19 Best Anime Like ‘Danmachi’

There’s an ancient labyrinth beneath Orario, the city. It’s merely called The Dungeon, and adventurers from all over the globe come to it with the hope of conquering its depths for money, power, or love! 

The Gods even created guilds that had followers who joined in adventures deep into the depths of this deep abyss. 

One such group is Hestia, and her sole member, Bell Cranel, has just embarked on his first solo journey deep into the dark tunnels.

Alongside one another, Bell Cranel and Hestia strive to realize their goals. One wants to be the greatest adventurer by winning the dungeon, and Hestia wants to bring life back into an organization that can gain admirable followers and members.

Danmachi is easy to watch and entertaining with a hint of romance, a few elements that are comedy and ecchi scenes, as well as an abundance of drama

Here is our guide for anime that is similar in plot to “Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon:”

19. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! (KonoSuba)

kono subarashii sekai ni shukufuku wo aqua konosuba darkness konosuba megumin wallpaper preview 1 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

Reborn after dying and dying in an RPG-style world of fantasy? Wouldn’t it be crazy? This is exactly the situation for Kazuma Satou!

Kazuma is a high-school shut-in! On the day Kazuma leaves to go out, he is killed with an uninformed expression on his face after pretending to save one girl. Before he realized it that he was in the afterlife before Aqua, the Goddess. Aqua.

Kazuma is given two options: go to heaven or start with a new beginning in a dream world and take on the overlord. Kazuma has adamantly chosen the second. For one thing, he’s allowed He chooses a surprise! He selects the goddess himself, Aqua.

What might these tense situations bring? In keeping with DanMachi’s RPG and fantasy style and a lot of humor, KonoSuba: God’s Blessings for the Wonderful World is very like DanMachi. Do you notice how the long title was also cut down?

18. Sword Art Online (SAO)

sword art online oculus rift virtual reality 1 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

When it comes to anime series which portray an environment of gaming, Sword Art Online is among the most well-known in its field.

Within Sword Art Online the game, you’ll encounter real-world players trapped in a virtual realm and forced to live by their methods. 

To give a serious touch to the real-life fantasy, log-out is virtually impossible, and when someone dies in-game, they die! It’s that deadly and dangerous!

If you’d like to enjoy an anime based on RPGs that is packed with excitement, action, and moments of fantasy, dark scenes, and a touch of romance in the background, Sword Art Online is a perfect choice!

17. Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar 1 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

Here’s what it could be like if one were to become transported into an RPG-like world. As real as it can be, Hai to Gensou no Grimgar hits the mark!

A group of young people awake at the bottom of the earth and have no idea what they’re doing. They have no memory of their previous lives, and they’re living in a realm that’s an absolute mystery to them. 

It appears that they’re living in a world of fantasy and their only course of action is to leave and develop into volunteers for the time being.

The realities that the young people confront in this series appear very similar to what might be the scenario if one could be transported to an RPG-like universe. 

If you’re a fan of RPGs this show, then it’s perfect for you. If you are enjoying this show and want to keep taking it to the next level, then this show is for you.

16. Outbreak Company

Outbreak Company 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

What if worlds of fantasy exist? What if these universes were just waiting in another dimension for exploration? Do you want to go there or do you choose not? 

The otaku who is a hardcore, Kanou Shinichi, is assigned to bridge the gaps between recently found fantasy and the real.

As if it were simple enough Shinichi must confront the new reality of the modern world. The dragons exist, elves There are elves and numerous new things! He isn’t required to participate in battles, though. 

He just has to talk and diplomatically handle all issues. Do you think he can succeed in bringing the two worlds?

This is yet another show that explores the possibility of worlds that are fantasy. Outbreak Company shines with its perspective and its doses of humor.

15. No Game No Life

No Game No Life Season 2 1280x720 1 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

If you’re in search of an experience that’s simultaneously mystical and fundamentally epic, take a look at No Game No Life. “No Game No Life will provide you with an incredible dose of games

The reason I call it games is that the basis of this show is built on games.

Enter Blank The genius gaming group is made up of two siblings Sora as well as Shiro. They’re the best at games, and are virtually unbeatable! 

One day, an unidentified email invites them to join a chess game. The winner is Blanks, but the opponent was, the God of Games, Tet. 

This means that Sora and Shiro get access to Disboard’s world. Disboard is a place where all problems are dealt with and solved through games!

Amazing moments and stupefying games There are plenty of them! Prepare to have your brain overwhelmed by the sheer volume of this series filled with exciting surprises!

14. Overlord

Overlord 1 1 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

In addition to dealing with game world monsters, strategizing strategies to take them down, and then moving on into a new role in which you’re the Overlord

Yes, you read that right. From villain to hero, you’re now the biggest, worst, strongest, most powerful villain in the world!

Momonga is a participant in Yggdrasil.

During its final hours, he remains in the game. When he awakes in the morning, he discovers that the NPCs that he played with have come to life, with their characters. 

