Overlord Watch Order Guide

Overlord is like a breath of fresh air in the over-saturated anime in the genre of isekai

It features a distinctive idea, fantastic characters, charming animation, and an incredible soundtrack.

In October 2020, Overlord has 3 seasons and the total number of episodes is 39. 

Additionally, it includes two recap videos as well as an original animation (OVA) as well as 4 original animations on the net (ONA) as well as three extras.

Overlord introduces a character stuck in a virtual world as an all-powerful villain of the world.

His human body is protected by a skeletal demon that is capable of doing whatever you’d imagine from the monster.

However, he’s not necessarily bad and does the things he does because of simple boredom.

His robotic NPC characters are brought to life and, in the process, it is up to him to put his head in order and act as a dark lord.

If you’re tired of common fantasy stories that are stuffed with characters and harem, try Overlord to find something different from the norm!

About Overlord

momonga overlord Overlord Watch Order Guide

In 2138 Yggdrasil an online-based game that is popular will be slowly shut down amid the boom in virtual reality.

But, one player known as Momonga decides to not quit the game. Momonga transforms into a skeletal form, transforming him into an extremely powerful wizard.

The New World is drastically different, with NPCs experiencing emotions and Momonga smelling things that they aren’t used to.

With no family or friends, nor any place in society, Momonga is determined to rule the new world that the game has evolved into.

Release Order

I. TV Series

  • Season 1: Overlord (2015)
  • Season 2: Overlord II (2018)
  • Season 3: Overlord III (2018)

II. Movies

  • Overlord Movie 1: Fushisha no Ou (2017)
  • Overlord Movie 2: Shikkoku no Eiyuu (2017)


  • Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades – Nazarick Saidai no Kiki (2016)


  • Overlord: Oukoku no Kan-tachi – Drama CD-Tsuki Tokusou-ban (2014)
  • Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades 2 (2018)
  • Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades 3 (2018)
  • Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades – Clementine Toubou-hen (2018)

V. Specials

  • Overlord: Ple Ple Pleiades (2016)
  • Overlord Movie: Ple Ple Pleiades (2017)
  • Overlord Movie: Manner Movie (2017)

Chronological Order

  • Season 1: Overlord (2015)
  • Season 2: Overlord II (2018)
  • Season 3: Overlord III (2018)

Quick Review


Overlord is an original storyline that follows the adventures of a villain. The main character, Momonga, gets stuck in a video game in which the player is an overpowered villain.

After a while of adjusting to the strange circumstances, he accepts it as his reality and then creates chaos in the fantasy world.

The plot adds an intriguing twist to the otherwise standard genre by putting the characters in various scenarios that allow different aspects of their characters to be fully fleshed out.


overlord characters Overlord Watch Order Guide

The greatest aspect of Overlord is the characters. Once, Momonga becomes the Dark Lord of the planet and has everything that he wants.

He can create his own harem should he wish to, but it won’t make him a villain. He is a good person and has relationships with his supporters.

It has great supporting actors who also make us laugh and bring us back to our senses.


Studio Madhouse, the studio responsible for Overlord, has proven adept at producing amazing animation with brilliant word-building and well-choreographed battle scenes.

The animation improves with each season.


This soundtrack is appropriate for a show such as Overlord that starts with heavy beats and keeps up with each episode’s pace throughout the animation.

Final Words

The preferred sequence to watch Overlord is the chronological order in which it plays.

The first and second movies are just re-runs of the first season, so they can be taken out.

OVAs, ONAs, and specials aren’t relevant to the plot and maybe watched at any time after the beginning of season 1.

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