrible deaths due to a curse.

Kouichi, a transfer student in classes 3-3, is new. 

Soon, he begins to notice a Mei girl that no one else can see. 

Once again, the curse begins to take lives. 

These horrific deaths must be stopped and the root cause of the problem must be addressed by survivors. 

The story’s mystery continues to challenge viewers’ expectations until the end. 

There are always new and mysterious elements that you will see, some just to confuse you. 

You shouldn’t attempt to predict everything. Its intrigues and unpredictability can be enough to make you scream or run for your life.

30. Hell Girl

Hell Girl

Did you know? You can only access a website online at midnight

It’s called The Hotline to Hell and it only has a black background with a sentence that says: “I will exact my vengeance.” 

You can enter a name in the box to be cursed to hell right away.

As long as you also follow your death, Enma Ai (the Hell Girl) is the intermediary who creates and executes the contracts. 

Although this anime isn’t the most graphic, it does explore the horrors of human hearts. 

There is no pure evil or innocence.

29. When They Cry

When They Cry

This is also known as When They Cry 3.

It is the third TV anime series that was adapted from the game

This alternate setting is from Higurashi no Nagu Koro Ni’s first series.

Umineko, a spiritual sequel to the Higurashi Series is focused on Battler Ushiromiya (one of the sons of the ultra-rich Ushiromiya family). 

To decide who gets what, the entire family gathers on an uninhabited island. 

The island is surrounded by a series of unfathomable events that lead to the death of all its inhabitants. 

A witch is a person responsible.

She engages Battler in an online game that reverses the events and encourages him to solve all the murders. 

Although the plot is not unlike other horror anime, the backstories and creepiness of the various and horrifying cast add to the terror and mystery.

28. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

This is a set of four OVAs, which bring you all the Corpse Party goodness that you experienced in the games.

It takes about two hours to complete, and it is filled with despair for at least an hour.

Our characters fall for ghost stories after telling them.

It’s a mixture of horrific imagery, psychological trauma, and brutal murder.

As a reminder, the children are the protagonists. If you have a sensitive stomach, skip this one.

27. Berserk


Berserk’s world is definitely a cruel and unforgiving one.

I’m talking particularly about the 1997 series, as it is by far the best.

If you aren’t concerned with CGI, the later movies can satisfy your Berserk cravings.

Berserk’s beginning is, in many ways, the most horrific and horrifying.

You are basically entering this innocent. It’s possible to imagine some semblance of hope and happiness.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of it all, that you find yourself unable to help but to clench your teeth.

There is definitely enough blood and gore to warrant the horror price tag.

The most frightening part of this world is, in truth, its psychology, which may be ours.

26. Happy Sugar Life

Happy Sugar Life

The show is quite inconsistent.

It’s a bit pessimistic to only see certain scenes and ignore others.

The protagonist is bullied from time to time.

If you look at those “other” parts, the Yandere simulator seems to be finished.

The combination of both is not what I expected. 

The show has a menacing atmosphere due to the mental state of the protagonist.

25. Psychic Detective Yakumo

Psychic Detective Yakumo

It is literally what it is. Yakumo, the protagonist, is known as Yakumo.

One of his eyes, which is red, allows him to communicate with the dead.

It’s episodic and every episode is a ghost story the protagonists must solve.

However, each case is part of a larger plot.

It’s also incredibly complex and unpredictable.

This anime series is for you if ghost stories and old police dramas are your favourites.

24. Hellsing


Hellsing belongs more to the horror anime genre.

It is an anime series of a relatively short length that depicts classic fantasy creatures, vampires, and action

We all know Van Helsing, a vampire hunter from the Dracula legend who still kills oddities after his death. 

His terrifying story is the inspiration for this one. 

It follows the adventures of a vampire named Alucard and his partner, Seras Victoria, who is a police agent-turned-vampire. 

They are part of the vampire extermination group Hellsing, based in England.

Alucard’s primary task is to destroy all supernatural and undead threats that threaten the lives of the Queen of England and the country. 

Alucard, Seras, and their comrades fight evil vampires in frighteningly frightening situations. 

You can view it to see the manga version without spoilers.

23. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

The series’ protagonist is Ken Kaneki, a boy. 

He meets Rize, a charming bookworm who is actually a ghoul. Ghouls look just like humans and blend easily into society. 

Ghouls are different from humans in that they can only eat human beings. 

They also have the ability to hunt down their victims.

Rize is trapped in Kaneki’s body but is unable to eat Kaneki’s flesh.

This brought Ken very close to death. To save Ken’s life, her organs are transferred to Ken and he is transformed into a hybrid.

Although Ken is a normal human being with the right morals, his needs and powers are almost identical to other ghouls. 

Horror anime has a wonderful mix of mystery, terror, and tragedy.

22. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

This movie, typical of the Vampire Hunter D formula, is full of violence, gore, and long action scenes.

This is the plot:

Rich people want their daughters back from the vampires.

It turns out she has a little bit of Stockholm syndrome.

This is all you need to know plot-wise.

This video will give you the chance to experience old-fashioned spooky action, with limbs flying everywhere. 

Bookmark it to save it for rainy days.

21. Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek

Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek

This short twenty-five-minute video takes one fear from a children’s game and turns it into a concept.

What if you hide and are never found?

Let’s just say it wasn’t because they were so good at hiding. This is where evil is at work.

Although it might not be the most gore-fest, the mystery surrounding the disappearances and the old question of “Who’s next?” make it a great quick-spook film.

20. Seoul Station

Seoul Station

We had to cross over into zombie territory at some point.

There is no better way to start than with the prequel to Train to Busan, but not actually.

Seoul Station, narrative-wise, is as zombie movie-themed as you can get. 

Baddies are constantly threatening you from all directions, causing society to crumble and the eternal question, “Are my loved ones still human and alive?”

The movie is particularly notable for its depiction of zombies. 

They are very imaginative and very creepy and can become nightmare fuel.

19. King of Thorn

King of Thorn

After I had completed this list, I realized how many virus-related narratives were here.

A virus is spreading at an alarming rate around the globe. 

160 people have been frozen in capsules to protect themselves from the virus.

But the world they see when they wake up is very different from the one they left.

They discover a world overrun with thorns, hence the title.

There are also strange beings that attack you every time you move about.

This is a great thriller with plenty of bloodsheds. It’s definitely worth checking out.

18. The Empire of Corpses

The Empire of Corpses

This one is more frightening and thought-provoking than scary.

It’s a homage to Frankenstein, but with a steampunk setting and John Watson as a character.

Even Sherlock Holmes action is possible here.

The Empire of Corpses uses dead bodies to perform menial labour.

But what happens if one of the corpses suddenly acquires a soul?

Is it possible to consider it alive?

Is there a difference between life and death?

It’s more in the hmm category than it is in the book. There are many horrific scenes.

17. Wicked City

Wicked City

Wicked City will make it impossible to sleep with a woman again.

According to the presumption, there are two worlds: one for humans and one for demons.

Both sides formed a team that will not interfere with the other’s business.

But, there is a tiny crack in the contract. 

All hell breaks loose when demons begin to wreak havoc.

The two protagonists (one a human, the other a fever dream that I once had) now have to manage the situation and ensure that the contract is in place again.

16. Gyo


You don’t usually fear sharks in open water, do you?

Get ready to make that assumption, check out the window.

They’ve arrived in your city, just like a travelling circus.

These creatures are now fifty per cent fish, fifty per cent machine and one hundred per cent sushi-haters.

They leave behind the scent of aquariums and a hint of human blood.

You might also like Gyo if you have seen Jaws or Sharknado.

15. The Junji Ito Collection

 The Junji Ito Collection

Do not let the MAL score fool you. 

This collection is based upon a highly successful horror manga series.

It just didn’t do it justice.

You should not have any problems viewing the manga if you haven’t read it.

This collection contains horror stories that cover all aspects of fear-inducing activities.

Never-ending nightmares, terrifying curses, and slugs growing inside your mouth are all things you can’t escape. 

It’s a bit like the Twilight Zone, but more frightening.

It might make you smile, even if it scares you.

14. Ajin: Demi-Human

Ajin: Demi-Human

Ever thought about how cool it would feel to be immortalized?

Have you ever thought about the social ramifications that immortality has on society? You might think so.

Well, this anime kind of answers that question as people become Ajin, immortal humans.

As you can see, they don’t care about justice because there is no way to punish them.

The show is action-packed, psychological and the Ajin look scary. The CGI will scare you more than anything else.

13. Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Yamishibai, as the title suggests, is a collection of Japanese ghost stories.

They are very short, only a few minutes long, and conclusive.

This show uniquely presents these stories.

One character was telling the story to children.

He’s also illustrating what he said on the scrolls that he has with himself.

This makes us feel more like an audience member and allows us to be more involved.

The scrolls are also artistically designed and have slower animations which create a great atmosphere.

12. Boogiepop Phantom

Boogiepop Phantom

It deserves a “hilarious name, frightening show” official review.

Let’s go a bit deeper.

Boogiepop, a phantom, is said to be dead or, at the very least, an urban legend. I am not sure if it is murky.

She is often blamed for ritualistic murders, which I know.

Also, one can go looking for Boogiepop.

This is especially true when you consider that she will be the last person to see her again.

There is only one way to find it!

11. Mushi-shi


Mushi-shi’s story is one big “ignorance is joy” tabloid.

Mushi is a living entity in this universe. They are spirits that most people can not see.

