15 Best Higurashi Characters of All Time

Although viewers may detect certain differences in the recent animes, there is one issue that may be answered.

Who among the Higurashi cast is considered to be the most beloved by the fans?

Higurashi: When They Cry has proven itself to be a hard-hitting behemoth in the murder mystery anime genre, making it one of the best murder mystery anime to ever bless viewers of anime in general.

So, Here are my 15 best higurashi characters and to be clear this are in no particular order.

15. Suguru Okamura

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Okamura Suguru goes to the Hinamizawa Branch School and is best friends with Tomita Daiki. He is the same age as Hj Satoko and Furude Rika in Higurashi.

In Watanagashi-hen, we find out that he likes Rika. After school, he and Tomita like to watch the club members, hoping to see Rika and Satoko do cosplay as a punishment.

He and Tomita are both on the Hinamizawa Fighters baseball team. Okamura has brown eyes and black hair.

In different Higurashi media, he looks different. Sometimes he is shown to be fat, and sometimes he isn’t. He is also sometimes shown with his eyes closed and hanging down.

14. Kyousuke Irie

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In the Higurashi, no Naku Koro ni series, Irie Kyosuke is a character. He runs the Irie Clinic as the head doctor.

In his free time, he is the coach of the “Hinamizawa Fighters,” a little league team from Hinamizawa. Even though he seems happy on the outside, he has had a not-so-happy past.

Because of what he does for the baseball team, many kids call him “Kantoku,” which means “manager and/or coach.”

Irie is a tall young man like Akasaka Mamoru. He has green eyes and long, light brown hair that is parted down the middle.

He always wears glasses that are oval or round, but in the cartoon and on Steam, his frames are square.

13. Satoshi Hojo

maxresdefault higurashi 15 Best Higurashi Characters of All Time

Almost like Higurashi Satoshi Houjou, the MacGuffin in When They Cry, is a good-hearted, noble person who was willing to do whatever it takes to protect his sister from his abusive family, especially his violent aunt.

Satoshi even gave up his own intelligence and strength to save his sister, even though everyone but Shion Sonozaki knew how much this hurt him.

Even though his aunt dies, Satoshi’s inner consciousness takes the same path as shown in Higurashi’s When They Cry’s second season Kai, where he lies unconscious and sedated in the Irie Clinic’s underground facility.

12. Kuraudo Oishi

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Kuraudo Oishi is a detective who has a lot of experience with solving riddles and murders in Hinamizawa.

Even though Oishi may not be one of the best detectives in the history of anime, he approaches his job in a critical and sometimes dangerous way, which can sometimes make him vulnerable to the Hinamizawa syndrome.

During WWII, when there was a food shortage, he stopped people from getting food.

During the Wataganashi-hen arc, he used selfish, manipulative ways to deal with a mentally hurt Keiichi. No matter what, Oishi tries to stay true to the detective he is, whether people like him or not.

11. Mamoru Akasaka

15 Best Higurashi Characters of All Time

Mamoru Akasaka is one of the most respectful and honest people in the Higurashi series. He doesn’t end up killing any of the kids, and he doesn’t treat them badly either.

He was also the main character in one of Higurashi’s best horror arcs, and he is sometimes Rika’s hero, besides her friends and Hanyuu, when she needs one.

Akasaka is ready to defend Rika so much because she told him that his wife and unborn child will die.

He chose to be the knight in shining armor for Rika, a character who has been through a lot, which may be why he is so well-liked by the group.

10. Miyo Takano 

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Miyo Takano is the Higurashi series’ main bad guy. She is smart and cruel, and she is the one who set up the Hinamizawa lie about the syndrome and the strange deaths.

At first glance, she seems like a calm and nice worker at the Irie Clinic. But inside, she is a woman who has been abused as a child, verbally bullied, and betrayed.

Miyo is drawn to this dark path by the deaths of her real parents and her foster father. She is also ready to overthrow Hinamizawa’s god-like deity Oyashiro, which makes her character even more complicated.

9. Mion sonozaki

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When she is among her family and friends, Mion Sonozaki has a more tomboyish personality, is more robust, and engages in more physical activity than her sister, Shion Sonozaki.

In spite of the fact that she is not very skilled at the activities she advises her club to participate in, she is regarded as a trustworthy figure by others due to her dogged perseverance and ability to exercise leadership in trying circumstances.

However, along with these positive qualities, she also possesses some negative traits, which highlight her femininity and make it more obvious.

In addition, because she does not demonstrate to her friends her love for girlie things, she suffers from severe jealousy and the Hinamizawa syndrome.

These occurrences take place during the second story arc of the first season of the anime series, in which Keiichi gifts Rena a girly doll since he believes that Mion would not appreciate receiving such a present.

8. Satoko Hojo

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A sad history lies behind Satoko Hojo’s reputation as a friend who is always up to no good.

She was abused as a child by her aunt and uncle, suffered the loss of her older brother Satoshi, and was wary of her mother’s tendency to marry and divorce multiple times throughout her childhood.

