26 Best Romance Manhwa!

We all want to be in perfect romance do we not? 

You don’t have to worry about the flaws when you’re in love because you’ll find the perfect one. 

Romance is an extremely popular genre among people, and it fills the gap in the heart. 

Therefore, for you guys, we’ve got the top suggestions for manhwa romance. 

Make sure you buckle your seatbelts tight and relax with your popcorn. 

Updated May 30, 2024, by Shagun Singh: Recently, manhwa has gained popularity, attracting many manga readers to explore this South Korea-based medium. Romance is undoubtedly the most popular manhwa genre, providing readers with a plethora of captivating love stories to indulge in. This list has been recently updated to align with My Otaku World’s current publication standards. It now offers more information on some of the finest romance manhwa series that fans should definitely check out.

26. The Abandoned Empress

The Abandoned Empress 1 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

Being the only daughter of honor of the House of Monique, Aristia wanted to be the next queen. 

Imagine being an empress, and enjoying the royal lifestyle. 

Aristia’s desire to be an empress was shattered by the introduction of a new bride. 

Her thorn has changed, and now it’s not the same. She’s now forced to put her head in the sand.

But, that’s not the case. Aristia is offered another chance to live her life. 

The result is that Aristia was born 7 years earlier. Could this be a fantasy or real? 

Are they able to discover love even in the midst of such despair? (P.S I’m sure she’ll) If our former empress is to go through a loss, I’m sure that a prince charming will rescue her and alter her destiny.

25. Light And Shadow

Light And Shadow 1 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

If you’re looking for strong female leads that have sparks of romance, then this manhwa is ideal for you. 

Light And Shadow is a story about Light And Shadow following a powerful female servant called Edna who decides to wed Duke Eli. 

Duke Eli was expecting a royal bride but ended up getting an unmarried maid.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see Duke Eli accept Edna for the person she is? This manhwa is a step up in the bar for us on a daily basis, don’t you think? 

Edna has hidden some sort of secret. But, Eli has no idea what type of secret she is hiding. What might she be keeping secret? 

Are they hiding wealth or something else? Apart from the truth, can the two principal characters meet? each other?

24. The Man Who Cleans Up Makeup (The Makeup Remover)

The Man Who Cleans Up Makeup 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

The manhwa’s name promises to be fun with a sweet romance. 

This story is about a plain and nerdy student Kim Yeseul, who becomes the model of an artist who goes by the name of Cheon Yuseong. 

The romance is evident in the manhwa

The makeup artist is determined to make her look better than she is, and she decides to let her take part in numerous beauty contests. 

We’ll get to witness numerous sweet and bitter moments between our main characters, so be ready for it, okay?

23. Freaking Romance

Freaking Romance 1 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

Imagine that your home or apartment is haunted by an attractive spirit. Are you going to embrace the spirit or leave? 

Manhwa’s ideas are always different and unique from other stories that we read or see. Doesn’t it seem true?

Freaking Romance! It’s clear from the title the extent it’s going to turn out. 

HOHO! If you’re looking for an exciting romance, then this is the ideal choice for you!

22. I Belong To The House Castielo

I Belong To The House Castielo 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

Imagine you’re taken away by your mother. HAHA, I can imagine the scenario taking place. (Just laughing)

However, Estelle is an 11 years old girl who was ripped from her mother. It turns out that the buyer was Estelle’s father

Her life is set to change when she will be living with her father.

After such a dramatic shift in her life, is Estelle have the ability to make it together with her father’s friends? 

There’s a red-eyed master in the Castielo House with many handsome knights with a bit of Romance. 

What if the rare girl, Estelle, is able to find her soulmate in those knights who are dashing? 

To discover the answer, read I Belong To The House Castielo!

21. Sub Zero

Sub Zero 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

If you’re a fan of fantasies and the romance genre and are looking for a novel that is fantasy-themed, Sub Zero is literally the ideal choice for you. 

The story tells of the princess from the Azur Clan, named Clove who is married to Kyro, the prince who is a rival to Crimson Clan, Kyro. 

