Romantic Comedy Anime

18 Best Romantic Comedy Anime of 2021

Everybody needs a little romance and comedy in their life.

That is the reason it is perhaps the most adored genre in entertainment.

As many know, the year 2021 is set to be an interesting one for anime fans.

This year has many stunning series to come, including everything from new periods of mainstream romcom anime to brand-new shows.

Regardless of whether somebody is a fan of shonen or shojo, a decent romance plot is something that everybody can appreciate, and in this article, we are going to take a glance at some of the best ones that are released or coming this year.

18. HoriMiya

  1. Episodes: 13
  2. Studio: CloverWorks
  3. Genre: Romantic Comedy

Kyoko Hori is a splendid and famous secondary school student, rather than her schoolmate Izumi Miyamura, a bleak and geeky, glasses-wearing kid.

Hori is a shut-in who dresses down and takes care of her sibling Souta at home.

She takes each endeavor to conceal this from her cohorts.

17. Koikimo

  1. Episodes: 12
  2. Studio: Nomad
  3. Genre: Romantic Comedy

A 17-year-old secondary school understudy who, after saving Ryo from tumbling down the steps and giving him her lunch, winds up accepting Ryo’s exciting methodology.

Her name signifies “one blossom” and likely along these lines, Ryo sends her one rose a day to her home as an approach to demonstrate his sentiments.

While dismissing Ryo each time he moves toward her, Ichika doesn’t appear to mind Ryo’s essence.

16. Higehiro

  1. Episodes: 13
  1. Studio: Project No. 9
  1. Genre: Romantic Comedy

An attractive salaryman Yoshida had finally gotten together the mental fortitude to admit his feelings for Airi Gotou; tragically, he wound up dismissed and went out drinking with his colleague/closest companion Hashimoto to alleviate himself of his distresses.

While returning home in a tanked state, he meets Sayu Ogiwara, a high school girl who requests to sleep with him.

15. Bottom-tier character Tomozaki – Kun

Bottom-tier character Tomozaki - Kun
  1. Episodes: 12
  2. Studio: Project No. 9
  3. Genre: Romantic Comedy

Tomoaki is an extraordinary gamer compared to others in Japan, and as he would like to think, the round of genuine is one of the most exceedingly terrible.

No obvious principles for progress, horrendously adjusted, and nothing bodes well.

Yet, then, at that point, he meets a gamer who’s similarly comparable to him, and she offers to show him a couple of endeavors.

14. The Quintessential Quintuplets: Season 2

The Quintessential Quintuplets:  Season 2
  1. Episodes: 12
  2. Studio: Bibury Animation Studio
  3. Genre: Harem, Romantic Comedy

At some point, a helpless secondary school second-year named Futaro Uesugi runs over a private mentoring gig with great compensation, yet his understudies are his schoolmates.

Indeed, every one of the five is quintuplet, each perfect yet additionally near the precarious edge of failing out of school.

13. Beasters: Season 2

Beastars: Season 2
  1. Episodes: 12
  2. Studio: Orange
  3. Genre: Drama, Slice of Life, School, Psychological, Shonen

In a universe of carnivores and herbivores, there is a great deal of expectation, love, and nervousness.

Roshi is a wolf who is an individual from Cherryton Academy’s show club, and surprisingly as he’s a wolf, he’s actually delicate.

12. Date A live Season 4

Date A live Season 4
  1. Studio: Geek Toys
  2. Genre: Harem, Romantic Comedy, Science Fiction

A fourth season of the Date A Live anime series, named Date A Live IV, was created by Geek Toys and coordinated by Jun Nakagawa. Like the remainder of the series, it follows the undertakings of Shido Itsuka.

The season is booked to debut in October 2021.

Fumihiko Shimo is composing the fourth season’s contents, with Naoto Nakamura planning the characters, and Go Sakabe getting back to form the series’ music.

11. Fruits Basket: The Final

Fruits Basket: The Final
  1. Episodes: 13
  2. Studio: TMS Entertainment
  3. Genre: Supernatural, Drama, Slice of Life, Shoujo, Romance, Comedy

At a point when secondary school student Tohru Honda’s mom passes on in an auto collision, Tohru chooses to live with her granddad.

Redesigns on the house and an unsupportive, unpleasant relative reason her to move out of her granddad’s home for a brief time.

Tohru decays the proposal to remain with one of her two dear companions as she would not like to force on them; since she has no place else to go, Tohru starts living in a tent and supporting herself.

10. Kaguya Sama: Love is War Season 3

Kaguya Sama: Love is War Season 3
  1. Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Seinen, Drama, Romance

For season 3, we are hoping to see the two foster a more profound sentiment in the student committee.

Maybe, Kaguya will at long last admit how she feels for Miyuki.

This won’t be a going great undertaking, so a few

9. Immemorial Love for You

Immemorial Love for You
  1. Episodes: 28
  2. Studio: Taikong Works
  3. Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Romance

A few outsiders go to the Earth and one of them, becomes Babilonia’s King, constructing the Babel Tower to return to his reality.

Be that as it may, because of specialized disappointments, his spaceship detonates, killing the female protagonist.

The male lead and his troop stay on Earth to figure out how to return.

The female character resurrects 2500 years after the fact and met with him once again. Now, what will happen?

8. Mashiro no Oto

Mashiro no Oto
  1. Episodes: 12
  2. Studio: Shin – Ei Animations
  3. Genre: Drama, Music, School, Slice of Life

Mashiro no Oto is another music anime about a socially significant instrument: the shamisen.

