Manhwa/Webtoon Like Teenage Mercenary

Manhwa has captivated fans with its incredible artwork and unique storytelling approach.

Here we present a selection of top Manhwa titles that are similar to Teenage Mercenary.

Let’s begin the discussion on Teenage Mercenary.

The narrative follows Ijin Yu, who tragically loses his parents in a plane crash when he is just eight years old.

He finds himself stuck in an unfamiliar place, where he must now survive by becoming a child soldier.

After a decade, the main character makes the decision to return home to Korea and reunite with the rest of his family.

Life in Korea appears to be quite tranquil, with ample food and housing for all. However, this peace turns out to be quite deceptive as Ijin discovers that his teenage life is just another challenge for survival.

He only has one year left to finish high school and must learn new strategies to navigate the challenges ahead.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of the show, you should have a good understanding of the types of Manhwa included here.

These manhwa focus on the theme of survival. In addition, the Manhwa series on this list also incorporate elements of fantasy, supernatural, and suspense.

Here are Some of The Best Manhwa/Webtoon like Teenage Mercenary

10. The Beginning After the End (2018)

Teenage Mercenary 10 Manhwa/Webtoon Like Teenage Mercenary

The Mahwa Series follows King Grey, a powerful being in his world, who unexpectedly meets his demise and is reincarnated into a new world brimming with magic and love.

One notable difference is that our main character is reincarnated with both his memories and maturity fully intact.

In this new chapter, he discovers love and also faces a significant responsibility to safeguard the one he holds dear.

Even though TBATE leans more towards a fantasy and isekai theme with elements of manhwa, it still evokes a similar feel to Teenage Mercenary.

9. Descent Of The Demon Master (2019)

Teenage Mercenary 9 Manhwa/Webtoon Like Teenage Mercenary

This manga is not your typical story where a powerful character battles foes and sets out to improve the world.

The main character is attempting to live a regular life while possessing overpowered abilities, making it a truly enjoyable experience.

He underestimates his own power and everyone else is amazed by how strong his abilities are, which is quite amusing.

Starting out may seem monotonous and challenging, but once the secretary is in place, it can be quite amusing.

This provides a nice change of pace from reading mangas filled with non-stop action sequences from start to finish.

Enjoy the thrilling battle scenes and the protagonist’s reactions to his exceptional skills.

I highly suggest checking out this manhwa/manga similar to Mercenary Enrollment.

8. Solo Leveling (2018)

solo leveling anime tysa Manhwa/Webtoon Like Teenage Mercenary

In this upcoming tale, we follow Sung Jin-woo, a former E-class hunter whose life took a dramatic turn following an encounter inside a dual dungeon.

The main character had a lackluster past where others viewed him as a weakling and made fun of his perceived weakness.

We find that Solo Leveling shares many similarities with Teenage Mercenary.

What sets this series apart is its captivating fantasy concept that grabs everyone’s attention.

Everything else, such as the powerful main characters, their character development, and more, are quite balanced and alike in both series.

If you haven’t read it yet, you’re missing out on a major Manhwa series.

If you’re looking for a Manhwa Series similar to Teenage Mercenary, then this is a must-read for you.

7. Noblesse (2007)

Teenage Mercenary 7 Manhwa/Webtoon Like Teenage Mercenary

This animated manhwa series tells the tale of Rai, who awakens after an 820-year slumber to discover he is now living the life of a high school student.

In past memories, his loyal servant has transformed into a close companion named Frankenstein, who continues to stand by his side constantly.

Despite his wish for a tranquil existence, he finds himself under siege by unknown assailants.

So, the big question is, how will he go about finding peace?

Both manhwas share a common theme where the protagonist is a high school student navigating through a world of action and fantasy.

The main character here is just as strong as the Teenage Mercenary.

Both of them possess impressive qualities that are truly remarkable.

If you’re looking for a Manhwa Series similar to Teenage Mercenary, then this webtoon should be one of your top choices.

6. Rooftop Sword Master (2020)

Teenage Mercenary 6 Manhwa/Webtoon Like Teenage Mercenary

This series has a touch of originality but shares some similarities with Teenage Mercenary.

In this scene, our main character Neung Kwang is portrayed as a victim of severe bullying.

He was attacked by 8 of his classmates and ended up in a coma from the shock.

After nine months, he wakes up to another tragedy when his father commits suicide in an attempt to get justice for him.

Transformed by fury and power, the vulnerable boy morphed into a formidable force with the unexpected aid of a sword.

