15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

Manga is often inspired by zombies, legendary undead creatures and many people love the zombie genre, including me.

So, are you a zombie manga addict like me?

Do you enjoy watching characters survive the apocalypse surrounded by terrifying zombies?

If so, then you have come to the right place.

We’ll be discussing some great zombie series recommendations based on my experience in the genre.

Let’s dive into the article.

Updated June 2, 2024, by Shagun Singh: The horror genre has been frequently relying on the zombie trope for quite some time, but these undead villains continue to maintain their relevance. Many Western audiences are already familiar with TV shows featuring zombies, but there is also a wide selection of zombie manga to explore. These manga can be just as captivating and intriguing as their television counterparts. We have added some additional information to this list to make it more relevant.

Here Are Some Of The Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

15. Zombie Cherry Turns A Zombie Transformation Into A Romantic Comedy Of Errors

Zombie Cherry Shouko Konami 15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

A girl is nervous and worried that she will be sick on her first date.

She takes large amounts of medication to heal her cells.

The drug is not recommended for use in this manner.

Zombie Cherry is a wonderful series, heightened with a healthy dose of comedy.

Although the series is too brief and rushed to make a lasting impression it’s still a fun read.

This series is short and sweet, with enough quirks that it can sneak onto our list.

14. Magical Girl Apocalypse

Magical Girl Apocalypse Turns Cute Stereotypes Into A Deadly Outbreak 15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

Manga and anime often deal with well-defined tropes.

It is an excellent example of how to subvert these archetypes in bold ways.

These magical abilities can not only lead to mass death but also the undead resurrection of these innocent people into magical girl zombies.

This series is a lot of fun.

It’s amazing how it manages to juxtapose these extremes.

13. Reiko The Zombie Shop Takes On Slasher Tropes

Reiko The Zombie Shop Rei Mikamoto 15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

A serial killer is on the loose in Shiraike, a sleepy town.

The townsfolk hire Reiko, the title of the titular Reiko, to raise the dead and uncover the truth about what’s happening.

Reiko, the Zombie Shop pays homage to the slasher style with a focus upon a murderer and his bloody revenge.

The series also features a strong visual presence thanks to Rei Mikimoto, a mangaka.

Overall, it is one of the most unique entries on this list.

12. Zombie Land Saga

Zombie Land Saga Revenge Episode 2 date and time 1 15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

Sakura Minamoto dreams of being an idol but is crushed by a truck.

She wakes up in Saga Prefecture ten years later to discover that she is a zombie.

In short…

Koutarou Tatsumi resurrected her with the other six girls to create an idol group called “Idol Group” Franchouchou.

This is a funny take on idol music that you will love.

Zombieland Saga is a masterpiece of writing.

You never know what the next chapter will bring.

You will fall in love with the characters.

It’s more like a parody-type manga that stirs emotions and can make you smile, laugh, or cry.

If you are a fan of the zombie genre, this is a great zombie manga.

11. Eschaton Game

Dead Days 15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

This manga’s MC is sick.

He learned that he has cancer and lost all hope.

Surprised, a zombie epidemic took place and made matters worse.

Their family is struggling to make ends meet, and their life was a misery.

But when he contracted the virus, it was a miracle. How will it help him?

Eschaton Game may not be for everyone.

Instead of focusing on the action, the focus is given to the character’s emotions.

However, it is lacking entertainment that will satisfy readers. This zombie manga is still enjoyable.

11. Resident Evil: Marhawa Desire Does Justice To The Classic Video Game

resident evil marhawa desire 15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

Resident Evil is the most beloved horror series in video game history.

The Capcom-owned title has been translated into many other media, both west and east.

The manga treatment has been applied to the franchise a few times.

Viz Media’s tie-in release stands out among the rest.

It offers a compelling narrative in canon and takes place right before Resident Evil 6.

Although it may not be the best manga, this series is still a treat for fans who love the R.E. franchise.

This is evident in the high rating.

10. Dead Days

Dead Days 1 15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

Jingook Yeo is trapped in his house during the zombie apocalypse with her mother who has also turned into a vampire.

He has no hope and can’t kill her because he loves her so deeply (who wouldn’t?) You can.

He finds some hope when a girl in the other apartment offers him water and food through arrows.

He soon tries to escape with the girl.

Dead Days is a masterpiece in terms of artwork.

Although the story is not very interesting and the characters may not be very likeable, it does have realistic art.

This manhwa also realistically shows the apocalypse.

If you enjoy seeing people survive in a zombie apocalypse then you will love it.

10. Corpse Princess Turns Zombie Slaying Into A Mission For Holy Redemption

Corpse Princess Fight 15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

Corpse Princess is an eclectic mix of sensibilities.

