25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

One of the most famous types of manga (or manhwa) is about people who die and come back to life.

Crunchyroll says that even this year, one out of every four anime shows is an isekai.

There are a lot of people who like Isekai, and you are one of them if you are reading this blog post.

Well, this blog post is about the best manga and manhwa where the MC is reincarnated as a villainess.

Anyway, if you want to read about clever plans, sad backstories, or just sweet romance, I can give you suggestions for the Best Villainess Manhwa.

Updated May 30, 2024, by Shagun Singh: The villainess genre is widely loved in anime, manga, and manhwa. With the vast array of titles now available, fans may find it challenging to determine where to begin. It can be quite challenging for those new to manhwa to figure out what to explore. This list has been refreshed to align with My Otaku World’s current publication standards, providing a wider selection of Villainess manhwa/manga recommendations for both new and longtime fans.

Here Are Some Of The Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga For You

25. Accomplishments of the Duke’s Daughter

Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

Even though this is a manga and not a manhwa, I thought I should add it to the list.

Iris gets hit by Truck-Kun and wakes up in the world of an otome game she always played.

She gets reborn as the story’s enemy, which is bad enough, but then she wakes up in the character’s “Judgment scene,” where she would get a “bad ending” for hurting the female lead.

If the story goes the way it’s supposed to, she’ll be sent to a convent and live there for the rest of her life. But she figures out a way to get out of it.

Now, she has to use what she remembers about the first villainess and what she knows about the otome game to stop bad ends, live a good life, and get a lot done.

24. The Way to Protect the Female Lead’s Older Brother

The Way to Protect the Female Leads Older Brother 1613177428 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

“Flower of Hell” is a romance book that her friends have been talking about a lot lately. It was the first time our main character got to read a book.

She almost threw it away after reading the first line because it is a 19+ reverse harem novel in which the female lead, Sylvia, has relationships with many male leads.

In the story, the heroine’s bad luck began when her older brother, Cassis Pedelian, was taken by “The Black Agrece family,” the enemy of her family.

After the main character died, she came back to life as Roxana Agrece, the daughter of the Agrece family. Because of the heroine’s revenge, Roxana and her family are doomed to die.

So, when her father takes Cassis, she can either wait to be killed by the heroine or she can get Cassis on her side and use him to stay alive against both the heroine and her own crazy family.

But Roxana and Cassis can’t trust each other if everyone is against them.

23. Death is the Only Ending for the Villainess

Death is the Only Ending for the Villainess 1 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

The Female Lead was the child of a rich family who didn’t want her. Her father took her in after her mother died.

But it would have been better for her to live in an orphanage because her brothers made her life a daily hell.

She heard about a very famous game one day and decided to try it. She played for hours because the story of the game was a lot like her own.

She finished the game on the easy setting and then chose to play it again on the hard setting to get to a secret ending.

But in hard mode, the story is told from Penelope Eckart’s point of view, who is the bad guy.

The main character died, and when she woke up, she was Penelope Eckart, the evil who was always going to die.

Will she be able to use what she knows about the hard mode to stop every ending that would kill her?

22. The Villainess Is Happy Today

The Villainess Is Happy Today 1 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

Sojin lived for 30 years without being rich or famous. After growing up in a home that didn’t work well and getting cheated on, she got a very strong mind.

One day, she wakes up in the body of Leilin Candmione, the only princess of the Candmione family, which is a sign of wealth and the richest family in the Empire.

In the book, Leilin did a lot of bad things, but people still followed her because she was rich and powerful.

Sojin just wants to live in luxury and enjoy her wealth as Leilin, but Iris, the main character of the story, is always trying to put her down and make her look bad in front of everyone.

Leilin doesn’t like trouble, but she is determined to teach Iris and her four friends a lesson.

21. The Villainess Turns the Hourglass

The Villainess Turns the Hourglass 1 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

After her mother married a count, Aria thought her life would be great. She lived a spoiled life and acted like a small-time criminal.

Her sneaky stepsister ruined her perfect life by charging her of a crime that will get her killed.

