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Jae-ho Son and Hye-jin Kim are the creators of the webtoon Eleceed.

The Korean action webtoon made its debut on October 2, 2018, on Naver Webtoons.

Eleceed chronicles the thrilling adventure of Jiwoo and the lovable feline companion he rescued, Kayden.

Eleceed is an intriguing webtoon that has been captivating readers since 2018 with its unique blend of action, supernatural elements, and comedic moments.

The story follows an unconventional duo as they work together to rid the world of evil, providing readers with an entertaining and enjoyable experience.

This premise may seem familiar, but there is always something special in common stories that we encounter frequently.

So, let us begin!!

If you liked “Eleceed” and are looking for more anime like it, these suggestions might be of interest to you.

15. Mercenary Enrollment (2021)

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 132 3 1 scaled 1 15 Manhwa/Manga Like Eleceed

I just wanted to share how incredible this Manhwa is!

The artwork and style of this piece are truly exceptional and awe-inspiring, like Eleceed.

When Ijin Yu was just eight years old, he tragically lost his parents in a devastating plane crash.

This left him stranded in a foreign land with no one to turn to for support.

To survive, he was forced to take on the role of a child mercenary.

After a decade away, he finally returns to his family in Korea, where they have plenty of food and shelter, which brings about a sense of calm and peace.

14. Jungle Juice (2021)

jungle juice mangammanhwa like eleceed 15 Manhwa/Manga Like Eleceed

The intriguing idea has me spellbound, and the exceptional artistry is impressive.

This character is filled with captivating information about various types of insects and their remarkable abilities.

I found myself absorbed in watching videos and studying various insects.

Every society has its own social structure, and college student Suchan Jang holds a prominent position in his community.

However, despite his likability and charm, he harbors a hidden secret that prevents him from forming deep connections with others: concealed beneath his clothing is a set of delicate dragonfly wings!

When he is compelled to reveal his secrets to protect the girl he has feelings for, Suchan experiences a sudden downfall in his social status.

At that moment, when he is feeling completely isolated and at his most vulnerable, he discovers a secret community of other individuals who are also a unique blend of humans and insects.

Teeming with both allies and adversaries, this world presents Suchan with the chance to embark on a fresh journey.

He just needs to make his way back to the top!

13. Weak Hero (2022)

weak hero mangamanhwa like eleceed 15 Manhwa/Manga Like Eleceed

At Eunjang High School, many students unfortunately experience the distressing effects of bullying, causing a sense of unease among those who may be targeted.

However, their fortunes are sure to take a turn when Gray Yeon, a slender freshman who stands at a modest height of 157 cm, astonishes the entire class by fearlessly confronting a bully twice his size and effortlessly overpowering him.

Gray’s bravery, cleverness, and special perspective led to him being affectionately called Eunjang’s White Mamba.

Despite his stature, Gray fearlessly engages in confrontations with larger and more powerful adversaries from neighboring schools, driven by his determination to avoid a repeat of past events.

12. The Advanced Player of The Tutorial Tower (2020)

After spending 12 long years confined in a tower teeming with constantly regenerating creatures,

Hyeonu Kim has emerged as an incredibly formidable force, surpassing the strength of both humans and monsters alike.

Now that he’s finally liberated, he’s resolute in his quest to uncover the mastermind behind his unjust confinement, even if it entails battling countless creatures and inadvertently becoming the savior of the world in the process.

11. Hitman Reborn (2004)

Hitman Reborn image 15 Manhwa/Manga Like Eleceed

The series revolves around the main character, Tsunayoshi Sawada, a teenager who is often seen as a loser.

He crosses paths with Reborn, an infant hitman who becomes his tutor.

Reborn’s mission is to train Tsunayoshi to become the Mafia organization’s Tenth Boss of the Vongola Famiglia.

10. Study Group (2019)

study group manga like eleceed 15 Manhwa/Manga Like Eleceed

This webtoon is a must-read.

This article tells the tale of a diligent student who faces challenges in their academic journey, including encounters with troublemakers who disrupt the peace in their community.

Can Gamin Yoon, the protagonist of the story, find a way to focus on his studies despite the constant interference from troublemakers?

There is a new teacher who has joined Gamin’s school, and their presence is expected to have a positive impact on the entire school community.

9. Omniscient Reader (2020)

Dokja Omniscient Readers eleceed 15 Manhwa/Manga Like Eleceed

Embodiment Kim Dokja’s tragic fate awaits him at the hands of the person he holds dearest.

Wasn’t that story just fantastic? It would be great to see you again, Yoo Joongyuk.

Could you please provide me with some information?

Is there a chance that we’ll cross paths again if I keep going backward?

This story is tailored specifically for you, the reader.

8. Ratman (2007)

rat man eleceed 15 Manhwa/Manga Like Eleceed

Meet Shuto Katsuragi, a 15-year-old with a heart of gold.

Despite his small stature, he has always aspired to become a hero, even at a young age.

