30 Ugliest Anime Characters of All Time

Usually, we curate a list of pretty-looking anime characters like, “Best Giantess “, “Super Cute Anime Girls that will Make you Blush!” or “Anime girls with Pink Hair” and trust me I love doing these listicles but this one is a zinger.

We have searched and searched to make this list of the Ugliest Anime Characters.

I am accustomed to making listicles where I have to research sexy cute girls or the strongest characters of an anime whereas in this one I have looked at the worst looking creatures.

I hope you “enjoy” this one!

Let’s get this ugly party started!

30. Babidi From Dragon Ball Z

21 babidi dragon ball z anime 30 Ugliest Anime Characters of All Time

The bad guys in Dragon Ball Z are drawn in a cruel way. As they definitely came before the image of the hot, bad boy who is also the devil.

I mean just look at Babidi.

He looks like a dead bean, a catfish, and a fly all put together.

He is short, mostly bald, skinny, and, I guess, orange, which are all things a man fears.

His eyes look like they would pop out of his head if you hit him hard, which doesn’t help his case either.

29. Bonolenov Ndongo From Hunter x Hunter

20 bonolenov ndongo hunter x hunter anime 30 Ugliest Anime Characters of All Time

When a figure wears something from head to toe, it means they are either very hot or very ugly.

Our friend Bonolenov is definitely in the second group.

This is because as soon as he takes off the bandages, we can see that he has no hair, many of his teeth are missing, he is very thin, and most importantly, he is built like a flute.

As in, huge parts of his body are gone.

There’s also something scary about the way he looks.

28. Hand Demon From Demon Slayer

19 hand demon demon slayer anime 30 Ugliest Anime Characters of All Time

Let’s be honest: most of the demons in Demon Slayer are basically very hot.

Until we get to the Hand Demon, that is.

This thing is scary to look at because it looks like Shigaraki Tomura on steroids.

Maybe it’s all the hands and arms wrapped around his body, or maybe it’s because we’re used to hearing his voice coming from a much hotter man, which is a JoJo’s reference, but he gives me the creeps.

27. Ekaterina and Elizabeth From Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

18 ekaterina and elizabeth magi the labyrinth of magic 30 Ugliest Anime Characters of All Time

I’d like to put these two together because they were both in the same joke and have almost the same face.

I thought that after reading Interspecies Reviewers, nothing that came out of a brothel could surprise me.

And yet, here I am being wrong.

Since these two worked in two different pleasure houses and for two different powerful people, they must have gotten pretty good at what they did.

Because I can’t imagine a world in which they would get this much attention because of how they look.

26. Teruki Hanazawa From Mob Psycho 100

17 teruki hanazawa mob psycho 100 anime 30 Ugliest Anime Characters of All Time

This guy made the list because he had the longest and saddest bad hair day of all time.

At first, he only cut the top of his hair. No trouble, Danny Devito, who is a modern status symbol, rocks that hairstyle.

But then his hair started to grow in a strange way that made it keep getting higher, and my boy ended up looking like an off-duty English Imperial guard.

It made him look silly, and if I’m being honest, I think he looked better with the bold cut.

25. Rock Lee From Naruto

16 rock lee naruto anime screenshot 30 Ugliest Anime Characters of All Time

Okay, forget for a moment what a great person Lee is, or at least was.

Now, just look at him as a body.

You have to agree that you probably wouldn’t think, “Oh, what a sexy beast!” if you saw someone with a bowl cut, thick eyebrows, a green jumpsuit, and orange leg warmers.

Guy, who I also like, looks exactly the same and is always with Lee, which doesn’t help.

Even more so when he finds out that Guy is not his real father.

24. Carnage Kabuto From One Punch Man

15 carnage kabuto one punch man anime 30 Ugliest Anime Characters of All Time

One Punch Man has seen a lot of strange bad guys.

I mean, the last boss of season 1 looks just like any other Yu-Gi-Oh card, but they always look cool.

Kabuto looks like a big cockroach that got steroids pumped into it.

Once he changes into “carnage mode,” he does get some cool points.

But if we just look at him in his base form, he is one of the most ugly figures.

Maybe about as smart as that crab guy from episode 1.

23. Entoma Vasilissa Zeta From Overlord

14 entoma vasilissa zeta overlord anime 30 Ugliest Anime Characters of All Time

Entoma didn’t seem like it belonged on this list at all. She looks very cute, to be honest.

So you can imagine how surprised I was to finally see her fighting and find out that her face isn’t even a face.

