37 Best Bara Manga Of All Times

Bara could be compared with Yaoi or Boys’ Love, or BL. Bara, however, is a romantic love affair between males who are usually hairy or muscular

Bara manga is written by men. They step back from Boy’s love and focus on the love that two guys can have in a relationship.

Take a look at these sexy stories and explore Bara’s world.

 If you’re seeking a great manga about bara to read here are the top ones available. 

Are you thinking these guys aren’t enough masculine and buff for you? 

Get your fix of big hands and pointy chins with these BL mangas that are gay and BL! 

Do you want to see more of these hot scenes? 

Updated May 31, 2024, by Shagun Singh: Manga has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity in recent years, with Boys Love emerging as a beloved subgenre among fans. Readers are always on the lookout for recommendations on Bara Manga/BL manga. This list has been recently updated to meet My Otaku World’s current publication standards. It now offers more information on some of the most exceptional Bara Manga/BL manga series available.

Here Are Some Of The Best Bara Manga For You

37. The Confession

The Confession 1 37 Best Bara Manga Of All Times

A criminal is assigned to a suicide mission to capture a police officer who is the focus of his investigation. 

But their evening is transformed into a night of love and romance in a way that isn’t intended to transpire.

It’s hard to find bara manga that is entertaining and has a great storyline. 

These mangas have included romance, lust, and heat, in addition to an engaging storyline that keeps readers turning the pages evermore.

36. Priapus

Priapus 37 Best Bara Manga Of All Times

The main character in this series is Priapus which is based on the God of fertility from Greek Mythology. 

He has a goal to have sex with each man he sees to make them homosexual. 

Zeus God of thunder is tired of the violence and hate which humans have contributed to.

To stop the whole thing, he has been instructed by Priapus to make all males infertile. 

The story unfolds Priapus’s journey as he completes his task of destroying males. 

The primary target is an individual whose name is Ousuke Sakura.

35. Fisherman’s Lodge

Fisherman’s Lodge

The story revolves around one elderly guard of a seaside lodge and the female mistress who compels the watchman to perform.

Find out about their sexual experiences while they enjoy the ultimate pleasure all day and night.

Fisherman’s Lodge is an amazing story that is an ideal story for males. 

The artwork is fantastic and the two principal characters are designed for one another.

It’s hard to find a manga similar to that with passion, energy, and strength throughout the manga.

34. Takuhai Spirits!!

Takuhai Spirts!!

Mitsuo is a genuinely nice man who is hired by a delivery service. 

He’s assigned to follow Shouta who looks intimidating, but actually unassuming and easygoing and makes Mitsuo’s work challenging. 

Mitsou is constantly forced to eat lunch in isolated areas, walk up the stairs, and carry the weighty items, and he begins doubting Shouta. 

One day, he hears Shouta speaking to a client and then comes across Shouta engaging in sexual relations with one of their clients. 

This throws him off the track and he must rethink the significance of this.

33. Itai Itai Itai

Itai Itai Itai

The manga is about the lives of three students from high schools and their intriguing but deeply painful love triangle. 

Tachikawa Shikou is the head of the Judo club at the school

In addition, Narumi Shusaku is also a member of the club. 

Ukeno Taiga has been the most cherished student and friend of Shikou. As they travel the three encounter new emotions and feelings. 

They’ll have to navigate through the chaos and only one of them can be able to prevail. Who will get the happiest ending?

32. Sailor Men

Sailor Men 1 37 Best Bara Manga Of All Times

Maki as well as Kana Are the best buddies, but Maki has never considered Kana differently. 

A day comes when Kana dress up as a sailor to impress everyone.

In some way, Maki discovers that he is cute and the feelings stored in his heart.

They flow out, putting him in an awkward circumstance.

Sailor Men manga features stunning artwork and an intriguing plot. 

Every time you turn one of the pages, you feel drawn in.

If you’re a fan of BL Smut manga, you’re sure to have fun through the entire manga.

31. Ore ni Honey Trap

Ore ni Honey Trap 37 Best Bara Manga Of All Times

Higashiyama has gone from being a security guard on an LGBT beach to working part-time at a Sentai show. 

He is tempted to be an officer however, he isn’t sure what may be in store in his new position.

30. Umihiko and Yamahiko

Umihiko and Yamahiko

The manga takes place in a small village. 

Umihiko Yamahiko and Amimoto Yamahiko were friends since high school, but they are now going to various colleges. 

They’re likely to move to different cities. 

We follow the events of their last summer holiday together, in which they joke and fight but they also have feelings for each other. 

After being stranded in a shack because of certain unfortunate events they end up engaged in a Judo game that turns into a smoky.

29. Gachinko Battle!

Gachinko Battle!

Gachibuto can be described as a festival of martial arts that is hosted by the gods. 

