21 Best Incest Anime of All Time

The Incest anime isn’t unusual. There is a reason why this world is full of shows and films that are based on incest. 

Let’s get one thing clear – we’re not talking about hentai incest.

Instead, we’re talking about the representations of incest that are featured in mainstream anime. 

Let’s examine the best anime that depict incestuous relationships and were courageous enough to investigate the complex subject. 

This list is mostly composed of incestuous family relationships. 

There aren’t many shows based on gay or lesbian sexual incest. However, there are some. 

The good thing is the fact that it is possible to stream some of these sexually explicit anime via Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. 

Updated June 22, 2024, by Shagun Singh: It’s not unusual to come across incest anime. It’s interesting how the world of anime seems to predominantly feature films and shows with a common theme. Just to clarify, we’re discussing the portrayal of incest in mainstream anime, not incest hentai. Now, let’s delve into a list of anime that have bravely tackled the complex theme of incestuous relationships.

Here Are Some Of The Best Incest Anime Of All Time

21. Kodomo no Jikan (A Child’s Time)

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Another anime about loli, but this one is even more well-known than Mitsudomoe.

Again, the main characters are three young girls who try their hardest to seduce, embarrass, and control their new virgin teacher.

This anime is on this list because of the idea of three girls who are still mostly children making dirty jokes about their teacher and him actually laughing at them and blushing.

20. Mitsudomoe (Three Way Struggle)

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Mitsudomoe is a comedy-based anime about three 11-year-old girls who say and do the funniest things related to s*x and the toilet.

You can try this if you like dirty loli humour where little girls joke about their teacher being a virgin or their father being a paedophile.

Just make sure your door is locked.

19. Papa to Kiss in the Dark

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There are a lot of yaoi and BL anime shows with weird and disturbing themes, but Papa to Kiss in the Dark is one of the best.

The anime shows how a father and son interact and what happens when the son finds out he was actually adopted.

Papa to Kiss in the Dark is a good choice for taboo material because it shows an adult man who decides to raise and care for a small child, but ends up making the child his lover instead.

18. Kuro in Kin the Akanai Kagi (2013)

Kuro in Kin the Akanai Kagi.

Katagiri Kanade plays the lead character in this animated series. 

The character is shy and at home. However, Kanada has a broad imagination. 

A cowboy appears in her dreams and declares that she is the hero of her life. 

This is then a form of encouragement to Kanade to head out the following day to go to the hairdresser. 

This hairdresser appears to be a mysterious and attractive man, with whom Kanade seems to be surprised. 

Sudou Yukio was a schoolmate of Kanade’s. A chance meeting takes place following the former’s getting a haircut. 

Kanade lives with her stepbrother, who tells her to not look for a hairdresser. But she will go regardless.

As you might guess, it’s a reverse harem, and the incestuous stuff takes place between Kanade and her twin brother. 

Although the plot is a bit shaky, the animation is beautiful.

17. Kiss X Sis (2010)

Kiss X Sis

What if your step-sisters are obsessed with you and will take any action to attract your attention if you don’t? I’m not able to emphasize “anything” enough. 

Keita Suminoe happens to be a teenage boy whose mother passed away. His father is quick to get married. 

The marriage gives Keita two gorgeous step-sisters. 

However, not everything is enjoyable because his sisters are known to surpass normal siblings, and they begin to get his attention. 

If you’re a fan of the incest of anime, then I guarantee you this will be a great experience for you. Some scenes are quite humorous.

16. Aki Sora (2009)

Aki Sora

Are you tired of incest, which is associated with step-siblings? If so, then ‘AkiSora’ is the only version of sibling incest where the siblings share a real blood relationship. 

This show was aired in 2009 and was an original video animation with a running time of approximately 21 minutes. 

The show is filled with good Ecchi-themed scenes. If you’re looking for ecchi scenes, then you’ll enjoy this OVA. Sora is the main character in “Aki Sora.”