They wish to end the conflict which has been fought between their clans.

The plot starts by introducing Clove, the Azure Dragon Princess Clove who accepts the conditions of an engagement with a man who is part of the clan of her adversaries clan. 

The princess is eventually forced to surrender her freedom for the benefit of her family. Are they able to be able to live with these painful pasts?

20. Age Matters

Age Matters 1 1 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

Age Matters is a distinct manhwa with an amazing storyline in the Romance genre. 

The plot revolves around a woman who is 29 years old woman who is an unrequited romantic. 

She becomes the assistant to a 23-year old billionaire bachelor and that’s where their romance story begins. 

The two of them were created to be together. 

Their love story is incredibly warm and touching. 

If you’re interested in these kinds of stories it is a must to read this manhwa.

19. I Love Yoo

I Love Yoo 1 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

Shin Ae Yoo went through an extremely difficult childhood. 

Her family was shattered due to her parent’s divorce, she suffered from a lot of pain and was regularly being bullied. 

These circumstances turned her into a sarcastic, introverted 17-year-old who doesn’t have a place for affection in her heart after she witnessed the failing romance of her parents.

One day, she refuses to accept the love confession of an individual, and she is received by her friends for an evening meal. 

The boys gathered in at the dining establishment and one of them who she didn’t like. 

Then, they started at her and her pals. 

Then the girl decided to pour an alcoholic drink at them. It resulted in hitting a ginger-haired male. 

Now, what is the following?

18. True Beauty

True Beauty

This is among the best manhwa for romance on the list. It’s bound to increase your expectations and will inspire you to imagine the perfect man who doesn’t exist. 

The tale of True Beauty revolves around a high school student known as Lim Joo Kyung who believes that she is too ugly and isn’t able to apply makeup.

A few days later, she meets an artist who is very impressive to her. 

This is why, when she decides to apply makeup for the first time.

At first, she transforms herself into an actor, and everyone begins to laugh at her. 

However, once she has learned how to apply the flawless makeup technique, nobody is as prettier as her. 

This is when she attracts admiration from two gorgeous males and gets caught up in an affair. 

Are they able to overcome it? Which one will she pick?

17. Let’s Play

Let's Play

The main character of the manhwa is about to succeed in her goal of making awesome video games

But life throws an unexpected punch at her when a well-known streamer gives her a brutal critique. 

She discovers that her neighbor who has changed is an ardent critic. 

It’s a good story in which problems keep accumulating.

16. Lore Olympus

Lore Olympus

It’s a fascinating story. It tells us the tale of God’s creation and the love story of God. 

The friendships, all the stories, the gossip, and the live-streamed parties. 

The Gods aren’t much unlike humans, as it appears, isn’t it? This is a fascinating story and can make you feel a little shiver at times. 

It’s possible to be able to witness the love between gods. Oof!

15. Spirit Fingers

Spirit Fingers

Amy is a pretty normal, boring, and unassuming girl who has joined an art club called Spirit Fingers which brings the hidden emotions and colors back to her life. 

The majority of her life is black and every day is just like Amy. 

However, things begin to change for Amy when she enrolls in an art group. 

It’s a good thing, as I’m trapped within the never-ending cycle of pain. HAHA.

14. Devil Number 4

Devil Number 4 1 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

What do you think you will do if a devil appears in your home? 

Do you want to make the demon kill all those you dislike or anyone you encounter? 

Our protagonist is a lonely person who doesn’t have close relatives or friends. 

She’s extremely numb, this is until the devil comes into her dull life. 

What kind of Romance will this girl and devil look like?

13. Ecstasy Hearts

Ecstasy Hearts 1 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

She is the child of a top tennis player, she’s very confident about her abilities. 

However, on one occasion she is totally beaten by a man, and that’s the moment they begin their battle! 

The series is distinct from the other manhwa as it is divided into two distinct genres. 

One of them is romance while the second is sports. That sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

12. Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade 1 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

What would you do if you find a Vampire girl who gets revived into the school you attend? 

This story Orange Marmalade is centered on Baek Ma Riwho was always different from normal students due to her status as a vampire in the Romance genre. 