The most interesting thing is that he’s trapped in the world and is the ruler! 

So, he continues to live his life in the role of Ainz Ooal Gown and learns about the world before attempting to rule and conquer it.

Talk about being a bad guy. The series takes it to a new level by having the main character become an extremely powerful, savage human being! It’s an essential series for those who are bored of the same old characters, players with low levels, and zero-to-heroes.

13. Zero no Tsukaima

Zero no Tsukaima 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

It’s important to include this iconic film on the list of anime in this category. It’s interesting, it’s funny and romantic.-the best of all! Zero no Tsukaima!!

Poor Hiiraga Saito. The average person was passing by when a dimension gate decided to eat the guy up! Some mystical mayhem caused by Zero known as Louise (she’s named Zero because she’s filled with magic) can summon him as her own personal familiar. 

The wacky adventures begin! Louise is unable to reverse her summoning, and Saito is not able to return. Their fates collide to create an exciting reaction, that is full of humor and all that!

If you’re looking for a romantic comedy, and that’s what you’re looking to find This is the perfect show to watch. It’s a show you won’t forget to watch!

12. The Tower of Druaga

The.Tower .Of .Druaga.full .768014 1 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

The Summer of Anu is upon us, and the residents of Uruk have the chance to put an end to Druaga’s rule once and for all! But will it be this simple? The upper floor, where his home is located has not shown any signs of weakness. 

It’s going to take more than one person or group of people to take down this tower lord. Everyone will have to band together to defeat his vile stronghold. 

Different motives drive individuals into battle, some are seeking riches, and others just want peace! Both action-oriented anime focus on monsters in towers, and the purpose of defeating them.

11. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi The Labyrinth of Magic Poster 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

The fantasy anime Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic tells the story of Aladdin and Alibaba when they travel into a mysterious world in which Dungeons have suddenly appeared. 

After being conquered, these dark dungeons will provide wealth to the conquerors but djinns guard their territory with deadly traps that line the surrounding area of every Dungeon. 

The most terrifying part is the darkness hidden behind this. Intrigue, scheming, and labyrinths are common themes that this anime must see with Danmachi.

10. Accel World

Accel World 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

Haruyuki Arita was always victimized for his appearance, and his only comfort was his ability to play video games. 

When he discovers that his high scores are being beaten by the beautiful vice president Kuroyukihime Arisa and she invites Haru to come to meet with her. 

She is a teacher Haru the concept of “Brain Burst”, which lets you speed up your brain waves to the point that time seems to freeze in place! 

To make use of Brain Burst at a faster rate, it is necessary to keep winning matches. If they fail in their abilities, they could disappear forever. 

The anime transports us to virtual worlds that resemble games where the charismatic character we know as Bell is not like him when it comes to real life. 

We witness exactly the emotional pain we faced when we saw Bell being pushed around and being bullied.

9. And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online?

and you thought there is never a girl online featured image1 1 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

The game that is played continuously by the characters follows the same ethos as It Illegal to Meet Girls in the Dungeon and features a charming love story that you will not want to skip. 

After a shady encounter confessing to an online gamer, Hideki Nishimura, username “Rusian,” decides to never trust another beautiful woman on the internet ever again.

A few years after the incident, Rusian is part of a group in which Ako is in love with him. him. 

He decides to be open to her advances since she’s not a problem, after all, online attractive girls are typically males, aren’t they? 

This anime’s love story along with the action-packed scenes in this anime may bring back memories of Danmachi.

8. Record of Grancrest War

AAAABXbAxk8lB1EZFtz9s76 bVS7C6MDV3Njgr 4tbUKp9EgR4kBbKKoV0h8puoRPD0Sdw8Cu2N vJl9o5HyqQ5FDH9ydOhj 1 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

Atlatan was thrust into conflict following The Great Hall Tragedy. However, a wedding that was supposed to create peace between the two sides was met with a shocking shock. 

Chaos shattered the happy marriage and the Demon Lord of Diabolos ensured that peace never took form between the two rival alliances. 

Siluca Meletes, on her return from school after she was unable to stop the disaster, is saved by a mysterious young man identified as Theo Cornaro carrying an odd Crest, a symbol of peace that can ward off chaos. 

While there are many major differences between Danmachi and Danmachi. Politics and schemes are the common themes both anime have.

7. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer Season 2 1 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

Goblins are usually viewed as weak and small creatures however, those who are more knowledgeable will realize that they pose significant dangers. 

They’re wild and unpredictable. Shockingly, the majority of adventurers ignore the goblins.

What’s more astonishing is the reality that a 15-year-old Priestess was forced to confront them before her young group of adventurers when she joined their group for another adventure, with great hopes for the next one to go smoothly too.

Then, she was brutally snatched by a rogue goblin herd! Before she could face her fate on her own, however, the charismatic hero put her from being frightened by his incredible combat abilities. 