His sister, who is older than him, is Aki. Sora discovers that he feels a connection with his sister. 

Aki is also in love with her sister. But society doesn’t allow such a thing, and their relationship is only known to the couple. 

The story gets right into the sexual scene quite quickly.

15. Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai (2010)

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

If you’re looking to watch an incest-worthy show with intriguing characters and a storyline that is interesting enough to work, you should watch “Ore the Imouto of Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai”. 

The show consists of 12 episodes from the first season, with each episode lasting around 24 minutes. Kirino Kousaka, the female lead in the anime, is the perfect girl. 

She’s beautiful and intelligent, scores excellent grades, is an actress, etc. However, nobody is perfect, and she also has a secret hidden within her. 

Kyousuke is the older brother who finds out about her secret. Kirino puts a gag order on Kyousuke and introduces Kyousuke to Incest and Ero Manga. 

However, as the siblings are involved with these things, they become closer as a family.

14. The To Love-Ru Darkness (2012)

The To Love-Ru Darkness

“To Love-Ru Darkness” is an OVA with a total of 12 episodes, each running for around 23 minutes. In this show, incest does not occur among step-siblings or real siblings. 

It’s more of a girlfriend’s sister trying to become too sisterly, and it’s not part of the family of siblings. 

Lala is now engaged to Rito after a long time. 

Nana Momo and Nana Momo are her siblings in the world of Deviluke. To watch over them, Lala moves her sisters to the Earth school

However, things get difficult after Momo decides to interfere with her sister’s relationships by playing the role of sister to Rito. 

The situation isn’t as simple as it appears to be. 

It is possible that you need to see “To Love-Ru” before moving on to this.

13. Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga. (2014)

Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga.

“Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga. The film follows a distinct kind of approach in the way it depicts incest. 

They don’t opt for the traditional step-sibling relationship, even though they’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Instead, they conjure up images of their sister.

The ghost loves the stepbrother and is now allowing her to move onto the other side.

Do you know what she needs to do? 

This is what happens in the tale of Mitsuki Kanzaki. When her mother gets married, she is given a teenage stepbrother. 

However, Mitsuki isn’t sure she can believe in the step-brothers. It is because her dad was abusive, and there’s been a shortage of trustworthy male figures throughout her existence. 

However, after an accident, she’s cursed by a ghost who is in love with her stepbrother, and she is unable to cross over to the other side due to her not achieving her desire. 

In the present, Mitsuki needs to try to fulfill the ghost’s desire.

12. Sister Princess (2001)

incest anime 21 Best Incest Anime of All Time

“Sister Princess” is an anime-based show about which opinion is quite divided. A few people enjoy the show, while others find it boring and demeaning outright. 

The issue is the fact that you love cute girls and get too attached to your brothers. 

The show can get a bit annoying during times when you’re constantly hearing the words “onii chan” from 12 different girls in each episode. 

The show consists of 26 episodes, with each episode lasting 23 minutes. 

Wataru Minakami serves as the main character of the show. In the aftermath of failing an entrance exam because of an error on his computer, he is given an invitation from a different school located in the area known as Promise Island.

Minakami leaves for the area, and upon arriving there, Minakami meets 12 beautiful girls, all of whom declare themselves to be sisters of his and seek his love. 

The show doesn’t get excessively sexual on this show. If you’re looking for something lighter, why not give it a try?

11. Onee Chan Ga Kita (2014)

Onee Chan Ga Kita

Do you have 30 minutes? Do you want to see something different from your usual shows? 

Why not try an incest comedy that includes around 12 episodes, with each one lasting three minutes?

Why did they have to make 12 episodes when they could have created only one? Tomoya Mizuhara is a teenage teenager aged 13 years old. 

His father unexpectedly remarried, and he is greeted by a massive step-sister, a standard trope of anime incest.

The name of his sister is Ichika, and she is extremely protective of him. Her affections can be excessive and push the boundaries of normal sibling love. 

