19 Strongest Black Clover Characters of All Time

I discovered this gem of an anime when it had already been airing for about fifty or so episodes and believe me I binged it all in a week and have been following it since.

It is such an amazing shounen, it has action, comedic relief, a good power system, amazing character development, a mysterious plot, and absolutely stunning animation quality.

Black Clover is about Asta and Yuno and their dream of becoming the Wizard King someday. The story begins with the Father of a church in a faraway village discovering Asta and Yuno on the doorsteps of his church and from here their journey begins from being village goonies to Magic Knights of the Kingdom and onwards!

In the world of Black Clover, magic is common, people use it to make their daily lives easier and some make it their profession and become Magic Knights.

19 Strongest Black Clover Characters of All Time

Since we’re talking Magic, there is gonna be some very powerful type of magic with amazing spells so let us dive into this list where we are gonna explore all the powerful Black Clover characters(Anime Only).

Let’s get started then!

19. Fana

Eye of the Midnight Sun was the enemy Asta and Yuno faced along with other Magic Knights. This villainous organisation had a group of three people, a trio, a powerful trio I should say.

Fana was one of the Third Eye members from Eye of the Midnight Sun. She was a rogue mage who escaped from the Diamond Kingdom.

She is pretty strong on the battlefield with her Fire Magic and Healing Magic.

Fana from Black Clover

Her Fire Magic was so good that she also was accompanied by the Fire Spirit, Salamander which currently fights alongside Fuegoleon.

She has an average height and a well-built body. I love her thick and long wavy pink hair, it looks amazing on her pale smooth skin.

18. Vetto

Next up we have another member from the Third Eye from Eye of the Midnight Sun, Vetto or as I like to call him Mr Zetsubou.

Vetto is such an amazing character, his appearance, his personality, and his powers made him a formidable enemy. He is also called “Zetsubou” which translates to “Despair”.

When he is reincarnated as a human for Eye of the Midnight Sun, he is a tall muscular body with wide shoulders and six-pack abs. His magic is aligned with his physical power.

Vetto from Black Clover

He uses Beast Magic, it gives him a beastly aura that enhances his physicals, even more, faster speed, stronger attacks, and agile movements.

Beast Magic kinda makes sense for Vetto as when he was an elf, he was very fond of animals and used to care for them a lot, he had tonnes of hope which all turned to despair.

17. Rhya

On number sixteen we are gonna round it up with the third member of the Third Eye trio from Eye of the Midnight Sun, Rhya. Rhya is a laid back person, he hates fighting but he will if he absolutely has to.

As an elf he was a lazy person, always napping under some tree. Rhya is also known as “Fujitsu” which translates to “Disloyal”, he is known to have a special talent to figure out whether a person is lying and deceiving.

Rhya from Black Clover

Rhya uses Imitation Magic, he can replicate any spells his opponent can use once he touches their grimoire and his spells are not just a fake copy of the original, they are as powerful as the real deal.

He is tall and has a muscular body with spiky black hair with patches of white in them.

In his reincarnated state he has a tattoo on his left cheek and wears a cool outfit with a dark blue vest, a white robe and a brown satchel.

16. Patolli

Next up starting on this list is Patolli, the leader of Eye of the Midnight Sun. He led the organization under the appearance of Licht, the leader of the Elf Tribe.

Patolli after being completely reincarnated had two tattoos on either side of his face and due to the fact that he had Licht’s appearance, he is tall and has long white hair.

Patolli from Black Clover

Patolli uses Light Magic, which makes his attacks so fast, just like the speed of light. He can also use his magic to move at amazing speeds and blind his opponents.

The strongest of his spells was Arrows of Judgement, a spell that threatened all of the human population in the Clover Kingdom.

15. Yuno

Next up we have one of the deuteragonists of the anime, Yuno.

Yuno is a tall lanky guy with a talent for magic. He has messy short black hair and amber-colored eyes and mostly wears the Golden Dawn Squad uniform.

“The three leaves of the Clover represent faith, hope, and love. Within a fourth leaf dwells Goodluck and within the fifth resides a Demon”. This is one of the famous quotes in Black Clover and based on this it is said that within a grimoire with a four-leaf clover dwells good luck and prosperity and guess who has a rare four-leaf clover, yeah that’s right, Yuno.

Yuno from Black Clover

Yuno uses Wind Magic, he can generate and manipulate winds at his will and has many powerful spells at his disposal.

On top of a great magic and his spell, he also has vast reserves of mana, the reason for which was revealed quite recently.

My favorite moment was when all the Squad Captains wanted to recruit Yuno at the Magic Knights Exam.

14. Asta

On the number fourteen spot, we have Asta the main protagonist of the anime.

He was abandoned as a little baby alongside Yuno on the doorsteps of a Church, in a village far away from the capital city of Clover Kingdom.

On the day of receiving the grimoire, Asta did not get any became the laughing stock of all his peers but little did they know that Asta will be the master of a five-leaf clover.