During a school day, he has a conversation with his classmate, Mirea Mizushima, about his aspiration to overcome challenges and become a hero.

The notorious “Jackal” organization, where Mirea works, soon kidnaps Shuto.

He is deceived into putting on a watch that transforms him into the extraordinary being known as “Ratman.”

Even though Shuto is compelled to work for Jackal in their mission to overthrow the Hero Association, he remains determined to transform Ratman into a true hero.

7. Lookism (2014)

Lookism eleceed 15 Manhwa/Manga Like Eleceed

Park Hyung Seok, a high school student, unfortunately, faces bullying and social rejection from his peers due to their unfair judgment of his appearance.

Dealing with constant bullying and harassment from a troublemaker, he finds himself expressing his frustration towards his mother and seeking a transfer to another school.

With a fresh start in mind, he decides to leave his troubles behind and relocate to Seoul, where he hopes to enroll in a different high school.

A few nights before he starts school, though, he is gifted with a new body that is tall, muscular, and attractive.

When one body is being used, the other one falls into a slumber.

By reawakening the dormant one, it is possible to switch between bodies.

6. Terror Man (2016)

eleceed edited 15 Manhwa/Manga Like Eleceed

Kungwoo Min possesses a unique gift, allowing him to perceive when a path leads to an unfavorable outcome.

Jungwoo has a special ability to foresee unfortunate events and take action to stop them, which regrettably causes the public to fear him and label him as a terrorist.

On the other hand, Jungwoo realizes that his efforts to help others are not bringing him the happiness he desires.

This is a heartwarming tale of a courageous protagonist who faces the eternal battle between joy and sorrow.

5. Girls of the Wild’s (2011)

eleceed v 15 Manhwa/Manga Like Eleceed

Jaegu Song, a teenager faced with the challenge of raising his two kindergarten-aged siblings, is granted a scholarship to Wild’s High.

This prestigious all-girls private school has recently become co-ed to instill a sense of grace and femininity in its martial arts champions.

Jaegu finds it unsettling to be the only male student receiving extra attention from the girls, who are rewarded for being friendly towards him.

Even worse, he encounters the arrogant Queen, who is the reigning champion of the Wild’s League tournament.

Moonyoung Lee, Queen’s closest companion and captain of the boxing club, and Daldal Choi, the captain of a small Taekwondo club, form a bond with him.

Although he initially declines the Queen’s demeaning duties, he eventually expresses remorse, leading the Queen to develop feelings of affection towards him.

4. Saihate No Paladin (2017)

faraway s2 eleceed edited 15 Manhwa/Manga Like Eleceed

This manga truly values the emotions of its characters, with rich dialogues that capture their depth.

It’s a delight to watch, and the characters are both entertaining and intricate.

Deep within a desolate city, once vibrant but now abandoned, resides a solitary child.

Meet Will, a young boy who is growing up in a unique and unconventional family.

His guardians include Blood, a strong and brave skeletal warrior; Mary, a graceful and wise mummified priestess; and Gus, a grumpy yet powerful spectral sorcerer.

The three individuals shower the boy with affection and impart their knowledge to him.

3. Hand Jumper (2022)

hand jumper eleceed 15 Manhwa/Manga Like Eleceed

Next is this amazing show, which I would recommend to fans who love the action genre a little too much!

They have a significant impact on society with their unique and unimaginable abilities.

Unfortunately, she happens to be an Aberrant herself, which is quite unfortunate.

In the treacherous world of the Aberrant Corps, she faces a daunting challenge: survival.

With her unique ability, she strives to rise to the top, but only if she can master it in time.

2. The Breaker (2007)

the breaker eleceed 15 Manhwa/Manga Like Eleceed

Up next is The Breaker! I enjoyed the art, premise, story, and characters, just like Eleceed.

The action is also quite impressive.

The new English teacher, Chun-Woo Han, is not your ordinary teacher.

He is a master of the Nine Martial Arts and an enemy of a fearsome world called Murim.

Shi-Woon Lee, a student at Nine Dragons High School and victim of constant bullying, accidentally witnesses Chun-Woo’s fighting skills and requests to become his disciple.

What Shi-Woon didn’t know is that what he thought would be a way out of his miserable life would also be a way into a living nightmare.

As Shi-Woon becomes his disciple and enters this new world, many surprises and dangers await both students and teachers.

1. My Life As A Loser (2019)

loser life eleceed 15 Manhwa/Manga Like Eleceed

The story has a refreshing and unique twist compared to the typical isekai and regression manhwas.

It is enjoyable to read.

My life was ruined after you bullied me in high school. So why do you get to be happy and successful? I’ll give you a taste of your own medicine! Now you’ll see what it felt like to be me… And you better be ready to pay the price if you want to return to your own body.

Final Words About Eleceed

Eleceed is an exhilarating and captivating tale of adventure, heroism, and more.

It thrives on the special bond that its main characters share.

So, these were some of the most popular and amazing manhwa/manga, like Eleceed, which contains similar elements categorized under the genres of action, comedy, fantasy, and supernatural.

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