It shares many similarities with the High Rise Invasion, with its clear objective-based narrative.

A group of high school students innocently venture into a haunted building and are quickly greeted by hordes of zombies.

Shikabane Hime is a brave warrior girl, who claims to be immortal.

She was given the task of removing 108 corpses.

Shikabane will be able to go into heaven if she completes this mission.

This manga is fascinating and makes zombies an important story element.

9. Sankarea: Undying Love

sankarea 06 large 09 1 15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

Chihiro loves horror movies and has a large collection.

He dreams of seeing them together, a hot zombie chick.

He performs a resurrection to bring his cat back after his pet cat passes away.

He meets Rea, a beautiful girl with problems in her life.

She somehow gets zombified after the ceremony.

Was his dream fulfilled?

Sankarea is a strange zombie romance rom-com as it features a romance between two zombies.

There are some great ecchi scenes and humour.

This isn’t your usual zombie manga with an apocalypse.

But if you’re looking to find something unusual or strange in this genre, it should work.

8. Zombie-Loan Turns An Inevitable Zombie Pandemic Into A Mystery

Zombie Loan Battle Ready 15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

Zombie-Loan is an entirely different kind of zombie story.

It functions more as a hard-boiled thriller and mystery that applies an investigative approach to a growing epidemic before it gets out of control.

Michiru digs deeper to discover more about this connection.

It looks like a growing zombie threat in its early stages before panic sets in.

7. High School of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead Anime Watch Order Guide girls 15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

High School of the Dead proved to be a cult hit on release, with many westerns checking it out for its unrelenting action and animated characters.

Although not as well-known, the manga was a great addition to the story and added style to the manga that many felt was lacking in the anime series.

The story of a group of students who must survive the zombie apocalypse that engulfs their school is a favourite.

YenPress also published the series in both omnibus and full-colour hardcover editions, making it a unique presentation for collectors.

6. Fort of Apocalypse

Fort of apocalypse Yuu Kuraishi Kazu Inabe 15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

Maeda was falsely accused and sent to prison.

He meets a group of delinquents and is later made friends with them.

One day, an infected van crashes into the prison and causes a bloodbath.

Maeda and his cellmates must survive in an environment that is more dangerous than the outside.

Fort of Apocalypse is a great take on the zombie genre.

It features amazing characters and good development.

If you haven’t yet read this zombie manga, start reading it.

5. Mortals of the Doom

Mortals of the Doom 1 15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

Zuo Tianchen, after living in a zombie-mutated world for many years, was the only survivor.

He survived, but he died just as he was about to die.

He knows now that a zombie epidemic will soon occur, and with this knowledge, he’ll do whatever it takes to survive and protect those who have sacrificed their lives in the past.

At first, it wasn’t my favourite manhwa.

It was fine for the first fifty chapters.

It was a great experience that I enjoyed.

The idea of cultivating a zombie world sparks your curiosity.

4. I am Hero

I am a hero Kengo Hanazawa 15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

This is not only one of the most popular horror mangas in the zombie genre but also among the top.

This story about a lost soul who becomes a hero is great for the zombie genre.

The series’ strong visual approach and surreal touches make it an engaging and memorable experience.

The standout horror series is now available in Omnibus format from Dark Horse Manga.

3. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress 1 15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

The industrial revolution changed the world and made it possible to find undead everywhere.

People began to live in fortifications and stations of communication.

Only Hayajiros can travel among the stations, and they always have to face the undead.

Ikoma young worker who lost his sister due to the zombies discovers a new way to defeat them.

Kabaneri from the Iron Fortress is so underrated.

It is very similar to Attack on Titan but it really drives the concept.

This manga is a great choice for those who want to enjoy action scenes and complex plots.

2. School-Live!

School Live 15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

School-Live! has been a success story.

Cute girls doing cute things while trying to survive the zombie plague. 

This series is well-rounded and entertaining, despite the cute veneer.

School-Live! is certainly deserved of landing the number two spot on this list.

1. Housekeeper

Housekeeper 15 Best Zombie Manga And Manhwa

The story takes place shortly after artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes a normal thing for humans.

A.I. begins to disintegrate when there is a zombie outbreak.

They don’t recognize humans as creatures.

Housekeeper Hasty somehow becomes attached to the last words of her master and decides to find a solution no matter what.

Even if that means fighting against the entire world trying to eradicate them.

This is one of my favourite zombie manhwas.

It has a solid plot. Many of these mangas aren’t perfect and sometimes mess up the story halfway through.

This one will entertain you until the end, so don’t worry. It is a great movie.

Final Words

This list is perfect for zombie lovers like me.

This list has everything you need to enjoy different stories, from humour to thrill. What do you think of our list?

Which zombie manga or anime is your favorite?

Please comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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