One day, Ma Ri meets an individual whose blood is extremely sweet and turns into love.

11. We’re So Over… Or Not

Were So Over... Or Not 1 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

This is a tale about arranged marriages. I’m sure that this is an extremely sad manhwa in the Romance genre. 

In any case, Chastity and Valor are two older couples who are allowed to relive their youth through the magic of a coin. 

Will they remain together? Or will the relationship between them alter?

10. Pinocchio

254 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

The manhwa’s story revolves around a young girl named Choi Ha Rim who buys an unsettling necklace. 

After purchasing the necklace, she begins to observe this spirit called Yu Ga On. 

This spirit has no memory of the way he passed away. 

It’s quite a transformation for the spirit, isn’t it?

9. Cherry Boy, That Girl

Cherry Boy That Girl 1 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

Imagine you were the sole girl at an all-boys school. What could be the outcome? 

Our MC is in the same position. She is a boy-only school and is all around the boys. 

Is she able to adapt to the new school? 

Or is she in a position to meet someone who can know what she’s going through? 

For more information and romance, read Cherry Boy, That Girl.

8. Unloveable Replacement

Unloveable Replacement 1 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

The manhwa’s story begins with a college student called Chiko Dyer who split off with his long-time lover because he felt she had lost her touch or isn’t exactly the same. 

Chiko Dyer is struggling a lot trying to cope. 

There is a reason why once you are truly in love with someone it’s difficult to find a replacement, and the worst part is being aware that someone else does not feel the same way as you do. *sad noises*

7. Always Human

Always Human

The manhwa’s story is unique as well. It is a love story of two young girls. 

The story is set in the world of nanobots and robotics. 

This means that you can explore the mecha side of romance as well. 

If you’re interested in these kinds of stories and you like mecha, you’ll find that “Always Human” is the ideal choice for you!

6. Empyrea

Empyrea 1 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

Empyrea is a new world that is located within the Spiral. 

The world was invented by the one the only Grandmother Raven in order to ensure that her Spider Grandfather is away from the central point of the universe which is called Chaos. 

It may seem complicated but once you go through each chapter, you gradually become aware of the plot and more. 

Don’t be deceived into thinking that this is dull or boring.

5. Suitor Armor

Suitor Armor 1 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

Lucia will be one of the ladies-in-waiting of lady Krisi, the future queen. 

But, Lucia has a secret: she’s the fairy who has wings, and ears at that point. 

This sounds like an elf for me in a funny way. Her identity must be kept from anyone.

4. Your Throne

Your Throne 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

Valios Empire is in dire need of a princess crown as well. Medea Solon, as well as Psyche Callista, are two contenders. 

In the course of their lives, they change bodies, and that’s when the drama begins. 

The film tells a wonderful love story that has a twisty plot. I’m sure you’re gonna like it.

3. My Dear Cold-Blooded King

My Dear Cold-Blooded King

Kihara Mei is a normal woman who lives an easy life. 

But, her life is thrown into question when she has to face the dangers of royal assassins. 

Can someone save Kihara or will she be left on her alone? 

For more information, you must read The Dear King of Cold Blood!

2. Sica Wolf

Sica Wolf

Sica is on a task to discover significant individuals in her world. 

She encounters a mercenary swordsman named Karsus who is a lot like her first lover. 

Karsus aids Sica on her journey. What will happen if Sica is able to find that special person? 

What impact does this person call Karsus to be able to have on her life?

1. As You Wish, Prince/ Majesty, What Do You
Want To Be?

uprince 500 tt 100kbA 1 26 Best Romance Manhwa!

Yoon Soo is a popular writer who writes about fantasy and ends up being stuck in her own tales. 

LMAO! In addition, she has created a terrible villain. So, is she capable of defeating the person who is the villain?

Final Words

That’s all there is for romantic manhwa recommendation.

I hope you liked it. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve found your favorite or not! 

Also, share it with loved ones who enjoy reading manhwas, or are interested in romance or the “romance” genre! 

Keep an eye out for you guys on the next one!

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