This was no ordinary occurrence; it seemed as though a massive blade had been bestowed upon him by a divine force to showcase his determination to seek retribution for his father.

The main character of this series shares many similarities with Yu Ijin.

As both characters evolve from weak to strong throughout the series, the key distinction lies in the fantasy element present in this series, a feature absent in Teenage Mercenary.

If you’re looking for Manhwa Series Similar to Teenage Mercenary, then this should be one of your top choices.

5. Eleceed (2018)

Teenage Mercenary 5 Manhwa/Webtoon Like Teenage Mercenary

This mix offers a perfect blend of action, comedy, and romance, capturing the essence of life as we know it.

The comedy segments are absolutely hilarious! The show is not overdone.

The art is truly fantastic, not in an extraordinary way, but in its own unique way.

The characters are exceptional and not bothersome at all.

The story features well-developed characters and a compelling, coherent plot. Simply savor the experience.

There isn’t a widely recognized theme as popular as Isekai.

This is a cute, humorous, and slightly twisted element, so be cautious and I suggest checking out this manhwa/manga similar to Mercenary Enrollment.

4. Metropolitan System (2017)

Teenage Mercenary 3 Manhwa/Webtoon Like Teenage Mercenary

The tale revolves around Jiang Bai, who tragically plummets to his demise in an unfortunate incident, only to find his soul whisked away to a different realm.

Surprisingly, he finds himself in a parallel world where he is a rather pitiful version of himself.

Another fascinating detail is that this world contains cheats.

With the help of these cheats, our main character has the opportunity to stage a comeback.

The main difference between the two manhwa series is that this one does not focus on military actions.

There is a resemblance to the rebirth depicted in Teenage Mercenary, although Yu Ijin did not actually die.

The artwork created for this series is truly praiseworthy, and it continues to improve as you progress through the chapters.

If you’re looking for a Manhwa Series similar to Teenage Mercenary, then this webtoon should be one of your top choices.

3. Weak Hero (2022)

3 1 Manhwa/Webtoon Like Teenage Mercenary

This animated manhwa series narrates the story of Rai, who wakes up after an 820-year slumber to find himself in the body of a high school student.

In past memories, his devoted servant has evolved into a close companion named Frankenstein, who remains by his side consistently.

Even though he longs for a peaceful life, he is suddenly attacked by mysterious enemies.

So, the main concern is how he will find peace.

Both manhwas revolve around a similar theme where the main character is a high school student exploring a world filled with action and fantasy.

The protagonist in this story is just as powerful as the Teenage Mercenary.

Both individuals have outstanding qualities that are truly remarkable.

If you’re searching for a Manhwa Series that resembles Teenage Mercenary, this webtoon is definitely a top pick.

2. Gang of School (2018)

2 3 Manhwa/Webtoon Like Teenage Mercenary

This manhwa is quite touching. Get ready for a whirlwind of emotions!

The narrative centres on the adventure of a young boy whose family faces devastation.

Things took a drastic turn when his father took his own life.

This unexpected event caused his mother to become unhinged.

Prepare to be thrilled! His sister has a visual impairment. Wow! I feel intense emotions.

Simply put, the tale traces the adventures of our courageous protagonist through various challenges.

Out of curiosity, he chooses to enroll in a school of gangsters to provide for his family.

If you have the strength to handle this emotional manhwa, be sure not to miss it.

1. God Of Blackfield (2020)

1 4 Manhwa/Webtoon Like Teenage Mercenary

This Manhwa series follows Kang Chan, a highly skilled soldier in the French Foreign League, known as the “God of Blackfield.”

One specific mission nearly cost him his life as he saw his teammates perish next to him.

However, his journey continues when he awakens three years later on the streets of Korea in a new body.

Interestingly, his name remains Kang chan, and he was a college student.

During his new adventure, he encounters the betrayer responsible for the demise of his comrades and the catalyst for his second chance at life.

Both Yu Ijin and Kang chan are given a second chance in life in this series, similar to Teenage Mercenary.

The character design and storyline stand out for being both unique and captivating.

If you’re looking for a Manhwa Series similar to Teenage Mercenary, then you should definitely check out this webtoon!

Final Thoughts

Teenage Mercenary stands out as one of the top Manhwa series, featuring a compelling storyline, well-developed main character, and a captivating antagonist.

However, there are numerous other Manhwa with similar storylines that may pique your interest.

The series mentioned above contains certain elements of the story, but rest assured that you will discover them to be engaging and intriguing once you decide to explore them.

They truly deserve every moment of your time.

I tried to list some series that revolve around revenge plots, with some featuring extremely powerful main characters.

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