Now, he is traveling with her to eradicate goblins. It’s as hilarious and as strange as Danmachi, however, it is a darker story featuring bloodier fight scenes.

6. Luck & Logic

luck n logic 7 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

It is the idea that controls the feelings, abilities, and memories of the world. Through its power, foreigners can pass through portals that are infused with their own world’s logic and threaten other planets. 

To stop this and prevent it from occurring in Septpia (the human realm), ALCA employs Logicalists who are bonded to foreigners who seek peace by sharing their Logic. They are charged with tackling any threats that may occur.

Yoshichika Tsurugi was denied the ability to utilize Logic during combat due to overusing his capabilities but discovered his ability to use it once more after Athena gave him a brand newly-created Logic Card. 

Yoshichika, as well as other Logicalists, also signed agreements with the gods of Tetra-Heaven which allowed them to collaborate to fight off enemies that threatened their world. 

Gods granting their strength as a “blessing” may remind you of Danmachi or other fantasy worlds.

5. Fairy Tail

fairy tail 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

A must-see animation adaptation of the manga created by Hiro Mashima, who wrote the manga of the same name. It is a story of mages from the Fairy Tail guild as they traverse the world of Fiore. 

Lucy Heartfilia is a mage in her early years looking in search of a celestial gate key, and her ultimate goal is to become a full-time wizard after joining this famed guild. 

While searching she meets Natsu Dragneel as well as his companion Happy, who are looking for Natsu’s birth father Igneel the dragon who taught him everything regarding magic while he was a kid. 

With a lot of fantastical elements, humor, and actions, Fairy Tail is a perfect film and follow for those who love Danmachi.

4. Tower of God

Tower of God 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

There is a tower which is a place where people are called “Regulars” with the promise of fulfilling their greatest desires. Be it money, fame, power, or anything else, everything is waiting for those who make it to the highest point. 

Twenty-five Bam has lived in darkness throughout his life. He was content with that because He never imagined that anything better could be possible for him However, Rachel was born out of thin air and transformed everything. 

However, Rachel had a vision and was determined to scale the tower and leave Bam completely alone in his darkness. However, Rachel is his only world, and he follows her to climb the tower along with her. 

The same concept to conquer a dungeon or, in this case, the tower, to make their dream be realized is shared by Danmachi and the Tower of God.

3. Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

The Seven Deadly Sins is an anime series by Nakaba Suzuki. It follows Elizabeth as a princess of The Kingdom of Liones. 

It has similar elements like humor, ecchi, and action scenes like Danmachi, however, it is a significant change in terms of plot and narrative. 

Alongside The seven sins as her companions and a quest to restore her kingdom from the Holy Knights who have unjustly conquered her with the use of force and violence. 

The show also explores the extent to which one can go to achieve justice in a world that is not fair in which other countries such as Britannia conquer them with more subtle strategies like using bribery and persuasion to take their territories.

2. Grimoire of Zero

grimoire of zero 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

In a world of constant war between humans and witches, there exist the “beast fallen”–cursed humans born with the appearance and strength of an animal. 

Their physical strength and bestial appearance are the reason they are terrorized by both sides of the conflict. 

In the end, many beasts fall into the category of sellswords who earn a living by hunting for either side, based on how much they’re paid or the agreement they have signed at the time.

Although it’s not an easy life for everyone involved some individuals are in a position of being unable to escape the dangers.

Despite the rift between races, a gentle witch called Zero employs a mercenary who is a beast to protect her. The unlikely group of friends grows closer as they travel together.

During their journey, his true character is exposed, which leads to his showing compassion to all people, humans or witches too.

1. Log Horizon

Log Horizon characters 19 Best Anime Like 'Danmachi'

The elder tale is a virtual reality game that was recently upgraded and now more than 30000 Japanese players are locked in the virtual world, with no way to leave. 

Contrary to other epic anime in the category, Log Horizon has an extremely well-constructed storyline.

It is a lot about strategically-designed online games, as well as throwing some philosophical dialogue into the proceedings. It also occasionally touches on politics which makes it an interesting show that you won’t want to miss. 

The main character of Log Horizon is veteran player Shiroe, a brilliant strategist who is forced to be able what it takes to be a successful player in the alternate world of magic and swords. 

Together with his companion Naotsugu and the diminutive assassin Akatsuki (who calls him her master) He must take Akihabara to stability and negotiate with the indigenous inhabitants of the VRMMORPG which is where they have to learn how to survive. 

The plot is based on an RPG along with magical elements and political intrigue the epic anime is a perfect follow-up to Danmcahi.

That’s all for you, lovers of anime! We did not include Sword Oratoria, as that is cheating. 

We hope you enjoy our collection of fantastic anime suggestions like Dungeon Ni Deai Wo Motomeru no Wa Machigatteiru Darou Ka, a.k.a. Danmachi, for your next binge-watching session. 

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