The crowd is attracted to Setsu, a gifted shamisen player who still can’t seem to track down his sound from the principal scene, leaving his home in the wide open for Tokyo after his grandpa has died.

7. Osamake

  1. Episodes: 12
  2. Studio: Doga Kobo
  3. Genre: Romantic Comedy

Share Maru is a seventeen-year-old secondary school kid who has never had a sweetheart.

He lives nearby to his beloved companion Kuroha Shida, a little and charming Onee-san sort of young lady with an active personality.

At some point, Kuroha admits to Sueharu, yet he dismisses her;

Share exclusively desires his first love, Shirokusa Kachi, who is an excellent icon and an honour-winning creator in school.

Shirokusa is unconcerned with all young men in school yet Sueharu, which makes Sueharu feel that he may get an opportunity.

At the point when Sueharu chooses to admit his sentiments, he is crushed to discover that Shirokusa now has a sweetheart.

Kuroha approaches Sueharu, offering to assist him with seeking retribution on Shirokusa and her sweetheart.

6. Heaven Official’s Blessing

Heaven Official's Blessing
  1. Episodes: 11 + Specials
  2. Studio: Bilibili
  3. Genre: Antiquity, Romance, Fantasy

800 years prior, Xie Lian was the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Xian. He was cherished by his residents as “His Highness the Crown Prince, the sweetheart of the sky” and by seventeen years old was known to be thoughtful and benevolent, just keen on saving the average citizens of his kingdom.

As a gigantic Taoist cultivator, he hence rose to the sky to fill in as a military god at an extremely youthful age.

After 800 years, after two expulsions that left him shamed and viewed as the sole fool of the sky, Xie Lian climbs to the sky for the third time while lacking the two admirers and benefits.

Before long, he meets an apparition lord called Hua Cheng, who is extremely attached to him.

The mission to clear his obligations and loyally fill in as a glorious authority uncover occasions about Xie Lian’s past and the numerous goings-on of the superb realm.

5. Kanojo mo Kanojo

Kanojo mo Kanojo
  1. Episodes: July 2021
  2. Studio: Tezuka Productions
  3. Genre: Romantic Comedy

After holding onto a solitary love for quite a long time, Naoya Mukai at last will date his beloved companion, Saki.

In any case, similarly, as he attempts to invest in this relationship, he gets an unexpected admission from Nagisa Minase.

From the start, Naoya attempts to dismiss her yet is before long overwhelmed by sensations of not having any desire to hurt Nagisa.

Attempting to try not to deceive his better half’s confidence in him, Naoya concocts an “answer” to fulfill the two young ladies—double-crossing.

Normally, Saki rebukes this thought, however through Naoya’s and Nagisa’s constancy, she hesitantly submits.

4. Josee, The Tiger, and The Fish

 Josee, The Tiger and The Fish
  1. Episodes: 1
  2. Studio: Romance

An adolescent heartfelt dramatization with topics of growing up, the story centers around student Tsuneo and visionary Josee, who carries on with her life stuck in a wheelchair.

Josee—named after the courageous woman in Françoise Sagan’s Wonderful Clouds—goes through a large portion of her days perusing and painting until by chance she experiences Tsuneo, and chooses it’s an ideal opportunity to confront this present reality.

3. Love me, love me not

 Love me, love me not
  1. Episodes: 1
  2. Genre: Romance, Coming of age

The story revolves around Yuna and Akari who have two totally different perspectives on adoration: Yuna is somebody who considers love to be a fantasy and Akari is extremely practical about her sentiment decisions.

In the meantime, there are two young men, Kazuomi and Rio, who additionally have various perspectives on adoration: Kazuomi’s a moron and doesn’t comprehend the idea of affection, while Rio gets the chance when admitted to as long as the young lady looks charming.

2. Ijinaraide, Nagatoro San

Ijinaraide, Nagatoro San
  1. Episodes: 12
  2. Studio: Telecom Animated Films
  3. Genre: Romantic Comedy

It is an anime adaption of a Japanese web manga series illustrated by Nanashi, which began serializing in Magazine Pocket, an online application-based web manga magazine published by Kodansha.

It tells a story about a girl named, Nagatoro who is fifteen years old. she really likes to mess with her senpai and enjoys teasing him.

Even though it seemed that she just wanted to torment him like Nagatoro was interested in him. Whenever other people tried to annoy her senpai, she becomes very hostile towards them.

1. Idoly Pride

Idoly Pride
  1. Genre: Music
  2. Episodes: 12
  3. Studio: Lerche, CAAnimation

A little diversion organization, Hoshimi Production, situated in Hoshimi City, produces one of the rising stars of the symbol business: Mana Nagase, until she passed on in a street mishap en route to the Venus Grand Prix finals, wrecking individuals around her, and moves some of them to become icon simultaneously.

A couple of years after the fact, Hoshimi Production holds a tryout to track down another symbol.

Kotono Nagase, the more youthful sister of Mana, shows up in front of an audience alongside Sakura Kawasaki, a young lady with a voice very much like Mana’s.

Beginning with just Kotono and Sakura, and later adding up to a gathering of ten young ladies which are separated into two gatherings: Moon Tempest and Sunny Peace, they all accumulate and begin living respectively in a dorm.

Likewise, the story includes TRINITYAiLE, who need to outperform Mana, notwithstanding LizNoir, who has exceptional competition with Mana.

Confronting one another and contending with the pride in their souls, they focus on their best as the feelings encompassing Mana and the contention become snared.