27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

Manga, a very famous form of Japanese art, has captivated people all over the world with its wide range of genres, new ways of telling stories, and memorable characters.

Manga looks at a wide range of topics, including the complicated and fascinating world of gender identity and expression. It does this by challenging social norms and pushing the limits of the mind.

In this helpful blog post, we show you a carefully chosen list of gender-bending manga that every manga fan should read.

These amazing works not only show how deep this theme goes in the medium, but they also give a fascinating look at the many different sides of identity, change, and self-discovery.

Whether you are a long-time fan of manga or just curious about it, these captivating titles will take you to a world where normal rules are broken and your imagination has free power.

If you like comedy genres, then I think you will like the gender swap situations in this gender-bender manga.

Lets begin the list of 27 best gender bender manga of all times.

27. Disgusting Otaku, Become an Idol!

image 64 7 edited 1 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

Who would say that being an otaku is a bad thing?

Meet our main character, Aisaka Yousuke. He loves anime and star culture and is very proud of it.

But think about how shocked he will be when he wakes up one morning and sees Aisaka Yoko, a stunningly beautiful girl, looking back at him in the mirror.

Yoko doesn’t freak out about how her body has changed. Instead, she accepts it with all her heart and uses her vast knowledge of idols to pursue her long-held goal of becoming the ultimate idol herself.

Yoko bravely steps into the cutthroat world of the entertainment business with her newfound feminine charm and deep insights.

Along the way, she faces challenges she didn’t expect and gets chances she’s never had before.

26. A Choice Of Boyfriend And Girlfriend

manga gender bender hentai 1170x936.jpg edited 1 1 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

Imagine having to wait seven long years to see your best friend again because your towns were so far apart.

When you finally get to the airport, your heart is full of excitement, but then you meet a beautiful stranger who seems to know everything about you.

You don’t know it, but this intriguing mystery is your trusted friend who has changed stunningly since you last saw them.

Start reading a mesmerizing manga about a young man’s moving journey as he tries to reignite the flame of friendship with a friend who has changed in many ways.

25. Mei no Naisho

Mei no Naisho Gender Bender Manga

This gender bender manga revolves around the life of the title character Mei Haruna, an effeminate young boy who was raised by his witch mother as a girl, and always thought of himself as female.

His mother was the only family he had, so after she died, he transfers to an all-girls high school and comes to reside in the school’s dormitory with his talking familiar cat Abel, and his roommate Fuuka Honjou, who is also a member of the public morals committee.

Shortly after arriving at the school, his new friends discover after a magical display in the dormitory community bath that he is male, though this comes as quite a shock to him despite him being aware of the physical differences between him and normal girls.

Despite his being found out, and after some helpful intervention by the perverted student council president, the principal of the school decides that he can stay at the school.

The next day, Mei comes to school with Fuuka, apologizes for hiding the fact that he is a witch, and informs the others that he is male.

The other students quickly accept him as one of their own, and are impressed how he can use magic.

24. Kuragehime

Kuragehime 1 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

The story of this gender-bender manga centers around Tsukimi Kurashita, a huge fan of jellyfish (kurage, a wordplay on the “kura/mi” and “tsuki/ge” in her name), and a girl who moves to Tokyo to become an illustrator.

She moves into “Amamizukan,” an apartment complex that is full of fujoshi (diehard female otaku) with a no-men-allowed rule.

However, one day, Tsukimi invites a stylishly fashionable woman to stay in her room at Amamizukan—only to discover that the guest is not who “she” seems to be.

23. A Lazy Guy Woke Up as a Girl One Morning

image 64 8 edited 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

When Shuuichi Hayasaka’s neighbor, Masamune Yasuda, changes from a boy to a girl all of a sudden, their simple life takes an unexpected turn.

Hayasaka was nervous at first about sharing a room with a girl, but Yasuda is surprisingly calm and often finds comfort in sleep.

As word gets out about Yasuda’s gender change, people’s emotions range from shock and confusion to interest and attraction.

Still, Yasuda doesn’t seem to care, so Hayasaka has to figure out how to deal with the confusing new reality of them living together.

22. Ichinensei ni Nacchattara

image 65 9 edited 1 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

Takatou Iori, a junior in high school, starts on the gender-bender manga journey to tell his classmate Kusanagi Mikuru how he feels about her. He has a heartfelt love letter in his hand.

But his carefully thought-out plans change unexpectedly when he meets a sweet first-year elementary school girl and ends up colliding with an approaching truck and dying to protect her.

