15 Brutal Gore Anime of All Time

Hello guys I was wondering what content I will create this time so the genre list I made for you was not funny but haunted on the other hand.

I am sure it will surely keep you engage without any doubt because with the complex action scene and vigorous attack involve in the anime make my heart busted so do yours. Luckily, horror is an area where the medium excels beautifully.

It’s important to note that these anime are not for weak hearted people. The anime contains graphic and violent content that may disturb viewers new to the horror anime scene.

So, here I prepared a brutal gore anime list that will haunt you like hell. Check out some of the goriest, bloodiest, and most violent anime around.

15. Tokyo Ghoul – Ken Kaneki’s Torture

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul, in other words, a city of criminals, and it is very dangerous too but this is not only the single problem you’ve also got to steer clear of the flesh-eating ghouls that roam the streets at night. As they hide in plain sight among their human brethren in the day, ghouls prowl for sustenance when darkness falls.

Ken Kaneki finds himself the victim of a wayward ghoul searching for a midnight snack and subsequently becomes the world’s first half-ghoul, half-human hybrid.

Unfortunately, living among both worlds has some disturbing consequences—including giving up everything he ever appreciated about being human in the first place. 

14. Higurashi: When They Cry – Rika’s Suicide


The story of this series is spooky and gives me chill when I think about it, a story about a small village named Hinamizawa. Keiichi Maebara moved to Hinamizawa for about a month before realizing the true terrors of the town.

She has a friendly nature that makes it easy to make new friends, after sometime Keiichi discovers from a wandering photographer the horrors of the murders and disappearances that have been going on.

13. Future Diary – Murder Fest in Tsubaki’s Temple

Future Diary

Future dairy the title of the anime is cool to me but the series have drastic blood flow and violence too.

Things start pretty calmly as Yukiteru tries to talk his way out of a terrible fate for him and Yuno, but all hell breaks loose when the Twelfth diary holder uses hypnosis to cause all of Tsubaki’s followers to start attacking each other amidst a flurry of bombs and fire as the Twelfth tries to kill Tsubaki.

12. Another – On The Class Trip


This series is based on a supernatural thriller that was based on the story about the terrifying history of Yomiyama North Middle School’s class 3-3’s death of a girl named Misaki and a new transfer student named Kouichi Sakakibara who is the main character of the series was newly transferred to the Yomiyama School.

He after met a mysterious, outcasted girl named Mei Misaki that is neglected by all the students in the class, and after when he gets close to her, he gradually learns of the terrifying history of the school.

11. Gantz – The Buddhist Temple Mission


Gantz has an intriguing story with an equally fascinating, dark art style. Where in a train accident Kei and Masaru die and after that find themselves in a game played by another dead person.

It’s funny but hell gives me goosebumps. All sorts of characters gather together in creating a stimulating and captivating anime series.

This anime is certainly not for younger viewers or those who are not fond of ghosts and violence.

10. Blood C – The Elder Bairn

Blood C

Blood C centers on Saya Kisaragi, a normal clumsy girl. Like most girls her age, Saya attends school during the day and does her homework at night. 

With the genre of horror and action he is a swordswoman who sees the blade as a pure art form, with a divine sword given by her Priest Father, Saya promised to slay all the monsters that pose a threat to her small village.

9. Genocyber


Genocyber is famous for being one of the goriest and most controversial anime shows ever made, even though it is fairly old, made back in the ‘90s.

Although the story is horror and the name of both anime and the manga are the same but the two are relatively different stories but are just as insane as one another. Genocyber is an extremely violent anime.

8. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

This series is moreover an unimaginable thing and for your information, they do haunt you at some point however the story of Elfen Lied revolved around abuse, jealousy, revenge, and other ugly things that would drive anyone crazy whether if you are human or not.

And I know viewers should also expect a lot of nausea-inducing scenes from one of the bloodiest, and most violent anime so your expectation worth this anime, and also, they have an excellent plot for fans out without any disappointments. 

7. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate 1 15 Brutal Gore Anime of All Time

The series belongs to this list you know why because the story of Hellsing revolves around vampires, ghouls, and other supernatural beings.

In “Hellsing,” a secret branch of the British government called the Hellsing Organization was created to ensure the population’s protection over these supernatural beings.

And with Alucard character what you guys want he step out and went to deal with vampire although he is also a vampire and he is a very good killer and very well known with his super badass character and when it comes to killing, he never gives a second thought about that so in whole lot series blood flows like water. 

6. Shigurui


Herewith the realistic graphic thunder on the screen and far from any option many fans will love this series because of their brutality and violence that spread out from the box.

This story of the 17th century, revolving around a tournament in which fighters use traditional Japanese steel swords rather than wooden.

Where the character of the series has to fight by facing off each other because the region only praised having one best anime swordsman in the land.

5. Terraformars – The First Season


With an action-loaded scene, the series is about to save his dear friend who is in hospital and needs an urgent organ transplant and for that, he needs to win. Akari Hizamaru is set to fight in an underground cage match surrounded by wealthy viewers.

But after in fight the organization stop them and declared his friend dead Akari is not a normal human although so he was sent to Mars for a mission by the organization called the U-NASA to kill the monster.

4. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

I must say that this series got serious action and a haunted storyline that haunt me too sometimes. Like 100 years ago on the land of humans and before the start of the anime, humanity has been on the bridge of extinction due to the monstrous humanoid Titans that eating up all humans.

So, to protect themselves they all together created three attack on titan walls, Wall Maria, the middle wall was named Wall Rose, and the most outward wall was named Wall Sina.

However, in the series, they begin with the screwing up the outer wall by titans and escalate the ride for the watcher, and after watching that I’m pretty sure everyone got goosebumps.

3. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland

A young man named Ganta Igarashi a middle school student who received the red crystal embedded in his chest at the time of the massacre but because he was left alone so he was blamed for the murder of all his class fellow and sentence to life at a prison amusement park called Deadman Wonderland.

This series is one of the bloodiest and most violent anime. Where Ganta risks his life to find the sole reason he was framed to be put into this institution as a slave for entertainment.

2. Berserk


“Berserk” is an anime adapted from the manga series that follows much anime in his adventure of slaying gigantic monsters with a sword that is even bigger than himself.

Where the story revolves around the character Guts also know as “Black Swordsman”, a traveling warrior who joins a mercenary group called the Band of the Hawk. 

In his adventures, Guts encounters many situations where he has to save someone from corruption. When Guts is first introduced, he walks into a town’s tavern to find a bunch of bandits harassing an elf named Puck. He slaughters them all and protects Puck, who then accompanies Guts on his unknown journey.

1. Corpse Party

Corpse Party

“Corpse Party” is an anime adaptation of the 1996 horror, RPG video game. The story of Corpse Party: Tortured Souls follows a group of Kisaragi Academy high school students that gather in the classroom to recite ghost stories.

They then perform a ritual that leads them to fall into a different dimension into a haunted elementary school that was destroyed before the building of the high school which was the very same academy all the children and teachers were murdered years ago. 

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