Asta from Black Clover

Asta doesn’t have even a shred of mana but that makes him the perfect host for his devil with Anti-Magic Powers. He has the ability to negate or reflect all incoming magic attacks.

He has a set of swords in his arsenal with unique skills for each sword. Asta is an amazing protagonist, he has a good amount of strength, not too weak, not too strong, he has a likable and relatable personality, he is loud as hell but it’s alright.

13. Nozel Silva

Nozel Silva is the eldest son of the Silva Household, he has three younger siblings, Nebra, Solid, and Noelle. Nozel is also the Captain of Silver Eagle Magic Squad, one of the strongest squads in the kingdom.

Nozel is royalty, a nobleman and he takes immense pride in being a royalty. He is kinda arrogant like the other members of the Silva House.

He does think lowly of peasants and goonies but won’t go as far as to hate them. Even though he is arrogant and egotistic, he is very serious when it comes down to business, he won’t ever let down the people that rely on him

Nozel from Black Clover

His powers are unique, he uses Mercury Magic, which means he can manipulate and generate mercury at his will and create several things with this such as a giant silver bird to ride, a silver spear, and much more.

He has long silver hair which flows down to his shoulders and the front part of his hair is styled into a braid that hangs between his eyes. He has light blue eyes and pale skin.

12. Fuegoleon Vermillion

Next up on the eleventh spot we have, Fuegoleon, the Captain of Crimson Lion Squad, and the first son of the House of Vermillion, a royal house of Clover Kingdom.

Fuegoleon is a Fire-Magic user like others in his family. He is exceptionally skilled at Fire Magic and has immense mana because of being royalty. He can generate and manipulate flames and fire at will.

Fuegoleon from Black Clover

Fuegoleon is also the most recent and current mage who is accompanied by the Salamander the Fire Spirit.

Fuegoleon has a tall and muscular well-built body, crimson-colored straight hair which is neatly combed back except his long fringe. I would call him the most hard-working and humble captain

11. Gadjah

In the Black Clover world, there are four kingdoms namely, Clover, Spade, Heart, and Diamond and in the diamond kingdom, the queen Lolopechka has five strong mages called the Spirit Guardians.

Gadja is one of the five Spirit Guardians, probably one of the strongest, and kinda a fan favorite. He uses Lightning Magic in battle along with Heart Kingdom’s specialty of using real elements in battle, in the case of Gadja that would be Real Lightning Magic.

Gadjah from Black Clover

He is a tall and muscular warrior, he has a badass scar on his left cheek running down on his neck. His outfit is basically a purple robe over a deep V-neck shirt.

He has black spiky hair with a sprout of white in the front, over his forehead. He has a very calm and composed personality with a straightforward attitude.

10. Witch Queen

How can a magic shounen exist without witches?

Queen of the Witches governs over the Witchs’ Forest, a neutral kingdom in the forest landlocked between the other four kingdoms.

It lies inside a dense, impenetrable forest and only witches can reside in this kingdom, no males are allowed inside the Witches’ Forest, and also no witch is supposed to leave the forest.

Witch Queen from Black Clover

Vanesa is a witch from the Witches’ Forest who escaped because of her rebellious personality and desire to explore the world and of course follow Yami.

Queen of the Witches is amazingly powerful, she uses Blood Magic, the ability to control the blood and also generate it. With Blood Magic, she can manipulate anyone’s body to do as she pleases, kinda scary.

She also has one of the strongest Healing Magics in the series, she can mend bones, heal curses, and everything.

9. William Vangeance

William is the captain of the most elite Magic Knight Squad of all time, Golden Dawn. He has the highest chances of all the Captains to become the next Wizard King.

William’s magic is very unique, the magic is called, “World Tree Magic”. It gives him the ability to manipulate world trees at this will and create various things with them.

William Vangeance from Black Clover

His magic isn’t exactly suitable for 1v1 fights but his magic is so powerful he can save an entire squad from the brink of death whilst fighting off a strong enemy.

He is the most elegant captain among all the captains. He wears the Golden Dawn Squad uniform with a red cap and an off-white robe. He covers the upper half of the face with a golden and blue mask.

He has short white hair and bright purple eyes but what I like most about him is that he is very soft-spoken. He is never arrogant to anyone and speaks kindly and softly to everyone, even his enemies.

8. Yami Sukehiro

Yami is the most badass character in the anime ever! He is the captain of the most eccentric squad, the Black Bulls. He is actually a foreigner who drifted from a faraway country and was found by Julius.

Yami is a tall man with immaculate muscles and short black hair. He wears a white tank top underneath his Black Bulls Squad robe.

Yami from Black Clover

Yami literally translates to “darkness”, you know the character is gonna be cool as hell when their name is so badass. He uses Dark Magic, which gives him the ability to manipulate and generate the element of darkness.

He channels his magic into his Katana and then slashes his opponents with his sword. He has an interesting personality, he doesn’t care much for rules and formalities and just wants to enjoy his life.

“Ima Kokode Genkai Wo Koeru!”

