21 Best Dubbed Anime on Crunchyroll

Some people don’t like reading the subtitles when watching anime. Another reason for anime being translated from Japanese into English is to increase the global anime industry and to make it accessible to everyone in the world.

The argument between the subbed community and the dub community has been ongoing for quite a while. 

While some may disagree that a handful of anime sounds better in dubs, subs continue to remain the most popular method of watching anime.

There’s a vast collection of anime available on Crunchyroll. However, not all are dubs. There are a few dubs worth watching.

Let’s start by listing the best 21 anime that has been dubbed on Crunchyroll.

21. Slam Dunk

slam dunk anime 21 Best Dubbed Anime on Crunchyroll

Hanamichi Sakuragi, infamous for his temper, huge size, and fiery red hair, is enrolled in Shohoku High in hopes of having a relationship and beating his previous record, which was fifty consecutively rejected applications in middle school.

His fame precedes him, but it results in his being shunned by the majority of students. After a few events, Hanamichi is left with two thoughts that remain constant: “I hate basketball,” and “I am desperate for an ally.”

One day, an attractive girl named Haruko Akagi walks up to him, in complete ignorance of his bad habits, and asks him to play basketball. Hanamichi is immediately completely in love with her, uttering an enthusiastic affirmation.

She then takes him to the gym, where she wants him to do a slam-dunk. To impress Haruko and herself, he attempts his leap. However, he overshoots and instead slams his head towards the chalkboard.

Haruko informs the captain of the basketball team about his near-inhuman physical strength and he is slowly attracted to the competition and camaraderie of the sport he previously held resentment against.

20. Orange


The story of Orange is story of regrets that one should not live without.

Amidst the night, Naho Takamiya receives a letter from her self-described 26-year-old daughter that she was unsure of initially.

However, after she reads this letter, she realizes that the letter was written by her future self since it portrayed every moment of the day exactly.

Her future self advises her to stay vigilant when making decisions that involve Kakeru Naruse, who she regrets not having shortly.

19. 91 Days

91 days 21 Best Dubbed Anime on Crunchyroll

The 91-Days offers you everything you have ever wanted from a mafia narrative.

In just a few years of childhood, Angelo Laguna saw his family brutally killed at the hands of the Vanetti mafia clan. Following that event, the man leaves everything behind and takes on the identity of Avilio Bruno.

Seven years later, the man is sent an unknown letter asking him to go back to his hometown of Lawless, which he had left years ago.

After arriving at the location, he meets Nero, Vanetti Don’s son Nero and he becomes friends with him by using his newly-honed abilities to get his revenge.

18. Blue Exorcist

blue excorcist 21 Best Dubbed Anime on Crunchyroll

The Blue Exorcist depicts an exorcist’s fight for humanity’s salvation.

To defeat Satan, the leader of Gehenna has appointed his son as an appropriate container for the king.

After being attacked by demons, Rin Okumura discovers that his father is Satan and wishes for his return to Gehenna and fight Assiah.

In defiance of joining Satan, Rin decides to fight for Assiah along with his younger brother, Yukio as an exorcist.

17. Tower of God

tower of god 21 Best Dubbed Anime on Crunchyroll

Tower of God is a stunning illustration of how to ascend the ladder to achieve success despite challenges.

The tower was designed to satisfy every wish people ever dreamed of. However, the tower is only accessible only to those who have been summoned by the tower, also known by the name of “Regulars,” and the wishes will be fulfilled once you are at the highest point of the tower.

Twenty-Fifth Bam is a young man who’s been in a cave for years without even a glimpse of light. Then his life begins to change when the girl, Rachel, arrives in the cave and brings in the morning he’s been looking forward to.

However, when they see Rachel heading into the tower to realize her dream, Bam, not wanting to lose her, follows her until she is thrown into the tower as an “irregular.” A person who can open the gate to the tower on their own is also known to be “irregular.”

16. The Saga of Tanya the Evil

saga of tanya the evil 21 Best Dubbed Anime on Crunchyroll

Evil isn’t any shape or size. it’s the lesson that you take away in The Saga of Tanya the Evil.

A man, after challenging Being X, the self-proclaimed God to a contest with wits brought back into a realm of magic welfare as a young child called Tanya Degurechaff.

The woman is now referred to for her role as the “Devil of the Rhine” because of her predatorial aggression in the nation’s military. As this world faces a global conflict, the biggest obstacle for Tanya in her quest to live a peaceful life could be being X.

