15 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

“Martial Peak” is the first name that comes to mind when we talk about action, martial arts, and people who are too strong for their own good in Manhua.

It’s true that many other Manhuas have tried to make stories like Martial Peak, but none of them have come close to becoming as popular as “Martial Peak.”

Yang Kai is a boy who comes from a strong fighting family. His story is told in “Martial Peak.”

In the world of the story, everyone wants to reach higher training levels, and a person’s worth is based on how strong they are.

At the time I’m writing this, this manga has already reached over 1200 episodes.

Here is a list of the best “Martial Peak” that are like manhwa, manhua, or manga.

15. Martial Arts Reigns

Martial Arts Reigns martial peak 15 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

The main character in this manga is Ye Ming, and the story is mostly about his life. When he was a child, his parents were killed, and his family did nothing to get revenge.

In order to get back at his parents, he started training very hard, but they hurt his meridians, which made him look useless, and everyone looked down on him whenever they saw him.

One day, as he walked along the road, an old man struck him with the goal of taking over his body.

That hurt the old man, and all of his wealth was given to him. He changes his life with the help of those riches, just like in the manga Martial Peak.

14. Tales Of Demons and Gods

Tales of Demons and Gods martial peak 3 15 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

This story is interesting and new. I really like it, and reading it is fun. The personalities are great. I love the main character because he is smart and interesting.

A lot of other characters in MC are also nice. I admire how close they are as friends, and MC is always willing to help them get better.

I think the author knows how to keep the story interesting, which is why I didn’t find it dull. Both the story and the skills are very interesting.

Without a question, this is the best thing I’ve ever read. From the start, I was hooked. You should try it because it looks like a manga version of Martial Peak.

13. Turn The Tide

Tales Of Demons and Gods martial peak 15 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

The strong are admired, while the weak are picked on. It’s like any other martial arts manga. This manga keeps going with the same idea.

The main character starts out in the country, where a few people rule the area. The family put everything they had into him because he was the son of the head of the family. He tried everything, but he never got better. He stayed at the same level.

Everyone was cursing him one day, and a ghost came out of his body. This spirit was the reason he wasn’t getting better at martial arts.

He now starts his journey in martial arts with the help of the spirit. Like Martial Peak, it is a great manga. Please think about checking it out.

12. Against The Gods

Yc devil lord dark scaled martial peak 15 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

The main character never made any growth in cultivation, just like in manga like Martial Peak. Even so, his family was there for him, but one day something happened that made him have to leave the house rapidly.

His brother put poison in his drink, and he later died. He was reborn in a different world and learned to be a doctor, but he also died after that. When he wakes up from death, he is back to his old life, right before he was poisoned.

He wants to change everything that is going to happen in his life when he gets a second chance. He starts to work on his channels and learn about martial arts.

11. Principles Of Heaven

Principles Of Heaven martial peak 15 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

A lot of manhuas have been written, and this is one of the best ones I’ve read.


The main character is tough, smart, shrewd, and strong because he’s not a feisty person.

We’re glad that Luo Zheng’s story never ends because we want to see him face tough opponents and see where he goes in the world.

You should read it because, even though it’s not perfect, it will show you how to grow manhua in the best way. It looks like a manga for Martial Peak.

10. Soul Land

Soul Land martial peak 15 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

In this manga, the main character dies and comes back to life in a different world. The main character was one of the world’s smartest people in a past life.

He was able to learn things that no one else in the group could. Unfortunately, he wasn’t part of the group and wasn’t allowed to learn any of these things.

His life was over after he learned everything about that world. He had nothing left to do.

He comes back to life as the son of a blacksmith after he dies. In this world, everyone had a spirit, which determined how valuable they were. The MC wakes up a trash spirit and begins his journey in this new world.

9. Spirit Sword Master

Spirit Sword Master martial peak 15 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

The main character starts out weak, but since this is his second life, he can use his memory to get ahead. He starts working out hard with the goal of getting stronger.

His family only had him live with them. Every member of his family died when he was a child. He plans everything to get his revenge and save everyone who is still living with the help of a memory from his past life.

It’s a great training manhua with a story structure that’s a lot like Martial Peak. He continues to learn and get better results. He also helps other people grow.