When Iori wakes up from the accident, he is shocked to find that a horny doctor has brought him back to life as a real first-year elementary school girl.

21. Shinobi yoru Koi wa Kusemono

Shinobi yoru Koi wa Kusemono 1 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

This gender-bender manga is about the Toujo family who wants to overthrow the Toyoda family at all costs.

The current successor, Keigo Toujo has a very skilled aid by his side – Kanade Kamazaki.

A shinobi who joins the same all-boys high school that Keigo attends.

But Kanade is a girl! What will happen when the meek Toyoda successor Eishi Toyoda falls in love with her..?

20. Usotsuki Lily

Usotsuki Lily

This gender-bender manga is about Hinata Saotome who is suddenly asked out by En Shinohara, a gorgeous boy in her grade.

What she doesn’t know though, is that his hobby is cross-dressing! En has always hated men, and whenever he sees his reflection.

He punches out whatever is doing the reflecting (windows, mirrors…). To combat this hatred, he dresses up as a girl. Hinata decides to go out with him anyway, despite his weird hobby.

19. Kanojo Ni Naru Hi

Kanojo Ni Naru Hi

This gender-bender manga story is about Miyoshi, who is always trying to beat his best friend from childhood, Mamiya, but always comes up short.

But things take a surprising turn when Mamiya gets very sick and has to stay in the hospital for weeks.

When Mamiya goes back to school, Miyoshi finds out something shocking: Mamiya has completely changed into a girl and has decided to live as one.

The sudden change in his friend’s gender shocks Miyoshi, and he is unsure of what to do.

In the middle of all this chaos, an interesting part of romance comes out and catches Miyoshi’s attention, even though he has trouble understanding why.

18. My Boyfriend is a Vampire

My Boyfriend is a Vampire 1 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

“When his sharp fangs touched the nape of my neck, I felt shocking senses arouse inside of me.”

The destined meeting between Yoo Da-in, a guy often mistaken as a girl because of his beauty, and Seo Kang-hoo, a handsome hunk that even guys would fall for.

Yoo Da-in is b.i.t.t.e.n. by Seo Kang-hoo, causing his heart to stop.

“I died… but how did I become a girl?!”

17. She Professed Herself Pupil of the Wise Man 

image 65 14 edited 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

This gender-bender manga is about Kagami, who was one of the Nine Sages, a group of the most powerful sorcerers in the VR world, who spent a lot of time playing games late at night.

But fate had other ideas. He fell asleep because he was too tired to keep going. When he woke up, he found that he had changed into a young girl.

This unexpected problem was a very big problem for Kagami’s reputation as a sage. If people found out who he was, it could ruin his image for good.

So, Kagami had to find a good reason for this sudden change right away if he wanted people to still think he was a great musician.

16. Shounen Oujo

Shounen Oujo 1 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

This gender-bender manga starts in the former kingdom of Morrigan, countless lives were lost due to war and rebellion alike.

When women usurped all positions of power, new laws dictated that only they could earn income and receive inheritances, while men lost the majority of their rights and were reduced to mere objects of scorn.

Morrigan became a queendom wrapped in an illusory peace. Outside of the royal court, especially, the people continued to suffer; however, now the men were subjected to the worst of the pain and humiliation.

Albert is a young orphan living near Morrigan’s harbor. One day, despite warnings from his guardian Martha, he and his friend Theodore head toward the town’s center to observe preparations for the Queen’s birthday festival.

Unsurprisingly, as they are boys unaccompanied by an adult, they are captured by slave traders and immediately readied to be sold.

An elegantly dressed man offers an exorbitant price to purchase them both—though he displays a preference for Albert.

Introducing himself as Guy Schwarzwald, the man transports Albert and Theodore to a palace where they are to meet their new master.

Albert is unsure what surprises him more—that he is now the property of Princess Alexia Lumiere, heir apparent to the throne, or that somehow she looks exactly like him!

15. AKB49 – Renai Kinshi Jourei

AKB49 Renai Kinshi Jourei 1 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

This gender-bender manga is about people everywhere who admire the popular idol group AKB48, and Hiroko Yoshinaga is no different.

She dreams of becoming a member of AKB48, but stage fright gets in the way of every audition. Having failed so many times, Yoshinaga decides to try out one last time before giving up for good.

Though uninterested in idols, Minoru Urayama wants to help Yoshinaga realize her dream.

Disguising himself as a girl named “Urakawa Minori,” he participates in the audition for AKB48 as well, hoping to assist Yoshinaga through the tryouts.

However, things go better than expected when both Yoshinaga and “Minori” are recruited!