7. Mereoleona

Mereoleona is the elder sister of Fuegoleon and the eldest in the House of Vermillion. She could’ve become the next captain of Crimson Lion Squad but she choose not to, she had different plans.

She is a tall and young-looking woman with scary eyes and an even scarier-looking face. She has wavy vermillion red hair. She wears a white tunic covered with a blue robe over which she wears and crimson red cape.

Mereoleona from Black Clover

She is scary as hell. She has a short temper and a very aggressive personality. She is so scary, even Yami is afraid of her. Even though she is scary, she is a good mentor to the younger generation.

She uses Fire Magic, like everyone else in the Vermillion House. This woman was crazy enough to take on five strong enemies all at once where others could barely manage one. That battle was the most legendary battle in the Eye of the Midnight Sun Arc.

She is definitely one of the strongest Magic Knights in the entire kingdom.

6. Lolopechka

Next up on the list is, Lolopechka, the Princess of the Heart Kingdom. She looks over the entire kingdom and all its life with her magic.

She looks very young but has immense power, she has such vast reserves of mana that she can look over every part of the Heart Kingdom with her magic. She has long black hair and soft pale skin.

Lolopechka from Black Clover

She is kinda clumsy and falls over and breaks her specs a lot of time, pretty funny to look at. She falls over a lot, which is not exactly very royal-like but when she wears her royal gown, she looks so pretty and elegant.

She uses Water Magic and Spirit Magic, as she is the current priestess of Undine, the Water Spirit. She can use Water Magic to create reflections of various parts of her Kingdom and then view them from the comfort of her castle.

5. Julius Novachrono

One would think that the Wizard King would be the most powerful character in the anime, I mean he is the King of all Wizards but that’s not the case.

Julius is a tall man in his forties with short and messy blonde hair and a fair complexion. He wears an elegant outfit which consists of a white tunic and pants under a red robe bordered with white fur.

Julius Novachrono 1 19 Strongest Black Clover Characters of All Time

He has such a jolly personality, he is fascinated by diferent kinds of magic and loves to disguise himself as commoners and go look for interesting magic in the Kingdom.

Funnily enough, this is how he met William, Yami, Asta, Yuno, and god knows how many other interesting people.

4. Zagred

Zagred is the devil behind all the diabolical plans in the Eye of the Midnight Sun Arc. He is the devil behind a significant event (trying hard not to spoil it) that led to the divide between the humans and the elves.

Zagred is a tall humanoid devil with black wings stemming from his back, black horns and a black arrow-tipped tail. He has big clawed hands and long slender legs.

Zagred from Black Clover

His Magic is truly terrifying. He can use Kotodama Magic, which means he can alter surrounding through his speech. He can manifest all physical and magical objects, even other’s magic spells.

He has a wicked personality. He is cruel and arrogant, he considers himself superior to humans and elves and treats them as his toys, only meant to entertain him.

3. Zenon

Zenon is one of the three members of the Dark Triad from Spade Kingdom. He is a devil-possesed mage with some terrifying magic and mana beyond the imagination.

He is a tall man with short messy black hair and a fair complexion. In the anime, he wears a brown jacket over a black shirt and pants along with brown high boots. He wears a black robe over the jacket bordered with fur near the neck.

Zenon 1 19 Strongest Black Clover Characters of All Time

Getting to the juicy part now, He uses two types of magic, Bone Magic and Spatial Magic. Those who have watched the recent episodes know what he is capable of doing. He can manipulate thousands of bones to create several things.

He is possessed by a high-ranking devil who is still unnamed in the anime. His devil grants him immense power and increases his physical and magical attributes.

After watching him in the anime, I would say that he has an objective-oriented personality, he is calm and composed all the time.

2. Vanica

Another member of the Dark Triad from the Spade Kingdom, Vanica is also a devil-possessed mage with immense magical powers.

She is a tall young looking woman probably in her early twenties. She has long straight black hair and a fair complexion. In the anime she wears a brown vest and short skirt with brown knee high stockings and a black robe bordered with fur near the neck on top of it.

Vanicafrom Black Clover

She can use Blood Magic and Curse-Warding Magic, with the latter one she can curse people, for example, she has cursed her disciples to resurrect again and again after dying.

She is possessed by a devil named, Megicula. He is a high-ranking devil with powerful Curse Magic. He is a significant character in the plot, but I don’t wanna spoil the story.

She has an eccentric personality. She is a sadistic and arrogant person, she thrives on the suffering of others. Most importantly she is always on a lookout for good battles, she wants her opponents to fight her with the best they’ve got.

1. Dante

The third and the strongest member of Dark Triad from the Spade Kingdom. He is also possessed by a devil, which gives him two types of magic like other two.

He is a tall green eyed man with short black hair. He wears a brown vest and black pants under a black cap with bordered white fur.

Dante from Black Clover

Dante has two poerful types of magic, Body Magic, which lets him manipulate and repair any tissue in his body, even his head. His second magic is Gravity Magic, which lets him manipulate gravity.

He is possessed by the highest ranking devil there is, Lucifero, he resides in the lowest of all layers of hell.

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