Is Killer Bee Dead in Naruto/Boruto?

As of right now, Killer Bee is still alive. He fought in many wars and Ninja World Wars, but he was still alive.

Killer Bee is a formidable ninja, having evaded danger and vanquished numerous foes. After Naruto Shippuden ends, Killer Bee continues to exist in the Boruto series.

Find out here whether or not Killer Bee is still alive. How did he make it through not one, but two close calls with death?

Does this mean that Killer Bee no longer exists?

On two separate occasions, death seemed imminent for Killer Bee.

Both the war against the Taka and the battle against the Momoshiki Otsutsuki are important. But despite both of those things happening to him, he is still alive today.

Fight against the Taka

Bee was leaving the Valley of Clouds and Lightning, where she had been training, after completing her training.

But at that moment he was ambushed by the members of Taka, Sasuke’s newly founded guild. The first one to attack was really Suigetsu. Bee then seized Suigetsu’s sword and used it to defeat Jugo.

Sasuke intervened, drawing his own blade to attempt to retrieve Suigetsu’s. Bee was so awed that he immediately launched into his traditional 7-sword fighting style against Sasuke. Even with his sharingan, Sasuke was unable to mimic Bee’s fighting style.

Sasuke attempted to take the upper hand by utilizing a Chidori sword technique reminiscent of lightning, but Bee immediately countered with a technique of her own.

Bee inflicted fatal wounds on Sasuke. Karin retreated with Sasuke to heal him while Suigetsu and Jugo rushed to his aid.

Sasuke was healed by Karin, but the battle yet continued. Bee grew tired of the conflict and attempted to leave, but Karin followed her.

killer bee cosplay Is Killer Bee Dead in Naruto/Boruto?

Since Bee could not get away, he reverted to his Version 1 form and began attacking Sasuke. Sasuke managed to ensnare Bee in a genjutsu, allowing Taka to escape.

Bee, with Gyuki’s assistance, managed to free herself and lash out with a lariat that tore a hole in Sasuke’s chest.

In her tailed beast form, Bee launched a tailed beast bomb in their direction. But by using himself as a shield, Suigetsu saved the lives of the other Taka.

Sasuke uses Amaterasu on Bee after he was saved from death when Jugo’s soul was fused with his own.

The Amaterasu Bee shared her sorrow at being set ablaze and, in his rage, he smashed Karin with a tentacle.

Bee faked his capture by replacing the tentacle Sasuke had severed and putting a decoy behind. Taka failed to realise this, and he sent B to the Akatsuki. The real Bee, meanwhile, took a trip.

When Akatsuki attempted to remove Gyuki from Bee’s body, they realised it was a fake.

The fight against the Otsutsuki clan

The Otsutsuki clan was looking for Kaguya’s dispersed energy. They swarmed Bee, effectively trapping him in the shape of Gyuki.

Bee was knocked out and used a tailed beast ball to attack Momoshiki and Kinshiki. Momoshiki took in the energy and focused it inward, increasing its potency.

Bee was caught off guard and killed by the explosion. Yet, he was able to duplicate an octopus limb.

When the clansmen grabbed the clone, they mistakenly believed it to be the real Bee. the creature’s chakra was taken and used to create some tablets before the search was continued.

Due to his ordeal, Gyuki has been cut off from all other tailed monsters. Bee went back to Kumogakure thereafter. In the end, Killer Bee was able to avoid disaster thanks to his own ingenuity.

Final Words

Killer Bee is a formidable martial artist. He is so deceptive that his opponents seldom catch on to his tricks. One of them is a cloned octopus of his.

Plus, he’s a deadly foe in combat thanks to his strength, Kenjutsu, intelligence, and the potency of the 8th Tail Jinchuriki transformation.

A number of times in the past, he managed to outwit death.

Killer Bee’s superb tactics in combat allowed him to escape certain death repeatedly. Therefore, he continues to exist even in the Boruto canon.

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