But fate has a soft spot for Aria, and a strange hourglass gives her a second chance to go back in time.

Step by step, Aria started to figure out what her stepsister was really like, and she worked to get the life she had always wanted.

20. The Villainess Is a Marionette

the villain is a marionette 1 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

Kayenna Hill is born a princess with a diamond spoon. She grows up to be a bad and self-centered queen, but she dies in a terrible way.

But after she dies, she wakes up in a strange new world and finds out that her life as Kayenna Hill was just a story.

She dies again and comes back as Kayenna, which is very strange.

Her aim?

To get through the dirty web of lies, schemes, and danger at the imperial house.

19. Beware the Villainess!

Beware the Villainess 1 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

When a young college student wakes up as the bad guy in a book, she has no choice but to throw out the bad story for her own health.

So, the best form of Melissa Foddebrat, the most evil person ever, comes to be.

She doesn’t give up easily.

She doesn’t put up with bull and is ready to beat the asses of any male lead who acts out of line.

18. The Duchess Has a Death Wish

The Duchess Has a Deathwish 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

Our main character, who has lived her whole life like a doll on a string, finally gives up.

But it looks like fate has more for her.

She soon finds herself in the body of a petty and jealous character from a book.

She still wants to die, even though she has a new life.

She watches it like a spectator.

But will her new family be able to keep her safe and give her a reason to live?

17. Villains Are Destined to Die

Villains Are Destined to Die 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

As an illegal daughter, Penelope Eckhart never had it easy.

So when her friends showed her an otome game with a villain whose story was eerily similar to her own, she worked hard to give the villain a happy ending that seemed almost impossible.

But fate has a plan that is much better.

To change her into the poor villainess’s body.

With a bleak future that seems to lead to death, can she fight against the chances and change her story so that it ends happily?

16. Author of My Own Destiny

Author of My Own Destiny 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

In the book The Emperor and the Saint, the bad girl Fiona Green is doomed to die at the hands of the main characters, a couple.

But fate plays a joke, and the author ends up in Fiona’s place.

She feels bad about the bad finish she made, so she changes her plans and decides to live a good life away from the main character.

But when she saves Siegren, the male lead, Fiona learns that it might not be as easy as she thought to change her fate.

15. Who Made Me a Princess?

Who Made Me a Princess 1 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

A young woman suddenly finds herself in the body of Princess Athanasia after reading the sad story of the princess in the book The Lovely Princess.

If the princess wants to escape a terrible end, she must do well in the palace’s dangerous political waters and win the trust of her cold father, Emperor Claude.

Still, will her attempts be enough to save her?

14. Your Throne

Your Throne 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

When Lady Medea Solon loses her job as Crown Princess to her friend Psyche Callista, the Vasilios Empire is on the verge of falling apart.

But when a wish changes their futures, their lives take a dramatic turn.

Now, Medea and Psyche have to figure out how to do their new jobs while trying to find out about a dark plot that could tear the kingdom apart.

This villainess manhwa is more of a psychological and political tale than a pure love story. There is real stress.

The characters’ minds are like a bottomless pit. Also, the stakes are so high that they give me the creeps.

Still, as the story goes on, the art style goes from being high-level to being good-level. Even though it’s not a big deal, it’s still a shame.

13. When the Villainess Is in Love

When the Villainess Is in Love 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

A young girl couldn’t believe her luck when she woke up as Princess Libertia, the bad girl from her favorite book.

She can finally save her favorite figure from a terrible end.

But things won’t work out as well as she hoped. As Princess Libertia tries to change the story, the people around her see a different side of her.

They didn’t expect it, and it wasn’t the side she had in mind.

Its art is so beautiful and well-made that it will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

If you’re looking for a villainous woman in a manhwa who will make you cry, this is the one.

But there are too many wrong ideas in this isekai villainess manhwa.

The stakes are also fake, which makes the story less exciting.

12. For Better or for Worse

For Better or for Worse 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

Lady Dillion has known for a long time that she is different from everyone else. Meeting Marquis Cedric shows that she was right.