As he enters the world of pop music, Minoru must continue to hide his secret all while supporting Yoshinaga’s dreams and finding one of his own.

14. Boy of the Female Wolf

Boy of the Female Wolf 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

This gender-bender manga is about Eun-soo Cha has hated her mother ever since she was abandoned by her. She developed into a wild child who enjoyed fighting thanks to her grandma’s raising.

She has even disguised herself so well as a guy that people won’t believe her even if she says she’s a girl.

She can fight well and is even referred to as hot by girls. One day, however, her grandma’s already bad health worsens, and she promises not to fight anymore.

When Eun-soo’s grandma dies soon after, she decides to leave Dae-Jeon (where she lives) and goes to Seoul to live with her mother, despite still hating her, because she has nowhere else to go.

There, she runs into one of the best fighters, at her new school, and immediately gets on his bad side.

What will happen?

Will she break her promise to her grandma? Will love bloom?

13. Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou

Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

This gender-bender manga is about Izumo Kunisaki, a descendant of Izumo no Okuni, who is often mistaken as a girl. It is the bane of his existence. His father and best friend (i.e. the girl he likes) often laugh about it.

To top it off, he plays the girl roles in his family’s Kabuki troupe. In this short, he discovers that that curse is also his greatest source of strength and will prove just how much of a man he is.

12. Hana No Kishi

Hana No Kishi 1 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

This gender-bender manga starts the day Ran Kurono’s older brother was killed while protecting Sei Ohtori, she has dedicated her skills and life to one day becoming the First Knight of the next head of the Ohtori family, even concealing the fact that she’s a woman forever.

For generations, the Kurono family has served the Ohtori family as their First Knight, but 11 other lower knights with ill intentions of using the Ohtori family’s authority vie for that title.

Not only that but Sei is being tested for being suitable for the title of head of the family. The days of Ran and Sei’s trials begin when they enroll at Saint Locks Academy, with Ibara Tennou, Sei’s messy and uncultured fiance, assisting them throughout.

11. Boku wa Mari no Naka

Boku wa Mari no Naka

This gender-bender manga starts when Isao Komori moves from the Gunma countryside to the bustling city of Tokyo for college, he believes this to be an opportunity to start his life anew.

Yet as months pass, Isao comes to realize that he hasn’t made a single friend. Despite the time spent as a serious student, Isao drops out during his sophomore year to become a shut-in, killing time playing video games.

Isao’s only saving grace is going to his local convenience store every day to see “The Angel of the Convenience Store,” a high school girl named Mari Yoshizaki.

Though Isao is content watching her from afar without confronting her, one day she turns to meet his eyes.

Without being able to remember a thing, Isao awakens in the body of Mari. Unsure of how he found himself inside Mari, or where the young lady he now possesses is, Isao chooses to continue Mari’s life in her place.

10. Houou Gakuen Misoragumi

Houou Gakuen Misoragumi 2 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

This gender-bender manga is about Houou High which is a famous and incredibly prestigious all-boys school.

It’s also the stomping grounds for the sons of the most well-renowned families from all walks of life, which gives rise to rumors that it holds a monopoly on money and power.

Our protagonist, Kei Saeba, ends up enrolling in this veritable garden of blooming amateurs due to her mother’s guile. Now she must pretend she’s a boy for three years or she “will be erased”!

9. Prunus Girl

Prunus Girl 1 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

This gender-bender manga is about Makito Maki who meets the adorable Kizuna Aikawa under the falling cherry blossoms on the day high school entrance exam results are posted.

It seems destined that the two will end up together. However, Maki’s dreams of getting a cute girlfriend are crushed when on the first day of school, Kizuna reveals she is a male.

After the shocking revelation, Maki tries to move on from Kizuna, but fate has other plans in store, as the two start running into each other every day.

Though Aikawa is willing to extend a friendly hand, Maki still has a hard time getting over that Aikawa is a boy.

Nonetheless, as Aikawa drags Maki along on various adventures, he sees that Aikawa is truly a kind person and learns that people should not be defined by their appearance or gender.

8. Hatsukoi Zombie

Hatsukoi Zombie 1 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

Love isn’t easy nowadays and it’s no different for Tarou Kurume, she does not want to be. The fact that he doesn’t want an affair allows him to focus on his lifestyle and rules, however, one day, everything changes. 

A ball strikes him in the head, knocking him unconscious when he can regain consciousness, he’s met by a girl floating before him. 

Tarou is in complete confusion about what transpired and is completely clueless about who this mysterious woman is.