Sometimes watching this kind of weirdness is refreshing, I have to say.

10. Oniichan no Koto nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! (2011)

Oniichan no Koto nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! 

Nao Takanashi is a big fan of her brother quite a bit. It’s so much that it could be getting close to being incestuous. It’s probably incest. 

What else could it be? The girl has an intense twin brother complex, and she’s extremely protective of him. 

She doesn’t like her brother being viewed as a woman but is looking for him to accept her as an adult woman. 

Nao gets her into his bedroom and begins looking through his collection of p*rn to dispose of all p*rn that does not contain incest. 

However, something interesting occurs during this event. When she is in his bedroom, she’s exploring and seeking out p*rn. 

She comes across his old photos. 

It turns out that she’s not in any of the pictures. What is the reason? It’s not worth the effort to guess.

9. Akane Iro ni Saka (2008)

Akane Iro ni Saka

“Akane Iro Ni Somaru Saka’ is taken from the visual novel of the same name, which was developed for consoles like the PS2 and PC. 

The game is kind of popular, I think. If not, why would anyone take the time to create an entire series that is based on the game? “Akane Iro ni Saka’ consists of 12 episodes.

Each episode is approximately 23 minutes long. Junichi Nagase plays the lead character in the series. 

One day, he assists an attractive girl who has been targeted by a group of guys. 

Her name is Yuuhi, and as with the protagonist, we later discover that Yuuhi is his fiancée via an arranged marriage system. 

Initially, they begin in a bad way, but eventually, they become closer. 

It appears, however, that Junichi is also in love with the younger sibling, Minato, and vice versa.

8. Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! (2012)

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!

Shougo Mikadono is a member of an affluent family. Kumagoro Mikadono was his father, and he runs his company, the Miakdono Group, which is an international business company. 

But when Kumagoro passes away, he leaves an estate plan that states that his son will become the new owner of the company. 

However, before he gets an eye on this huge fortune, he has to attend an exclusive private school, and only after completing his studies will he be the inheritor of the company. 

In addition, he also has to find a suitable partner. At first, it seems feasible that it would be in place, right? Wrong! The school has a large female student population.

Because of his family name, a lot of girls begin to become close to him. One of them is a female who’s his half-sister. 

She isn’t willing to disclose the identity of her half-sister to Shougo but is determined to be close to him. 

Do you think Shougo will be able to locate an appropriate partner without doing anything illegal like incest?

7. Canvas 2 (2005)

Canvas 2

“Canvas 2” isn’t so bad in terms of the plot or characters. The show is suitable for those who are fans of love triangles, incest, and stereotypical romantic relationship. 

The show has 24 episodes on it, with each one running approximately 24 minutes long. Kamikura Hiroki plays the main character. 

He is an artist of great talent who was an artistic prodigy. Housen Ellis has a cousin whose parents passed away in a tragic automobile accident. Ellis is under the supervision of her aunt and uncle.

She is an excellent artist just like him, but since the accident, she’s been frightened of the color red.

This has stopped her from achieving her potential. Hiroki also has a tangled background. 

His closest friend stole his artwork to be a winner in a contest, even though the girl he rejected liked her too since he knew that his friend liked her too.

The incest occurs during the incest between Ellis and Hiroki. Ellis is in love with her brother very much and admits it to Hiroki. 

Even after being rejected, she is unable to come to terms with the feelings she has.

6. Citrus (2018)


Yuzu Aihara is a socialite who enjoys being around new people. Therefore, when her mother gets married and she is required to move to a different school, there will be no issue for her. 

This is an opportunity for her to create new friendships and enjoy herself. She is also hoping to find love at her new school and have her first kiss. 

However, things don’t pan out as she had hoped. Her school is a haven for high-achieving students and is rigorous in its discipline. The stunning students’ council president is Mei Aihara. 

The stylish Yuzu is the first to attract her attention, and the president rubs her body to take her cell phone. When she returns home, Yuzu discovers she has a step-sister named Mei.

