GL Webtoons also called Yuri Manga or GL Comics, are a huge source of impact on our modern world. 

They are among the most loved men in the world. 

Because they are the stunning art of steamy hot women, it’s not that surprising.

If you’re interested in GL Webtoons or lesbian comics, you must take a look at these. 

We’ve compiled an inventory of GL webtoons that will keep you entertained throughout the night reading and can aid you in unleashing your inner desires.

Without further ado, Let’s dive into the list of top girls who love Webtoons or Gl Webtoons, and we advise you to go through the entire list in case you miss a stunning Yuri Manhwa.

17. Beautiful Girl and She’s a Sheltered Girl

Ikemen Girl To Hakoiri Musume comes with an alternate title called The Handsome Girl, and the title is Sheltered Girl. It is complete and contains 13 chapters, with a few more chapters in between.

Our protagonist, Ooguma Satomi, is a hopeless romantic and has yet to enter into an intimate relationship. All that changes as she gets to know a handsome student in the class.

Who will tell the girl that her Prince Charming is a princess? No one!

16. Sora & Haena

Sora and Haena can be described as a manhwa series that focuses on a high school GL couple. It’s hard to beat the high school romance genre. Our protagonist, Sora Yoon, is an awkward, blubbering mess every time she glances at someone in the eye.

And guess what? Sora would like to have a boyfriend! What is the possibility? She is unable to have conversations with anyone. It all changes when she encounters Haena. One incident leads to another, and the two agree to a deal with one another. Sora finds a new boyfriend, and Haena is accepted into college.

What happens when love begins to blossom between the two of them?

15. Soul Drifters

Soul Drifters is a Thai webcomic accessible on Lezhin. The immortality of the future is now possible for humans.

Eternal Life Corporation is a firm that works on similar projects to the one that I mentioned. Claire Clayton is an employee of this firm, and her spouse, Sheryl Goss, is the chief executive of Eternal Life Corporation.

Claire has a great life. She’s happily married to her loving wife, and she has a fantastic job. What could be wrong? What could be wrong? Is Sheryl hiding something from Claire? Let me ask you all a question. What could be the biggest threat to Claire’s future? Money? She’s got a steady income. Love? Not really. She’s head over the top with her love affair.

What about her previous life? Your past will always come back to bite you when you are moving forward in your life. Remember that.

14. Soulmate

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Oh my my! To all of you, this is an adorable, adorable, and adorable Shoujo Ai Webtoon.

The story revolves around Yu Qi, who is 17 years old. When she wakes up, she discovers that she has switched souls with her 27-year-old self.

Two different souls discover how to live their lives alongside the help of a special woman. At the age of 17, Yu Qi is thrown into an unplanned relationship of which she is unaware. Yu Qi, 27, is relieved to be reunited with her long-lost love from her past.

13. Lilith

Lilith follows the story of Chun Jae Hee, a school teacher who is obsessed with masochism. After she’s finished with school, she loves to be whipped by her friend and chief director, Ju Hae Rim. Ju Hae Rim is more than content to be whipped, and she loves the process.

If Yun Sul Hwa is hired as an instructor at Jae Hee’s school, where she had already seen her in the past, her secret emotions that she’d hidden for so long start to come out.

This is the beginning of the story of two women, one of whom is seeking dominance, and the other wants love.

If you’re a fan of the whole concept known as “girl love,” you’ll love this Yuri Manhwa song to your heart’s satisfaction.

The story is pretty captivating, as are the actors incredible. Every time you watch it, the sexuality gets more explicit, and in the end, you just can’t resist the urge to keep watching the film.

It’s one of the webtoons that are NSFW and filled with amazing stuff that makes people forget that they’re not straight. Be sure to enjoy yourself a lot with your girl after you read this incredible GL manhwa.

12. Elixir

Eunha and Siyeon have been lovebirds in high school until Eunha finds out that Siyeon has used a magical potion that made her fall in love with them. Devastated, Eunha splits away from Siyeon and they reconnect at a meeting for business after 10 years.

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After a little doubt, Siyeon approaches her to offer her a second chance to show her affection. Eunha decides to think about the proposal. But just as they were about to get back together, other mysterious forces took over their lives.

The Elixir begins as an adorable high school romance but abruptly gives you an eerie twist. The location of this yuri manhwa is just like the usual one, except it has the elements of magic and spells. In some ways, it’s suitable for both older and younger crowds.

There are plenty of GL webtoons and GL comics available, but Elixir stands out among the majority. The one thing we can imagine is the way it’s done and the romance it brings. This is why it’s one of the top GL webtoons to take a look at.

11. Everyday Lily

Everyday Lily is the story of two college lesbian girls. One girl is realistic and is more closely associated with real-life romance, and the other is a fan of 2-D art. When the realist one lands on the closeted one, the two create a love bond.