Her actions and battles have pushed the Empire to be one of the most powerful ever in the history of mankind.

15. ReLIFE


When life presents you the chance to take it. ReLIFE strives to remind us of that with an exquisitely written tale.

Arata Kaizaki, 27 years old, quit his previous employer in the first few days of his employment and is in search of a job that is permanent.

Soon, the meeting with Ryou Yoake transforms his life, as Ryou assures him to change his life by taking part in an experiment, by taking pills.

Accepting the decision immediately, he is surprised to find himself in the form of his 17-year-old self the following early morning. He’ll soon be starting his new life as a college student and struggling with his academics and making new friends.

14. Honey and Clover

Honey and Clover

Honey as well as Clover show the difficulties of friendship and love with adorable and tender characters.

Yuki Takemoto lives in the apartment at a reasonable price of six tatamis with two high school seniors Shinobu as well as Takumi. Shinobu is not able to graduate due to his absence from school and Takumi is a kind senior who constantly looks at Yuki.

His first encounter with Hagumi Hanamoto is enough to make him feel immediately.

Hagumi is an exceptionally gifted student, and soon becomes friends with Ayumi Yamada who is a renowned pottery teacher. In contrast to Hagumi, Ayumi knows Yuki as well as his classmates and has particular feelings for Yuki.

13. Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill

Kill la Kill shows the strength of clothes through an enthralling narrative.

Ryuuko Matoi is at Honnouji Academy to find her father’s killer, following the path of the Scissor Blade, the missing portion of his father’s invention.

The Academy is overseen by the council president Satsuki. A student is beaten by one of the students with the cloth that grants superhuman powers known as “Goku Uniforms.” Ryuuko retreats to her home.

There, she comes across Senketsu, which is the most sought-after “Kamui”, also known as God Clothes, that, when in close contact with blood, gives her immense strength. With Senketsu, she fights Satsuki to discover the perpetrator.

12. Toradora!

toradora 1 21 Best Dubbed Anime on Crunchyroll

Toradora It’s an extremely sweet and sour romantic comedy that you must not miss.

Ryuuji Takasu, a humble high school student who is often portrayed as a criminal due to his looks meets Taiga Aisaka, a tiny doll who is often referred to as a Palmtop the tiger due to her lively personality after an incident of embarrassment.

Both have a crush on the person they love the most, and they set things in motion to create an unlikely partnership.

11. March comes in like a Lion

march comes in like a lion 21 Best Dubbed Anime on Crunchyroll

March is here as a lion calls you to show gratitude to the people who cherish and care for your every day.

Rei Kiriyama is a 17-year-old professional Shogi player who lives in a house in Tokyo separated from his parents who he adopted. He moved out to live an existence where he could free himself from the burden.

However, the expectations of his friends within the Shogi world have caused his rise as a professional to stop.

In a state of turmoil, both emotionally as well as physically, he meets three sisters, the Kawamoto sisters: Akari, Hinata, and Momo. They accept him as their own, and Rei is determined to rid himself of the feeling of loneliness.

10. The Rising of the Shield Hero

rising of the sheild hero 21 Best Dubbed Anime on Crunchyroll

A chef is not supposed to blame the failings on the ingredients, this is the moral behind The Rising of the Shield Hero is all about.

To protect Melromarc from a calamity Four cardinal heroes were summoned from contemporary Japan and given the sword, spear, bow, and shield.

Naofumi Iwatani is cursed to be called the “Shield Hero” since it’s just defense. Malty Melromarc falsely accuses Naofumi of profiting from her during her training, which caused him to be hailed as a scumbag by the residents of Melromarc.

Then, he purchased an undead slave, Rapthalia who accompanied him on his quest of gaining strength and protecting the kingdom.

9. Bungou Stray Dogs

bungou 21 Best Dubbed Anime on Crunchyroll

Bungou Stray Dogs are the extra topping you’ve always wanted.

It is believed that the man responsible for the bizarre incidents at an orphanage, Atsushi Nakajima, was evicted from the orphanage leaving the poor lad hungry and homeless.

As he sat struggling to survive on the riverbanks, he helps Osamu Dazai the supernatural detective from drowning, who was investigating the bizarre incident with the mystical animal that led to the reason Atsushi was exiled.

After finding the answer to the mystery with Dazai’s friend Doppo Kunikida, Atsushi was forced to join the firm of supernatural investigators. This firm is a detective agency that deals with cases of unusual significance.