Each year, people train hard to take part in the event but only a handful have the ability to compete in the final rounds.

Every year, this time eight contestants are eligible for the final rounds, and there’s a slight shift in the battle. 

The person who can ejaculate their opponent first wins. Who will win this difficult contest?

Gachinko Battle is truly an innovative and original idea for fans of bara manga. 

The way that the author introduced the characters, as well as their interactions, really blew me away.

If you’re a fan of manga that features a wrestling theme you’ll enjoy this manga to the fullest extent. 

Therefore, be sure to take the time to read it.

28. Omae to Dynamite

Omae to Dynamite

Ashina performs as a comic and happens to have Nipples that are more sensitive than the majority of people. 

In the course of a show, he chooses to take an exclusive nipple class with his co-worker Kamiya.

This doesn’t take place as everyone expects.

27. Ookami Shounen To Hamu No Hito

56 edited 1 37 Best Bara Manga Of All Times

Yudai is a straight-laced pervert. That’s what everybody is thinking about his character. 

However, the truth is that this man is an “in in the dark’ gay who isn’t comfortable talking about his personal thoughts to anyone else. 

He’s gotten used to lying easily and is believed by everyone that he is straight. 

A few days later, he gets to meet Kimizaku and begins to develop a love affair with her. 

The problem is that he’s now facing since he’s repeatedly denied his friends his love and has not been able to admit it to his lover. 

However, one night at a drinking party, Kimizaku displays his interest. 

What happens next? How do you think Yudai reacts? Will he be able to be himself?

26. Akkan Complete

Akkan Complete

Yasuo has finally is now the owner of his very own and has moved to a new residence. 

However, a person called Ichijou lives across the street from him, and he appears like the kind of Yakuza guy.

But, eventually, Yasuo discovers that he is interesting and rubs him several times. 

Then, he discovers that Ichijou isn’t the yakuza but rather an athlete he admires so deeply.

Akkan Complete is a sweet manga that has two hilarious characters. 

It’s a little small however you’ll be able to enjoy reading several times.

25. Bespoke

Bespoke 37 Best Bara Manga Of All Times

The story follows a seductive tailor, a great Yakuza, a bad along with a tattoo artist and other sexy guys. 

Watch as their tales and lives interestingly intersect with one another.

24. Model nande Zettai yaranai!!

Model nande Zettai yaranai!!

The manga tells the story of love that occurs between a child and a teacher.

The manga is set in an extremely porn-like setting. The teacher starts to become more interested in the student. 

After a few incidents and a few days, the student goes to the classroom of the teacher that is brimming with intriguing images. 

But what is most striking in the space is the figure of an upright man. 

And, as you might guess the child begins by playing around with the statue. 

This causes more raunchiness between the teacher and the student.

23. Darkness Hound

Darkness Hound

The story is about Rozzo, the runaway soldier who is chased by the military and is in hiding for the past three years. 

To capture the man, they employ an assassin of first-class called the Darkness Hound.

However, he’s almost succeeded because of his aversion to kittens, he is trapped by Rozzo. 

Then, Rozzo gets irritated by his actions and gets into some snarky things with Rozzo.

Darkness Hound is a decent manga that has some hilarious scenes and cute characters

The manga also features some entertaining scenes that will make you want to read more.

If you’re seeking something lighter and more enjoyable check this song. 

It may not be among your favorites, but, surely, you’ll be content.

22. Hey Doctor!

Hey Doctor!

A high school pupil has been swept away and plunges into a river while on the way to home after school. 

He is struck with fever and must be admitted to a hospital to receive treatment. 

However, he’s under the care of an unorthodox doctor.

21. Class Reunion

Class Reunion

“Class Reunion,” tells an account of two of their friends who were once part of their school’s team baseball which reunited after a long time at a reunion of their high school. 

Fujio did not get married and Eno has been divorced twice and is now in the third marriage. 

The class is in an inn and is relaxing. 

The story reveals the little fights between two men, as they open towards each other. 

The manga is a great mix of DILFs and Tsundere characters. 

Reuniting after so many years What will the future hold between these two characters develop?

20. My Brave Lover

My Brave Lover 37 Best Bara Manga Of All Times

Tyga sets out to become an adventurer, and on the way, he meets Claus.

They both are strong men, and they hunt the monsters for the sake of the village.

After resting in a room in the village, Claus equips the strange ring he got from the dungeon.

Somehow, he ends up forcing Tyga to do intercourse, and they both become boyfriends forever.

The artwork is fantastic in this bara manga, and the characters are pretty well-drawn.

The concept is well-laid out, and the scenes are amusing as well.

If you’re looking for a fantasy bara manga with dungeons and monsters in it, you must read this one.

You won’t regret it at all, and probably you’ll read it more than once.

19. Bachi Bachi (Hyougo Kijima)

Bachi Bachi

Tsudanuma has been named the team captain for the soccer team and Toui is vice-captain. 

