11 Sims 4 Maid Uniform CC Mods

11 Sims 4 Maid Uniform CC & Mods

The Sims 4’s Most Beautiful Maid Uniform.

The maid uniforms have existed for quite some time.

They’ve been worn in a variety of ways by different cultures and ages, but they’re still one of the most iconic ensembles.

There aren’t many options in The Sims 4, which is why some have turned to CC.

Check out our top maid uniform modifications and vote for your favorite!

11. Classic 1930s Maid Uniform Set

Classic 1930s Maid Uniform Set SIMS 4

Let’s start with this vintage 1930s costume.

It’s the ideal length, with short sleeves and a sweet maid hat.

It also comes in a variety of colour options and may be worn with or without an apron, so you can pick your favorite!

This mod was discovered on happylifesims.tumblr.com, however, you can download it directly using this link.

10. 3 Historical English Maids Uniforms


While we’re on the subject of historical maid outfits, have a look at these.

These are a little more on the English side, being longer and closed up to the neck.

If you’re putting together an old-fashioned home, these uniforms would be ideal.

You may get them immediately by clicking here.

9. Sexy Amanda Maid Outfit

Sexy Amanda Maid Outfit SIMS 4

Let’s keep this current maid outfit going.

No more boring shirts and lengthy skirts — this is the ultimate sexy maid attire, and it’s yours!

Everything is short, small, and organized — and it comes in six colour options!

Don’t waste another minute without this CC, get it now from this website.

8. Unconventional Maid Outfit By Flovv

Unconventional Maid Outfit By Flovv

When we first saw this maid uniform, it made a lot of great effects on us due of its unique style.

Flovv has produced an absolutely stunning costume that we feel merits everyone’s attention.

More information about it may be found at The Sims Resource, as well as here is a link to download it.

7. Japanese Style Maid Short Skirt Version

Japanese Style Maid Short Skirt Version

Check out these Japanese maid clothes if you want to complete your look!

They will look incredibly great inside the game, whether in black and white or flowery and colourful versions.

Arikasa designed the entire CC, which you can grab here.

6. Traditional Japanese Style Maid Uniform


Elegant and dignified!

You won’t find a better Japanese maid attire if you ask us!

All three designs are fantastic, and we use them frequently in The Sims 4.

We can’t get enough of them because there’s something so charming about them.

And, if you’re like us, you can get them right here!

You will not be sorry!

5. Brilliant Kawairi Maid Dress In Custom Colours

Brilliant Kawairi Maid Dress In Custom Colours SIMS 4

Now for something genuinely exceptional!

Because of its freshness, brightness, and inventiveness, this amazing CC occupies a special place in our hearts!

The design is fantastic, but the personalized colours really make this outfit pop.

Jomsimscreations.blogspot.com is where such modifications are discovered, so go there right now.

Follow this link for a fast download.

4. Ideal Maid Outfits For Males And Females

Ideal Maid Outfits For Males And Females

A complete collection of male and female maid outfits are available!

The female version has a short skirt, a little apron, and a contemporary look.

The man is slim, with serious-looking jeans and shirts.

Aside from black and white, both are available in three different colour combinations that look fantastic!

Snaitf is the talented creator, and you can get his mod here.

3. Seductive And Stormy Maid Uniform V1

Seductive And Stormy Maid Uniform V1 SIMS 1

This is the mod if you want to be seductive and genuinely appealing.

The ultimate short skirt is seductive enough on its own but when paired with the exposing top it’s a dream come true!

It’s debatable whether or not you should own this outfit, so thanks Sstormyy for developing it and making it available at The Sims Resource.

Follow this link to get it immediately.

2. The Charming French Maid Uniform

SC4 121223 PT01

Finally, The Sims 4 has the iconic French maid attire! However, its great inventor Cocobuzz has built it in such a manner that we can’t help but utilize it in practically every home we build.

It has almost 50,000 downloads and is well worth your time.

You may download it directly using this link.

1. Waitress & Maid Dress With Apron

Waitress Maid Dress With Apron SIMS 4

We’ll round off this excellent assortment with a sophisticated maid costume.

This mod has the perfect length, a gorgeous white apron, and a number of colors to pick from, making it an inevitable costume.

The pink and white one is our fave; what’s yours?

Visit sims4.aroundthesims3.com for additional information, but if you want to get the CC right now, click this link.