In addition to this, during the course of one of Higurashi’s story arcs, Shion Sonozaki, a young woman who cherished her elder brother, would later turn her back on Satoko and brutally kill her because she held the false belief that she was the reason behind her brother’s strange departure from the town.

In any event, Satoko’s uncle does not stop torturing her right up to the very end of the series.

7. Shion Sonozaki 

shion higurashi 15 Best Higurashi Characters of All Time

In comparison to her sister Mion, Shion Sonozaki has an air of feminine elegance and sophistication.

On the other hand, this is merely how she presents herself to the outside world; the truth is that she is a person who is defiant, manipulative, and clever on the inside.

It’s possible that Shion’s cunning demeanor and ways were formed during her time as a student at St. Lucia, where students are required to adhere to the values that the school believes a woman should uphold.

In subsequent story cycles, Shion will display these qualities in much greater depth.

Several examples of this behavior include abusing Keiichi, bringing Mion’s self-esteem down, and taking advantage of Rika, Satoko, and Kimiyoshi’s mysterious disappearances, all for the purpose of rounding up and killing more people for a boy she is unsure whether or not she will ever see again.

6. Rika Furude

HD wallpaper anime furude rika when they cry higurashi 15 Best Higurashi Characters of All Time

People think that Rika Furude, who is cute, kind, and smart, is the real major character of Higurashi When They Cry, which is revealed later in the series.

Not only is Rika Hinamizawa’s only way to stay alive, but her godlike friend Hanyuu also gives her the power to go to different points in time.

Along with her ability to jump around in time, Rika is known to have a more adult-like vessel inside of her that comes out when her voice gets quieter or, in some cases, scary.

Some of the scariest parts of this anime are when Rika dies, and all of these things about her character show why she’s so popular with the show’s fans.

5. Rena Ryugu

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Rena Ryugu is the face of Higurashi: When They Cry, which is clear from the ads for the show’s most recent season, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Gou.

Rena is also known as a character who seems harmless but can kill if pushed too far. This is a typical trope for Yandere.

In the last question arc of the first season, Rena kills Ritsuko, the new wife of her father, after learning that Ritsuko only wants her father’s money.

In Higurashi When They Cry, Rena is bubbly, loving, and respectful to her friends, even though she hides her true feelings and does bad things. She will do anything to protect them.

4. Keiichi Maebara

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The main protagonist of Higurashi When They Cry, Keiichi Maebara, is carefree and determined. He is the key that helps Rika and her friends beat a hard and cruel fate in the second season of the show.

Even though Keiichi killed his friends and made hasty choices without thinking them through in the series, he is often seen as a motivational figure who cheers on his friends when they need it most.

Fans love the funny guy so much that some of them are fighting over which girl Keiichi should end up with. Rena Ryugu or Mion Sonozaki is a close choice.

3. Yoshiro Sonozaki

Betterhaveanicedollinthere higurashi 15 Best Higurashi Characters of All Time

The diner Angel Mort is owned by Yoshir. When Shion goes back to Okinomiya to hide from her grandmother Ory, he is kind enough to give her a job as a waitress under the name Mion.

He tells her that the curse got worse while she was away at St. Lucia Academy for the third year.

Mion tells Shion that he will be punished by the Sonozaki for helping her hide from Ory, unless she “shows responsibility” by hurting herself.

Yoshir wears a black jacket, a white shirt, and a red bow tie. His hair and eyes are brown.

2. Akane Sonozaki

higurashi akane 15 Best Higurashi Characters of All Time

Sonozaki Akane is the eldest daughter of Sonozaki Ory, the current head of the Sonozaki family, and the mother of Sonozaki Mion and Sonozaki Shion.

She is also the eldest daughter of Sonozaki Ory. The Sound Novels, color panels, and anime all represent Akane’s daughters as having green hair, therefore it is reasonable to assume that she too has green hair. They also have eyes the color of teal.

Her hair is styled in an old-fashioned manner most of the time. She follows the customs of her culture and almost always wears a charcoal-colored kimono, much like her mother did.

1. Kiichirou Kimiyoshi

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In the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni stories, Kimiyoshi Kiichir is a character. He is the head of the Kimiyoshi House and the grandfather of Kimiyoshi Kazuho.

He is also the chief of Hinamizawa village. His job as village chief is more of a title than anything else, since the real power in Hinamizawa lies with the Sonozaki House, which is led by Sonozaki Ory. He seems to be very nice to both locals and people from other places.

From Shion’s point of view in Meakashi-hen and Minagoroshi-hen, it seems like he hates the Hj family. However, later in Minagoroshi-hen, he says that he and many other village elders no longer hate them.

In the Higurashi media, Kiichir’s look changes a little bit. In the anime version, he wears a “Paris green” dress shirt that isn’t tucked in and has a bolo tie around his neck.

He also wears dark dress pants and shoes. In Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri, he looks the same as he does in the series, except that his shirt is tucked into his long khaki pants, which have a belt around them.

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