Mei was her step-sister. Mei is cold to her, which makes Yuzu make fun of her. However, then Mei can force Yuzu onto the ground and make her kiss her. 

Then, she flees from the room. It’s true, Yuzu finally gets to feel her first kiss.

5. Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru (2005)

 Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru

Are you tired of watching incest-based anime that doesn’t clearly express emotions and is more of a hush-hush type of situation? 

Why not try this Original Video Animation, “Boku wa Imouto Ni Koi Wo Suru,” which may contain the information you seek?

The OVA only has one episode and has an average run time of 49 minutes. The plot revolves around two sisters, Yori Iku and Iku. 

Yori and Iku were close in their childhood, and that’s why Iku is very sad about the situation that Yori has become colder towards her. She tries her best to understand his behavior, but she is confused.

Yori is indeed more affectionate with his sister than a brother could ever be. To prevent himself from engaging in a sinful act, he tries to avoid his sister. 

However, when Iku begins to talk about boyfriends and other things, Yori is unable to accept it and admits his feelings for Iku. 

Iku is a big fan of her brother and is willing to go to any lengths for him. However, Yori doesn’t want to be a sister. He would like Iku to become his love.

4. Super Lovers (2016)

Super Lovers

Let’s break away from the usual male-female incest relationship and shift to the genre of yaoi. “Super Lovers” is an anime that explores sibling incest between two stepbrothers. 

Haru Kaidou is a resident of Japan. His mother and her partner live in Canada.

One day, Haru discovers his mother is sick and dying. 

He quickly heads to Canada, but when he arrives, Haru discovers that his mother lied to him to take him there. 

She has asked him to meet his stepbrother, Ren, and care for the latter. 

However, Ren is socially naive, and that’s why it takes some time for Haru to become close to Ren. 

Haru later promises Ren that they’ll be together in Japan when he finishes his studies. 

An accident, however, causes Haru to forget everything about the summer, and when Ren arrives to fulfill his promise, he’s an unidentified man who claims that he is Haru’s son.

3. Shinmai Maou no Testament (2015)

Shinmai Maou no Testament

If you’re a huge fan of ecchi, If so, then you’ll surely enjoy Shinmai Maou no Testament. 

I don’t know why this show isn’t classified as hentai. 

Basara Toujo is confused when he learns that her father is getting married and must now live with his step-sisters. 

When his father is absent from work, he learns they are both demons, and they are the daughters of the previous demon lord. 

The issue is that Basara is part of the hero clan and is believed to be the demon’s enemy.

However, he recognizes them as siblings and promises to defend the demons.

2. Koi Kaze (2004)

Koi Kaze

The main character in “Koi Kaze Koi Kaze’ can be described as Saeki Koushirou, the wedding planner. 

Being a child of divorced parents isn’t a good match for his job since he is unable to be completely committed to his work. 

He is currently living alongside his father. He has a sister and a mother who live in different places and hasn’t seen them for many years. 

His life gets more difficult after being abandoned by his lover. 

However, a chance encounter with a student from high school brings feelings of love to his heart. 

However, the girl isn’t anything other than his sister, and even though he is trying to understand it, he is not able to come to terms with the feelings he has for her.

1. Yosuga no Sora (2010)

Yosuga no Sora

“Yosuga no Sora” is an anime-inspired by graphic novel. 

The storyline of the anime is centered around twins Haruka and Sora. 

Tragic events strike them when their parents pass away in a car crash. 

They are now orphaned and have to look for a new home to stay in. 

Haruka does not wish to live at the home of his family members and decides to relocate to the house in the countryside that their grandparents left for them. 

Sora is not happy to leave her brother behind and will follow in his footsteps. 

The two siblings spent many days in this place as children, and Haruka is a nostalgic memory of those years. 

This is the place where difficult relationships develop. 

Incest takes place in the relationship between Haruka and her husband.

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