8. Anohana: A. The Flower That We Saw That Day


Anohana is the symbol of the flower that will never fade off.

Jinta Yadomi has been concerned to the point of being irritated by Meiko “Menma” Honma, who he believes is an illusion because of an extremely hot day.

Menma passed away many some time ago. However, soon, he realizes it is a ghost. Menma was a spirit that is here to fulfill his dream.

The story is about six friends who split after the untimely demise of Menma, and are then reunited to put Menma’s soul to rest.

7. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

magic madoka 21 Best Dubbed Anime on Crunchyroll

The desire to have power can result in your demise, Puella Magi Madoka Magica warns you with its shocking tale.

After meeting Kyuubey an amazing cat-like creature, as well as Homura Homura, the new student who transferred The daily lives of Madoka and Sayaka alter drastically.

Kyuubey promises to grant their desires if they are an enchanting girl, gaining the ability to fulfill their desires. 

However, Homura warns them not to be enticed by the offer since she is a fairytale girl herself, who is aware of the consequences that come with becoming one.

6. Fate/Zero


Fate/Zero is sure to amaze you by the enthralling animations of sequences in action.

The Holy Grail’s ability to grant wishes has resulted in three brutal wars with no one being able to claim it. 

It is believed that the Einzberg family seems bound to triumph in this Fourth Holy Grail war as they signed an agreement together with “Magus Killer” Kiritsugu Emiya by getting him married to their daughter, Irisviel.

The battle against six enemies to obtain the Holy Grail is a war that has no limit. He is joined by Saber as his aide in the battle and meets his most formidable opponent, Kirei Kotomine Priest, who seeks solutions to his plight.

5. Your Lie in April


You Lie in April helps to understand the significance of one’s existence by bringing joy to the heart with its music.

The gifted piano player Kousei Arima lost his love for music since his mother passed away.

However, soon his destiny is interspersed with Kaori Miyazono violinist who assists him to escape from the world of monochrome through the music which he would like to leave behind.

4. Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka

A few degrees don’t make the best teacher. Great Teacher Onizuka has proved that with the confidence of the former gang director.

Eikichi Onizuka was a former member of a gang with an ambition to be the best teacher at a high school in Japan. The ambition that appears to be a love for teaching is the desire to have an affectionate teenage bride with a greying husband.

When he joins the Holy Forest Academy, he must face the hostile students in Classes 3–4 that will mentally derail new teachers and cause them to leave school.

Being a different kind of person, he takes on the role of teacher and is soon engaged in the students’ lives and helping them break out of their shells.

3. Mob Psycho 100


Mob Psycho 100 effectively depicts the various hues of mental health in an engaging narrative.

Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama is an eighth-grader who taps into his psychic powers at an early age but has yet to manage them.

To master his abilities, he enrolls himself with Arataka Reigen who is a con psychic who utilizes Mob to gain recognition by removing spirits.

But, he doesn’t know that the mob’s secret power could be unleashed if his controlled emotions are stimulated, and there’s no way to stop him.

2. Death Note

death note 1 21 Best Dubbed Anime on Crunchyroll

Death Note a striking example of the thin line that separates the good and bad.

Dissatisfied with the Shinigami lifestyle Ryuk releases the Death Note into the human realm to see how a person could use it. Light Yagami, a high school student, comes across it.

After discovering that the ability of the name can take lives simply by writing their names and imagining their face. The man hopes to create a world where there are no criminals and becomes God himself.

The police, however, after uncovering a serial killer, employs a young and eccentric detective, referred to as L.L., who is the most skilled investigator in the universe.

1. Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood

fmab 21 Best Dubbed Anime on Crunchyroll

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood reminds us of the fact that death is a blessing for mankind.

After trying human transmission and the illegal practice of alchemy, twins Edward and Alphonse Elric have to pay the price of losing their left leg and body, respectively.

However, Edward gave up his arm to attach Alphonse’s soul to an armor suit. Edward obtained metal arms, dubbed “automail,” and was an alchemist in the state.

The brothers have begun their quest to discover the Philosopher’s Stone that will solve their dilemma. However, they soon discover an international conspiracy to find this stone.

Honorable Mentions

Some other dubs worth your time include:

  1. The Old Magus
  2. Bride
  3. Somali in addition to The Forest Spirit
  4. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress
  5. Inuyasha

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