What a beautiful thing it would be to be in a relationship such as this! Becoming a team and overcoming the obstacles or, at most, taking care of the close relationship of a partner is among the most gorgeous things you can observe on GL webtoons.

It has a GL Manhwa is a kind that’s suitable for everyone. It’s fun, lighthearted, and hilarious, which will make you want to love it with time. The relationship between the characters is real, especially when they interact.

The artwork is superbly executed, and in a few minutes, you’ll be having fun. This is certainly one of the most popular GL webtoons or GL comics, and you shouldn’t miss it. Take a look and find out how great it is for you.

10. The Third Party

The 3rd Party tells the story of a love triangle that involves three females who get lost in their desires. One of them is preparing to take over GBS. GBS is the broadcasting center. Other roles include anchors and backstage producers.

What happens when these three meet? Particularly when one has a secret to share that could turn the whole situation upside-down. Check out the way the three lesbians go from bliss through mutual sharing of their love.

If you’re not seeking a thrilling and sexually sexy drama, We suggest that you avoid this. This isn’t the typical manhwa yuri, but with constant lesbian scenes and twists in the narrative, it will always be awe-inspiring to the viewer.

It might not be the most enjoyable experience, but you’ll surely enjoy the story and interactions among the protagonists. In the end, it’s one of the most popular GL webtoons or GL comics available.

9. Us Right Now

Rina and Noa are a wonderful couple that has been living together for 4 years at present. When Rina is at work, she isn’t always able to comprehend what Noa feels at not getting to spend moments with her. Then, one day, Noa decides to test their relationship test.

If Noa admits that she broke up with her, she scurries away from home and leaves an unwritten note. 

If Rina could not find her within two days, then there would not ever be an “us” any more between them. Are you able to help Rina locate her and prove she is in love with her?

The greatest thing about the Yuri manhwa is that it has a hook immediately from the start. The artwork and characters are fantastic. However, the story does not fall far behind.

If you’re a fan of GL webtoons or GL comics that have the same storyline and give you great entertainment for lesbians, This one ought to be your number one option. Also, ensure that you check it out on webtoons.

8. It’s Right There!

Just Right There” begins by introducing Min Do Yeon, who was in a regular relationship when her boyfriend split with her. Devastated, Do Yeon desperately calls her most beloved buddy, Bo Kyung, and they take a trip out for a drink.

Unfortunately (or fortunate), the pair go to “Girls Bar,” and Min Do Yeon is spotted kissing her friend, but the two aren’t content with just the kiss. Check out how this hot romance turns into a stunning romantic drama.

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It is common for people to realize certain things only later. For instance, Do Yeon doesn’t know she is a lesbian before she ends her relationship with her lover. Later, the show demonstrates how they both decide to take their relationship to a higher level.

Amid the continuous action between lesbians that makes you stay up all night, and if you’re reading this book with your companion, you’re sure to have a blast as well. The artwork is gorgeous, the characters are great, and the way they show the bond between them is something you will never forget.

Overall, it’s an amazing love story with Yuri Manhwa and is also among the top GL webtoons and GL comics that you can find. As a result, take the time to read it and have a good time while doing so.

7. What Does “The” Fox Say?

Another Yuri Manhwa, this time with the story of a triangle love affair. The story is about Sumin, who is the team leader of the mobile game studio. It is owned by her ex-girlfriend, Seju. 

Whatever the number of times she has broken up with Seju, Sumin always ends up in a relationship with Seju (at the very least, Seju is sure of it).

When a new employee with beautiful looks is brought on board, Sumin falls for her. Is this what makes her feel happy? Yes. 

However, she’s not Seju, who remains in love with her. Watch how the three get caught in a love story. They don’t know what happens.

If one completed the book, it would be an outstanding piece of writing. Not once, however, you could go back and read it repeatedly and not be bored. The art and translations are pretty impressive for the first manhwa yuri.

The bond between the two characters is so captivating that it makes you feel gay, even though you’re a straight person. When you’re done reading, we’re sure that you’ll be begging for more GL webtoons that are like these.

6. Ring My Bell

Ring My Bell is cute and soft manhwa yuri that is based on Mai Sohn, who is a webcomic author. 

When she receives a proposal from a major publisher for an online comic about relationships, she squirms, as she was sacked by her ex-girlfriend in the past.

Then, she is introduced to her homophobic neighbor, who acts normal for a moment but becomes uncomfortable the following minute. 

But, Mai takes an interest in her and decides to go into a relationship, which can also assist in implementing the webcomic offering.

If you’re someone who is a GL Manhwa fan, you’ll consider checking this out. It’s a simple webtoon that makes you feel as if you’re being exaggerated. 

Its characters and the way they interact seem so genuine, especially during lesbian moments.