I can see how that might give her an edge in war. But holy hell, I had no idea what was going on behind that mask.

Entoma has to be on this list because it is so shocking and because bugs are the meaning of ugly.

22. Tomoko Kuroki From WataMote

13 tomoko kuroki watamote anime screenshot 30 Ugliest Anime Characters of All Time

Glow-ups are a popular online trend for a reason: most of the time, puberty makes us look bad.

But most anime doesn’t take that into account and makes every high school student look like a model with the perfect body and face.

Then there’s Tomoki.

She doesn’t really know how to dress, comb her hair, sleep enough so that she doesn’t wake up with bags under her eyes, walk, say hello, etc. She’s a hopeless case.

All of this makes her look pretty poor, which is odd because trying to look pretty makes her look even worse.

Don’t worry, at some point we’ve all been Tomoki. And it does get better.

21. Berocas From The Rising of the Shield Hero

12 berocas the rising of the shield hero anime 30 Ugliest Anime Characters of All Time

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “slave trader,” I don’t think of a well-dressed young guy.

In fact, what I imagine fits very well with Berocas. A mix of the Monopoly man and Dr. Penguin, with very deep pockets and no morals.

His style is a little strange, what with his hat being twice as big as his head and all.

But his fake smile and dorky glasses are what make him look really ugly to me.

20. The Titans From Attack on Titan

11 the titans attack on titan anime screenshot 30 Ugliest Anime Characters of All Time

I can’t pick a name because all of the named Titans, or Titan users, look pretty good.

But the Titans in the background are just ugly.

Maybe it’s because their faces never show any feeling or because they have such strange features.

But I can’t say I’ve ever seen a nameless Titan who looked good.

The fact that they run in the funniest way ever, that they are always naked, and that they don’t have any genitalia makes them look like a mess.

Okay, take that last part back, it’s a good thing they don’t have genitalia.

19. Yoshinobu Kubota From Sakamoto Desu ga?

10 yoshinobu kubota sakamoto desu ga anime 30 Ugliest Anime Characters of All Time

I feel like I can’t say much about why I think Yoshinobu is ugly because it would show how insecure I am about myself.

So, I’ll just put it this way: Sakamoto, our all-powerful God, makes everyone else in the show look like a steaming trash fire.

He’s so hot that Yoshinobu’s mom is not only in love with him, but I’d bet $20 that she’d sell her son to go on a date with Sakamoto.

18. Nendou’s Mom From The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

09 nendous mom the disastrous life of saiki k anime 30 Ugliest Anime Characters of All Time

Is it wrong of me to criticize Nendou’s mom but not him? I have no clue.

But Nendou’s style is hard to pull off, and I think that’s because he’s the stereotypical bro/funny guy.

His mom, on the other hand, who looks just like him if you can’t tell, is a whole different story.

So, even though more than one man has fallen in love with Nendou’s mother, I have to follow head-canon and put her on this list.

17. Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti From Re: Zero

08 petelgeuse romanee conti re zero anime 30 Ugliest Anime Characters of All Time

Even Petelgeuse’s mother can’t love his face, no matter how much he wants to think otherwise.

The bowl-cut green hairstyle is so last year. And being that pale white hasn’t been cool since the 1800s.

It doesn’t help that the bags under his eyes look like blood and that he pulls his skin out quite often.

Taking bad care of your face is one thing. But eating it is a big no-no on a whole different level.

16. Shigekiyo Yangu From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Diamond is Unbreakable

01 shigekiyo yangu jjba diamond is unbreakable anime 30 Ugliest Anime Characters of All Time

I’ll be honest with you: I hate everything about how this guy looks.

He looks like Dodoria, but somehow even worse because he isn’t even an alien.

What do those things on his head mean? Is that ever talked about?

The fact that he’s either crying or being a money-hungry jerk just adds to the “please get out of my sight” vibe. God, he just makes me so angry for no reason.

Kira is a very good bad guy in my book.

15. Biwamaru From Dororo

Biwamaru From Dororo

You would have expected some old guy on this list but I don’t think this is the kind of old guy anyone would have expected.

Biwamaru is old and generally old people are ugly but this guy is ugly even for someone his age. He looks as if he was dropped on his head or may he wore his headphones for too long that he got a huge dent on the top of his head!

He is so skinny that his rib cage protrudes through his brownish pale skin. Because he is completely blind, his eyes look quite scary.

The lute priest may be ugly, old, and fragile-looking but a huge demon or a brawny thug is still no match for my old man Biwamaru.