If you’re thinking, “Oh, it doesn’t sound like an obscene gender play, once you know the person this “girl” truly is then everything will begin to become clearer. 

Eve is a witch, who is a girl, yet appears as an innocent boy who plays with Tarou however she likes. 

However, Tarou isn’t having her, and whenever someone tries to send affection at him he sends them out, trying to concentrate on what’s at hand. 

This is the reason he creates the laughter that comes from the infidelity that happens between the characters. the constant matchmaking makes one think about the reason why Tarou does not give in to Eve.

7. Love In The Mask Manhwa

Love In The Mask Manhwa 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

This gender-bender manga is about Hyun-Bin who has been surviving on the streets by hiding the fact that she’s a girl.

In a tragic turn of events, her beloved little brother dies and Hyun-Bin runs away from the begging, from the gangs – straight into the clutches of a rich family.

Her life might have become better but it’s far from rosy: she has to undergo strict training every day and guard the family’s youngest member, innocent and princess-like Yae-Ha.

There are only two rules, Hyun-Bin has to protect Yae-Ha with her life and no one must ever find out that she’s a girl.

It’s a lonely and cold way of life but a fateful encounter with the delinquent Yun-Ha becomes a catalyst for changes to come, where loyalty and a sense of duty clash with feelings of love…

6. 1/2 Prince

1 2 Prince 1 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

This gender-bender manga starts when Feng Lan’s brother encourages her to play the virtual reality game Second Life, he tells her that as a girl, she’d be doted upon.

To prove that she could be a better player than him even without a handicap, she was granted her special request for a male avatar.

Her adventures in this online RPG begin, as she discovers both the game and what it’s like to be thought of as a boy.

5. Fukigen Cinderella

Fukigen Cinderella 1 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

This gender-bender manga is about Haruhiko Kanna who is just an ordinary man with an ordinary life.

One day he meets 3 witches in a small room in the old clock tower, and that’s when his ordinary life becomes not so ordinary at all.

With the curse or gift, he was granted that he’ll change to a girl once the clock strikes Noon and will return to his male self at Midnight.

He then asks himself, “What on earth will happen if this goes on? Can I survive like this? Most of all will I turn back to normal again?!”

4. Kampfer

image 65 15 1 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

This gender-bender manga is about Natsuru Senou, a high school student, who goes on an exciting adventure as a “Kampfer.”

A “Kampfer” is a strong fighter who must change into a woman to fight fiercely against other Kampfers.

This fascinating manga draws in fans of gender-bending with relatable characters, heart-pounding action, and a never-before-seen idea that promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

3. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

This gender-bender manga is about a junior at Suzaku High, Ryuu Yamada is infamous for being a hardliner and a delinquent.

One day, after being reprimanded for his poor performance and attitude toward school, he spots Urara Shiraishi, the grade’s top student.

As Shiraishi is walking up the stairs, Yamada attempts to provoke her, only to trip and fall, taking her down with him.

Eventually, he wakes up in the infirmary. To his surprise, he discovers that he is not in his own body.

It turns out that he swapped bodies with Shiraishi, and upon confronting her, he finds out that the catalyst for the swap was an accidental kiss during the fall.

With the knowledge of this new ability, Yamada’s eventful high school life has just begun!

2. Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

This gender-bender manga starts in China, there lies a famous training spring, a place where martial artists can hone their skills to great levels. Unfortunately, the springs are also cursed!

Teenage martial artist Ranma falls into the “spring of drowned girl” and now changes into a woman every time he’s splashed with cold water.

That doesn’t stop his father from engaging him with Akane, the daughter of an old friend and a tough girl who has better things to do than worry about boys.

But Akane isn’t the only girl who has a chance for Ranma’s affection—two other girls have also been betrothed to him.

But Ranma has better things to do than worry about his love life—such as making a plethora of crazy rivals and even more suitors!

1. Boku Girl

Boku Girl 1 27 Best Gender Bender Manga of All Time

This gender-bender manga is about Suzushiro Mizuki who is a 1st-year high school student who has difficulty constantly being mistaken for a girl.

It’s so bad that he’s endlessly rebuffing the confessions of many men.

Even the girl he has a crush on seems to think of him more as one of the girls rather than as a potential love interest.

Meanwhile, the trickster god Loki has grown bored with playing her tricks on her fellow gods.

Turning her attention to the mortal world, she targets Mizuki for her next round of fun.

The result: Mizuki wakes up with budding breasts and a missing part of his anatomy.

What else is in store for Mizuki and how will he deal with it?

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