It’s truly an internet tool created for women by a woman, and if you’re in the market for some sexually sexy girl-on-girl action, there’s plenty. We recommend not skipping these kinds of GL comics or webtoons.

5. Mage and Demon Queen

Mage and Demon Queen is about a mage that always finds herself in the Demon Queen’s realm of the fight, and it’s only a loss in the final. She isn’t willing to abandon her fight, and her main reason is that she’s looking to take her out with her.

As she tries to grab her hand full of passion, adventurers are staring at the Demon Queen’s head. Find out how this story develops through a myriad of funny, gorgeous, and romantic moments.

On the other hand, the mage’s character can be unlikeable, but at the same time, you just can’t resist her.

Even though it has some flaws in the plot, you’ll be able to enjoy an entertaining GL webtoon. In the end, it all comes down to whether you’ve had fun with this or not.

So, we think it’s one of the top GL comics/webtoons. If you are looking for an enjoyable and entertaining manhwa, do not hesitate to try it.

4. Pulse

Mei is a famous heart surgeon who has an easy life. When her life is hectic and stressful every day, she sees sexual intimacy as a source of pleasure. She’s never been in any real relationship; however, she finds satisfaction regularly with various women.

Then she encounters an individual known as Lynn in her hospital hallway, and this incident alters her perception of relationships. It’s not too long until she discovers that relationships aren’t about enjoyment, but affection.

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The first thing you’ll appreciate about this yuri-manhwa is the way that it fulfills your desire for romance with a fight scene. In the latter part, the story goes into love, and you’ll see amazing girl-on-girl moments.

The art is good and the characters are incredible. Overall, it’s a phenomenal manhwa as well as one of the top GL comics and webtoons to go through.

3. Her Story of Shim Chong

Her Tale of Shim Chong” is about two women who long to do the same thing, to leave their world behind and become birds of freedom. Shim Chong is a beggar who cares for her blind father, while the other one is the wife of the Chancellor, who was taken away for the benefit of her relatives.

One day, Shim Chong saves her from the river when she is attempting suicide. After this event, a bond of affection develops between the two women, and eventually, they both fall in love with one another. But can the world accept the two of them?

I was enthralled by reading this gorgeous GL webtoon and have never felt like dumping it on the floor. which is a pity for its stunning storyline. Once you have read it, you’ll know that it’s one of the top GL webtoons available.

If you’ve not seen this stunning manhwa of Yuri, and you’re not aware of something you should not miss, Therefore, you should go through this manga whenever you want to read GL webtoons that have captivating characters.

2. You’re Worth It

” You Were Worth It” is brief manhwa yuri that centers around a couple, Keiva and Rose. Keiva is a shy girl who constantly worries and gets anxious over tiny things. However, Rose makes sure to aid her no matter what the circumstances.

What a delight to be a part of this kind of sweet romance that has an enthralling slice of life plot! I’m sure you’ll discover the answer once you’ve finished reading. Two characters in this book make the whole thing worth the effort.

Although the plot isn’t long and the story isn’t typical, it will ensure that you’re never bored for a moment. With a lot of adorable and romantic moments and a dazzling storyline, it will provide you with the most captivating story of love.

The artwork is amazing and so unique that it is rare to see this level of art. If you haven’t yet read it, you must immediately read it since it’s one of the most acclaimed GL webtoons or GL comics that you can find.

1. Moonlight Garden

Moonlight Garden‘s story is set in a brothel, where flower maidens offer an unimaginable amount of sexual pleasureDohwais an attractive girl who hasn’t yet bloomed and doesn’t want to remain a flower girl. Therefore, she decides to make a change.

She begins to make drinks that could aid her in the future, but she is taken in by a lover known as Hyewon. She didn’t know that Lady Hyewon was keeping secrets. See how this story transforms into a romantic affair.

In all honesty, Moonlight Garden is a masterpiece. The artwork is so soft and precise that you will feel awestruck. You don’t even know that you’re sharing numerous characters, and the romantic scenes are simply amazing!

When you’re done reading this incredible manhwa of Yuri, you’ll feel guilty for finishing it so quickly. But don’t fret; you can go back and read it again and again, and it still feels incredible. It is, therefore, one of the top GL comics and webtoons available.

Final Words

These are the top 17 most popular GL webtoons and GL comics of the moment. We’re closing this list. We’d like our readers to understand that the books listed above are based on our opinions. 

Therefore, be sure to take the time to read the whole article before deciding on the most suitable one.

The GL webtoons are intended to be enjoyed by everyone. They are meant to be read by everyone, and there is no reason to be embarrassed or anything else because we believe that relationships with GL characters are gorgeous and more romantic. 

We hope that you enjoyed our selection of the best GL webtoons and GL comics.

What’s your view regarding the relationship between lesbians? Do you adore them? 

Should you have ideas regarding our list of GL webtoons that you would like to share or save, do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below.