She is meant to be the fated evil in a manhwa. Skip over that. The most important thing is that after marrying Cedric, her beloved younger sister will die in childbirth.

Dillion marries the marquis to stop the tragedy, but he plans to ask for a divorce later. But it looks like nothing she does will work.

After all, her hot husband has a better plan for the two of them that is much sweeter.

Even though the art style isn’t typical for a villainess manga, the more you read it, the more you like how unique it is.

The characters’ growing love for each other is also so sweet and fluffy. This must-read book has just the right amount of action and humor.

11. Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married

father i dont want to get married 1 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

Jubelian’s fiancé threw her away like an old rag, and her father didn’t want anything to do with her. She had no choice but to accept the sad fate of a villainess and die.

The old joke? When an unknown event sends her back in time to her younger self, her fate changes. The catch? It looks like her past is much messier than she thought.

This villainess manhwa doesn’t have the best story, but it does have the best father-daughter pair.

Behind its bright art style is a story that is deep, interesting, and sad. There is also a good web book based on this webtoon.

10. This Villainess Wants a Divorce

This Villainess Wants a Divorce 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

Carnelia Easter is the kind of second-rate villain you shouldn’t follow. She lies and cheats on both sides.

Worse, she gets her husband caught up in the plans of his worst enemy.

Her end?

A scene that will blow your mind.

It’s overused: A reader moves into the body of Carnelia Easter when she is young.

The catch?

She wants a split so that she can keep her mind straight.

It has good art and personalities that just make you feel something.

Still, this webcomic foe is too much like a Mary Sue for my taste.

It’s not bad, but it could have been better if the main character (MC) had more control and wasn’t just a victim of a sad story.

9. Villainess in Love

Villainess in love 44983 1 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

Yunifer Magnolia is just another evil person with a stupid plan who is going to die.

The old joke?

A person who can change bodies takes over hers.

The catch?

She is smart enough to stay away from heroes and the people who hang out with them.

Still, she can’t stop fate, and a drunk one-night stand messes up her plans. Worse, it looks like she brought the male lead home with her.

It won’t give you a gripping story twist or high-quality art, but it will give you a sweet and fluffy romance.

Still, this goodie is not for kids. At its heart, it’s a pretty grown-up romantic manga.

8. How to Win My Husband Over

How to Win My Husband Over 1 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

After a scary plane crash, a young woman wakes up in the body of Rudbeckia de Borgia, an unhappy daughter of the famous Borgia family.

But Rudbeckia is not a normal woman. She is a bad person who is going to die.

Rudbeckia finally gets away from her crazy and power-hungry family by lying, being sneaky, and being smart.

Still, she needs her new husband’s support and trust if she is to escape her deadly fate.

The romance is bittersweet, and the action is top-notch. This exciting villainy manhwa is made up of a story with a web-like plot and characters who change their minds and behave in unpredictable ways.

This is a must-read on my list of villainess manga you should read. Still, be careful, because this webcomic isn’t for the faint of heart and may be darker than you think.

7. Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom

Not Sew Wicked Stepmom 1 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

Abigail is just a designer who makes clothes for kids, but one day she wakes up as the evil stepmother in a fairy tale.

Abigail is determined to change her bad ending, so she wants to rewrite the story so that her cute niece Princess Blanche gets the love she deserves.

Still, it’s hard when the girl’s father doesn’t care about her and is cold and absent. So maybe she should first melt that j*rk’s heart.

But as she learns more about the house, she finds dark plans that put everything she’s worked for in danger.

This webtoon about a bad girl has great art, funny but sweet interactions between the characters, and a simple but well-paced story.

And if you like sweet stories about daughters and stepmothers, this not-so-villainous webcomic has you covered.

6. Isn’t Being a Wicked Woman Much Better?

Isnt Being a Wicked Woman Much Better 1 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

A girl finds out how hard it is to become a good lady when she is turned into the hated villain Deborah from a disliked book.

After all, it’s so tiring to deal with plots, lies, two-faced women, and MCs who aren’t very smart.

