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Black anime characters are very rare in the animation world where every character is light skin. So today we are going to explore these awesome black anime characters from the anime world.

If this list proves anything, it’s that we need more awesome Black anime characters. We all can agree that there are some really awesome black anime characters but still we don’t see them enough.

Before scrolling down to the list can you even name 10 black anime characters ??? Die hard fans might can say yes, but for someone like me it’s pretty difficult.

35 Amazing Black Anime Characters of All Times

So lets begin this awesome list of 35 amazing black anime characters of all times.

35. Miyuki Ayukawa From Basquash

Miyuki lived with Dan until her family moved away during their childhood. She and her grandfather returned in the first episode as a well-endowed teenager and a skilled mechanic.

Upon her return, she gives him and teaches him how to pilot a Big Foot. She cares for Dan and his team’s Big Foots, something she does happily, as it gives her more work to do (and get paid for).

Miyuki Ayukawa From Basquash black anime characters

She also has been shown as having deep feelings for Dan despite his obliviousness.

34. King Bakura From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Bakura was a villager in Kul Elna, and was its only survivor when Akhenaden and three other magicians massacred the village, sacrificing 99 humans to create the Millennium Items.

At the time, he was only a child and watched in horror as his family and friends were killed and their bodily components used to create the seven Millennium Items.

King Bakura From Yu-Gi-Oh!

However, Bakura soon acquired a powerful Ka, “Diabound”, created from both his own hate and the vengeful spirits of Kul Elna.

33. Atsuko Jackson From Michiko to Hatchin

Atsuko knew Michiko Malandro from the same orphanage and they would usually help each other out.

As a child Atsuko is seen helping Michiko get a money box on a high shelf in the heads room.

Atsuko gets caught and the distracted clerk is too late to stop Michiko from stealing a bag of food.

Atsuko Jackson From Michiko to Hatchin

As Michiko is about to leave she sees Atsuko on the ground hurt, so she kicks a food shelf to get the clerks attention.

32. Daz Bones From One Piece – Alabasta Arc

Daz is a Black anime character with long, thin limbs and fingers. He is tall and very muscular and his head is shaven.

His most striking feature is probably the black unibrow, right over his round eyes. He has big lips and the archaic Japanese symbol of the number “1” (壱 ichi?) tattooed on his torso.

Daz Bones From One Piece - Alabasta Arc

In Alabasta, he sported an oriental-looking attire consisting of a sleeveless dark coat with golden edges and white motifs on the front, over very loose beige pants held up by a white sash around the waist, with some light brown fur sprouting from it.

31. Marik Ishtar From Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters

Marik’s initial outfit consists of purple hooded robes with the Eye of Anubis on it, and a long purple cape with a gold chain at the front.

He wears golden earrings, three bands of neckwear, an armband on each arm, and five bracelets on each arm starting from close to his elbows down to his wrists.

Marik Ishtar From Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters

He is a Black anime character, purple eyes and white-gold hair that occasionally appears as more light gray hair, especially in the Battle City tournament and at night.

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