14. Ichiya Vandalay From Fairy Tail

Ichiya Vandalay From Fairy Tail

If you made a list of all possible ugly features a face can have and then made a list of all the features of Vandalay’s face you’d have the same list on two different papers.

Ichiya is the so-called, “Ace” of the Blue Pegasus Guild. He is strong at magic no doubt but weak in looks and intelligence too! He should be called, “disgrACE”.

He has a stupidly square face with funny looking mustache and a square butt chin. Yes, even his butt chin is square! He is very short and quite healthy which makes him look like a rectangle with bulged middle.

Have fun not looking at Vandalay.

13. Amayo Jingoro From Basilisk

Amayo Jingoro From Basilisk

A lot of men struggle with the male pattern balding of hair and the shiny, oily head that it leaves behind, Amayo is no exception to this eternal struggle, he is probably the leader of the struggle

Jingoro has his own complexion of the skin. It is a weird shade of grey that gives you the creeps. He has wrinkle skin with round patches of scars all over his face and body.

He wears his hair, however much is left, in a samurai hairstyle. He wears a worn-out-looking kosode and hakama tied with a rope.

He is quite small as it is and can even turn smaller by using his abilities and turning into a semi-liquid state with small arms and no legs at all. Creepy!

12. Phryne Jamil From Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Phryne Jamil From Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Have you ever called someone at your school, or maybe one of your friends, “Frogfaced”? Well, today I shall dub thee stupid cause Phryne is the only one deserving of this special title.

With a small oval-shaped face, not along the right axis, and eyes too close to each other, Phryne is deserving of the twelfth spot on our list.

She is got a stupid wide face yet her eyes are right next to each other. She’s got a wide smile, wide enough to cover her entire face and funny-looking goat eyes.

You’d be more shocked to hear this than anything else about Phryne, she considers herself to be prettier than any goddess! Yup, let’s leave it at that.

11. Foxy, The Silver Fox From One Piece

 Foxy, The Silver Fox From One Piece

Now, One Piece has more funny-looking characters than any other anime ever and this guy probably belongs to the creamy sliver at the top of that cake. Foxes are quite cute but this guy, isn’t a fox at all, he is just ugly.

He has got the oddest looking shape for a face and a red nose resembling that of a circus clown.

The square jaws on him make me think if he ate bricks as a child. But more than all of this, the funniest thing about our guy Foxy has to be the shape of his body.

He looks like an egg! His waist is too big and completely disproportionate to his chest. One Piece is known for having disproportionate bodies and this is proof.

He wears a dumb-looking maroon robe with orange pants held up on his waist with black suspenders with much tension that they could break any minute and black pointy clown shoes!

10. Alvida From One Piece

Alvida From One Piece

One Piece strikes again and this time with a fat lady wielding a fat club. Alvida, the captain of Alvida Pirates was a fat, tall woman with a scary face and short legs.

She took more space than she deserved and swung around a club laced with sharp metal bossing around her crew and everyone she could possibly find in the seas.

Her circular face with that wide evil smile and cunning eye make her uglier and scarier. She wears a pink shirt under a black coat laced with golden embroidery and white pants below her waist.

I guess one good thing with her is that she ate a devil fruit which transformed into one of the sexiest women in the anime! Well, that’s what a glow-up is I guess.

9. Yubaba From Spirited Away

Yubaba From Spirited Away

I wonder if you make a Yubaba bobblehead, how big would you have to make her head? Yubaba is the sole owner of the Bathhouse that Chihiro starts working at.

She has got the most massive head ever. Her head is twice or probably thrice as big as the rest of her body. She has got a long witch’s nose and a pale pink circular spot that goes right between her eyes.

Her smile is as wide as her face and her face is as tall as Chihiro! She wears bright yellow colored earrings shaped like balls in her ears and a royal-blue colored robe with a bright red gemstone near her neck.

She is as old as the Colosseum yet stronger than the warriors that have fought inside it, but anyone one of those would beat her in a beauty contest.

8. Melody From Hunter x Hunter

Melody From Hunter x Hunter

Have you called anyone “rabbit teeth” in your younger days? Well if you have, shame on you cause bullying is bad but bullying and despising fictional characters ain’t that bad, right?

Look at the picture and now let me remind you, Melody is a woman. She is a balding woman with some white hair that flows down her sides. She has an egg-shaped head with the same complexion as the rest of her skin.

She has two big front teeth constantly biting her lower lip as they protrude out her mouth and extend down almost reaching her chin. She has a round face and big ears that look like receivers on either side of that circle.

