15 Best Action Manhwa to Read

The action manga we’re about to show you has crazy plots, that much is true.

Although not all of them may be to your taste, the majority of them contain lavish action scenes.

Since the action genre is popular across many genres, including anime, manga, manhua, and manhwa, we did extensive research to compile this list.

So without further ado, let’s get started with our collection of action manhwa and action webcomics!

Updated May 24, 2024 by Shagun Singh: Recently, manhwa has gained immense popularity, often reaching the same level of success as manga. Webcomics are incredibly popular and continue to gain a devoted following. Fans eagerly anticipate the release of new stories each month, making them a beloved form of entertainment. Thanks to its growing popularity, manhwa has gained a massive following among fans of all kinds. We’ve revamped this list to align with My Otaku World’s latest publication standard, providing a wider range of captivating manhwa recommendations across various genres for readers to discover their next obsession.

Here Are Some Of The Best Action Manhwa To Read

10. SSS-Class Revival Hunter (2020)

110 action manhwa 15 Best Action Manhwa to Read

Based on the Novel by No-Ah Shin, Written by Neida, & Illustrated by Bill K

The Tower emerged unexpectedly, capturing the attention of daring hunters who were eager to leave everything behind in pursuit of the thrilling challenges and formidable creatures that awaited them on its floors.

Their goal? To seek out adventure and achieve fame. Gong-Ja Kim has faced numerous challenges throughout his life, starting from a difficult childhood as an orphan to enduring mistreatment from more powerful hunters after joining the Tower.

With its diverse range of abilities, dynamic combat techniques, and stunning artwork that continually evolves throughout the series, SSS-Class Revival Hunter offers an engaging experience for enthusiasts of action-packed titles.

In addition, the setting and premise of this title may initially give the impression of a typical dungeon-based power fantasy.

However, as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that it goes beyond that, delving into the intricacies of the world’s setting and introducing captivating characters.

This makes it a highly underrated action manhwa that deserves more recognition.

9. Unholy Blood (2020)

9 action manhwa 15 Best Action Manhwa to Read

Original Series Written & Illustrated by Li-Na Lim

Despite her pureblood vampire lineage and extraordinary powers, Ha-Yan Park simply desires a tranquil and ordinary existence as a college student, with the sole purpose of safeguarding her siblings.

Nevertheless, when a group of menacing mixed-blood vampires starts posing a threat to the world, she finds herself compelled to join forces with Eun-Tae Hwang, a skilled police detective, to uncover and eliminate the root cause of her problems.

Unholy Blood captivates readers with its compelling storyline centered around a determined protagonist seeking vengeance.

The manga excels in its expertly crafted, fast-paced action sequences that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

These scenes are truly brought to life by the vibrant art style, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience.

In addition to the focus on action manhwa, there is a charming romantic subplot that will surely captivate fans of romance titles.

8. Weak Hero (2018)

8 action manhwa edited 15 Best Action Manhwa to Read

Original Series Written by Seopass & Illustrated by Jin-Seok Kim

At Eunjang High School, strength is highly valued. Students who struggle academically often face mistreatment from their more capable peers, creating an unchallenged hierarchy.

That is, until the enigmatic Grey Yeon unexpectedly appears, fearlessly confronting bullies who are twice his size and effortlessly defeating them.

In spite of his modest size and average physical prowess, Grey consistently outmatches formidable adversaries through strategic combat, leveraging his expertise and utilizing his surroundings to gain the advantage.

Weak Hero is an incredibly thrilling title, filled with action and captivating fights that will keep you hooked.

Nevertheless, apart from the captivating fighting scenes, there is much more to this title.

The characters in this story are captivating, genuine, and fully fleshed out.

The plot is richly woven, drawing readers into its world and evoking deep emotional responses.

7. Noblesse (2017)

7 action manhwa 15 Best Action Manhwa to Read

Original Series Written by Jae-Ho Son & Illustrated by Gwang-Su Lee

Despite his seemingly ordinary appearance, Cadis Etrama di Raizel is a member of an ancient race known as the “Nobles.”

This unique group possesses extraordinary abilities and can live for incredibly long periods.

Emerging from a deep, centuries-long sleep, Rai is confronted with a world that is completely unfamiliar to him.

With the help of his devoted servant, Frankenstein, he decides to attend a nearby high school, aiming to understand and adjust to contemporary society.

Meanwhile, little does he know, a secret organisation called “The Union” is preparing to explore and harness his abilities.

Noblesse showcases a plethora of skillfully crafted action scenes, brought to life by the characters’ imaginative abilities.

The vibrant artwork and the masterful direction of the fights will undoubtedly keep readers on the edge of their seats.

In addition, the story and characters of this title are just as fascinating and engrossing, thanks to the detailed worldbuilding and supernatural elements.

Additionally, there is a fair share of timely humor, stemming from Rai’s struggle to navigate modern technology.

6. Leviathan (2018)

6 action manhwa 15 Best Action Manhwa to Read

Original Series Written by Kyung-Tak Lee & Illustrated by Mi-Young Noh

When sea levels rise to the point of completely submerging the continents, the world is no longer under human control, but instead dominated by formidable sea creatures.

While many individuals live in fear, some choose to embrace bravery and become harpoonists.

These courageous individuals put their lives on the line, battling dangerous creatures to safeguard what remains of humanity.