So, she goes out just to keep being a bad person. She doesn’t want to be a small, helpless bad guy, though.

Instead, she’s a rich, smart businessman. Who cares about good-looking but dumb male stars when you have a lot of gold?

It has a manhwa enemy who is smart and skilled enough to survive on her own. The characters aren’t old stereotypes, and they each have their own unique traits.

The style of art?

This is the best!

The story is clear, but you’ll have to keep turning the pages to find out what happens next. If you like stories about how to run a business, then this villainess manga is for you.

5. Roxana

Roxana 1 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

The Agrece clan, which is known for being the source of all evil in the kingdom, is doomed to die and be destroyed.

But things take a strange turn when a young girl finds herself changed into Roxana, Agrece’s evil daughter.

Roxana is stuck with dangerous parents and siblings, so she has to plan to stay safe and maybe even get away from her family.

It’s a breath of fresh air in the world of Mary Sue-like webtoons about bad guys. Roxana Agrece is also one of the baddest villains I’ve ever seen in a manhwa.

Her scary plans and balancing bets are so interesting and clever.

It stands out with a dark, gritty plot that will make you want to read more. Don’t miss this good one if you like strong female leads with a crooked sense of right and wrong.

4. The Villainess Is Retiring

The Villainess Is Retiring 1 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

The life of a bad guy is full of boring drama and bad plans.

So, when a tired office worker wakes up as the villainous Evria Oberon from a book, she skips the drama and goes home before all the bull.

Her goal was to live a quiet life in the north. But her dreams fall apart when a fateful bond binds her for life to a demon archmage.

The art is good, which is what you’d expect from a shoujo webtoon. Still, the story is boring and has a lot of “Mary Sue” moments.

If you want to read a cool slice-of-life manhwa about a monster, this is a good one.

3. The Villainess Tames the Beast

The Villainess Tames the Beast 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

Ilyana Glayne is known for being a bad person who likes to turn royal boys into her loyal beasts.

One day, a fan who wants to know more about Ilyana’s current boyfriend, Magnus, sends the author an email.

The fan had no idea that her question would put her in Ilyana’s body for the night.

She is horrified by what Ilyana did and is determined to set Magnus free from his evil state.

But when Magnus steals a kiss from her, Ilyana understands that she may have changed the story in ways she never could have imagined.

The art style is top-notch and unique, and it shows how the characters think.

But this slow-burning webcomic about a villain isn’t for people who want fluffy romance. It’s for people who want a more adult and serious tone.

2. The Villainess Flips the Script!

The Villainess Flips the Script 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

When a young girl wakes up in the world of her favorite book, she is in the body of Judith Maybaum, the mean aunt of the main character, Luca.

She wants to avoid the tragedy that is about to happen, so she sets out to give Luca to his uncle, the Duke of Winterwald.

But when Luca begs her not to leave, she has to go with them. Since she has no other choice, Judith faces the plot head-on and tries her best to change the sad ending of the book.

It’s a funny piece of work. The figures are interesting and funny, and the art is cute and bubbly.

Still, there are some plot holes that aren’t fully explained, like why Luca still wants his mean aunt. There have been hints at the answer, but it would be better to say it straight out.

1. Kill the Villainess

Kill the Villainess 25 Best Villainess Manhwa/Manga

Eris Miserian is stuck in a nightmare that only exists in her head. She is now the bad guy in a popular romance novel.

She is doomed to play her part and die in a horrible way. The only way out is to die in the book, which is what the story wants.

Eris is determined to get out of her cursed life, so she goes on a dangerous trip to find out dark secrets about the world of the book.

But since the plan is against her, can she find her way back to reality, or is she doomed to a bad end?

Kill the Villainess isn’t like other villainess manhwa, which have been done to death. It’s different, true to life, and the characters are well-developed. The art on the walls is also beautiful.

Unlike most Mary Sue-like webtoons, the enemy in this manhwa acts in a way that makes sense. If you like a smart enemy who has moved from one place to another, this is the book for you.

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