Both of them hide their feelings of affection for one another. 

Ichita is their Kouhai discovers their feelings for each other and tries to help their love, but discovers them each confessing to him one occasion!

18. Sanzensekai no Karasu o Koroshi

Sanzensekai no Karasu o Koroshi 37 Best Bara Manga Of All Times

Karasuma, a worker in the construction industry subordinate to his boss, an individual named Hato who is connected to his fellow members of the Yakuza as well as being an interesting person. 

One day, Karasuma is given an unusual demand from Hato’s boss, and soon finds himself trapped inside his own Yakuza world. 

Hato can take Karasuma on a trip for three days and let him enjoy a luxurious life.

He buys extravagant suits, expensive jewelry, and more. 

In the end, Karasuma is aware that there is an interesting cost in exchange for presents that he’s received.

17. Raiatea


A photographer is affected by lupus and loses sight of one eye. 

A few years ago, he had a conversation with an elderly man from South Pacific Island, and since then, he’s discovered photographs’ beauty.

In the wake of the sudden impairment, He feels the need to go back there and again, but it’s not difficult to locate it. 

He finds someone who can lead him to the spot. But, will he be successful?

Raiatea requires a bit of time to pull you in. Also, you won’t be able to see sexual exchanges between characters for the first few chapters.

Just wait until it increases the pace, and you’ll soon be enjoying the best of heaven. 

The characters are beautifully drawn and you’ll surely be awed to the very core.

16. Carrot & Stick

Carrot Stick 1 37 Best Bara Manga Of All Times

Naruse is employed at an entertainment facility. Naruse is tasked with monitoring his new colleague, Kousaka. 

Kousaka is in love with Naruse and realizes how much he loves Naruse the night before his last day at work. 

Kousaka is drunk and is babbling to Naruse about how he really feels about Naruse.

15. Romantic Bitch

Romantic Bitch

Taiga has a frightening face, but a soft heart that resembles the heart of a young girl. 

He is not afraid to be embarrassing and a fervent romantic. 

To add to that are the facts that he’s the type of slut who hasn’t had a relationship and is constantly engaging in sexual sex with his numerous sexually active friends. 

He has a chance encounter with the incompetent father Makoto who is able to save Makoto from being killed by. The two are close. 

But, Makoto gets caught by Taiga along with another of Makoto’s sex partners. Taiga is terrified and thinks Makoto will be a snob now but it turns out Makoto has an eccentric side and happens to seduce Taiga instead.

14. The Melancholy of GOGO-BOY

The Melancholy of GOGO-BOY

Maki has a cousin named Acchan and, since the time they were children, they’ve been very close. 

However, when Acchan quit his hometown, Maki changed a lot in terms of appearance and physique.

When Maki is invited by Maki Acchan to stay at his house, Acchan somehow gets attracted to his toned body. 

After a few occurrences, they can break through the barrier and begin to become friends.

There’s not much action among Maki or Acchan within the comic, however, the relationship is well-portrayed. 

So, if you’re searching for only a bit of action it’s possible that you won’t be entirely satisfied.

If you enjoy reading manga that has great artwork and a compelling storyline it is worth checking this manga.

13. Sailor Men

Sailor Men

Maki and Kana are always best friends and it’s they’re nothing more than that. 

In one night, Kana dresses up in the uniform of a sailor for entertainment and Maki quickly discovers he has feelings for Kana that he’s never experienced before. 

Maki’s tale is just one of the many stories in the manga as well as many other romances that will keep you reading.

12. Incompatible


Seta meets with their classmates to celebrate their reunion, even though he’s exiled. 

Then, a conversation that concerns comparing dicks pops up and someone is making mention of Seta.

He is pissy and heads into the bathroom to cool off. 

However, Retsu is waiting for him there to observe the difference between Seta’s and his and, soon, they’re both involved in a brief sexual encounter.

Even though the manga, Incompatible was only a one-shot and did not have many sex scenes, it’s worth reading. 

The art is fantastic and, with only a brief tale, it’ll be the perfect read for those who are short on time.

11. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Takeru is extremely possessive in his love for his daughter.

As a result, he is completely shattered when he spots her on an outing with his adversaries Wanigawara. 

He fights with him on the streets and draws the attention of the police. 

They are both forced to hide and run within the alley but the passion and chemistry between them aren’t at the level they anticipated. 

Soon, they begin an adventure of hiding and hunt, but it’s much more difficult than they expected to keep the love they feel for one another.

10. One Fourth

One Fourth

Ooshima is a jolly guy and has always admired his closest companion, Suga. 

A few days later, he becomes smaller and turns into a tiny man.

The only way for him to get back to normal is to get sex with the person he adored. 

Therefore, he has decided to embark on a sexual journey with his closest friend, Suga.

