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Demon anime girls, Vampire, Succubus. Anime girls embedded with satanic demon powers and spirits.

Today, we are create a list of these devilish characters some of them have split personalities or genetic supernatural powers some of them are crazy and some of them are evil we have it all here in one place.

22 Evil Demon Anime Girls

Lets begin the list of these 22 evil demon anime girls

22. Mina ‘Pinky’ Ashido From My Hero Academia

Mina is a girl of medium height, possibly set a little more broadly than some of her other female classmates, with healthy thighs.

Due to her Quirk, her skin is a light shade of pink, and she has rather square eyes, with black sclera and light yellow irises, and notably long eyelashes below and around the sides.

Mina ‘Pinky’ Ashido From My Hero Academia

Mina is a cheerful, easygoing girl who displays a wide smile on her face most of the time. Highly social and excitable, she loves to hang out with her friends and is shown to become very upset when denied an opportunity to be at a gathering. She possesses a strong fashion sense and likes to go shopping.

21. Nelliel Tu Oderschvank From Bleach

Nelliel is a female Arrancar who has hazel eyes and green hair. Her true form is that of a fully-grown curvaceous and well-endowed adult with long waving green hair.

Notably, she has a scar and the crimson line that runs across her face, and pronounced lower canine teeth. Her gown is now torn into a skirt and a top, connected with a single strip across her abdomen.

Nelliel Tu Oderschvank From Bleach

Her skull mask also differs slightly; its features appearing sharper and less cartoonish with a pair of curved horns, but still missing some of its teeth.

20. Rena Ryuuguu From Higurashi: When They Cry

Rena has short brunt orange hair in an angled cut with long sides and her fringe parts on the left of her forehead. Her eyes are lavender blue and droop at the ends.

On her school days, Rena wears a fairly typical sailor fuku, complete with a yellow ribbon, and white socks with dark brown shoes.

Rena Ryuuguu From Higurashi: When They Cry

On her free days, she wears a white dress with a purple bow and sash and deep silt up the middle, complete with “her favorite” white cap. She also wears black thigh-high socks with brown knee-high boots.

19. Scanty Demon From Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Scanty physically is about 18 years old (though in reality she is about 1800 years old), which can be deduced from the fact that she is in the same age as Panty, and she still can attend high school, in this case, most likely on the third year.

She has pale green spiky hair that’s usually long and red skin, as she is a demon. She has yellow (outer ring) and green-yellow (inner ring) eyes. She also has fangs.

Scanty Demon From Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Scanty is obsessed with rules, regulations, and conformity, as opposed to Panty and Stocking’s more erratic and unruly behavior. She is, however, quite excitable, and becomes extremely frustrated when things don’t go her way.

Her excitability is shown during situations that often unintentionally leads to her and Kneesocks’ downfall. 

18. Q From C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Like Msyu, Q looks like an imp-like creature, with fairly white skin and brown eyes. Her hair is mostly light teal. She wears a light purple-colored one-piece skirt.

She is very similar in appearance to Msyu, for they both have horns which sprout from their heads. Above her ears, Q has light purple fur and green antlers.

Q From C The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

She is quiet in nature, and also very shy. She, like Msyu, appears to act a bit more human-like compared to other Assets, though not to same extent as Msyu.

17. Rias Gremory From Highschool DxD

Rias is a beautiful young woman with white skin, blue eyes (blue-green in the anime, season 1-3) inherited from her father, Zeoticus, and a buxom figure.

Her body measurements are [B99-W58-H90 cm] [B39-W23-H35 in]. Her body weight is [58 kg] [128 lbs].

Rias Gremory From Highschool DxD

Rias is a very kind and compassionate, optimist, especially to her servants and people close to her. She gets angry and violent whenever people insult her or her peerage, showing a fiery side to her. 

16. Clare From Claymore

Her hair is cut in a pageboy and is now light blond. As a trainee, she wears it in the same style as when she was a child. When ambushed by a Yoma during her final test, she cuts off 2/3 of her hair to hang out a window as a decoy, (Extra Scene 4).

It has remained short ever since. Her eyes are silver and her body scars are gone, except for the stigmata on the front of her torso. Her body appears wispy, disguising her supernatural strength.

Clare From Claymore

She is considered to be quite attractive, as commented by both Sid and a knight passing by her at an inn in Rabona.

15. Lucy From Elfen Lied

Kaede has Dissociative Identity Disorder, having at least three personalities called alters. This disorder began in her childhood. Kaede/Lucy, Nyu, and the DNA voice are her three main alters.

Her original personality (Kaede) was that of a depressed, distrustful, withdrawn and frustrated kid. She was discriminated against by others, because of her horns.

Lucy From Elfen Lied

Thinking that she was abandoned by her parents, she was also ostracized by the staff of the orphanage, bullied and treated contemptuously by other children, all this because of her horns.

14. Seras From Hellsing

Seras is initially an attractive young woman with blonde hair cut into a flare cut and blue eyes.

She had a fairly broad-shouldered torso, yet maintained a very voluptuous and buxom figure, which was further accentuated by the fact that she is considerably shorter than virtually all of her allies.

Seras is a strong-willed woman and apparently had always been since childhood which is confirmed through her flashbacks.

Seras From Hellsing

Seras is often considered a tomboy; a very brave, strong, and heroic young woman who while exhibiting a wild temperament, is not afraid to question the orders of her master if they cross with her personal beliefs. 

13. Ebisu From Dorohedoro

Ebisu is a short, skinny, and slightly androgynous girl with short purple hair. She usually wears a black turtleneck, purple leggings with arrow/chevron-like metal plates, black combat boots.

She sports a Grim Reaper/Death motif with two small scythes hanging on her shoulders, probably being held by her small little knapsack on her back and a skeleton mask with horns sticking out of both sides of her head.

Ebisu From Dorohedoro

Before Ebisu lost her memory, she used to be a rather bright child who would not speak too often unless she had something good to say. Her parents thought of her as a normal, cute girl and continuously reminded her that they expected great things from her.

12. Miki Kuroda From Devilman: Crybaby

Miko was of average height for a teenager and had an attractive figure, including D-cup sized breasts. She had long auburn hair that she usually kept loose and occasionally had tied in a ponytail.

After her transformation into a Devilman, Miko gains a sturdier, curvier figure, with enormous breasts and buttocks.

Miki Kuroda From Devilman: Crybaby

Before becoming a Devilman, Miko was third in the Track and Field Club, and everyday after school or on weekends, she would practice her running everyday.

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