What is the 177013 Manga?

177103 The story behind this manga, sometimes referred to as the Emergence manga, has been a long secret, which is what gives it its grim tone.

The Metamorphosis manga is another name for the 177013 manga.

The manga’s creator, Shindo L, is a Japanese-American citizen.

This manga was published between 2013 and 2016.

Its dark and dismal web content helped it become more well-known.


It is a typical term for a group of people who are involved in the same activity or have a similar interest.

Doujin is sometimes known as a clique or fanbase in English.

The phrase is frequently used to refer to a group of people that collaborate on original works like novels, comics, or other literary works.

Professional writers also contribute to the conversion of the doujin into a culture.

177013 Manga is only 225 pages long, although the majority of doujin are between 15 and 30 pages long.

Summary of the manga Metamorphosis

The fact that the Metamorphosis manga is not entirely fantastical appeals deeply to readers.

In conclusion, it will make you quite depressed.

So, if you don’t want to continue, consider this a Spoiler Alert.

It recounts the dramatic and unsettling transition of a bookish, quiet, wallflower girl into an outgoing, ragingly promiscuous delinquent who has suffered from mental scarring.


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Saki is the name of the female protagonist.

She appears to be quite depressed herself at first glance.

We learn that she used to be quite well-known among her friends but is no longer as cool.

Saki chooses to get a makeover in order to seem stylish once more.

Here, we learn the origins of the manga’s other name, Metamorphic. Similar to Metamorphosis, there is an evolution in this way; Saki appears to have recently evolved after getting a makeover.

She makes the decision to get some fresh air outside and purchase some fashion magazines during the weekend.

Hayato, the second character in the narrative, is introduced there.

In essence, he flirts with her, and he is successful in doing so.

Saki was finally taken to a karaoke.

They take pleasure in other things in addition to singing.

Hayato provides Saki with an enhancement pill to increase their enjoyment because he is skilled at manipulating women.

They both have a great time in the room, and Saki becomes agitated and collapses into a pathetic state.

Saki is only a toy in Hayato’s mind, so he adds his phone number to Saki’s phone and Saki’s number to his own phone.

So, whenever he wants, he may call and play with her.

So, as time went on, Saki started to frequent these dates, and these connections persisted.

Saki started taking boys on paid dates.

When a boy learned about her gig photos, he started using Saki for blackmail.

Saki’s intimate relationships with several boys made Saki’s friends envious of her.

After returning home from being fired from his job, his father engages in an intimate relationship with his own daughter, which is extremely upsetting to witness.

As his father revealed everything to her, his mother started to despise her, and rather than console her, she foolishly kicked her out of the house.

At that point, she moved in with Hayato, who had a debt of 8 million yen of his own.

She also developed a drug addiction.

Saki performed odd chores for Hayato to aid.

But eventually, Hayato ejected Saki from her home because she lacked money.

She lost her job, became pregnant, and changed her mind, choosing to keep the child.

She keeps doing strange tasks for fun.

One day, when she woke up in a dumpster, she also had a significant heroin addiction.

Finally, when she advanced in life, she was battered by numerous individuals while concealing money in her pocket.

It’s so depressing that she finally kills herself because she can’t take it anymore.

Explanation of term ‘177013’

It’s a meme, which is the straightforward response to this query.

The manga has received a lot of trolling, and the reason being the number “1” which corresponds to the index/submission id of a certain hentai manga on a well-known adult manga website (it appears on the 177013th page of the website).

Some people even go to the trouble of creating their own manga adaptation of this manga because the book’s ending depresses them so much.

This is extremely intriguing considering how the primary story has been trolled online.

Another possible explanation is that people frequently display items that they believe would startle them.

Similar to Boku No Pico manga, it received a lot of trolling, which drove some readers to pick up the book out of curiosity.

The other factor is that YouTube also has a significant impact on this because some YouTubers who read this manga started to review it, which piqued readers’ interest.

Many readers enjoy delving deeply into sinister material.

Therefore, reading it is a wise choice for them in particular.

However, it cannot be said for every reader or watcher.

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