10 Best Japanese Visual Novels of All Time

Let me first introduce you to the concept of Visual Novels. For those who have no idea on the matter, Japanese Visual Novels are computer software, like games, it is basically an interactive game with a text-based story, it has a narrative and to go along with the text it has images describing the scenes.

Japanese Visual Novels or VNs are of many types, like action, romance, comedic, and even hentai.

To all the female weebs, you must have heard of Otome games, well, those are actually a type of VNs.

I think that’s enough information for you to completely understand this article.

So, we are gonna explore the Best Japanese VNs from all the genres and categories.

Let us get right to it then so that you can read and then enjoy playing these games too!

Updated June 4, 2024, by Shagun Singh: Given the ever-expanding collection of visual novels, it can be challenging to determine which Japanese visual novels are essential for both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts. For players who are already familiar with VNs, it can be challenging to find the next storytelling masterpiece from a vast selection of titles in the genre on a digital storefront. There has been a significant improvement in the market for classic Japanese visual novels in recent years, with many of them receiving English translations or definitive releases.

Here Are Some Of The Best Japanese Visual Novels

10. Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

Starting off our list with a complicated thriller game with an amazing storyline, Zero Escape: The Nonary Games features nine people that are kidnapped and now have to participate in the Nonary Game.

The mastermind behind this plan, Zero forces the nine people to take part in this diabolical game of wits and cunning.

They have to survive the game in order to escape but they have no knowledge of their surroundings, their friends, who can they trust? Where are they? There are several questions to answer.

The game has an enthralling experience and of course as per all VNs, it has multiple routes you can take based on the choices you make.

Though originally it was released for PlayStation Vita, you can find this game on Steam.

9. Period Cube: Shackles of Amadeus

Period Cube: Shackles of Amadeus

Next up on number nine we have Period Cube. It is an otome game developed and published by one of the best otome game developers in the business, Otomate.

The very first otome game on my list but definitely not the last, because otome games are kinda the most popular visual novels.

The main character of Period Cubes, you have a missing brother which you are trying to find.

To obtain clues about the same you and your friend, Hiroya enter an RPG called, “Arcadia”.

Following a series of unfortunate events you become trapped in the game and now your only way out is to clear the game.

This visual novel is fun to play, though targeted for women, it is still a good experience for all alike.

8. Clannad


We all know the anime and we know how beautiful the story is. Clannad is actually a really popular anime that was released in 2007 but guess what this visual novel came back in 2004 even before the anime.

The story of the novel takes place in Hikarizaka High School where the protagonist, Tomoya Okazaki studies.

Due to the untimely death of his mother, Tomoya lives a life of despair and sadness.

He is forced to put up with the abuses of his alcoholic father.

In all this, he tries to find some meaning in his life, some motivation to keep on living.

After meeting Nagisa, just another delinquent like himself he befriends her and joins the school’s drama club with her.

I’m telling you this anime and the game as well both are mind blowing. You can buy this game on Steam too.

7. Grisaia no Kudamono

Grisaia no Kedamono visual novel

This 2011 Visual Novel is one of the firsts by Front Wing with amazing character designs by doujin artist, Akio Watanabe, and a seasoned Visual Novel Illustrator Fumio.

The plot involves Yuji Kazami a transfer student at Mihama Academy soon realizing that the school only has five other students and all of them are girls. The school doesn’t even seem like a school, it is a prison!

All of the girls at the academy have their intricate backstories explaining why they are at the academy and their situation. Yuji learns about this and eventually gets involved with them and learns about their situations.

The game does contain adult material which is not suitable for kids under the age of 18 and at work. This game is easily downloadable for a PC on Steam.

6. Root Letter

Root Letter

Root Letter is an amazing thriller visual novel. It is a murder mystery that the main character of the game is trying to investigate using the old letters of your pen pal.

The story begins with you receiving a letter that is dated fifteen years old and after reading it you realize that your friend was involved in a murder just before she disappeared into thin air.

Now you, the main character has to find out what happened and uncover the mystery behind the murder and all you have is the letters of your old penpal.

This is also available on Steam, go check it out. If you love reading murder mysteries you will definitely love enjoying this game.

5. Song of Saya

Song of Saya

Saya no Uta, released by Nitroplus is a visual novel with some erotic content in it which was later translated into English and produced into what we now call, “Song of Saya” which was produced by JAST USA.

This visual novel is fairly new when compared to others on this list. The plot of the game begins with the main character (mc) getting in a car accident. He loses both his parents in the accident and goes into a coma.

After waking up at the hospital he realizes that his senses have been impaired and he sees the world around him as gore with normal people being hideous monsters.

In the middle of this, all he meets Saya, which he sees as a beautiful girl but she actually is a terrible alien monster.

The plot is very unique with some good twists and as I mentioned this VN also has some erotic content. It is easily available on Steam, Go check it out!

4. Fate/Stay Night Game

Fate/Stay Night Game

Coming in at number four we have Fate/Stay one of the most popular anime/manga franchises out there. It has anime, movies, games so basically all major forms of entertainment.

I discovered Fate/Stay through their anime but I did not actually know that the manga was actually made into a visual novel before being an anime!

The plot of the visual novel is the same as the anime with Shirou Emiya as the main character and the events that took place in the Fifth Holy Grail War.

The visual novel is rated adult, maybe for the gore but I’m not sure if it has erotic content or not.

The problem here is that it is quite impossible to find a PC version for Fate/Stay. A Vita version is quite easily accessible but you can always check r/visualnovels to get an idea about this!

3. Rewrite


A great visual novel by one of the most popular developers, Key, also the masterminds behind Clannad. Rewrite is a romance visual novel with an intricate storyline.

The player assumes the role of Kotarou Tennouji, our main character, a high school student.

He keeps a keen interest in supernatural activities and investigates them with five girls at his school.

The plot has several predetermined branches that get activated based on the decisions and choices the main character makes.

The game animation is quite great. Though players complained a lot about extensive dialogue, it’s a visual novel, how else can it communicate except extensive writing!

2. Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate

Another one of those late realizations for me when the game actually came out before the anime!

I think most of you will know Steins; Gate for the amazing sci-fi thriller it is but there’s so much more for you in store if you didn’t know this game existed.

The plot of the VN is similar to the anime, it begins with the cast of characters discovering that they found a way to change the past!

The game has many endings based upon the actions you take as a player which adds spice to the plot and the gameplay experience.

What more can I even say about this masterpiece? If you agree that the anime is great, just imagine you being able to see what all plots the anime could’ve taken, to me that’s just mindblowing!

1. Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth

Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth

At the top of our list is a visual novel from one of the most popular categories of the VN industry and from one of the best developers in the genre.

Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth is an Otome game from Otamate released in 2014, fairly new compared to some of the VNs on this list.

The plot revolves around Cardia Beckford, termed as a “monster” by those around her. Cardia lives far away from the civilized area of the towns because of her condition, her body carries poison that melts and rots anything that touches her.

The game also has a great set of characters, one of the main male characters is Arsene Lupin, who is a thief and believes that there is nothing that cannot be stolen, obviously a character inspired by Lupin, the French thief.

The story is very heartwarming and emotional! It is worthy of being the number one on our list!

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