One Fourth is a unique manga bara because it’s definitely not your typical one. 

If you read the story, you’ll realize it’s more enjoyable and can make us laugh.

Overall, it’s compact however the characters are adorable and the art is gorgeous. 

If you’re looking to read the most unique manga bara style it is worth considering trying this manga.

9. Kyokan Hunter

Kyokan Hunter

The thief was working, navigating through various security procedures, and taking objects of worthless art. 

Soon, he notices the womanhood and is granted by a guard the thief the right to flee, provided he does not leave the artwork in its place. 

The thief and this guard are engaged in contractual sex to compensate each other for the services they provide however, this quickly becomes more than a contract for business.

8. Boss: Delusion Planet

Boss: Delusion Planet

Arai Kouji is a 32-year old man with two kids. He’s an extremely hard-working boss. 

While he’s extremely strict, he’s solid, and after the work is done the boss is immersed in enjoyable activities.

One of his associates, who is a fan of Arai-san, captures a video and demands to get a sex session with him. 

Then, he attempts various fetishes on Arai-san.

This manga is colored and despite only having 20 pages of the material You’ll appreciate the way the author dives straight into the plot.

If you’re a fan of bara manga and searching for something new to try, this is among the top. 

Therefore, we hope that you’ll be entertained while reading it.

7. The Man of Tango

The Man of Tango

While Angie is famous by the title of Man of Tango but he’s never had the pleasure of experiencing the deep and passionate connection in Latin dance. 

It all happens when Angie meets Hiro the man who was born to a Latin mother living with their Japanese grandfather. 

Hiro feels attracted by Angie due to his Latin heritage however, it quickly develops into both opening their hearts and bodies to the fiery heat of Latin dancing, as well as their dance partners.

6. Application


Yugo has always enjoyed meeting random people via apps. 

After a certain period, it became apparent that he wasn’t happy anymore. 

Even when he saw his former friend and went on an outing with him he made him feel happier.

On his birthday, his older brother brought him food and when they did argue, Yugo instinctively made out with his brother. 

Then, he realized how to be a lover of his own self.

Application is a sweet manga called bara. 

It reveals what a person really needs and how she should think about himself.

The art is nice and the sex scenes were brief but they were great and the story is quite well-written. 

If you enjoy reading manga in bara format with an adorable protagonist, you should take a look at this manga now.

5. Senya Ichiya – Shitone no Himegoto

bara manga 454 edited 37 Best Bara Manga Of All Times

Shouta is constantly played with and used by Aoi the bartender

Aoi decides to stop when he doesn’t feel like being loved and isn’t being happy about himself. 

Shouta vows to assist Aoi to feel comfortable about himself, and not only through his body.

4. Terpenoid

bara manga edited 37 Best Bara Manga Of All Times

Takahashi’s neighbor is blue-collar Shige. 

Takahashi is deeply in love with his neighbor. 

Shige accepts his nephew Haru who was abducted or neglected while a kid and was unable to speak. 

Shige helps him to regain his confidence and affection. 

Takahashi’s feelings grow stronger due to Shige when he sees his love for Haru however, he is able to catch Shige at the wheel and he is embraced by another. 

What can he do to overcome his apathy towards the blue-collar with an entirely different view of Shige?

3. First Class Daddy

First Class Daddy

A father-in-law who is a single parent of a teenage boy, Hideroi.

Douzyo Hideyosi can be described as lazy at ease, relaxed, and always drunk. 

He’s often drunk and unable to stop drinking, but he remains a father when the time arrives. 

Things get complicated when Hideroi takes home his best friend Tsukamoto who isn’t an actual father. 

Hideyoshi is assigned the task of teaching the boy the things a father would teach be taught, but the boundaries are soon blurred.

2. Popular Baseball Club Boys

 Popular Baseball Club Boys

The manga follows two boys who are on the same squad at the school. 

Matsuda isn’t able to compete with his teammate Sonohara who is a favorite among all the other girls in school. 

A night later, Matsuda finds Sonohara reading an email from Miki the popular girl who is adamant about Matsuda for being a jerk.

To ensure that he will not speak, Matsuda convinces Sonohara to strip. 

The next step remains to be determined.

1. Tabun Sore ga Love Manjanakara ka

Tabun Sore ga Love Manjanakara ka

Keita is in love with Hiroto for the past seven years. 

They have been friends for a while and have a common interest, however, Hiroto is known for being a slumberer, particularly with those who pay him to do it. 

They have an earlier relationship, however, Hiroto does not seem to be able to recall this. 

Keita finally has the courage to share her feelings towards Hiroto however, Hiroto reacts by saying that Keita is just like the other guys and even gives Keita a gift.

The situation changes one night after Keita can see how real the reports concerning Hiroto could actually be.

It’s difficult to find bara manga that you enjoy and also has a compelling storyline. 

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