She wears a bright green robe and a poncho-like cloth to cover the top of the robe. Although she doesn’t have the beauty one would look at, at first glance but she does have a beautiful soul.

7. Minoru Mineta From My Hero Academia

Minoru Mineta From My Hero Academia

Mineta is not really that ugly but he is a miserable little piece of shit that deserves to be on this list. He is scared of most of the villains he faces, he is a big coward and even more of a pervert.

He’s got a really small face and stands about 3 feet 6 inches tall. He has the quirk called, “Pop Off” that allows him to create sticky balls from the top of his head.

He has a sickening personality hiding behind that small round-shaped head and funny-looking hair. I literally hate him for his pervy guts and cowardice.

Although I hate him, at times he is kind of like the comedic relief and sometimes the butt of some jokes.

6. Dodoria From Dragon Ball Z

Dodoria From Dragon Ball Z

Pink-colored characters are usually cute like, Jigglypuff, Mina from My Hero Academia but this guy is the extreme end, an exception to our assumption.

Dodoria was one of the members of the infamous Frieza Force. He is all pink and there is no other shade on his body except for the battle suit her wears.

He has a round face with broad jaws and a head covered in small conical pikes rather than hair. His forearms and shoulders are covered in similar pikes. He has got long black claws for nails and long point elf-like ears.

You gotta wonder if everyone on Dodoria’s planet looked like him or not.

5. Pesci From Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Fifth Part

Pesci From Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Fifth Part

Where exactly do his face end and his neck begins?

Pesci is an antagonist in the fifth part of Jojo. He has the longest face ever, even longer than a horse. You could always ask him, “Why the long face?”

He doesn’t have any defining jawline that defines his face. His face is so long that after a point it just becomes his chest without any lines and shades separating the two.

The green pineapple head hairstyle and his funny-looking brown robe turn him into a clown, a rather scary-looking clown with a neck as broad as his face.

4. Chudelkin From Sword Art Online

Chudelkin From Sword Art Online

SAO is not really famous for any scary or ugly characters but in life, there are always exceptions, Chudelkin just shouldn’t have existed but hey we all got problems.

Chudelkin’s face looks like someone forgot that a face is supposed to have edges. He has a fair complexion almost like he was dipped in permanent white ink as a child.

His wide scary smile and cunning eye sitting on his wide-ass face make him look like one of those evil clowns that were haunting the streets in 2016.

Have you ever seen the Joker card that comes as a spare card in a deck of cards? Well, Chudelkin is a fat, evil joker with a twisted personality and overall just ugly as hell.

3. Mr. Me-Mania From Perfect Blue

Mr. Me-Mania From Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue is a critically acclaimed masterpiece and some of the credit should go to the secondary antagonist and the way he is written as a character and the way he looks.

Mr. Me-Mania or should I say, Mamoru Uchida, his real name is a creep obsessed with the famous actress/performer Mima. He even looks like a creep.

He has a long squarish looking face with eyes so wide apart you cannot get lost in them cause eventually you’d look at the bridge over his nose and start to introspect what exactly are you doing with your life.

He covers one of his eyes with a lock of his black hair that flows down his face to his neck. He’s got a wide nose with huge nostrils perfect for piercing but not so perfect for an Eskimo kiss. He looks like a sad emo boy.

2. Charlotte Linlin From One Piece

Charlotte Linlin From One Piece

Third and the ugliest character from One Piece on this list, Charlotte is the captain of Big Mom Pirates. Her alias, “Big Mom” is the most accurate nickname given to her.

Standing at about 28 feet tall and wearing that funny-looking pink frock, Charlotte has a bounty not too big for her massive head.

She has wavy pink short hair that comes out of her pink pirate hat on either side of her wide face. She has got a big witch’s nose and a wide scary smile.

I wish she had stayed like her 28-year-old version forever, slimmer, sleeker, and more proportionate than ever.

1. Witch of the Waste From Howl’s Moving Castle

Witch of the Waste From Howl's Moving Castle

I sometimes feel down when I look in the mirror and watch my double-chin peering out from underneath my face but when I looked at the Witch, man I am relieved that I only have two chins.

The Witch of the Waste was the one that cursed Sophie and turned her into a 90-year-old woman because Howl took interest in a young and pretty version of the girl.

She was so fat her chins rolled down her neck and covered it entirely and even reacher her breasts if there were any. She looked like a ball of fat just walking around wearing an erie black robe and a black hat.

She wore bright red lipstick and think red necklace made out of small beads.

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