8. Eternal Overlord

Eternal Overlord martial peak 15 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

It moved way too quickly. It was also really annoying how often the time would jump around.

As far as you know, it went from six months to six months and then twelve months. It looked like something exciting was going to happen next.

So why did it jump around in time a lot when I first started reading it? But I also like stories like this one. Mc goes from being weak to strong and kills his enemies.

I’m just in love with it. Read the reviews that say Mc is the most powerful person in the world, but don’t believe them. Mc knows that many people are stronger than him. I really enjoy this manga a lot.

You will love this if you want to read manga like Martial Peak.

7. Apotheosis

Apotheosis martial peak 15 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

The life of Luo Zheng is shown in the story. After his father disappeared, his family treated him like a slave. He finds a book that his father left behind one day.

When he opens that book, nine dragons, one of which is a pot, come into his body. At this point, the dragons start to help him grow. He gets away from his family and starts a new life with their help.

Similar to Martial Peak, which came out at the same time, it is a great manga about training. In both, the main character starts out weak and keeps getting stronger over the course of the story.

6. Return Of The Blossoming Blade

Return Of The Blossoming Blade martial peak 15 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

A very good part-comedy about cultivation, with a main character who is powerful and makes fun of themselves.

It’s interesting to follow the story. What does MC do to get Mount Hua ready to come back?

I love those facial emotions, and the art is great.

The action scenes look great. The body is perfect. I could feel how tough the fights were.

On this list, one of the best mangas is Martial Peak.

5. The Legend Of Northern Blade

The Legend Of Northern Blade martial peak 15 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

You need to read this. This is one of the farming manhuas that stands out from the rest.

I’m sure there’s a reason for this. But the story stays true to life while keeping the “magical” parts that have to do with the world of gardening.

The main idea is revenge, but it doesn’t destroy the side story. Not only is the art unique and almost perfectly done, but it also goes perfectly with the story.

The characters also seem real because of the author’s use of relationships that help them grow. On this list, one of the best mangas is Martial Peak.

4. Swallow the whole world

Swallow the whole world 15 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

He was killed because his own brother betrayed him in this manhua. After a few thousand years, his soul found a new body, and he came back to life.

The moment he opened his eyes, he wanted to get back at the person who hurt him. It had been a long time, though, and he still couldn’t find them or even find his wife.

He is now all by himself in the world, filled with terrible hatred. It’s a new manhua, so there aren’t many stories. Overall, I really think you should check it out; it’s a great manga like Martial Peak.

3. Heavenly Demon Reborn

Heavenly Demon Reborn Cover e1646333286276 15 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

The next game after Legend of the Northern Blade If you want to cultivate, this manhua is one of the best. Don’t be happy with the art at first; it gets better after a few pictures and is almost perfect.

That’s not the only thing that makes the story interesting. It’s also not too fast or too slow. This song has great rhythm, and the main theme of payback doesn’t make the main character lose sight. The main character is smart and works hard.

The more you look at this work, the more you want to know about it, and the more you worry about the last scan, which means you’ll have to wait at least a week for an update.

Every time you wait, you should think about how good the story and art are. If you like martial peak, you have to read this manga.

2. Star Martial God Technique

Star Martial God Technique martial peak 15 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

Like most martial arts manga, the main character in this one comes from a weak family. He meets the daughter of the preacher by chance, and she takes care of him in the sect.

The main character meets the blue carp fish when he goes back to his family. This fish changed his life. Now he starts his new trip around the world, making his family more well-known.

This is another well-known manga or manhua that is like Martial Peak. It’s a running manhua that millions of people around the world read. The same author who wrote stories about gods and monsters also wrote this manhua.

1. God Of Martial Arts

God Of Martial Arts martial peak 15 Best Manga/Manhua Like Martial Peak

The Manhua God of Martial Arts is about getting better at martial arts. There are competitions where people show how skilled they are and whether they should be recognized or not. People who are strong pick on people who are weak.

I liked both the story and the fight scenes. The art is beautiful, but I don’t like that the main character is having girls fall in love with him. Without the romance, I’d like it better, and he only killed his enemies as he got stronger and gained more friends.

It was fun to read this manga. It’s one of the best manga I’ve ever read. I hope an anime version of God of Martial Arts is made because it looks like a manga version of Martial Peak.

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