But not the Spirited Away, happy spirits. Instead, the “voices in my head are telling us to stop it all now” spirits.

Ginko is the only man who can see the Mushi. Ginko has decided to take it upon himself. Banish As many as possible.

The true horror of this series is, for me, the idea that the real world might be like it. 

Anti-depressants can be likened to Mushi-poison.

10. Paranoia Agent

Paranoia Agent

Just think of CSI, only it’s got a way more difficult supernatural aspect. The culprit is not your typical suspect.

Instead of the tall, handsome psychopath or the femme fatale with an inclination for poison, this is a child on rollerblades, armed with a crooked, golden baseball bat.

It’s not just one victim.

Instead, dozens of people are being beaten down by the Lil ’Slugger.

Can the detectives solve the case before the victim makes his home run?

9. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

This refuses to let go. It was so intense that I almost popped a blood vessel while watching it.

Don’t read this section if you haven’t seen Promised Neverland

If you decide to see Promised Neverland, you will get all the shock value.

We can follow a small group of children who at first seem just like any other orphan rascals.

But everyone is a genius, and they are actually on a farm with hungry, monster-looking men eager to eat their brains.

It’s a never-ending brain game between children and the women stationed there.

She is responsible for making sure that no merchandise goes missing.

8. School-Live!


What is this? This is a slice of life with a horror tag.

This must have been some sort of mistake.

Perhaps it has a horrible rating similar to School Days. 

This was, in fact, a fairy tale that reflected the show’s theme, except for the last part.

A group of high school girls must pretend that everything is fine in a world that has been devastated by a zombie apocalypse.

It’s possible to live a worthwhile life.

That alone is frightening. 

The zombie concept is just the beginning.

7. Danganronpa: The Animation

Danganronpa: The Animation

Another classic cult video game.

This is a great way to get into the battle royale trope.

It includes a lot more sneaking around and deceit.

You see, fifteen students are locked in a school and can not leave until everyone has died.

You don’t have to kill people on the spot.

Because if the rest of the class finds out you killed someone, you will be hanged.

This show has paranoia that is unheard of.

6. Gantz


You would assume that you would go to Heaven, Hell or a black screen after you die.

It’s a kind of Hell in the Gantz world. With just the tiniest bit of optimism.

You are basically trapped in a videogame world, where you must kill aliens to survive.

If you manage to do everything the black ball wants you to do, you get to live. 

This is not an isekai show that is suitable for families. 

This anime has all the gore, nudity, and profanity you could ever desire.

It was horrible, to say the least.

5. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Imagine Attack on Titan but with nightmare fuel instead of the silly-looking titans.

Add some steam-punk to the mix and you get this show.

While humans live within fortified walls, the outside world is overrun by steam-punk zombies who look just like me.

People are keen on exploring outside the walls. The zombies also want to eat.

Prepare for lots of deaths.

It’s definitely more frightening than Attack on Titan, but a little less suspenseful.

4. Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby

The Devilman Crybaby is a drug-induced lucid nightmare where everything you are being killed.

Running is absurd, rapping, the main mode of communication, is the most common, and mob mentality can be as brutal as it gets.

The plot is difficult to explain.

I don’t know what it means, other than that demons exist, they are often bad, and the protagonist is a good one.

But people don’t like them.

This description is the basis of anime.

Add ten R-ratings to it and some religious subtext, and you’ll get one helluva anime.

3. From The New World

From The New World

The New World offers a fascinating look at the dystopian world concept.

There is no super technology. It’s a small, local community. A village and psychokinesis are two examples of what I mean.

It does a great job of shaking you up.

The psychological side is first because everything you thought you knew regarding morals is now under scrutiny. It turned into an ocean of grey.

The second is the supernatural. I’m referring to beings other than humans who roam this Earth.

The unpredictability of it all is the final factor.

The show is full of plot twists and turns that make it difficult to feel secure. Your favourite characters’ lives are at risk.

2. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

When it comes to human experiments, I’d say that anime scientists and most people during WW2 just couldn’t get enough of them.

However, as is the case with most stories, it ends up backfiring. 

They are treated to one of the most bloody episodes of a series that I have ever seen.

Their subject, Lucy, can control invisible noodle hands. 

These are used to rip people apart.

Lucy is a lucky human being who gets amnesia. Their demise is delayed, but for how long?

This is a classic of psychological horror.

1. Paprika


People often feel most secure in their dreams.

However, they are also the most vulnerable.

Imagine a world in which people created the technology necessary to achieve one’s dreams, but that it was misused by some unscrupulous people.

Everyone is now being terrorized in the only place they thought was beyond reach: their dreams.

The movie is very visually appealing. 

The stunning methods they use to depict dreams and how they overlap with reality will make you itchy.

It is unsettling, to say the least.

Paprika is a must-watch anime horror movie for fans who love heavy themes and a terrifying concept. 

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