Nevertheless, even the most skilled harpoonists find it incredibly challenging to confront the formidable “Leviathans,” the top predators that emerged following the catastrophe.

Bo-Ta’s family perseveres and stands up against adversity, guided and supported by the enigmatic Kana.

Although some may find the occasional excess of “fanservice” and gore off-putting, those who are not bothered by it are likely to have an enjoyable experience with this title.

Leviathan is a must-play for action enthusiasts, with its exhilarating battles and stunning visuals.

The story and characters are captivating in their way, even though they may be straightforward.

5. Tower of God (2010)

Tower of God 15 Best Action Manhwa to Read

Original Series Written & Illustrated by SIU

When Rachel, Baam’s only companion, mysteriously vanishes into the tower in pursuit of her deepest desires, he unhesitatingly embarks on a journey to find her.

With an unwavering resolve, Baam embarks on a journey to reach the top of the Tower, facing countless dangers and challenges along the way.

The action in Tower of God can be a bit challenging to keep up with at times, but the fighting scenes are undeniably imaginative and captivating.

The series seamlessly blends captivating martial arts with intriguing powers, all enhanced by the consistently improving artwork.

The second season of Tower of God’s anime is scheduled to be released in July 2024, creating excitement among fans.

4. Solo Leveling (2018)

4 action manhwa 15 Best Action Manhwa to Read

Based on the Web Novel by Chu-Gong, Written by Hyeon-Gun, & Illustrated by Seong-Rak Jang

When Gates suddenly appears, connecting the human world to magical and dangerous dungeons, it is the responsibility of the Hunters, ordinary humans who receive extraordinary powers, to clear them and protect humanity.

Jin-Woo Sung tirelessly hunts monsters to support his family’s financial needs.

Despite his initial weakness, Jin-Woo gradually becomes the chosen “Player of the System,” gaining unique skills and the limitless ability to level up.

With a main character that constantly grows and develops, Solo Levelling delivers exhilarating action sequences that are enhanced by vibrant artwork and skillful implementation of effects.

While the story and characters may not captivate every reader, some may find them to be slightly generic.

However, they still serve their purpose and do not take away from what is an exceptional action title and one of the finest fantasy manhwa available.

The Crunchyroll anime adaptation of Solo Levelling is scheduled for release in January 2024.

3. Eleceed (2018)

3 action manhwa 15 Best Action Manhwa to Read

Original Series Written by Jae-Ho Son & Illustrated by Hye-Jin Kim

In the world of awakeners, individuals with extraordinary powers, many people choose to become part of special organizations.

These organisations offer a sense of security and various perks, in return for loyalty and adherence to specific guidelines.

On the other hand, some awakeners choose to stay independent and not align themselves with any organisation, even though they may face more severe judgment for this decision.

This is the story of Ji-Woo Seo, a boy known for his incredible speed, and Kayden Break, a fugitive secret agent who takes Ji-Woo under his wing.

Eleceed showcases a multitude of expertly choreographed and easily understandable fights that are both captivating and leave a lasting impression.

However, the series offers much more than just its exceptional action scenes.

Although the story may not be groundbreaking, its straightforward approach effortlessly blends action, comedy, and drama scenes, all brought to life by lovable characters and stunning artwork.

2. Omniscient Reader (2020)

2 action manhwa 15 Best Action Manhwa to Read

Based on the Web Novel by Sing-Shong, Written by UMI, & Illustrated by Sleepy-C

Dok-Ja Kim is a man who has had a challenging life, finding solace in the world of books.

He has a strong interest in Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse, written by tis123.

It’s an apocalyptic fantasy web novel that tells the story of a protagonist who must repeatedly go back in time to face dangerous challenges called “scenarios” in order to save the world from destruction.

Even though this novel gained some popularity, Dok-Ja finds himself as the sole reader who sticks with it until the very end.

Little does he know, the lines between fiction and reality blur, and he is unexpectedly thrust into the role of the protagonist.

While Omniscient Reader is undeniably a thrilling and action-packed title, it goes beyond just featuring random fights with no meaning.

This title offers a complete experience that never feels lacking in any dimension, from the intricate story to the complex characters and stunning artwork.

The attention to detail in every aspect of this manhwa is truly impressive, making it a must-read for fans of the genre.

1. Wind Breaker (2013)

1 action manhwa 15 Best Action Manhwa to Read

Original Series Written & Illustrated by Yong-Seok Jo

Ja-Hyeon “Jay” Jo’s entire life was dominated by his parents’ strict rules and high expectations, leaving him with little freedom to pursue anything other than academics.

Deprived of the opportunity to form connections with others, due to being considered too distracting, he dedicated himself to his studies, achieving top grades and eventually becoming the student body president of his high school.

However, Jay’s late uncle inspired him to develop a passion for cycling.

This newfound interest caught the attention of the Hummingbird Crew, immersing Jay in a completely different world.

Unlike other action titles, Wind Breaker focuses on exhilarating, competitive races that will get your heart pumping with adrenaline.

With artwork that progressively gets better as the story unfolds and characters that are both captivating and fully fleshed out, this title weaves a captivating tale of camaraderie, enthusiasm, and personal development that will resonate with readers, regardless of their familiarity with cycling.

It is evident that this manhwa is highly regarded in the action genre and offers an exceptional reading experience for all.

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